Obama Has Change Of Heart On Immigration...3 Times In Less Than A Year

tyranny obama "With more opportunity come more opportunists." - Amy Gardner A simple observation that speaks volumes when applied to the correct situation. The more opportunity that comes along, the more opportunists emerge to seize those opportunities. Frequent cultural and situational changes are the key to identifying a political opportunist. And an opportunist is simply another version of a liar. Unfortunately for those who live by the sway of the wind, a fickle breeze reveals just how inconsistent and variable Read more [...]
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NY Black Councilwoman Claims Police Are Going to Exterminate All Blacks

anastasia robertson If a black police officer arrests a black person, he’s doing his job. If a black police officer arrests a white person, he’s doing his job. If a white police officer arrests a white person, he’s doing his job. If a white police officer arrests a black person, he’s racially motivated member of the KKK that wants to exterminate blacks from the face of the earth. At least this is what so many black radicals would have you believe. In their eyes, racial hatred only works one way – Read more [...]
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Mississippi Has 2nd Amendment Sales Tax Break

gun seller It is a 2nd Amendment sales tax break! Just about anything firearm-related will not be subject to a sales tax for the weekend of the 5th through the 7th. As of this writing, it’s still going on, but by the time you read about it, it’ll already be done. Guns.com reported: The holiday, which runs Sept. 5-7, came as a result of legislation introduced during the last session that was signed into law by Gov. Phil Bryant in March after receiving wide support in the state legislature. The measure implemented Read more [...]
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Al Gore Flashback from 2007: Arctic Ice Will be “Completely Gone in Seven Years”

gore winter Let’s engage in an Al Gore flashback. If Al Gore can be a Nobel Peace Prize winner, that says a lot more about the Nobel Peace Prize than it does Mr. Gore. That’s almost as bad as Obama getting the Peace Prize. What an absolutely worthless award. Back in 2007, Al Gore was sure that the Arctic ice caps would be gone by now. It was in his Peace Prize acceptance speech that he prophesied:  “The North Polar ice cap is falling off a cliff. It could be completely gone in summer in as little as Read more [...]
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Chris Christie Won't Say What He Believes on Immigration

Chris Christie All of a sudden Governor Chris Christie is not willing to say much. The generally gregarious and talkative Christie has still not articulated a clear set of ideas or beliefs on immigration (illegal or otherwise). The possible 2016 Presidential candidate seems to be playing his cards close to the vest and waiting for the current illegal immigration crisis to "work itself out." See for yourself. Did you get that? Sure. It was clear as mud. Essentially, "we have immigration issues that Read more [...]
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Republican Wallops Democrat in Gubernatorial Debate

jerrybrownneelkashkari Republican Neel Kashkari is by no means a perfect candidate. He was one of the architects of the Bush-Obama Stimulus programs, he supports legalizing gay marriage, and he wants to "fix" Obamacare, not end it. These three issues alone would make him unappealing as a national Republican candidate... but he's not a national candidate. He's a candidate for Governor of California and he's facing one of the least thoughtful and most beholden to cronyism politicians in the nation, Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA). Read more [...]
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Obama Narrative Falls Apart: Fed Reveals Rich Got Richer Under Obama while the Poor Lost Money

free-money "He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else." - Benjamin Franklin Reason bounces off liberals like bullets off Superman. They are impervious to any form of logic, which is why, despite their deeply flawed philosophy, they have remained relevant for so long. If the facts were laid bare, and everyone were exposed to liberalism in such a way that they would see it for what it truly is, it would be relegated to a small enclave of crazies on the fringes of societies. Unfortunately, Read more [...]
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Mom’s Group Pushing Kroger to Make Customers More Vulnerable to Armed Attacks

anti-gun ad kroger Would you prefer to shop at a store that allows American citizens the constitutional right to carry firearms or in a gun free store? Which store do you think would be most likely targeted by an armed robber or attacker? The closest grocery store to me is a Kroger store. We do a lot of our shopping there and to be honest I’ve never seen anyone openly carrying a gun, especially an AK-47 strapped over their shoulder. However, billionaire anti-Second Amendment former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg Read more [...]
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IRS Employee Faces 20 Years for Stealing from People’s Refunds in Elaborate Scheme

IRS agent This reminds me of that scene in The Princess Bride where the man in black played by Cary Elwes approaches Wallace Shawn’s character Vizzini who’s holding Princess Buttercup at knifepoint. After a little dialogue, Vizzini states:  “You’re trying to kidnap what I’ve rightfully stolen.” That about sums up how the IRS feels toward this particular “rogue” employee who was falsifying credits for people, yielding a greater refund, from which he’d skim off a portion for himself, something Read more [...]
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Bloomberg Gives Up Gun Control Efforts After Constant Campaign Backfires

michael bloomberg It was one backfire after another. Bloomberg had supported those two Colorado gun-grabbers in the state senate when they faced recall. His big money wasn’t able to save them. They got the boot, and a third one Evie Hudak resignd before she had to face recall. Then there was that gun control propaganda ad put out by Bloomberg’s group that tried desperately to make the case for gun control, but instead had the opposite effect on viewers, especially women, who were the target audience. AWR Read more [...]
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A Must See Message from a Former Muslim to President Obama

Obama-Islam President Obama recently said that ISIS did not speak for world Islam. That statement may seem true at first blush, but a man named Brother Rachid is here to educate you on the truth. While President Obama and many others may buy into the idea that extremists are not "properly" following Islamic teachings... nothing could be further from the truth. Brother Rachid is a former Muslim from Morocco who converted to Christianity. He now tries to educate anyone who will listen about the dangers Read more [...]
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CEO Loses Job for Kicking a Dog

kicking a dog Desmond Hague, A CEO in Vancouver, British Columbia, has resigned after a video surfaced of him kicking a dog in an elevator. Once the video surfaced on the internet, a public outcry against Hague resulted in an investigation by his company which eventually resulted in him losing his job. Hague was filmed by a security camera kicking a dog, a Doberman Pincher puppy, and lifting it up by the leash so that it was hanging by its neck in the elevator of a condo building in Vancouver, British Columbia. Read more [...]
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