Racism? University Bans Alcohol for Fraternities, Exempts African-American Frats!

fraternity Racism is once again rearing its ugly head on a college campus, only this time it's the college that is acting in favor of racial preference. NC State University is moving to temporarily ban alcohol at their fraternity events, however the ban does not include a group of black fraternities for some reason. North Carolina State University (NCSU) has responded to a series of fraternity scandals on-campus and nationwide by at least temporary banning alcohol at the parties of all ordinary Read more [...]
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Concealed Carrier Prevents Mass Shooting in Barbershop

pointed handgun We won’t hear much about this, because a mass shooting didn’t happen. One was prevented. We only hear about the tragedies, because unfortunately, that’s what viewers want to know about. People don’t find good news stories all that interesting.One of the “arguments” anti-gun zealots make against guns is that they’ve never been used to prevent mass shootings. Brit Pierce Morgan (remember him?) would want examples of gun owners preventing mass murders. From his perspective, guns have Read more [...]
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"Climate Scientist" Pharrell Williams Teaches 1200 Kids about "Climate Change"

happy He’s of course no climate scientist. He’s that guy who wrote that hit song “Happy” that gets really old after the first listen.But as a global warming believer, he needs no relevant credentials. The fact that he agrees to provide his “cool” image as a face of “climate change” awareness – I’m sure in exchange for a handsome sum of money – is all that’s necessary. He’s a great pawn to be used to tell young people about manmade global warming. If Pharrell Williams believes Read more [...]
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That Didn’t Take Long: Starbucks #RaceTogether Already Over

Starbucks after riot The ill-fated #RaceTogether campaign, begun only a few short days ago, is already over. I can’t imagine what good it did. It apparently did some harm, especially to wait times on caffeinated beverages. The people most adamantly against the campaign were in fact baristas, who felt they had already too little time during peak hours to prepare drinks, much less get into in-depth conversations about race: The unorthodox marketing move was supposed to turn the coffee corporation’s stores into impromptu Read more [...]
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FEMA Refuses Relief Funding to “Climate Denier” States

FEMA truck in plane FEMA recently weighed in on the climate change debate by refusing to give disaster relief funding to any state that didn’t have established protocols to address climate change: This may put several Republican governors who maintain the earth isn’t warming due to human activities, or prefer to do nothing about it, into a political bind. Their position may block their states’ access to hundreds of millions of dollars in FEMA funds. Over the past five years, the agency has awarded an average Read more [...]
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Ben Carson Fires Second Torpedo Into His Own Campaign

Carson I Having already torpedoed his candidacy with his atrocious response to a question about same-sex attraction on CNN, it seems Dr. Ben Carson—once a bright light among conservatives—wants to fire out one last torpedo on the off chance the first didn't sink his ship entirely.Speaking to Bloomberg politics, Ben Carson admitted he doesn't know all he needs to know regarding foreign policy, and then proceeded to offer a "fresh idea" about how to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: "We need Read more [...]
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The Death Tax is Literally Killing Small Businesses!

cut-taxes It’s better to die in the dead of Winter if you’re a small business owner in the air conditioning repair industry.An off-season death means you’ll have a smaller inventory, which means the government will have to settle for a smaller percentage of your property when you die, and your family will have a better chance of keeping the company.That’s the bizarre reality for many members of HARDI, a trade association composed of about 500 heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration distributors. Read more [...]
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A Win for Freedom! New Mexico Passes Bill to Abolish Civil Asset Forfeiture

piles-of-money civil asset forfeitures The state of New Mexico is moving forward to right one of the greatest wrongs in our legal system. New Mexico may soon be abolishing the despicable practice of civil asset forfeiture.Civil Asset Forfeiture is one of the most disgusting legal practices that our generally good local government, and police all seem to take part. If you’re not sure what civil asset forfeiture is, then please take a few minutes to watch this very informational but also very funny primer on the subject by HBO comedian Read more [...]
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Greenpeace Co-founder Patrick Moore is a “Science-Denier?”

patrick moore Patrick Moore is one of the founders of Greenpeace, working for Greenpeace International and Greenpeace Canada for a combined sixteen or so years. Since he’s left, he’s been a vocal critic of Greenpeace and skeptic on global warming, particularly the part about global warming being caused by people.Moore is still an environmentalist, and I’m sure there are issues where we’d disagree, but he seems to understand global warming pretty well. He gets that the whole manmade global warming thing Read more [...]
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Student Banned from Class for Questioning Campus Rape Statistics

statistics A college campus is supposed to be a place for the “free exchange of ideas” and a place where independent thought is fostered. In reality, all they seem to be doing these days is stifling such things. They want cookie-cutter socialists, and anyone who truly thinks outside the box or questions the molds from which he’s supposed to be fashioned gets banned.That’s what Reed College student Jeremiah True (a 19-year-old who doesn’t shy away from his name) found out when his Humanities professor Read more [...]
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Senator Dick Durbin Is A Racist—Here's Why!

race baiting democrats When all else fails, play the race card. That has essentially been the motto of the leftist media and the Democrats throughout the Obama administration. Just as sexism will be the weapon of choice against Republicans if Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, or any other female is the Democratic nominee in 2016, race is always a nice little get-out-of-jail-free card for the lazy politician.With the confirmation of Loretta Lynch being put on hold as the human trafficking bill gets bandied about the Read more [...]
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Jay Leno says College Kids are Too Politically Correct

jayleno2 Comedian Jay Leno was on Late Night with Seth Meyers to shoot the breeze and discuss what he's been doing since leaving the Tonight Show. During their conversation the discussion turned to the culture being bred on today's college campuses - which is when Leno mentioned something that more and more comedians have been talking about lately, namely the politically correct culture on our college campuses."College kids now are so politically correct. Being anti-guacamole is not racist, okay? You Read more [...]
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