Cops Falsify Speeding Tickets to Cash in on Overtime

ticket scam One of the four Houston, Texas cops involved actually killed himself when the scandal broke that cops falisfy speeding tickets. The other three are under investigation, but the police union to which they belong have reminded everyone that they are innocent until proven guilty. Which is true, but it wasn’t difficult to prove their guilt. KHOU reported:  An I-Team analysis of months of tickets and GPS records revealed how Officers Rudolph Farias John Garcia, Robert Manzanales and Gregory Rosa, Read more [...]
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Whoa! According to Poll 24% of Americans Want Their State to Secede!

secede or die According to a survey by Reuters, the drive for independence isn’t just exclusive to Scotland: 24 percent of Americans would prefer if their state seceded from the United States. When the results are broken down further, there are stark differences. Republicans are far more interested in secession than Democrats, and of those who identify with the tea party, 53 percent support secession. Consistently, the poorer you are, the more likely you are to support secession. Income brackets in the $25,000 Read more [...]
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The Ultimate List of Things Liberals Blame on Global Warming

stop global warming The good folks at the Daily Caller News Foundation have put together the ultimate list of things that liberals blame on Global Warming...  You’ve heard it from scientists, environmentalists and even Secretary of State John Kerry: global warming is the greatest existential threat faced by humanity. It’s no wonder that all bad weather, every conflict, disease outbreaks, you-name-it is blamed on increasing levels of carbon dioxide and temperatures. But wait! There’s been a nearly 18-year pause Read more [...]
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‘Virginity Rocks’ T-shirt Too Controversial for School

Virginity Rocks Today’s public schools subjectively pick and choose what they believe to be too controversial and what is acceptable. For instance, schools allowed t-shirts promoting Barack Obama and other Democrats while telling some students to take off their Romney/Ryan t-shirts. Students can wear t-shirts promoting a woman’s supposed right to abortion but pro-life shirts have been banned on some campuses. Anti-gun shirts are allowed on some campuses while pro-gun rights shirts are banned almost everywhere. The Read more [...]
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"Virginity Rocks" Shirt Banned At Public School

virginity rocks "...her vice principal told her that the shirt could distract the classroom environment, with the possibility that it ‘opens up too many doors for conversations.'" - EAG News, quoting 5News A female junior high student in Fayetteville, Arkansas was reprimanded for wearing a certain shirt, which the administration said was inappropriate, because it could cause a distraction in the classroom, or open the door to unwelcome conversations. This shirt was not a violation of the dress code, it was not Read more [...]
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New Jersey City Bans Toy Guns

toy gun Some people are actually saying that this will save lives. That’s always the excuse they use when they want to ban something. It’s for the children. The ordinance passed by the Atlantic City Council in New Jersey prohibits the sale and possession of realistic-looking toy guns. The really bright-colored or transparent toys are exempt. For now. If it looks realistic, it’s now illegal to sell or possess it. Press of Atlantic City reported: The toy gun ordinance, introduced by all of council Read more [...]
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Proposed Town Ordinance: No Warrant for Police to Enter Home to Bust Underage Drinkers

no warrant needed All they have to do is claim they have probable cause and no warrant is needed. They wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of obtaining a judge's agreement. I don’t know what the big deal is here with police wanting so badly to circumvent the 4th Amendment. If they truly have probable cause that a crime is being committed or has already been committed, what’s wrong with taking the next step in getting a warrant to authorize a search? Is underage drinking in the minors’ own home that Read more [...]
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Fox News Host Explodes at White House Spokesman on ISIS

shep smith Fox News host Shepard Smith is not known as an ideologue. In fact, he's caused more consternation with Fox viewers than any other host - thanks in large part to his willingness to knock Republicans down a few pegs from time to time. However, Smith is known for being a "news" man. He follows the story and he gets the truth... even when it hurts. Apparently White House spokesman Josh Earnest didn't know this about Smith. Well, he knows it now. During his broadcast Smith asked several pointed Read more [...]
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Rand Paul Calls Out Democrat Anti-War Hypocrites

rand paul Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is not happy. In recent days the Democrats have gone all in, in an effort to seem strong on national defense. In so doing, Congress (with Democrats leading the charge) have abdicated their responsibility to have a serious and thoughtful debate on whether or not to once again, send America to war. Instead, Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) tied the Senates war approval to a continuing resolution that will make sure the government continues to be funded. Any Republican voting against Read more [...]
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Vast Majority of Americans Ignorant of Basic US Government

Americans ignorant of government When asked to identify the three branches of American civil government, only thirty-six percent of Americans were able to. Which means that sixty-four percent of Americans, a very large majority, are entirely ignorant of the most basic facts of American government: Annenberg released the survey in partnership with the Civics Renewal Network, a group of 25 nonpartisan organizations including the Library of Congress, the Newseum and the National Archives that offers free civics education resources. Other Read more [...]
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Air Force Dumps So Help Me God

air force so help me God The United States Air Force decided to dump So Help Me God from their enlistment and re-enlistment oaths after a lawsuit threat arose from the American Humanist Association. I wrote about this controversy a while back. It was clear at the time that the military included So Help Me God based more on tradition and bureaucratic rigidity than from some “narrow-minded” religious obstinancy. This new ruling seems to confirm this. The Air Force, Navy, and Marines have now removed the necessity for Read more [...]
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Parents Stand Up For Christian Plaques at Texas Schools

Midlothian school plaque Should the will of the few outweigh the will of the many? That’s a question that’s been asked in our courts for years and lately liberal judges have been saying yes, the demands of the few will outweigh the rights of the many. In Midlothian, Texas, the many are standing up for their rights and making their voices heard and I think it’s great. Christianity is strong in Midlothian and when two elementary schools were opened, they each had a plaque mounted to the wall to dedicate the school’s Read more [...]
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