Panera Bread Declares Itself Gun-Free Zone

gun sandwich Here’s yet another business that allowed that gun control mom group to get to them. According to Moms Demand Action, the Bloomberg-funded gun control group formed in the emotional aftermath of the totally-preventable Sandy Hook mass murder, they had been in negotiations with Panera for months to get them to bar customers who exercise their 2nd Amendment duties from entering their premises. Moms Demand Action must have some boilerplate press release that the businesses they court use, because Read more [...]
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Dem Congresswoman Calls for Educating Kindergarteners about Global Warming

kid globe Liberals are always trying to get prayer and Bibles banned from government schools, because of that sacred wall of separation between Church and State that they believe is currently under attack. But really, it’s not that they believe that religion shouldn’t be tolerated or taught in government schools. It’s that they want their religion to be taught, and only their religion. They just don’t call it religion. They actually believe it’s science. There’s only one thing worse than purposely Read more [...]
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Georgia Rep Fran Millar Openly Against More Black Voters?

fran millar black vote Democrats are in a tizzy because Republican Fran Millar wants fewer African-American voters to show up at the polls. Apparently, this is racist. After it was announced that early voting stations would be open on Sunday, October 26 in a predominantly black part of town (and that African-American churches were being encouraged to bus congregants to the voting stations after church), Georgia Republican representative Fran Millar made his displeasure very apparent: Now we are to have Sunday voting at Read more [...]
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Atheist Airman to Lose Job For Not Saying So Help Me God

Air Force Logo So Help Me God An atheist airman from the Creech Air Force Base in Nevada will lose his job if he refuses to re-enlist with an oath that concludes, So help me God. The airman says the oath violates his religious beliefs, and that he shouldn’t have to be forced to say it. Of course, leftists are having a field day with this. The Air Force is forcing people to be Christians. The Air Force is persecuting atheists. But apparently everyone fails to realize that this is not a religious issue. At all. This is just Read more [...]
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NBC's Chuck Todd Says Hillary Wouldn't Be a Frontrunner if She'd be the 2nd Female President

hillary clinton glasses Strong words from NBC's Chuck Todd and I won't argue with him on this one. He says that if Hillary Clinton were going to be the 2nd female President then she wouldn't even be considered a frontrunner in the 2016 election.     "If she were running to be the second woman president, I think she would not even be considered a frontrunner," said Todd. "She'd be just considered another candidate." Todd continued, "One thing I think that Washington media gets wrong: There is a Clinton Read more [...]
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Ted Cruz Says Democrat Amendment would Outlaw Saturday Night Live

ted cruz speaking floor

Ted Cruz took to the floor of the Senate on Tuesday to argue against a Democrat Amendment that would curtail our First Amendment right to Free Speech.

It wasn’t that he was arguing against the Amendment that was surprising, it was the way he argued against it… by claiming that it would criminalize Saturday Night Live!

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$15 Minimum Wage = $8 Big Mac Meal

FastFoodHike_v4 Liberal Democrats are pushing to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $15 per hour. They claim that it will help millions of Americans to provide for their families and require less government assistance. The argument looks good on the surface, but like so many other things in life, the liberals fail to logically think through the consequences of what they are demanding. To start with, thousands of small businesses are already in financial trouble due to Barack Obama’s increased Read more [...]
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The Real Reason Why Barack Obama Delayed Amnesty

obama royal pen BREAKING President Obama delayed amnesty until after November 4th. Just three months ago, the president declared that he would act on amnesty by the end of summer. According to Obama, amnesty was not only an issue which deserved quick attention, but one that connected to numerous other issues, including national security, and the economy. Back in June, the president effectively scolded congress, condemning them for their lack of prioritized action on amnesty: "I take executive action only Read more [...]
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Record Low Hurricane Activity, Despite Fear-Mongering from Global Warmists

hurricane How much longer is hysteria despite record low hurricane activity going to last? First, they tried to tie the oil companies and the Koch brothers to global warming by claiming that burning coal and gasoline is making the Earth heat up at unprecedented rates. While it might be true that carbon emissions have gone up, we haven’t seen evidence that shows a correlation between carbon emissions and average global temperature. It’s kind of hard to show correlation and causation when the globe stopped Read more [...]
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Two VA Employees Caught Running Cocaine Ring Out of VA Center

cocaine It looks like the VA is guilty of more than just putting veterans on a long wait list that often waited until after the patient had died to see them. Apparently, some VA workers decided they weren’t making enough money doing what they were doing, and so they set up a drug ring to bring in a little extra cash. The Daily Caller reported: Two Veterans Affairs Medical Center employees were arrested last week for using VA facilities to smuggle and deal cocaine, the Department of Justice recently announced. Robert Read more [...]
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Is Abortion a Right … or a Wrong?

Abortion is a right Abortion activists are lamenting how difficult it is becoming for abortion clinics to stay open across the United States. In Texas first and now Ohio, new laws meant to ensure the safety of a woman receiving an abortion are slowly putting abortion clinics out of business. The laws in Ohio are specifically centered on “transfer agreements,” which are the contracts between abortion clinics and hospitals that secure quick service from a hospital should an abortion procedure precipitate complications Read more [...]
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AT&T and Verizon think Slow Internet is “Fast Enough”

AT&T fat cat The common understanding among big-government proponents (which includes pretty much anyone who has ever voted Republican or Democrat) is that the civil government actually protects its citizens from greedy corporate interests. But what if regulation is actually one of the ways big business is screwing its customers? Consider the recent net neutrality debates swirling around ATT&T, Verizon, and Comcast. It used to be that businesses were constructed to give the customers the best service and Read more [...]
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