PETA Wants "Empathy Training" for Man who Killed Raccoon for Biting Him

raccoon How is empathy training not brainwashing?Every so often, PETA has to say something really stupid to remind everyone that they still exist.Apparently, some football player spotted a raccoon and wanted to get a selfie with him and the animal. As is the animal’s wont, it bit the guy, causing concern that he contracted rabies from the raccoon. In response to the bite, the man hit the raccoon with a wrench, killing it. PETA chastised him and suggested to his school that they institute “empathy Read more [...]
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Obama Asks Congress to Allow Pot in DC

DC marijuana referendum Obama loves states’ rights. Except for when he doesn’t. But when it comes to pot, Obama wants Congress to remove a rider overturning the effective legalization of pot in DC. Press secretary Josh Earnest said that the president generally backed DC statehood and that the administration did “not believe Congress should spend a lot of time interfering with the citizens of District of Columbia.” ... The president said [in reference to Colorado’s referendum] that it was “important for it Read more [...]
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What the CIA Torture Report Means for Law Enforcement

CIA law enforcement torture New documents exposing CIA “torture” tactics have been interpreted very differently by different people depending on their political agenda. But one thing is for sure: the CIA agents responsible for the most abhorrent of the alleged actions, whether they constitute criminal activity or not, were not being very well-supervised or held accountable. CIA director John Brennan admitted as much: “Over the years, internal agency reviews, including numerous investigations by our Office of the Inspector Read more [...]
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How "Hands up. Don't shoot!" Is Creating A Monster

tv lies dhs You have likely heard the phrase "Hands up. Don't shoot!" numerous times over the last several months. On August 9th, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri, shortly after strong-arm robbing a convenience store, 18 year-old Michael Brown got into an altercation with officer Darren Wilson, during which time he was fired upon. The shots fired resulted in Brown's death, and set off a national firestorm of speculation as to whether or not the shooting was racially motivated. All the usual suspects chimed in, making Read more [...]
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The Glib and Ignorant Obamacare Architect

jonathan gruber2

The Washington Free Beacon has put together an excellent supercut of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber’s comments before the House Oversight Committee the other day.

This is just too much fun.

Watch the far too glib and ignorant Jonathan Gruber.

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Reporter Wonders how White has "Moral Authority" when Using Drones

Nobel drone 2 Ouch.The Obama administration came down on the side of Senate Democrats when they released the so called "torture report," that sought to bring shame down upon our intelligence agencies (specifically the CIA). The Democrats feigned outrage at the methods used by the CIA to wring information from captured terrorists... but as Josh Earnest points out how can Democrats pretend to be outraged when they have no problem killing the same terrorists (and many innocents) with drones!?(This does bring Read more [...]
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Illinois Makes it a Felony to Record Police

record police Despite the state supreme court, it is now a felony to record police.How many times has a citizen’s recording of his encounter with a police officer (or even the cop’s own dashcam video) helped to corroborate the civilian’s story and exonerate him? Many times, if it hadn’t been for someone’s video footage of the confrontation, the civilian would be locked up for years, all because of what was written in the police report.Cops hate being recorded, especially by a “civilian.” Read more [...]
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Support for Gun Rights at 20-Year High

gun rights The political class has failed to convince the populace to oppose gun rights.This is bad news for the gun-grabbers. In spite of school shootings, more people are in support of gun rights now than they were 20 years ago. The widely publicized shooting at Sandy Hook was supposed to be the catalyst that would once and for all convince Americans that we need to tax and regulate private gun ownership out of existence.But that fear instilled in America by the media and government is wearing off. Read more [...]
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Rick Perry: ‘Running for President is Not an IQ Test’

Rick Perry For once, I would like to hear an interview with a potential presidential candidate and not cringe. I wish I were talking about leftists alone. I’m not. It seems like the Republican candidates for the last few years have been similarly idiotic.Sure, some of them have some good talking points, but more and more it is obvious that those talking points didn’t originate with them, and that there is little other than cobwebs and dust bunnies in their heads.The most recent instantiation of Read more [...]
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ISIS to Sell Foley’s Corpse to Mourning Family for $1 Million

ISIS Is this a joke? It doesn’t seem possible that this is for real. Was this story concocted by the enemies of ISIS to make them look like monsters? Because I just don’t want to believe any human beings are actually this odious: ISIS is trying to sell the remains of beheaded journalist James Foley to his parents or the US government for $1 million, according to a new report.A source who is a middleman contacted by ISIS to broker the deal told BuzzFeed that the terror group is trying to Read more [...]
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There Is Not A Widespread Bias Against Blacks Within The Police Force & The Legal System

blind-justice We need to debunk the Widespread Bias myth.According an NBC/Marist poll:"The grand jury decisions not to indict police officers who killed unarmed men in Ferguson, Missouri and Staten Island, New York have revealed a huge racial divide in how Americans perceive law enforcement in the United States."The poll goes on to detail numerous racial divisions regarding the trust Americans place in the police, their behaviors, and the legal system at large:"While 52% of whites express a great Read more [...]
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Obama Makes a Funny, says Some are “Pretty Sure I’m an Illegal Immigrant”

obama wink Apparently, President Obama takes the concerns of thousands of Americans pretty lightly. During a recent speech to supporters in Nashville, Tennessee he was discussing his (illegal) Executive Amnesty when he decided to make a little jokey-joke.  "Now, does that mean everybody is going to listen to me, on the other side. Not necessarily, they're pretty sure I'm an illegal immigrant. That was a joke…” A comedian he is not.  Read more [...]
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