How Can Conservatives Possibly Capture the Youth Vote?

millennials If someone's illiterate, would you throw a book at them and expect them to learn? Absolutely not. That's not only illogical, but cruel. So, if someone lacks the ability--not the will, but the ability--to see something from an alternate perspective, because they've never been taught to do so, how do you reach them? Find an issue on which their perspective is similar to yours, and work from there. Build from the ground up. I was recently asked an interesting political question by a colleague. He's Read more [...]
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Democrats Have a Lot in Common with Criminal Gangs!

Dinesh D'Souza comp The brilliant and provocative Dinesh D’Souza gave a well-received and brilliantly astute speech highlighting the striking similarities between the Democrat Party and a gang of criminals. D’Souza was in Bozeman, Montana speaking to a crowd of patriots when he began explaining what he learned while incarcerated with some of America’s worst criminals and how it has colored his perspective on the modern Democrat Party. Check out D’Souza’s latest book, Stealing America, which is an exposé Read more [...]
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New Report: Muslim Refugee Crisis will Last 20 Years and Crush Europe's Economy!

Male-Muslim-Refugees The Syrian refugee crisis is expected to last two decades and put strong strains on the European economy, according to a British interpretation of a new report from the European Union. Justine Greening, the minister in charge of Britain’s international response, said the influx will put “considerable strains” on countries and result in “political and social tensions,” as quoted by The Daily Telegraph. The magnitude of the crisis has reached a point where it will take 20 years to Read more [...]
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CNN Smears Ben Carson by Saying he Wasn’t Actually Violent When he was Young

carson yearbook If the media did the same thing to the Clintons and to Barack Obama, there would be no shortage of fodder to cast the Clintons and the President in the most negative light possible. It wouldn’t be difficult. In fact, it would be way too easy. But the media would never betray a friend like that. A conservative like Ben Carson makes himself an easy target to the media, especially since he has the wrong color skin to be a conservative. The latest “scandal” Ben Carson is involved in is Read more [...]
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Oregon County Passes Ordinance Defying Gun Control Laws

trigger Coos County in Oregon decided that they don’t want the state government telling them that they have to get background-checked for every gun purchase or transfer, whether private or not. The county voted to pass the ordinance just weeks after a mass shooting at Umpqua Community College not far from Coos County. Here’s an excerpt of the ordinance, as reported by Think Progress: Liberals are of course saying this ordinance is against the law. An expert in Constitutional law Charlie Hinkle Read more [...]
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Colombian Man with HIV Killed by His Tapeworm’s Cancer

tapeworm cancer HIV That headline slays me. Can you imagine how one person’s life could get any worse than that? First, you contract HIV. Bummer. Then you get a tapeworm. Super bummer. Then your tapeworm gets cancer. Yay! Wait. Not so fast. The tapeworm somehow transfers its cancer to you. Then you die. Wow. With all of that going on in this guy’s life, living in a third-world country was the least of his concerns. Perhaps you’re wondering how a person could “get” cancer from another organism. It’s not Read more [...]
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Unemployment is Unimportant Only if People are Merely Animals

unemployment animals As it turns out, the unemployment rates are awful in this country, especially for the black community. Leftists look at the stats and it doesn’t seem like they care that much. And I think I understand why. Leftists have a basically materialist perspective on human existence, which is heavily influenced by evolutionary anthropology and biological determinism. They believe that as long as you can survive, you shouldn’t care that much if your life counts for anything. According to leftists, the Read more [...]
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The U.K. Government Tries to Cripple Uber under Pressure from Cab Industry

no uber Speak of the devil and he shall appear. After writing about crony capitalism just yesterday, a story popped up on my Facebook feed about how London is trying to handicap Uber drivers with arbitrary regulations. Uber, for the uninitiated, is a taxicab-like service that has exploded over the last two years. Uber employees are not cab drivers, but "private contractors" who use their own vehicles. The operation is run on an app with which you digitally hail the nearest driver. The app also uses your Read more [...]
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Bernie Sanders Trashes “Unregulated” Uber; Uses Uber All the Time Anyway

unnamed-4 Self-proclaimed pinko communist Bernie Sanders trashed Uber a few months ago as being “unregulated” and having all the “serious problems” that come with it. They are, after all, an “illegitimate” taxi service that doesn’t pay all the fees that other “legitimate” taxi services have to pay. It’s not fair that ride-sharing programs like Uber and Lyft are proving themselves to be a more affordable alternative to the heavily regulated taxi industry. They’re only more affordable Read more [...]
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Gun Sales Set Record High for 6th Month in a Row

unnamed-3 Liberals always blame these spikes in gun sales on the NRA. They either think that the gun lobby is behind all the mass murders we’ve seen in recent years, or they blame the gun lobby for “politicizing” such events, all so that people will buy their guns out of fear and make them loads of money. Because Democrats never politicize mass shootings. The Washington Free Beacon reported: The FBI’s National Instant Background Check System processed 1,976,759 firearms related checks in October. Read more [...]
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Your Government at Work – Regulators Complain that Uber Drivers are “TOO” Efficient

uber No, this is not a story from the satirical website the Onion. Yes, this is really an idea that your elected (and unelected) government officials have developed in an effort to make our lives “better.” No, I don’t think the people who thought this up realize just how stupid their idea is or just how foolish we all think they are. In major cities across America the ride-sharing company known as Uber has been forced to fight against the entrenched taxi lobby and their prostitutes in the local Read more [...]
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Obama Smog Regulations to Cost 4 Times More than Predicted!

Smog The Environmental Protection Agency estimated its stricter smog limits would only cost Americans $1.4 billion a year, but a new report argues the total cost to the economy is likely 40 times higher than agency estimates. The right-leaning American Action Forum says EPA’s updated smog, or ground-level ozone, rule could cost $56.5 billion in lost wages based on economic losses from counties that couldn’t comply with the agency’s 2008 rule. “Observed nonattainment counties experienced Read more [...]
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