Conservative says Obama the ‘Greatest Builder of the Republican Party’ Since Reagan

obama face The venerable conservative journalist George Will was on Fox News Wednesday night when he said what may be the best line we've heard in a long while...The Fox News panel was talking about where Democrats go from here (after their midterm failures) and he mentioned that Obama had always wanted to be as influential as President Ronald Reagan and in one (sick) sense he is because...“he is the greatest builder of the Republican Party since Ronald Reagan.” Ouch.   Read more [...]
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Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Classes Aimed to Produce 3-5 Abortions per Student

planned-parenthood-sex education I’ve written a number of articles on the dangerous liberal agenda of Planned Parenthood. They promote promiscuous sex for school kids as young as 10-12 years of age. In some schools, they provide condoms and tell students that virtually any form of sex is okay as long as you take precautions to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Planned Parenthood also teaches kids that they don’t have to tell their parents about their sexual activities. In fact, they go a step further and help young girls Read more [...]
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Armed Thug Gets Shot in the Nose After Threatening Another Man’s Wife

hoodie gunpoint An armed thug is surprised to discover he is not the only one who is armed.We’d be a much safer country if everyone were armed. Criminals would eventually wise up and realize that attacking other people is too dangerous and risky to their own lives. We’d still have criminals and burglaries and murders of course, but they’d happen far less frequently than they do now.Consider what happened to this guy and how lucky he is to be alive. Apparently, his nose saved his life: A man in Hartford, Read more [...]
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Obama in 2006: Jonathan Gruber One of the “Brightest Minds From Academia”

obama gruber Liberals try to convince themselves and others that Jonathan Gruber is a nobody; that he had absolutely nothing to do with crafting Obamacare; and that the right-wing media are just trying to capitalize off some old YouTube videos where he said some things that were taken out of context. They say his 15 minutes of fame should be up.But he’s not just some nobody. He is one of Obamacare’s (and Romneycare’s) key architects. And until recently, when these old videos surfaced, he was well-respected Read more [...]
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What the Bryan Singer and Bill Cosby Rape Accusers All Have in Common

Bill Cosby A number of women have come forward recently to throw their rape accusations on what is quickly becoming the funeral pyre of Bill Cosby and his career. In the midst of this, some young men are also coming forward to testify that homosexual director Bryan Singer raped them or coerced them into sex. And there’s a common link between all the accusers.What do all the accusers have in common? They were all aspiring actors, actresses, or Hollywood professionals looking for a leg up from an already Read more [...]
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Guess Who Obamacare's Biggest Fans Are? Insurance Companies!

capitol-money There is one definitive way to judge whether or not Obamacare is a worthwhile endeavor... and that is by judging satisfaction. Guess who the only people satisfied with Obamacare are? That would be the health insurance companies that Obamacare was supposed to be "saving" us all from.Obamacare has allowed the health insurance companies to make even more money off of us as they force us off of affordable plans and into more expensive ones. They are also making more money off of us by taking millions Read more [...]
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Senate Democrats KILL Keystone XL Pipeline - For Now...

Texas Oil Production Well, that’s it then. Senate Democrats have killed the Keystone XL Pipeline, which means that Republicans won’t have another chance to pass it until the new Congress in January.This should effectively kill Senator Mary Landrieu’s (D-LA) hopes of being reelected in December.Here’s the Roll Call of the vote if you’re interested… Legislation to approve the Keystone XL pipeline was narrowly defeated by Senate Democrats Tuesday night after pro-pipeline lawmakers failed Read more [...]
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New York Mayor to Loosen "Degrading" Welfare Work Requirements

welfare state Meanwhile, Indiana is emphasizing the welfare work requirements. "We don't want to turn the safety net into a hammock that lulls able-bodied people into complacency and dependence." - Paul Ryan I'm not actively opposed to welfare or social safety net programs in general. There are certainly those who, despite having the best work ethic, and outstanding ability, fall on hard times, and need assistance. That is not disputed, nor is it disputed that there are those who abuse such programs. But it Read more [...]
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School Attorney Blames Student for Being Molested by Teacher

elkis-hermida Do the terms ‘lowlife’ and ‘despicable’ mean anything to you, because those are the terms that came to mind when I read about this case.In July 2011, Elkis Hermida, a teacher at Thomas Edison Middle School in Los Angeles molested and had sex with a 14 year old female student. He was later arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to three years in prison.Following the trial, the girl’s family filed a civil suit against the Los Angeles Unified School District, claiming that they were Read more [...]
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Ferguson Protester: No Change Unless “White People are Just a Little Bit Afraid”

Outrage In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old Man A Ferguson protester advocates threatening white people.Protesters and activists are meeting in Ferguson now, and they’re actually being “trained” how to protest and resist police orders, as well as how to deal with injuries and how to help others who end up going to jail. Surprisingly, most of the people meeting there to protest in Ferguson are older white guys.Maybe it’s not so surprising considering how much the idea of “white privilege” has saturated our society. White privilege Read more [...]
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Cop to Ferguson Residents: “I’m Serious, Get a Gun”

armed residents No matter which way the grand jury goes, Ferguson residents need to arm themselves.As of this writing, the grand jury has not yet announced a decision in the Wilson/Brown case. In preparation, the Governor has issued a state of emergency, and police are gearing up for mayhem.It doesn’t matter which way the jury is going to swing. If they choose to indict Officer Wilson, protesters aren’t just going to pack up and go home and be done with it. If anything, they’ll celebrate.And how Read more [...]
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Chicago Teaching 'Safe' Anal Sex in 6th Grade Sex-Ed

sex-ed Chicago public schools are under fire after explicit slides from a proposed elementary sex-ed program surfaced during a parent meeting: The presentation included slides that are clearly not age appropriate, and include “demonstrations” of applying male and female condoms (FC), DNAinfo reports.While CPS spokesman Bill McCaffrey said in a statement that the “objectionable material presented at Andrew Jackson Language Academy this week is not and never was part of the student sexual education Read more [...]
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