Grand Solar Minimum Threatens to Create Decades of Winter

winter solar minimum Brace yourself: Winter is coming. According to climate scientists, who apparently have just recently started looking at the sun, a quiet sun is going to cause a severe dip in global temperatures—possibly resulting in another “Little Ice Age”: Climate experts warn the amount of light and warmth released by the sun is nosediving to levels “not seen for centuries.” They fear a repeat of the so-called ‘Maunder Minimum’ which triggered Arctic winter whiteouts and led to the River Thames Read more [...]
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Liberals Outraged That Bobby Jindal Isn't Using His Race to Get Votes

bobby jindal As Bobby Jindal is set to announce his candidacy for the presidency, a Washington Post article has painted him as the worst thing a liberal could possibly imagine: someone who doesn't use his race to his advantage. I would clutch my pearls, but I've done it so many times at this point, I need new ones. The WaPo article speaks of Jindal's parents and their decision to raise their children as "Americans." It talks of Jindal's conversion to Christianity, and how his big Indian donors have left him. Read more [...]
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Dumb Democrat says Charleston Church Shooting Would have Been Worse if the Victims Could Defend Themselves

150618-charleston-victims-nine-composite_b9a19fd4a06c3902c092e93dbc5cee54.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000 I think that Democrats think that when citizens are armed and find themselves in a confrontational situation that things turn into the Wild West. All of the evidence argues against that. Consider this, have you ever heard of a situation where private citizens get into a mass shootout with criminals hell bent on killing? No, of course not. Usually as soon as the criminal sees the weapon, they RUN! If anything, the last year or so has proven that one armed citizen is usually the best defense against Read more [...]
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34-Week Baby Cut Out of Mother's Womb not Ruled a Murder!

mom and murderer2 A coroner in Colorado has ruled the death of a 34-week-old fetus cut from its mother’s womb to not be a homicide, but instead a “fetal demise” legally similar to a miscarriage. That means the fetus’s killer won’t face a murder charge. The unborn girl, who was going to be named Aurora, was killed in March when her mother Michelle Wilkins was the victim of a heinous and bizarre attack. Wilkins was responding to a Craigslist ad offering to sell baby clothes, but instead walked into Read more [...]
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AP on Ted Cruz Gun Photo: We Didn’t Mean to Portray him in a Negative Light

ted cruz hands up According to the AP, it was a complete coincidence that there was a gun in the background that was pointing right at Ted Cruz’s head. I mean, I’m sure that the AP photographer didn’t put up the gun poster on the wall in the background, but come on. He knew he wasn’t just taking a profile shot of Cruz. He positioned himself just right so that it looked like the gun was pointed at his head. It was no accident. But AP responded to criticisms, saying that they had no intention of portraying Read more [...]
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Fail: NBC Airs “Moving” Gun Violence Video Featuring Only Black Murderers

black hand gun This is slightly baffling. What I would have expected to see in this “moving” gun violence video was either confessions and statements of regret from only white murderers in prison, or those of imprisoned convicts of an equal array of races. NBC decided to do a short special where convicted murderers were interviewed about what they did. The focus wasn’t so much on their acts of murder; it was on the fact that they used guns. And all those who were interviewed were black. Were these Read more [...]
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Is the Confederate Battle Flag Racist?

2751691807_76f8b44e33_o Short answer: no. It’s an inanimate object. It’s not racist. Whelp. That was easy. But wait, there’s more. Perhaps some better questions would be: Did the Confederate battle flag stand for racism and slavery to the Confederates? The short answer to this is also no. Most if not all of the people who fought under the Confederate battle flag were not fighting for racism. They weren’t even fighting for slavery. Simply put, they were fighting to protect their homes, families, land, and way Read more [...]
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The Stupidity of the Confederate Flag Debate

confederate flag What is a flag? It's a rectangular piece of fabric emblazoned with a specific design that represents something. The American flag is an important piece of our history, as is the confederate flag. However, historical relevance can't always justify something's existence in modern society. If Germany still paraded around the nazi flag, it may be historically relevant, but not such a smart idea. The point is, there is a legitimate debate to be had regarding the confederate flag on the Capitol grounds Read more [...]
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Republicans Join Together to Defend Religious Liberty!

ReligiousFreedomRally1 Republicans Join Forces to Defend Religious Liberty!   Congressman Raul Labrador (R-ID) and Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) have joined together in an effort to reinforce rights that they shouldn’t have to be defending. The First Amendment has been under assault in recent days. Particularly the government (particularly the courts) has focused its efforts on tearing down our religious freedom. Well, there are some legislators who won’t let us lose our religious freedom without a fight.   The Read more [...]
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Nevada's Common Core Turns into Huge Money Pit!

commoncore2 A new, online standardized test designed to test Nevada schoolchildren on Common Core standards has been a huge fiasco in its first year, with the vast majority of students unable to complete the test. The failure could expose the state to federal sanctions. Under No Child Left Behind, states are supposed to test children in grades 3-8 each year in mathematics and reading. At least 95 percent of students must take the tests, or else a state can face federal sanctions such as a loss of millions Read more [...]
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EPA Clamps Down on Truck Emissions

truck exhaust The Obama Administration claims that clamping down on carbon emissions from heavy trucks will help reduce our “carbon footprint” and possibly avert a climate apocalypse. But as usual, the data don’t support their claims. Michael Bastasch from the Daily Caller reported: The EPA’s new carbon dioxide regulations for heavy trucks is meant to help the U.S. meet its goal of reducing emissions to fight global warming. There’s just one problem: CO2 regulations on heavy trucks will have little Read more [...]
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Karl Rove: Only Way to Stop Gun Violence is to Repeal the 2nd Amendment

karl rove Why do people differentiate between "gun violence" and every other form of violence that doesn’t happen to involve a gun? No one on the political stage cares anything about knife violence, hammer and bat violence, or violence involving one’s feet and fists. No one cares about people committing suicide using rope or slitting one’s wrists. It’s always the “gun suicides” they care about. The only kind of violence that needs solutions is “gun violence.” Every other form of violence Read more [...]
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