Will Congress Finally Kill the Government's Immoral Use of Civil Asset Forfeiture

civil forfeiture 2 Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu and GOP Rep. Justin Amash just teamed up Wednesday to introduce a bill into the House with the goal of eliminating the Drug Enforcement Administration’s controversial marijuana enforcement program. The DEA uses the Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Program to fund law enforcement agencies across the country, with the caveat that the money is earmarked for destroying cannabis cultivation sites. What Lieu and Amash’s bill does is block any federal funds from Read more [...]
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Home Intruder Learns the Hard Way Not to Bring a Gun to a Cane Fight

cane An unidentified 59-year-old and self-proclaimed pacifist wielding a cane was able to knock the gun out of the hands of an intruder and then shoot the intruder with one fatal shot. Early Wednesday morning the New Mexico man was awakened when an intruder pepper-sprayed his dog. The intruder then came after the homeowner with a gun and fired a shot that just barely missed the man’s hip. The homeowner knocked the gun out the intruder’s hands with his cane, and the two struggled to obtain control Read more [...]
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Dem Representative: If Planned Parenthood is Defunded, Then “Forget Your Health; You Can Just Die”

rosa Democrat Representative Rosa DeLauro from Connecticut said that if Congress passes legislation that would remove public funding of Planned Parenthood, then Americans might as well forget their health, and they “can just die.” DeLauro was speaking against a couple bills that would remove federal funding of Planned Parenthood, with a few exceptions. CNS reported: The bill proposed by Rep. Diane Black (R.-Tenn.) puts a one year moratorium on federal funding for Planned Parenthood unless the Read more [...]
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Nobel Prize Committee Regrets Giving 2009 Nobel Peace Prize to Obama

Obama 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Well, that didn’t take long. In an interview with the Associated Press, Geil Lundestad, the former director of the Nobel Institute that awarded Obama the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, says that he regrets giving Obama the prize: Looking back over Mr. Obama’s presidency, Mr. Lundestad said, granting him the award did not fulfill the committee’s expectations. “[We] thought it would strengthen Obama and it didn’t have this effect,” he told the Associated Press in an interview. The award Read more [...]
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Japan Parliament Breaks Out in Fisticuffs During Pacifism Debate

Japan flag You can’t make this stuff up. Apparently tensions rose in a spirited debate in the Japanese parliament about whether or not Japan should allow its Self-Defense Forces to engage in wartime activities outside the country: Legislators scuffled in Parliament and demonstrators took to the streets on Thursday as Japan’s governing coalition moved to secure final passage of contentious legislation that would loosen decades-old limits on the country’s military. The package of 11 bills was still Read more [...]
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Some Necessary Improvements: An Open Letter to Ted Cruz

Ted_Cruz Here are the suggestions of someone who wants Ted Cruz to succeed. I have to preface this article with two disclosures. First, I endorsed Ted Cruz for the presidency many months ago. Second, I've donated three times to his campaign, to the point that I received a personally signed copy of A Time for Truth—which I had already read on my Kindle. This is all to say that I am—and this is the best way I can possibly put it—a Ted Cruz fanboy. As such, the following is written from the perspective Read more [...]
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Obama Tells Donald Trump: "America is Winning Right Now; America's Great Right Now"

trump and obama President Obama doesn't appreciate the tone, tenor or implications of Donald Trump's run for the Presidency and he willingly said as much in a recent speech. Speaking to a gathered group of important CEO's at this year's Business Roundtable the President said, "despite the perennial doom and gloom that I guess is part of the presidential campaign... America is winning right now. America is great right now." The comments were obviously directed toward the current GOP front runner, Donald Trump. President Read more [...]
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EPA Spills Toxic Waste Wrecking Environment - Yet No One Gets Fired

Animas River BP spills oil in the Gulf of Mexico and everyone freaks out, condemning the oil producing giant for being so careless. These same environmentalists never praise BP for the ecological work they do as they pour millions of dollars into care and research to protect the environment. Instead the environmentalist cynically calls BP "greedy" and "evil".  Interestingly, these same environmentalists watch as the government (through the EPA) destroys an entire ecosystem and they say NOTHING. In fact, while Read more [...]
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Elementary School Teaches Kids to Throw Books at Mass Shooter as a "Last Resort"

books A couple years ago, Homeland Security released a video wherein they advised office workers to throw scissors at a mass murderer should he enter their premises. It was listed as a “last, worst-case scenario.” If you weren’t able to exit the building in time, and you had no choice but to hide until you were confronted by the shooter, grab a pair of scissors. It would be hilarious, except that this is the actual advise they gave. Stevenson Elementary School in Heath, Ohio wants kids to throw Read more [...]
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No Joke: Kids Being Told to 'Throw Books' at School Shooters

No guns allowed "Stupidity is a talent for misconception." - Edgar Allan Poe I've read a lot of stupid stuff in my day, but not much more stupid than the news coming out of Ohio that elementary school children are being told to throw books at possible gunmen in the event of a school shooting. No joke. Should a man enter your classroom with a semi-automatic rifle, or handguns, children are being told to toss a few Penguin Classics his way—or maybe those ones with the golden spines? Nah, those are too thin to Read more [...]
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Student Suspended for Wearing American Flag T-Shirt

flag shirt Jaegur is not one to try to break the rules. He has hopes of joining the military, and is currently active in his Texas school’s ROTC program. He was wearing a gray hoodie at school one day, but when a school official instructed him to lift up the hoodie revealing his white t-shirt with the American flag on it, he was given in-school suspension. According to the official, the American flag shirt violated the school’s dress code. Even though Seagoville High School doesn’t have uniforms, Read more [...]
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Was that a Republican Debate or a Circus Side Show?

republican debate 2016 clowns The second Republican debate happened last night for three and a half hours. And I don’t know if I would call it a debate really. Especially in the first thirty minutes or so, it seemed like a circus side show—a contest to determine which Republican candidate could be the most obnoxious class clown. And if that was in fact the contest, the obvious winner was, you guessed it, Donald Trump. Numerous still frames of the faces he made during the debate have been circulating the internet since Read more [...]
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