The Left Will Find A Way To Make Carly Fiorina Sexist

carly fiorina "Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present." - Marcus Aurelius In the war of ideas, conservatives arm themselves with heavy artillery, while liberals have only slingshots. To combat this inequity, this inability to win arguments reasonably and logically, liberals have resorted to identity politics. Identity politics draws legitimate discourse down to the baseness of emotions, which cloud the minds of Read more [...]
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18 WRONG Predictions of Catastrophe Made Around the First Earth Day in 1970!

EarthDay The brilliant fellows at the American Enterprise Institute have drawn up a nice little list of predictions of horrible environmental catastrophe from the left that surfaced right around the time of the first Earth Day in 1970. Oddly enough (sarcasm) none of those predictions have come true. In fact, there haven’t really ever been any predictions of environmental catastrophe that have been accurate. Here’s a sampling of just a few of AEI’s list of apocalyptic predictions from the left. In Read more [...]
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Democrats Finally Get Around to Passing the Human Trafficking Bill

United-States-Congress The Senate unanimously passed a bill intended to help human trafficking victims Wednesday, ending a weeks-long standoff over abortion funding language that’s been holding up the confirmation of Loretta Lynch as President Barack Obama’s next attorney general.Republican Sen. Ted Cruz missed the vote, but every other senator voted to pass the bill, which was amended to satisfy Democrats concerned the original bill expanded abortion restrictions.The language at issue is a standard addition Read more [...]
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Grandma to Armed Robber: “Back Off, Or I’ll Blow Your Head Off”

lady carry With those words, the armed robber quietly backed off and walked away. I’m sure he thought he had found the perfect victim. Jewell Turner is a 74-year-old grandmother.The man approached this Fort Worth, Texas woman, asking for directions as she was waiting in her car outside the doctor’s office. When she tried helping the guy get to where he needed, he stuck a knife to her throat and told her that he didn’t want to have to hurt her, but that he would if she didn’t give him all her money Read more [...]
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Bill Nye Flies Around in Giant 747 on Earth Day to #ActOnClimate

jet pollution What better way is there to help save the planet from carbon-induced global warming than by flying around in a giant 747?Apparently, Bill Nye – that guy who’s not a scientist, but plays one on TV – was excited about boarding Air Force One with the President on Earth Day in order to discuss ways to combat manmade “climate change.” I guess he didn’t notice or appreciate the irony. Here’s what he tweeted: “Heading down to DC to catch an #EarthDay flight on Air Force One tomorrow Read more [...]
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USDA Wants You to Eat Expired Food

expired food USDA The USDA is urging Americans to eat more expired food, up to 18 months after expiration for some foods: USDA provided a video in which one official explains, “Many products may have a sell-by date of say April 1 but they could be good in your pantry for another 12 or 18 months. And by throwing those out, what you're doing, is you're contributing to food waste in the United States.” As an example, the video showed boxes of dried pasta. Why April 1? Is this an April Fool’s joke? Apparently Read more [...]
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The IRS Deliberately Cut Customer Service Budget? Why?

IRS customer service A report by the House Ways and Means Committee claims that the IRS is “doing less with less”—intentionally cutting its customer service budget in order to “punish” taxpayers for IRS budget cuts: IRS Commissioner John Koskinen has blamed the IRS’s “abysmal” customer service on congressional budget cuts — funding is down $1.2 billion from its 2010 peak — but a new congressional report points the finger back at the IRS. While congressional funding for the IRS remained flat from Read more [...]
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Rand Paul says Lindsey Graham is "Obama's Lapdog" on Foreign Policy

rand paul Ouch.Senator Rand Paul just spewed some "fighting words" in fellow Republican Lindsey Graham's direction.Sadly Senator Paul's words weren't exactly wrong...  This comes from a group of people wrong about every policy issue over the last couple decades. I’ll give you a couple examples where they support the president’s foreign policy and I don’t.They supported Hillary Clinton’s war in Libya; they supported President Obama’s bombing of Assad; they Read more [...]
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Um. ISIS is Buying Pot from People They'd Like to Kill

armed ISIS If this doesn't tell you how convoluted the world is or how the free market really does bring people together and bring equality to men... I don't know what will. In an incredible story from the Middle East we learn that ISIS fighters (who are radical Sunni Muslims and pretty much hate anyone who isn't) are buying marijuana from Shia Lebanese farmers who'd they probably be killing if they had the chance.Incredible.Bitter hatred and animosity isn’t stopping Shiite Lebanese farmer from Read more [...]
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HOA Makes Vet Remove Flagpole From Her Property

house flag They don’t call them neighborhood Nazis for nothing. I remember the Homeowners Association where we used to live cited us for having the wrong color blinds on our front door. We had cheap, light brown blinds I had gotten from Walmart, but according to the HOA notice, they had to be either white or off-white. Therefore, we were in violation, and the color we had made for “unsightly conditions.” I had to buy white or off-white blinds, or face daily fines until they were replaced.This East Read more [...]
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Cyclones, Hurricanes, Droughts at Record Lows Despite Global Warming Hysteria

cyclones hurricanes It takes a lot of faith to believe in something that’s as detached from reality as manmade global warming. The evidence has already shown that atmospheric carbon dioxide doesn’t make the planet warmer. It’s been discussed time and time again that in spite of record carbon emissions in recent years, there’s been no correlating increase in global temperature.Yet, in spite of all the evidence, liberals insist on believing that humans are making the planet heat up. They believe that in making Read more [...]
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Why is Feeding the Poor Illegal?

feeding the poor Many individuals are being ticketed for feeding the poor in their cities. The story from San Antonio of Chef Joan Cheever is an illuminating example: On the night she was ticketed, Chef Joan Cheever’s menu included fresh vegetable soup, lamb meatballs over wheat pasta, braised Southern greens, and a salad with roasted beets. She plans to appear in a San Antonio court to contest the $2,000 citation. Her offense: serving food to a line of grateful homeless people.She’s been donating similar Read more [...]
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