Will the Supreme Court Force States to Accept Same-Sex Marriage?

Supreme Court Hears Same-Sex Marriage Arguments Short answer: probably. The Supreme Court heard arguments on same-sex marriage yesterday, and I find it improbable they will come down on the side of states’ rights for this issue. For two-and-a-half hours — more than twice as long as a typical oral argument — the justices weighed two questions: Does the Constitution require states to license marriages between people of the same sex, and, if not, must states at least recognize lawful same-sex marriages performed in other states?The conservative Read more [...]
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Why Isn’t the Tea Party Succeeding in Reducing Government?

Tea Party If liberal fearmongers are correct, the Tea Party is at the very height of its power. Yet so many elected Tea Party Republicans have failed to rein in the federal government. They were elected on a promise none of them have been able to fulfill: In the American scheme of government-by-special-interests, the instinctive conservative sympathy for states’ rights and business interests can be a dangerous trap, leading even the most ardent champions of limited government and economic freedom to embrace Read more [...]
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Proof that Conservative Policies Work Best – Red States Dominate Best Cities for Business!

money-pile-485x262 It makes sense, right? When you think of cities that are dangerous, lacking jobs and just kind of sad… they are always Democrat dominated, no? Cities like Detroit, Trenton, Camden, Chicago, etc., etc., etc. Well now we have definitive proof by way of a finance-based social network study. WalletHub just released its 2015 list of best cities in which to start a business, and surprise – they are dominated by conservative states.  Finance-based, social network WalletHub has Read more [...]
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After Earthquake Climate Change Alarmists think Mt. Everest Should be Closed!

everest  Leave it to the Church of Global Warming to offer up the craziest bit of analysis on the recent and tragic earthquake that rocked Nepal and caused a deadly avalanche on Mt. Everest. The Climate Change alarmists are arguing that Mt. Everest should be closed because of the effects of Global Warming on avalanches. Yes, they say that Global Warming has made climbing Everest even more dangerous than it already was… and so we should close it down. What the alarmists fail to realize is that Read more [...]
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Win-Win: Castro Continues Terrorizing His Own People & Obama Gets His Legacy

obama royal pen "Under a dictatorship, a nation ceases to exist. All that remains is a fiefdom, a planet of slaves regimented by aliens from outer space." - Wole Soyinka When the world is full of terror, it becomes as a fog, secreting away in its density the smaller, but just as dangerous, monsters. We are a world battling Islamic extremism on multiple fronts: ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, Al-Shabaab--just to name a few. We are entering a new Cold War with Russia, as Vladimir Putin treats Ukrainian lives like one Read more [...]
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Baltimore Liquor Store Bouncer Forced to Use Machete to Fend Off 50 Looters

armed with machete Amid all the chaos erupting in Baltimore in the aftermath of a black man dying in police custody, a liquor store bouncer was forced to use his machete to defend himself and his store from some 50 looters who were intent on burning it to the ground. Liquor stores and other small businesses were prime targets for these looters. Somehow, burning these places to the ground and wreaking as much havoc as humanly possible will bring justice to the man who died in police custody a week after being arrested.As Read more [...]
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University Diversity Officer Bars White Males From Event on Diversity

no whites Sometimes it’s hard to separate parody from reality, because oftentimes these days, they’re one and the same.A student union at Goldsmiths, University of London, wanted to hold a meeting that focused on diversity and equality. The event was organized by the union’s “diversity officer.” Oh, and white people and men were not allowed to attend. The meeting that was meant to address racial and sexual diversity and equality was only open to black, minority ethnic (BME) women. You can’t Read more [...]
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A Note to Those Trying To Justify the Baltimore Riots

Baltimore flames "Violence is like a weed - it does not die even in the greatest drought." - Simon WiesenthalUnmitigated rage has been loosed from its cage once again—but this time in Baltimore. Stores have been looted and set on fire, police officers have been brutally injured, and the Governor has declared a state of emergency. It's obvious to me that this savage behavior is deplorable, and one would think that this view would be the consensus among all who've seen what's occurring in Baltimore. However, Read more [...]
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Comedian Wonders – If “Moderate Muslims” Hate ISIS, Why Haven’t Any Gone to Fight ISIS

bill maher Bill Maher continues to hit the nail on the head when it comes to worldwide Islam (Islam and Political Correctness are pretty much the only two things that Maher ever gets right). This past Friday on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, the host pointed out a glaring problem with the argument that moderate Muslims hate terrorism as much as everyone else does."I mean, why aren't any 'moderate Muslims' ever going to fight ISIS? I'm saying if ISIS is so anathema to 'moderate Muslims' how come 0 have Read more [...]
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Oh Boy. Russian Hack on Obama Email Worse than Anyone Realized

Russians Hack White House How does this happen? Are we not the world’s wealthiest and most technologically advanced nation? Do we not have a Defense Budget that is greater than every other nation in the world combined? If China and Russia doubled, nay tripled, their defense budgets… they still wouldn’t be spending what we do on Defense. So HOW IN THE WORLD do we let them hack our most secure data? It makes no sense to me, maybe y’all can explain it?Russian hackers successfully captured some of President Read more [...]
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Hillary Holds Record for Dodging the Press

Hillary Clinton hands out I had written before about how amusing it was watching the media concoct their narrative about Rand Paul being an ill-tempered misogynist who’s deathly afraid of answering the “tough” questions from the ratings-obsessed press. One of our reliably liberal commenters responded “Mr. Hodges, if you asked Rand Paul a question would you expect an answer? Does this mean that Hillary Clinton can brush off reporters' questions too?” Funny you should mention Hillary Clinton, Mr./Mrs. Whoever-you-are. Read more [...]
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Christian Bakery "Mentally Raped" Lesbian Couple

sweet cakes When the judge ordered the Christian-owned Sweet Cakes Bakery to fork over $135,000 to the enraged and emotionally damaged lesbian couple, the business was forced to shut down. A GoFundMe page in support of the business also had to be shut down, because according to GoFundMe’s policy, donation pages are not allowed for those who are in “violation of the law.” Since this bakery refused to cater a same-sex wedding, they were in “violation of the law.”Get a load of the symptoms that this Read more [...]
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