Cop Harasses Elderly Couple for Having Tinted Windows

stopped car While the police department acknowledges that their deputy may have gone too far with this particular innocent elderly couple, one of whom has cancer, nothing’s going to happen to the cop who assumed that the couple must have been drug traffickers, all because they had tinted windows in their Toyota.The cop who pulled over this North Carolina couple, who were driving back home through Georgia after having spent some time with family in Texas, usually works in the narcotics division for the Read more [...]
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Couple Can't Be Foster Parents Because Gun Permits?

concealed carry 3 Apparently, current Nevada law stipulates that a gun-owning couple can be foster parents for a child as long as the ammo is stored in a completely separate container from the firearm, which also has to be stored in a separate and secure container. Basically, you can have guns, as long as they’re completely useless.One Nevada couple own guns and have owned them for years ever since they were the victims of an attempted home invasion up in New York. Obviously, in New York, guns are basically Read more [...]
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Actor Jon Voight Speaks Out in Support of Benjamin Netanyahu!

jon-voight Famous Hollywood actor (and father to Angelina Jolie) Jon Voight is not going to sit idly by and watch Benjamin Netanyahu lose his fight for reelection as Israel's Prime Minister. The openly conservative actor decided to wade into Israeli politics this weekend when he sent a message to Israels' voters, 'voting against Netanyahu is voting for Obama... and Obama is against Israel.'He may not have used those words specifically... but the message was clear.  I love Israel. Read more [...]
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Local Teachers Uncover Left-Wing Conspiracy to Indoctrinate Children

publicschoolindoctrination Some of our educators are finally starting to wake up to the existential threat that liberal control of public education is to our nation. Whether it's at the federal, state or even local level - liberal politics and policies have infested our schools making even "conservative" educators part of their indoctrination schemes. In Tennessee, someone is finally fighting back against the liberal attempt to brainwash our children into destroying America's greatness... Speaking at an education Read more [...]
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Obamas Fly to LA on Different Planes on the Same Day

Obamas on Air Force One There are times when my wife and I can’t get on quite the same schedule, and we have to travel in two cars to the same destination at different times in a single day. But I don’t think we would ever fly on two different planes to the same location on the same day. That’s just a little excessive. But that’s just what the Obamas did recently: President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama were both in California at the same time yesterday, but the pair took separate flights for two different Read more [...]
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Alex Burns Mocks Mitt Romney; Exposes Himself as Idiot

alex burns The New York Time's Alex Burns reveals that he is an idiot in the way he treats Mitt Romney."People can foresee the future only when it coincides with their own wishes, and the most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome." - George OrwellAs President Obama and a coalition of world powers has been tinkering with an Iranian nuclear arrangement, 47 Republican senators (lead by Iraq war vet and Harvard Law graduate Tom Cotton) have attempted to thwart such an agreement.In Read more [...]
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Air Force Base Bans People from Saying "Have a Blessed Day"

military2 The leadership at Robins Air Force Base in Georgia made a big mistake when they decided to tell folks on base that they couldn't say "Have a blessed day" to each other.Yep, they told people they were not allowed to say "have a blessed day."Thankfully, the backlash was immediate and it was loud. In fact, people responded so forcefully and so quickly that the Air Force told the base to reverse the decision immediately.The Robins Air Force Base in Georgia has had a quick change of heart. Read more [...]
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Biggest Recent Trend on Russian Social Media? "Is Vladimir Putin Dead"!

Putin on Eagle An unusual rumor spread in Russia this week, amid a flurry of canceled appearances by President Vladimir Putin: that he was seriously ill or even dead.First of all, we should say Putin made an appearance early Friday, perhaps to quell the rumors, because up until that point his entire country was beginning to wonder “Is Vladimir Putin Dead?”But until then, his last public appearance had been on March 5, in a public meeting with Italy’s prime minister. In the subsequent 8 days, the Read more [...]
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In 1989 UN Predicted Nations Would be Destroyed by 2000

UN flying flag The UN predicted that rising sea levels due to global warming would wipe out entire nations.I’m sure they had the whole “97% consensus” among their scientists too back in 1989. But consensus science is a funny thing. You can take some contrived and biased poll and find that the vast majority of “approved” respondents, even 97% of them, have a certain opinion. But that opinion, and the “97%” figure will have no bearing whatsoever on the truth.I don’t think reality would care Read more [...]
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Kerry: Manmade Global Warming is an Elementary Truth Like Gravity

I don’t think it’s quite the same thing, Mr. Kerry. Gravity has been observed since the beginning of time. They may have not had all the equations that described it, but everyone knew it was there. No one disputed it.The fact that there is such scientific opposition to the idea of manmade global warming, and the fact that so much of the data have been “adjusted” in order to yield more “suitable” dire global warming predictions, shows how unsettled it is. It’s the opposite of something Read more [...]
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Two Drunk Senior Secret Service Agents Run Over Suspected Bomb, Barge Through White House Barricade

white house fence guard And the worst part about this incident where two drunk senior Secret Service agents barged through a White House barricade during a bomb investigation is that they were allowed to just go home afterwards. No charges were filed, and they barely even got a slap on the wrist for drunk driving and causing whatever damage happened as a result.It all started when some crazy woman pulled up near one of the White House entrances and dropped a green shirt-covered object and yelled to a Secret Service Read more [...]
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School District Politely Tells Atheist Group to Shove It

bible school desk It’s the same old story we hear so often about Atheists getting all hot under the collar because some government schoolteacher said something that was contrary to the Atheist religion. Except this time, the offending principal involved and even the school district itself is telling the Freedom From Religion Foundation, in so many words, to shove it.The Blaze reported: An atheist activist group has its sights set on a White Oak, Texas, high school after it was revealed that the principal reads Read more [...]
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