Surprise: Rich Donors Leaned Democrat in the Midterms

money Well, the data is in, and it is clear yet again: the really rich donors leaned Democrat this midterm election. With all the propaganda pouring out of the mills about Republican Super PACs, and Citizens United, and the Koch brothers, and GOP cronyism, and blah blah blah, you would think that the only supporters of the Democrats were grassroots donors and individuals in the poor and middle class. Nope. Other way around, it seems: The two biggest super PACs of 2014? Senate Majority PAC and House Majority Read more [...]
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Should an Arrest Carry a Heavier Punishment Than a Conviction?

police arrest It’s a simple question. Should an arrest by police carry a heavier punishment than a conviction would? If a person is being arrested for jaywalking, should the arresting officers be allowed to use lethal force when a conviction for the alleged crime would result in nothing more than a fine? I think the obvious answer is no: Consider what arrests are for. An arrest is not punishment: After all, there has been no conviction at that point. The purpose of an arrest is to prevent crime and to aid in Read more [...]
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Black-Genocide #BlackLivesMatter. Did you know that? It's funny that, up until this point, I was unaware that black lives did indeed matter. I just assumed that they didn't matter. Thanks to the hashtag activism, I have now been alerted, and made aware of the fact that the lives of black people matter.Michael Brown's life mattered, as do all our lives. But when he strong-arm robbed a convenience store, then attempted to grab Officer Darren Wilson's gun—as forensic evidence indicates—the fact that his life Read more [...]
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The Movie North Korea Tried to Stop is Now Available!

THE INTERVIEW Teaser Poster For anyone interested in seeing the much ballyhooed but widely panned movie, the Interview, feel free to do so. Sony has released the movie in full on the popular video streaming site YouTube.Here's the film in full - but remember it is Rated-R - so please view accordingly. In the action-comedy The Interview, Dave Skylark (James Franco) and his producer Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogen) run the popular celebrity tabloid TV show 'Skylark Tonight.' When they discover that North Korean Read more [...]
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Persecuted Christians Around the World Celebrate Christians

persecuted Christians All over the world our Christian brothers and sisters suffer simply for believing what the Scripture teaches about our relationship with God. During the Christmas season we should take special care to pray for and support our siblings around the world as they suffer for our Lord's sake. We few who have been blessed to live in the free embrace of the 1st Amendment should remember that mercy everyday, as so many of our siblings do not enjoy this freedom. As Christmas approaches on Read more [...]
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Pelosi: Tax-Evading Republican Must Resign, not Tax-Evading Democrats

Nancy Pelosi face Nancy Pelosi calls for resignation of tax-evading Republican politician over tax evasion conviction, but remains silent on tax-evading Democrats.They don’t call politicians crooks for nothing. If you’re just a regular civilian, and you try keeping all your money and not paying your “fair share” to the feds, you’ll go to jail for “stealing” from the government. Even if it’s a little bit of money.But if you’re a politician, even if you owe tons of money, it’s no big deal. Read more [...]
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WH Science Advisor: Ice Age Now if Not for Human Activity

ice age According to White House science advisor John Holdren, natural cycles would be throwing us into another ice age. The only thing that’s holding us back from an ice age is human activity, namely the burning of fossil fuels, which is actually counteracting the Earth’s natural tendencies toward a cooling climate. I guess this would explain why we haven’t really experienced “global warming” for decades now. It provides a convenient excuse. Here he is, reading his teleprompter during an online Read more [...]
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100 Years Ago Today: The Christmas Truce of 2014

Christmas Truce 1914, as seen by the Illustrated London News. Exactly 100 years ago today, troops fighting on both sides of the Great War laid aside their arms for a day in what became known as the Christmas Truce of 1914, a spontaneous outpouring of Christmas spirit in the trenches.The Christmas Truce of 1914 played out differently in various places along the trenches, but according to one account by British Rifleman Graham Williams, it began with an exchange of carols on Christmas Eve: Then suddenly lights began to appear along the German parapet, which Read more [...]
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Merry Christians: Religious People Are Happier?

religious people are happer A new study (that recapitulates a 2004 study of the same kind) indicates again that religious people, especially those who regularly attend religious services, are twice as likely to consider themselves “very happy” as those who do not: The correlation between religiosity and happiness is clear, but explanations of the connection and possible causal relationship are less clear. One theory suggests that the social support that religious communities can provide may be a key factor contributing Read more [...]
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You Cannot Be A Christian & Oppose Amnesty?

logic argument John Paul Brammer tries to manipulate Christians to oppose amnesty. "When people learn no tools of judgment and merely follow their hopes, the seeds of political manipulation are sown." - Stephen Jay Gould Americans have become a people accustomed to sound-bites. Perhaps relying on Twitter as a news source has had an ill effect, or maybe believing The Daily Show to be a sufficient source for political news has caused us to view important issues through a reductionist lens, or it could be that we Read more [...]
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Fox News' O'Reilly says New York Mayor "Should Resign!"

DeBlasio at UN Fox News' Bill O'Reilly is not happy with Mayor Bill de Blasio and had some very strong words for the embattled New York City Mayor.  My grandfather was NYPD. I know this city as well as any human being. I know that the New York City Police Department, in 2014, is probably the best police agency in the world. Local police agency in the world. What they have done with crime is stunning. A city that had 3,000 murders a year, now down to 300 in that range.You have a mayor Read more [...]
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PETA Gets Angry at Elephant Riding Santa!

Santa Elephant Oh boy. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and Christmas certainly do not mix. Sure, PETA has seemingly no problem with slaughtering thousands of cats and dogs but let Santa ride one elephant and they go INSANE! A Florida elementary school is under attack from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for taking pupils to a show featuring Santa Claus riding a circus elephant.Over 100 students at Blackburn Elementary School in Palmetto, Florida were entertained Read more [...]
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