Tulsa Residents Have Killed More Criminals Than Police Have

gun down stairs So far this year, there have been eleven homicides in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Six of those were at the hands of armed law-abiding citizens defending themselves. Police haven’t had to kill any thus far. The Daily Caller reported: Tulsa has had 11 homicides in 2015, nearly half of them by regular people acting legally in self-defense, Tulsa World reports. “It’s been an odd year,” Tulsa police homicide Sgt. Dave Walker told Tulsa World. “I’m sure it will even out over the next 12 months, but, Read more [...]
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Obama says Republican Ideas Don't Work and Republicans Don't Care about the Middle Class

Obama flips Bird President Obama was speaking at the Democrat National Committee's Winter Meetings on Thursday night when he let loose with a couple of rhetorical grenades. One wonders why it's so hard for the media to understand why this President is so divisive? Every time he opens his mouth he is attacking the ideas, beliefs, principles and even the character of half of our nation. He is the ultimate divider.What else can you say about someone who says that the GOP doesn't care about the middle class? Or that Read more [...]
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Tax Time Terrors! Healthcare.Gov Sends Out 800K Bad Forms!

obamacare burning Conservatives fears on Obamacare come true. Healthcare.gov sent out more than 800,000 bad tax forms – which means that over 10% of the forms they sent out were bad. Even worse than the initially horrible waste of time, money and paper… they're not even sure how it happened!In what has been one of the most horrible government programs in American history continues to get worse...About 800,000 Obamacare enrollees received incorrect tax information from the government, and were Read more [...]
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Feds Give $39 Billion A Year to Solar Industry; Only 0.5% of Power Generated by Solar

flying money If “green” really was the way to go, we wouldn’t need any government subsidies to produce it. The market would demand it, and innovators would create the supply. The competition would naturally drive prices down, and the quality of the product would get progressively better.CNS News is reporting that despite $39 billion in taxpayer-funded subsidies to the solar industry, solar power accounts for just 0.5% of all electricity generated in this country. Does it sound like we’re getting an Read more [...]
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Son Buys His Mom a Gun that She Uses for Intruder

staring down barrell When a son buys his mom a gun, even though he is concerned for her safety, he doesn’t expect her to use it in a week. But this time the son was wrong, because less than a week later, she needed it when someone tried to break in her house. The Blaze reported: A woman was startled out of her sleep early Thursday morning when she heard what sounded like someone breaking into her home. It turned out to be a robbery suspect who police believe was breaking into neighborhood homes in West Columbus, Ohio. The Read more [...]
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Utah Woman Allowed by Court to Sue Herself

Sue Herself Sue herself … ? Yes. A Utah woman has filed a lawsuit against herself for damages she apparently caused herself and her husband through her own negligence. As you can imagine, a court already threw out her case on the grounds that she should not be allowed to sue herself. Because that’s absurd: Bagley lost control of a Range Rover while driving in the desert when she hit a sagebrush which caused the vehicle to flip over. Her husband, 55-year-old Bradley Vom Baur, was thrown from the vehicle Read more [...]
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Cop Sentenced to Death for Shooting Pregnant Woman

cop sentenced to death police brutality A police officer came into a restaurant, started arguing with its owners, and eventually opened fire on them, shooting and killing a pregnant mother and her unborn child. The father, who sustained injuries from the attack, filed a report. The police officer was then found guilty of murder, and has been sentenced to death after paying damages to the victim from his own money.Sounds strange doesn’t it? It seems like the police never face consequences for their actions, so why would this case Read more [...]
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Muslim Mayor of Rotterdam Doubles Down - Muslim Immigrants Must Accept Western Culture or GET OUT!

AhmedAboutaleb-v2 Back in January, in the wake of the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, the mayor of Rotterdam in the Netherlands had a simple message for immigrants in the Netherlands.It is incomprehensible that you can turn against freedom,' Mayor Aboutaleb told Dutch current affairs program Nieuwsuur (Newshour).'But if you don't like freedom, for heaven's sake pack your bags and leave.'If you do not like it here because some humorists you don't like are making a newspaper, may I then say you Read more [...]
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College Administrator Trades Scholarship Money for Sex

NIC Admin What happens when you give lonely deviant guys access to money that can be used only by college aged students?He apparently uses that money to bribe poor college students into having sex with him... at least that's what happened at one Community College in North Idaho recently. A former administrator at an Idaho community college faces five felony charges after police say he offered students financial aid in exchange for sex.Joseph Bekken was arrested Wednesday on suspicion Read more [...]
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Man Jailed for Months for Possession of Vitamins

handcuffed 2 He got pulled over, because he was apparently driving without his headlights on. The cop then used the traffic stop as an excuse to interrogate the 31-year-old and search his car. During the search, the cop spotted a bag of powder. A field test indicated that the powdered substance was amphetamine. The man went to jail and remained there for nearly three months before an actual lab test was done on the powder, which revealed that it wasn’t amphetamine, but vitamins. So, they dropped the charges Read more [...]
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Pharmacist Fatally Shoots Armed Robber

using pistol An armed robber entered a West Virginia pharmacy mid-morning and pulled a gun on the pharmacist. Instead of putting his hands up and trying to find an opportunity to call 911 and then wait patiently for the police to show up, the pharmacist responded by pulling his own gun and shooting the guy twice in the chest, putting him in critical condition. The pharmacy staff took live-saving measures on the robber while they waited for police. The man later died at the hospital. The Daily Caller reported: A Read more [...]
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Media Admits Lying about ISIS & Islam

obama-lies-THUMB Vox's Max Fisher Just Admitted the Media has Deliberately Helped Obama Lie about ISIS."A key purpose of journalism is to provide an adversarial check on those who wield the greatest power by shining a light on what they do in the dark, and informing the public about those acts." - Glenn GreenwaldIn addition to shining a light on what is done in the dark, a key purpose of a free, and independent press is to act as a fourth wall of sorts, protecting the American people should the first three Read more [...]
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