Pharmaceutical Companies And The FDA Are Accomplices To Mass Murder

A cursory examination of recent mass murder statistics in the United States reveals an obvious common component of these heinous crimes. A component that is conveniently being overlooked by the newly invigorated anti-gun violence advocates in Washington. Mass violence crimes in America don’t always involve a gun, but in each and every case—going back to the year 2000—where large groups of innocent unarmed victims are attacked in America, the perpetrator is always found to be using a doctor prescribed and FDA approved mood altering drug.

I would like to analyze what I feel is yet another government controlled cover-up financed by one the most powerful industrial interests in America, the Pharmaceutical/Health Industry. From 2006 to 2012 the Pharmaceutical Industries federal government lobbying expenditures rose from $183 million to $231 million dollars to promote and influence—among other things—government policies and legislation expediting the approval of prescription drugs for sale to the general public. Many of these FDA approved drugs are prescribed to people who suffer from undiagnosed mental health issues, and yes, all of these drugs have unpredictable side effects like irrational thoughts, suicide, and violent behavior. If there was ever a dangerous and growing epidemic in America, it is the overprescribing and use of FDA approved behavior modification drugs to undiagnosed and poorly monitored Americans suffering from common symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.

The Pharmaceutical/Health Industry and its very successful list of drug manufacturing companies have a long documented history of campaign contribution benevolence directed to both Democrat and Republican candidate’s campaigns and their respective PAC’s. Again, all to provide access to and influence of Democrats and/or Republicans that are directing the very private and almost secreted activities of the Department of Health and Human Services and their Food and Drug Administration’s drug approval guidelines and oversight. The exact amount of money contributed to federal candidate re-election efforts is difficult to determine, but the Pharmaceutical Industry always places in the top ten annual rankings for direct and indirect campaign contributions to both parties. As one example, Eli Lilly & Co., the makers of Prozac contributed just shy of $1.7 million dollars to political campaigns in the 2012 election cycle and is considered Big Pharma’s heaviest hitter in Washington.

Over the last decade, the FDA has formulated and instituted changes in drug approval policies that have allowed drug manufactures to rush their products to market before the drug side effects and their social costs are accurately measured. In the case of what I refer to as “mood altering medications” there has been a consistent rise in the number and severity of mass violence episodes in America that ties directly into the FDA’s permissive and irresponsible approval of marketing of drug manufacturers magic feel good medications. And yes, I believe that drug companies—not gun manufacturers and the NRA—are complicit in the growth of mass homicide violence and our government, both Democrats and Republicans are paid off to ignore it and are wrongly blaming the 2nd Amendment for the better living through chemistry being pitched by big drug companies.

If the goal of our so called compassionate and responsible politicians is to keep America safe from random acts of senseless violence, government needs to look no further than the sales of dangerous and unpredictable behavioral modification drugs; drugs that they bless and allow to be marketed as safe cures to distressed and mentally vulnerable Americans.

It’s about time that our elected officials recognized the “common dominator” in acts of senseless violence in America and drew back on the reigns of the Big Pharma’s tolerated pushing of unpredictable and dangerous medications. America can no longer allow our society to be the mental lab rats of big campaign contributors. If we allow the government to sidestep this obvious cause of the growth of unpredictable violent mental episodes fueled by federal government sanctioned social experiments the problems will grow and the senseless deaths with or without a gun will continue.

America has always had dangerous and deadly weapons at our disposal. We have always had the mentally ill and emotionally imbalanced among us. Why now is our government ignoring the prevalent use of and exploitation of these poorly evaluated drugs? Clearly it is both purposeful and deliberate. The money proves it. So where are the investigations and charges? You would do well to remember that America, like Mexico, has drug cartels. They are just protected by our government.