Bill Gates Correlates High Taxes with High GDP

Bill Gates GDP Recently Bill Gates questioned the supply-side, tax-cut economic theory by bringing up that the American period with the highest GDP growth in recent memory, the 60s, also had one of the highest marginal tax rates in recent memory, at 90% (for most of the decade anyway).He was careful not to say that the high marginal tax rate actually caused economic growth, but he brought up the correlation to indicate that GDP growth is not necessarily dependent on low taxes and that high tax rates don’t Read more [...]
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Biker Gang Shootout Sees 9 Dead and 18 Injured!

biker gang No this wasn't a revival of Sons of Anarchy, the popular AMC show that just finished its final season, but an actual, surefire biker gang shootout! Several rival gangs collided in an orgy of violence and a hail of bullets leaving 9 people dead and 18 more injured. A war between three rival biker gangs erupted in Texas Sunday in the parking lot of a restaurant, leaving nine people dead and emergency services rushing eighteen others to the hospital with serious injuries.According Read more [...]
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Which Jeb Bush do you Believe?

Jeb Bush CNN has put together a masterful supercut of the bumbling answers Jeb Bush has come up with over the last week or so when asked his opinion on the Iraq invasion. It all began with a disastrous answer while being interviewed by Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, and it just got worse as the week went along. He was finally able to articulate the answer that almost everyone wanted to hear on the 4th occasion which he was asked the SAME question – namely, ‘Knowing what we know now, would you have authorized Read more [...]
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Hillary Clinton's Statement to The Citizens of the United States

mccain clinton Breitbart reports: "Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has not given an interview to a national media outlet since she announced her candidacy, via Twitter, on April 12. Other candidates, both announced and unannounced, have given dozens, answering hundreds of questions." Sunday was the 35th day without an interview in the media. The New York Times has even begun to mock Hillary's refusal to sit down for an interview.The Times' Amy Chozick has begun a series of columns, writing: "This Read more [...]
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11-Year-Old Given 5-Day Suspension for Bringing Foam "Bullet" to School

Nerf bullet The school initially expelled the 11-year-old, a special needs student in Atlantic City, New Jersey, but relented and gave him a 5-day suspension instead after he brought a foam Nerf bullet to school with a toothpick added to the tip. By his account, the toothpick made it so that when he shot it at the ground at home, it would stick in the dirt. He had it in his pocket one day at school, because he had forgotten about it.School officials thought that it resembled a shank too much and assumed Read more [...]
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Democrat Hank Johnson: "We Don’t Have Enough" Taxes

hank johnson island Georgia Democrat Congressman Hank Johnson said that we don’t have enough taxes to help the government do what it needs to do. He said that the solution is to tax the rich and corporations so that they’re paying their fair share. CNS News reported: Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) says when it comes to taxes, “we don’t have enough to do what the government - and do what the country needs the government to do and that’s the problem.” The Georgia Democrat told WABE radio last week that, “If Read more [...]
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Why Do We Love Superhero Stories So Much?

superhero stories If the box office and television are any indicator, America is obsessed with superheroes. Nearly every new batch of movies has at least one superhero movie, and superhero television shows seem to roll out every week. Judging from how much money these movies and shows generate, superheroes are our generation’s favorite thing. But why?According to some commentators, superheroes are to us what the gods were to the Greeks: emblems of our values in packages flawed enough to afford relatability. Read more [...]
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Harriet Tubman on the New Twenty Dollar Bill?

harriet-tubman At least a million people want a woman on the twenty dollar bill. And the majority of those people have chosen abolitionist Harriet Tubman: The Women on 20s campaign has declared that America needs the face of a woman on its currency and that woman should be abolitionist Harriet Tubman. The campaign petitioned the federal government this week after Tubman won an online poll that featured 15 historic women — including Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks and Susan B. Anthony — as candidates to Read more [...]
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Asking If Someone Would Have Invaded Iraq Is Stupid

icon_bush_2016 Can We Call It A Day With The 'Knowing What We Know Now, Would You Have Invaded Iraq' Question?"Knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the Iraq war?"That is the ludicrous question we're being treated to as Republicans take the field for the 2016 election cycle. Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio, and even Jeb Bush (after some prodding) have all said no. Ted Cruz gave the best answer when he told Megyn Kelly:"Of course not. The entire predicate of Read more [...]
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Obama’s a Failure – So Who is the Real Leader of the Democrat Party?

obama shrug Oh. Snap.ABC’s Jonathan Karl has always been known as a hard-nosed and fair reporter. He’s also one of the few in the White House Press Pool willing to take the Obama administration to task for their failures, and willing to ask the embarrassing questions that need to be asked.On Friday, Karl lived up to his aggressive reputation and went hard after the Obama administration for their failure to sell the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal to the Democrats and for their inability to get Read more [...]
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ISIS Takes Ramadi - Now Controls Several of Iraq's Largest City

ISIS2 Islamic State militants took control of key buildings in Iraq’s provincial capital city of Ramadi Friday.The terror group gained command over police headquarters, provincial government buildings and the Ramadi Great Mosque, according to CNN. The terror group used at least 10 suicide bombs and bulldozers to blast through walls, launching the offensive to control the city.Jihadis hoisted the Islamic State flag over the main government compound and then set it on fire, reports The New Read more [...]
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School Officials Try to Ban American Flags from Students’ Vehicles

pick up truck us flag Peyton Robinson had flown his 4-foot by 6-foot American flag and a POW-MIA flag in the back of his pickup last year as well as a month this year, and no one said anything about them. Then, a few days ago, an official at South Carolina’s York Comprehensive High where Peyton attends instructed him to remove the flags, because the school had gotten some “complaints” about them, and since they don’t want to offend those complainers, their only recourse was to offend the offending person by telling Read more [...]
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