Shocking Report! Chinese Government Stealing Organs from Political Prisoners!

china2 A Canadian documentary has alleged that the Chinese state is aware and approves of the removal of organs from live political prisoners, often without anesthetic.Some 10,000 political prisoners are reportedly killed each year, and at least one former worker is willing to testify to atrocities.The documentary, produced by Australia’s SBS Dateline, purports to show the gruesome details of the multi-billion dollar “organs-on-demand” transplant program, and how these Chinese hospitals Read more [...]
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MSNBC Chastises Rand Paul for Getting “Testy” With Women Interviewers

Savannah Guthrie Rand Paul Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell with MSNBC were fussing over Rand Paul’s apparent tendency to get “testy” with liberal women interviewers. After Senator Paul made his big announcement, he went on the Today show with co-host Savannah Guthrie. As is the wont of talking heads these days, Guthrie went ahead and gave Rand Paul his opinion for him, something Rand called “editorializing.”And of course, MSNBC isn’t happy with Rand for “treating” Guthrie this way.Oh, boo hoo. Read more [...]
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DNC to Rand Paul: Yes, It’s OK to Kill a 7-Pound Baby in the Uterus

DNC I was listening to Erick Erickson the other day, and he was saying how happy he was with Rand Paul for not falling for the media’s stupid questions.A reporter had asked Rand Paul about his views on abortion and whether he thought there should be any exceptions. The reporter referenced Paul’s statements on abortion earlier that day that were brought to light by the DNC: "Should there be any exemptions or not?" asked NH1 reporter Paul Steinhauser, citing the DNC attack. "What's the DNC say?" asked Read more [...]
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What if There Had Been No Video of Walter Scott Being Shot in the Back?

walter_scott Michael Slager, a police officer in North Charleston, SC, has been charged with murder for shooting Walter Scott. A graphic video of a North Charleston police officer shooting Walter Scott (a fleeing, unarmed black man) in the back may have been the only reason justice has, at least partially, been served.We can only wonder what would have happened in this case if a bystander hadn’t taken video. The Huffington Post published an article with just such a premise. Basically, if all you were going Read more [...]
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Harmless Clorox Tweet Singled Out by Race Baiters

Bleach Bypass Efx Give me a break. Clorox posted a technology-relevant tweet mourning their lack of inclusion in Apple’s new emoji palette. It had a picture of a bottle of Clorox bleach composed of emojis. The text for the tweet was, “New emojis are alright but where’s the bleach.”I have some major issues with this tweet. First, “alright” has not achieved widespread acceptance as a substitute for “all right.” Second, a coordinating conjunction between two independent clauses should be preceded Read more [...]
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For Barack Obama, #BlackLivesMatter Only When They Can Be Used As A Prop

Kenya massacre "The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words." - Phillip K. Dick The shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri last August.After the Grand Jury decided that Officer Darren Wilson acted properly according to the situation in which he was placed, President Obama spoke about the decision: "There are Americans who agree with it, and there are Americans who are Read more [...]
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Too Good to be True? New Senate Bill Promises to Stop Common Core and End No Child Left Behind!

commoncore New bipartisan legislation is being heralded as a measure that could stop the Common Core and finally kill No Child Left Behind (NCLB). Sadly, this one should probably be filed under "too good to be true" as it seems to simply be another attempt by the federal government to control the education of every American child. As George Carlin once said, "The word bipartisan means some larger-than-usual deception is being carried out." In this case, I think Carlin was right on the money. Sens. Read more [...]
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DEA Wonders if We Should Grow More Pot?

marijuana leaf I kid you not. The government agency charged with fighting the scourge of illicit drugs is actually wondering how they could get us to grow more of it. As marijuana use becomes more ubiquitous in society and as the culture at large grows to accept its use the DEA will likely continue to move in the direction of decriminalization... which seems more and more likely each day.The Drug Enforcement Administration says the federal government needs to produce 400,000 grams of marijuana for 2015—three Read more [...]
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Calling Hillary Clinton by Her First Name is Sexist

saint hillary These days, if it’s not racist, it’s sexist. Many of Hillary Clinton’s supporters, particularly those of the female variety, have decided that when others, particularly those of the male variety, refer to Hillary Clinton by her first name only, it’s sexist and demeaning. McClatchy DC reported: [S]ome Americans, mostly women, don’t think the former secretary of state, U.S. senator from New York and first lady should be called by just her first name. “I think it’s pretty unjust,” Read more [...]
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Cop Faces 30 Years for Shooting Man in the Back 4 Times

cop murder After video footage of a police encounter surfaced, the police officer in the video was charged with murder. As with most of these types of videos, we don’t have a whole lot of context. All we see is a cop confronting a black man, and then the black man starts to run away. In response, the cop shoots at the man several times and ends up hitting him a total of five times, four times in the back and once in the ear.I would argue that it doesn’t matter what the issue was, this shooting was totally Read more [...]
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Is it Sexist to Call Hillary Clinton "Hillary"?

hillary-icon-poster Some feminists think it is sexist that Hillary Clinton is called by her first name when male candidates are called by their last. They think this uncovers a deep-seated inequality and all that: Laura F. Edwards, a history professor at Duke University who studies gender, said calling a woman by her first name is part of a larger problem in our culture in how to acknowledge women, who have always used their fathers’ and husbands’ names because they were never expected to have a public place in Read more [...]
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Can Rand Paul Win in 2016? Does it Matter?

rand paul Political analyst Dick Morris thinks Rand Paul doesn’t have what it takes to win in 2016. Morris points out three ideological layers of conservative voter values, and he thinks Rand Paul wins in only one of those: The Republican Party is a three-layer cake consisting of economic libertarians, evangelical believers and national security advocates. Huckabee in 2008 showed you cannot win only as an evangelical. He is showing signs of having learned that lesson in his current bid. McCain showed the Read more [...]
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