Central American Extortion to Stop Illegal Immigration

illegalimmigrant Should the U.S. pay Central American extortion to get those countries to stop the flood of immigrants? According to Google, extortion is "the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats." Thanks to Breitbart Texas, and the work of Brandon Darby, during the early summer, Americans were made aware of the extraordinary influx of young adults, and children illegally migrating into the United States. And Obama isn't a wide-eyed babe in the woods regarding this issue Read more [...]
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Outlaw Bicycles and Falling

bicycle-accident Several weeks ago I wrote about how mass shootings have increased since 2000. I linked the increase to anti-gun fanatics who have created more and more gun free zones where criminals are more likely to target. Consider this FACT for a moment. The vast majority of school shootings occur on gun free campuses. Barack Obama’s daughters attend a school with a minimum of 11 armed guards and it’s never been attacked. You don’t have to be a genius to see the correlation, but liberals like Obama Read more [...]
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Christian Business Faces Mandatory "Diversity Training" for Turning Down Money from Homosexuals

t shirt co This Christian t-shirt business in Lexington, Kentucky is in hot water with the local civil rights commissioner for refusing to print a shirt that advertised for a gay pride parade. The business is called Hands On Originals, and if you visit their website, it states right underneath their name that their “Christian outfitters.” Moreover, in their terms section, it states the following: “Right to Refusal Hands On Originals both employs and conducts business with people of all genders, races, Read more [...]
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Liberal Group: Ebola Deaths are GOP’s Fault

ebola burial An ad put out by a liberal group called Agenda Project Action Fund blames the GOP for the Ebola outbreak and the subsequent Ebola deaths. If it hadn’t been for the GOP’s “shutting down the government” and enforcing “sequestration,” there wouldn’t be an Ebola problem today. It’s all because conservatives want to cut wasteful government spending that people have died from the Ebola virus. If the government had been able to spend as much money as possible in whatever way it wanted, Read more [...]
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US Sanctions Pushing China and Russia Closer Together

bear and dragon russia and china Amid sanctions on Russia by the US and other Western countries, Vladimir Putin is solidifying his economic relationship with China: And while China remains on the sidelines in Ukraine, the deal with Moscow allows Beijing to signal its sharp disapproval of Western sanctions as a political tool to force Russia to change its policies. “The Chinese have always been against sanctions on principle. They perceive that if the West can use this method to successfully pressure such a big country as Read more [...]
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UN Moving Toward International Tobacco Tax

no smoking tobacco People like to think that moral events can be isolated. They think somehow that the abortion holocaust has only to do with unborn babies and doesn’t relate to sexual morality, worker demographics, and racial tension (among other things). And they think that socialized healthcare affects only the ability of poor people to procure health services. The new UN movement to raise international excise taxes on tobacco contradicts that short-sighted tendency: Meeting in Moscow this week, WHO delegates, Read more [...]
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MSNBC asks NC Democrat if "Republicans Don't Like Blacks"

chris-matthews MSNBC's Chris Matthews recently interviewed North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) when he let go with this rhetorical grenade. “Why are they trying to screw the black voter, to put it bluntly? Is it because they don`t like blacks or because they don`t like Democrats?” Is Chris Matthews the most disgusting man in the media? Maybe... CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Think Ebola. Let`s play Hardball. Good evening. I`m Chris Matthews in Washington. The nurse`s name is Nina Pham. She took care Read more [...]
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Who Could Have Seen that Coming? Unions Endorse Democrat for Governor in Pennsylvania

union tom wolf Unions are closing ranks behind Pennsylvania Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf ahead of November’s election. Local radio station WITF reports that four of Wolf’s top ten contributors this summer were labor unions, giving his campaign more than $1.4 million. Those unions were the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees who gave him $500,000, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers who contributed $410,000, the Mid-Atlantic Laborers’ Political Read more [...]
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Houston Pastors Ordered: Hand Over Sermons

1st amend City officials subpoena sermons from Houston pastors in fight over pro-transgender ordinance. "There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice." - Charles de Montesquieu The first amendment is invoked so frequently that I think we sometimes forget just how important it is. The first amendment is the concrete wall that separates us from tyranny; it is the man with the gun, protecting us from the wolves of government. A great many people Read more [...]
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Houston’s Lesbian Mayor Moves to Control Pastors’ Sermons

houston-anniseparker-cr When the people of Houston, Texas elected lesbian Annise Parker as mayor, I’m not sure they realized that they understood the ramifications of what they did. From the day she was sworn into office, Parker started working on her agenda to make all of Houston LGBT friendly. In addition to having a lesbian mayor, Houston also has a very confused person on their city council. Jenifer Rene Pool, who is really a man who thinks or wants to be a woman, holds a position at large seat on the Houston city Read more [...]
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“Click it or Ticket”: Police Break Car Window With an Ax, Pull Their Guns, Taser Passenger Over Driver’s Seatbelt Violation

broken glass What started off as a routine traffic stop stemming from an alleged seatbelt violation ended up being a situation with shards of glass over everyone in the car and a passenger getting tasered and arrested for the usual “resisting arrest.” They say these laws are all about safety. I think that many laws may have started out that way, but these days, enforcement of those laws have financial strings attached. That’s why police are so thuggish in their behavior. The more arrests and citations Read more [...]
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Obama Will Keep Final Obamacare Premium Hikes Secret Until After Election

obama hush Obamacare premium hikes are missing from the new website! The new Obamacare website is up and running, and apparently they finally got it right this time. But they don’t want anyone to know the insurance premium information until after the November 4th elections. Hm, I wonder why that would be. The Daily Caller reported:  The Obama administration has already debuted its new, improved version of HealthCare.gov, but still won’t release premium rates on the website until after the Nov. 4 Read more [...]
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