Now We're Not Allowed Use The Word, Terrorist

obama supports terrorism banner A terrorist by any other name still kills. "I believe that political correctness can be a form of linguistic fascism, and it sends shivers down the spine of my generation who went to war against fascism." - P. D. James When we stop defining the world around us truthfully, and begin to create substitutions, and use redirections to avoid potential offense, we are blunting the edges of reality. We can only soften those edges so much before reality no longer resembles itself. At that point, we have Read more [...]
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White House Courts Disney to Sell Global Warming to Kids Using Cast of Frozen

frozen For now, Disney is politely declining whatever the White House is offering in exchange for doing some kind of Frozen spin-off that aims to teach little kids about how polar bears are dying off because of conservative-induced global warming. Disney indicated that they’d rather stick to producing optimistic fantasy films instead of a gloom-and-doom one. Breitbart reported: Administration official Robert Papp, who has been the State Department’s special representative for the Arctic since July Read more [...]
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Obama Slips Up: Calls Homosexuality a Lifestyle Choice

lifestyle choices If this had been spoken by a conservative guest on MSNBC, social media would have completely collapsed from all the liberal ire. How dare anyone claim that homosexuals posses any kind of control over their actions and behavior. Everything they do is uncontrollable, because they were “born that way.”Like that teenage girl who wants to marry her dad in New Jersey. It’s only natural. They were “born that way.” They can’t control themselves, and besides, who are we to judge what they Read more [...]
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What’s the Deal with Obama and Netanyahu?

Netanyahu and Obama Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to the US for a diplomatic meeting in March. Is he meeting with President Obama? Nope. He’s set to speak before Congress at Speaker John Boehner’s request, but Obama won’t meet with him so close to the Israeli elections. And the White House is quite upset over the whole thing: “He spat in our face publicly, and that’s no way to behave,” one Obama aide told an Israeli newspaper. “Netanyahu ought to remember that President Obama has Read more [...]
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Membership in Unions at 100-Year Low

labor unions In the midst of what some people are deigning to call an economic “recovery,” there is one group that is not gaining much traction: labor unions. They have posted their worst enrollment numbers in one hundred years. And there are numerous theories on why American workers are abandoning unions.One of the most popular is that unions haven’t changed their tack since the 1930s, in spite of the fact that the job market has changed dramatically. It used to be the case that unions helped you to Read more [...]
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Dear Democrats: Healthcare Is Not A Right

healthcare The argument that healthcare is a right is fallacious and really unacceptable. "A Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to against every government, and what no just government should refuse, or rest on inference." - Thomas Jefferson What are rights? We have the Bill of Rights, we have a constitution that guarantees us certain rights, but by what measure does it guarantee those rights? Well, let's first examine what rights we were guaranteed in our founding document. The right to assemble Read more [...]
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Is Hillary Worried that Obama is Pushing her Further LEFT?

hillary clinton hand On Fox News Sunday journalist Ron Fournier made an intriguing point while discussing President Obama’s recent State of the Union address. While some may see the speech as an attempt to set up the Democrats for a win in 2016, Fournier opines that this is not at all what the President was doing.Apparently, many on the Democrat side of the aisle feel that President Obama should be retreating into his lame-duck status – not acting as if he hadn’t recently lost an election by HUGE margins. Fournier Read more [...]
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Alaskans Ready to Fight Obama Land Grab

Alaska Does it strike anyone else as odd that whenever President Obama chooses to screw people - he chooses folks in Red States first? This time around the unlucky citizens happen to reside in the great state of Alaska where the President is working overtime to steal over 12 million acres of prime oil country. What else should we have expected? Liberals try and tell us what they plan to do... and then folks seems surprised when it actually happens... President Obama announced Sunday that Read more [...]
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TSA Boasts: Over 650 Million False Positives in 2014

tsa grope When the TSA boasts, there is no reason to trust what they say.I know we’re supposed to be impressed with these large numbers. But I have to admit they don’t affect me at all, except to induce a sigh and an eye-roll.From the TSA’s blog: Every day, transportation security officers interact with nearly two million travelers across the United States with a single goal in mind – ensuring the safety and security of the traveling public.  We want to share with you examples of the continued Read more [...]
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Mayor Defies Threats from Atheist Group over Nativity Scene

atheist Coal Run, Kentucky Mayor Andrew Scott had received a letter from an Atheist group back in December in the days leading up to Christmas, notifying him that no nativity scenes were to be allowed on public property. Mayor Scott chucked the letter in the trash and now doesn’t even remember which Atheist group it was.It could have been the same group that harasses public officials and schools all the time regarding religion on public property. As they argue, the only religion that’s allowed displays Read more [...]
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Government Now Giving Medals for Helping the Taliban Rise to Power!

Charlie Wilson's War Look, I liked the movie Charlie Wilson's War as much as the next guy... but unlike the people the movie was based upon - I had the ability to see what their actions in Afghanistan would lead to. Just because their story made a good movie doesn't mean we need to honor them for their work - especially not 30 years later when we can plainly see that the outcome of their involvement has played a role in the rise of Islamic terrorism!This seems to me, to be the great irony of American Foreign Policy. Read more [...]
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Count Obama Among the Americans Hopeful that More States will Legalize Marijuana!

obama pot In President Obama's recent YouTube interview he discussed the likelihood of future, wider marijuana legalization.  In a recent YouTube interview, President Obama predicted that given the recent success of marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington, more states will soon join them and the Department of Justice will look the other way.“The position of my administration has been that we still have federal laws that classify marijuana as an illegal substance, Read more [...]
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