Ferguson vs Abortion: Outrage over Killing a Criminal but No Outrage over Killing Innocent Babies

Ferguson vs abortion Ferguson, Missouri residents are still protesting and looting over the shooting death of criminal Michael Brown. They are outraged that a white police officer shot and killed Brown who was unarmed. It doesn’t matter to them that Brown was a very big 18 year old young man who was resisting arrest and scuffling with the officer. It doesn’t matter to them that Brown had just robbed a convenience store and was seen on video being physical with the store clerk. Brown was not innocent when he was Read more [...]
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What The Riots In Ferguson Mean For Our Second Amendment Rights

don__t_tread_on_me_by_muslimpatriot-d3hgu4z The riots in Ferguson remind me of an ancient saying: "Anybody can become angry - that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way - that is not within everybody's power and is not easy." – Aristotle On Wednesday, August 6th, Michael Brown was shot dead by a police officer in the town of Ferguson, Missouri. Officer Darren Wilson is now facing allegations that he shot without sufficient provocation, Read more [...]
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More Ferguson Business Owners Turn to Guns for Protection Amid Looting

looting Ferguson Local businesses are getting the runaround from police departments. It seems there’s a bit of bureaucratic confusion with regards to which department is supposed to have jurisdiction. None of the departments, whether it’s the city police, the county police, or the state police, know which one is supposed to be handling the situation. So, when local businesses want to report looters to the police, they get transferred or referred to another department. Police don’t show up to the scene, and Read more [...]
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“Rational Middle Ground”: Gabby Giffords Proposes Steps Toward Gun Confiscation

gabby giffords Why is gun confiscation a bad idea? If you want to reduce “gun violence,” there are two ways to do it. Either you can do an absolute and universal ban on all guns – which would mean even the military and police would have no guns – or you can encourage all good, responsible citizens to own and learn how to use guns. Since the former is unrealistic, the only real alternative is the latter. If you’re anywhere in the middle, if anything, it’ll just make the problem worse. But gun-grabber Read more [...]
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Los Angeles School District Tries to Take Control from Parents

illegal kids in school The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is attempting to halt the use of a California state law that lets parents force through reforms at failing schools. The district is saying a federal waiver provides the district with a get-out-of-jail-free card for at least the next year. That claim, however, could land them in legal hot water. California’s Parent Empowerment Act, a so-called “parental trigger law,” allows a majority of parents at low-performing schools to act and force through Read more [...]
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NBC's David Gregory Blames Obama for Growth of Terrorist Threat

davidgregory0410 NBC’s David Gregory slammed President Obama on Sunday when he seemingly blamed him for the strengthening of Islamic terrorism over the last 6 years. Gregory was in rare form for his guest Democrat leader Dick Durbin (D-IL), and it’s probably safe to say that Durbin was not prepared to have the media turn on his boss, because he looked shocked at Gregory’s dogged focus. “Is the problem that the Obama administration — wanting to be something other than President Bush – got out Read more [...]
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NM Police Illegally Forcing Residents to Have Costly X-rays & Anal Searches

Timothy-Young About 40 years ago, I was almost hired by the Mesa Police Department. I passed everything except vision without my glasses, which was enough to keep me off the force. I’ve had family members and friends who served in law enforcement and have always been supportive of police in general. However, I’m slowly losing my support and respect for police when I see report after report of corrupt cops. One of the latest reports of corrupt cops comes out of Hidalgo County, New Mexico. Population wise, Read more [...]
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Pro-Gun Sheriff Beats Bloomberg-Backed Opponent

pro-gun sheriff $150,000 is pocket change to a liberal one-percenter like Bloomberg, but it’s quite a bit of money just to oust a pro-gun sheriff. As the sheriff primary there in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin proved, it wasn’t nearly enough. Jason Howerton with The Blaze wrote: Despite former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg spending six figures to defeat him in a recent Democratic primary, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, Jr. soared to victory as a pro-gun incumbent candidate. Now, he has a message for Read more [...]
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Pregnant Woman Latest Knockout Game Victim

pregnancy Right now, the Ferguson riots are national news, and there has been no shortage of commentators offering their solutions and opinions about the underlying problems that led to the chaos there. Is it a racial problem, or is it an issue having to do with the militarization of police? I’d say both play a part. The militarization of police has led to an “us vs. them” mentality between civilians and police. The police often act as if we’re the bad guys, and they have to arm themselves and carry Read more [...]
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Lyndon Johnson Was Not A Civil Rights Champion; He Was A Racist

lbj The common view—only common because of its proliferation by the leftist media, and Hollywood--is that Democrats are empathetic wonks. What I mean by that is they are portrayed as people whose hearts bleed when they see hardship, and all they want to do is help. They are seen as eggheads, whose intelligence, and practicality of policy lead them to be mocked. While Republicans are viewed as either bumbling morons, or racist, misogynistic, greedy menaces to society. This is only the case because--as Read more [...]
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Reporter says Border Patrol being told 'Let as Many People Go as Possible'

mexico-border Former CBS correspondent Sharyl Attkisson spoke to the Daily Signal about the crisis on the border. “Whether spoken or unspoken, there is a policy coming from the top, that they’re basically to be very lenient and try to let as many people go as possible, that’s what they think, that’s the message they think they’re receiving,” she also added that agents she's spoken to believe that “they’re being told not to do the job.” Read more [...]
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If Recording the Police is Not a Crime, It Sure Seems Like It

recording the police A candidate for the governor of New York, Randy Credico, was recently arrested, handcuffed, and jailed for taking footage of an overly aggressive arrest. This comes just days after the NYPD sent out a memo telling police officers that recording the police is legal. Recording the police may be legal, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. It’s like so many other points of law. It is technically legal for you to refuse to take a sobriety test. It’s technically legal for you to refuse a search or Read more [...]
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