Democrats Party of the Rich, Not Republicans

democrats rich For decades, we’ve all been told that the Republican Party is the party of the rich and that the Democratic Party is the party of the working class and poor. Even today we hear Democrats claiming that Republicans are giving tax breaks to the rich so they can get richer while the Democrats continue to work for middle and lower class Americans. If you believe this then you have fallen victim to another liberal lie! Earlier this year, The Gateway Pundit took a look at top donors to both political Read more [...]
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Liberal Group Lobbies for $20/Hr. Minimum Wage; Pays Their Employees $13/Hr.

minimum wage 3 There’s a liberal group called the Freedom Socialist Party that’s been pushing Congress to raise the minimum wage to $20/hour while compensating their own workers only $13/hour. Okay, maybe they’re a socialist group. Liberal, socialist…what’s the difference? How Orwellian of them to use the words “freedom” and “socialist” (two antithetical ideas) in the same group name. Here’s The Blaze: “Raise the minimum wage to $20 an hour,” the party’s official 2012 platform advocates. Read more [...]
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Product of Rape Takes Exception With Pro-lifers’ Rape Exception

rape exception A product of rape is a person! Don't forget! Many pro-lifers say they’re pro-life except in certain cases like rape and incest. Then, all of a sudden it’s okay to murder the unborn child, who actually had nothing to do with its own conception, no matter how horrific the circumstances were surrounding its conception. The child himself or herself is not to blame for the mother being raped. You don’t punish the child in the case of a rape. You punish the rapist. Yet, what our society Read more [...]
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FBI Lobbying for a Backdoor into Your Devices

backdoor Recently, Apple and Google both made policy and software changes to make it more difficult for spies, government agencies, and identity thieves to get information off of your devices. Well, the FBI director, James Comey, is lobbying Congress to force technology companies to make device exceptions for law enforcement—a little backdoor just for them. Comey urged Congress to update CALEA [ the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act] to “create a level playing field” so new tech companies Read more [...]
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You’ll Never Guess Who is Fighting Against Labeling GMO Foods

GMO tomato Portland, Oregon has proposed legislation for labeling GMO foods, and the party opposing the labels has raised nearly twice as much money as those in favor of it. I bet you can’t guess who the biggest donor against labeling is... I couldn’t be Monsatan—er, I mean Monsanto—could it? Of course it is. Monsanto has given nearly three million dollars to make sure Portland doesn’t start requiring food producers to label their products if they have GMO ingredients. And why would Monsanto be Read more [...]
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Sunday Showdown - RNC Chair vs. DNC Chair

reince vs schultz On Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace the respective chair's of the Republican National Committee and the Democrat National Committee faced off on several nationally prominent issues. With the 2014 national midterm elections just two short weeks away, the two team leaders were in rare form both defending and attacking on various issues. The best line of the encounter came from Priebus while discussing the "War on Women,"   "The president hasn't had anybody's back. He hasn't even Read more [...]
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Federal Government Makes More Rules Against Campus Sex Assault

sex assault Can we just agree that sexual assault is terrible? Alright. That being said, can we also agree that the penalties for sexual assault don't seem to hinder it from happening? Ok, maybe there is some disagreement there. The federal government thinks that by making the regulations on reporting sexual assault in colleges more stringent we can help to decrease incidents of assault on campuses across America. Maybe...   College campuses in the United States will be required to compile Read more [...]
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Voter ID Law Stands in Texas Says SCOTUS

texas voter id Ever since the US Supreme Court overturned some of the federal voter laws, it opened the door to states passing voter ID laws. Of course this has not set well with the liberal Democrats who continue to file legal challenges against any voter ID law that requires a person to prove who they are in order to exercise that right and duty to vote. One of the states to take advantage of the Supreme Court’s decision is Texas, which has been under Republican control for a few years now. Their state law Read more [...]
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October Surprise? Obama Using Ebola Panic To Keep The Senate

October Surprise Could Obama's October surprise be his manipulation of the Ebola crisis to his advantage? "God made man to go by motives, and he will not go without them, any more than a boat without steam or a balloon without gas." - Henry Ward Beecher The news is running fast, and furious with the Ebola crisis, and with all the balls in the air at once, it can be difficult to see what's behind the frenzy. Once again, I'm back to the motivation well. Watching president Obama's navigation of the Ebola crisis had Read more [...]
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Chicago Implements Shorter Yellow Lights to Increase Their Red Light Ticket Revenue

yellow light They’ve shortened the yellow lights ever so slightly, but you might be surprised by how much revenue has increased, because the red light cameras were catching people turning in an intersection while the light turned red. That counts as a red light violation. I think most people understand that speed and red light cameras are all about making money. In D.C., they pulled in about $79 million a couple years ago, but revenue fell last year to about $75 million. What this means is that people aren’t Read more [...]
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Cop Kills Sleeping 7-Year-Old Girl

killed child A cop killed a sleeping 7-year-old girl in one of those middle-of-the-night, no-knock police raids a few years ago. So far, the only charge that the cop’s still facing is “recklessly discharging a firearm.” The case’s most recent trial on October 10th ended in a mistrial, the same way the first trial concluded. The judge had dropped the involuntary manslaughter charge against him. Police State USA summarized what happened: On the evening of May 16, 2010, the Detroit Police Department’s Read more [...]
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Drive Thru Funerals Are Apparently a Thing Now

Hearse Drive thru Funerals The latest casualty (pun intended) in the long march of commoditization, convenience, and instant gratification is giving honor to the dead. Apparently, we just don’t have time even to get out of our cars to pay our respects. Behold, drive thru funerals: The funeral home's president, Ivan (EYE'-vuhn) Phillips, says he expects more customers to opt for the drive-thru once they learn it's not a gimmick and is safe to use. Curtains covering the window open when sensors underneath the pavement Read more [...]
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