Race-Hustlers Suddenly Call For Calm After Two Cops Murdered In Michael Brown Revenge Killing

Do race-hustlers sound hypocritical now?

“Political language…is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” – George Orwell

The funny thing about lies is that they are built upon an enormous, and complex structure, such that if one piece fails, if one thread breaks, the entirety of the lie is easily unraveled. One simple inconsistency reveals a whole host of other problems, which only prompts further digging, which eventually leads to the discovery of the initial intent behind the lie. Lies are told for many different reasons, but the intention behind every reason is to misdirect.

On Saturday, December 20th, NYPD officers Rafael Ramos, and Wenjian Liu were murdered by Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who had driven from Boston with the sole intent of executing two police officers. According to the New York Daily News, Brinsley boasted about what he intended to do prior to leaving Boston:

“…’I’m putting wings on pigs today. They take 1 of ours…let’s take 2 of theirs,’ Brinsley, 28, wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of a silver handgun. He also included three hashtags: ShootThePolice, RIPErivGarner (sic) and RIPMikeBrown.”

It has been revealed that Brinsley was quite a deranged individual, prone to violence, and mentally unstable. Following the assassination of the two police officers, Brinsley killed himself with a shot to the head.

That same day, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund released a statement that read in part:

While some may suggest a causal link between these killings and the recent protests and activism focused on the serious issue of police violence against unarmed African Americans, we caution against escalating an already tense national state through rumor and conjecture. Whatever motivation lay in the apparently troubled mind of the now deceased shooter of these officers, there is no connection between the peaceful protests of thousands of people of all races all over the country and, indeed, around the world, and this hideous act of violence.”

Few things provoke me to anger, but this statement lit my blood on fire. Within the span of one paragraph, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund implicitly denies that there is any linkage between the execution of officers Ramos, and Liu, and the protests that have occurred in response to the exonerations of Darren Wilson, and Daniel Pantaleo. They then dismiss Brinsley’s motivation, and condemn “rumor, and conjecture” which would lead to escalations in violence.

We know Brinsley’s motivation. Brinsley drove from Boston to New York City with the express purpose of executing two police officers–or “pigs,” as he referred to them on Instagram. Aside from his Instagram posts, he was recorded on video displaying his intent prior to killing Ramos, and Liu. According to Breitbart:

In the most chilling detail from the press conference, police revealed that a video taken before the murder shows Brinsley talking with two men before the shooting. He asks them their gang affiliation, asks them to follow him on Instagram, and then tells them, “watch what I’m going to do.” He then circled the police car and shot the officers.

The statement released by the NAACP makes sure to note that “whatever motivation lay in the apparently troubled mind of the now deceased shooter,” there is no connection between his vile actions, and the peaceful protests occurring across the country. This statement is specifically designed to be both true, and false in order to confuse, and somehow placate those who read it.

To break it down, the intent behind this portion of the statement is to distance the inciting incident from the crime committed. Certainly, there are peaceful protests occurring across the country in response to the alleged police brutality toward African American men. That much is true. However, these country-wide protests are in response to two cases in which there is zero evidence of racist intent on the part of the officers involved. As I’ve written previously, here and here, the exonerations of officers Wilson, and Pantaleo were justified. Given the circumstances of the altercations, neither officer acted negligently, or with criminal intent. Much of that has been proven with forensic evidence. That being the case, the protests are based entirely upon a false premise, one that implies racism where there is none.

Our elected officials and media race-hustlers have only made the situation worse. Following the exoneration of Officer Darren Wilson, president Obama made a statement, which was in part truthful, and elegant, but was also stained with remarks that implied racial discrimination played a part in the death of Michael Brown:

Finally, we need to recognize that the situation in Ferguson speaks to broader challenges that we still face as a nation. The fact is, in too many parts of this country, a deep distrust exists between law enforcement and communities of color. Some of this is the result of the legacy of racial discrimination in this country…But what is also true is that there are still problems and communities of color aren’t just making these problems up. Separating that from this particular decision, there are issues in which the law too often feels as if it is being applied in discriminatory fashion. I don’t think that’s the norm. I don’t think that’s true for the majority of communities or the vast majority of law enforcement officials. But these are real issues…”

Like the statement released by the NAACP, Obama’s remarks were laden with both truth, and falsity–which is by design. No one is arguing that racism isn’t ever a factor in police, and minority interactions–no one. What is being argued is that in this specific case, race was not an issue. Even Obama admits that police racism is not the norm. However, by using the exoneration of Darren Wilson as a backdrop, he linked general issues of racial animosity with the death of Michael Brown, even with zero evidence to suggest that Brown’s death had anything to do with racism.

Al Sharpton, race-hustler extraordinaire, is not quite as elegant as the president when attempting to make racial implications where there should be none. During his eulogy for Michael Brown, Sharpton said:

What does God require of us? In three weeks, we saw Marlene Pinnock, a woman in Los Angeles, laid out on the freeway…a California highway patrolman hit her 15 times on video, with no weapon in her hand, nothing, no threat to her. Right after that, a man, they said he had loosie cigarettes, and they put an illegal chokehold on him — a man videoed it, eleven times he said he couldn’t breathe – and the policeman wouldn’t let him go. Later that week, we see Michael lying on the ground. America, it’s time to deal with policing!”

In one swipe, he linked three incidents as if they were equal. The incident in California may or may not have had racial implications–we cannot know at this time–however, it was clearly one in which the police officer was guilty of excessive force. The victim, Marlene Pinnock, will receive a $1.5 million settlement, according to the Associated Press. The two other events, though they may look superficially similar, could not be more different. As I mentioned previously, the exonerations of officers Wilson, and Pantaleo were justified, as they did not behave negligently, or in a criminal fashion.

Sharpton, and his ilk (race-baiters) are doing irreparable damage by ginning up racial tensions where there should be none. They have been key players, and major contributing factors in the violence that has occurred following the deaths of Brown, and Garner. The execution of officers Ramos, and Liu was a direct response to the aggressiveness that has pervaded the media, and the national culture since the deaths of Brown, and Garner. Ismaaiyl Brinsley was clearly influenced by the media’s race-baiting, and the widespread—though wildly inaccurate—belief that officers Wilson, and Pantaleo killed Michael Brown, and Eric Garner because they were black.

These national protests, some of which have in fact been peaceful, are also contributing factors. Brinsley was surely influenced by the widespread protests, protests which have been based on the false premise that racism was involved in the deaths of two black men. Despite any peaceful nature among the protests, the lie upon which they are based has stirred racial animosity where there should be none, and that animosity surely contributed to Brinsley’s crime. For the NAACP to suggest that we not “conjecture” is hypocritical. Additionally, for them to dismiss the link between the national protests, and this murder is intellectually dishonest at best, and quite boldly indecent at worst.

But this is the game being played. Black Americans must be victims, and as such, their actions, no matter how violent, must be played down. The white patriarchy must always remain the dominant baddie, and as such, their actions, no matter how benign, must be played up. Darren Wilson, and Daniel Pantaleo are criminals, and we must shout it in the streets! Their actions represent a widespread racism within the criminal justice system! Ismaaiyl Brinsley was a loner, and though his actions were criminal, he doesn’t represent anyone but himself. That is the sentiment. But why? Why must blacks be kept victims? Because the left needs their vote.

Historically, despite conservatives being the main political actors in the passage of civil rights law (look it up), Democrats have convinced the black community that they are victims, and that the Democratic Party is the Party that will help them. In contrast, they have convinced black Americans that Republicans are evil, racist monsters, who want to “put y’all back in chains,” as VP Biden so enthusiastically put it. By ginning up racial tension, the left can keep alive the notion of a severely divided America, a nation in which whites want to turn back the clock on blacks. This keeps black Americans under the misapprehension that what the Democrats are telling them is true, and that in order to make racial progress, blacks must continue to vote for their alleged advocates.

It’s all a game of politics, and the NAACP just made a major play. The statement by the NAACP is just one more move in an ongoing fight that will leave good cops dead, and incidents in which real racism is occurring unnoticed.