Oregon Democrat Wants Research on “Health Effect of Guns”

Oregon Democrat Oregon Democrat Representative Earl Blumenauer thinks guns are a health risk like tobacco. In the same way that doctors would encourage their patients to stop smoking, doctors should be able to question their patients about guns and make “appropriate” recommendations. CNS News reported: Blumenauer’s “Enough is Enough” plan looks back to how the U.S. government addressed tobacco use and automobile safety in years past and calls for a similar approach to guns. “The Surgeon General's report Read more [...]
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Democrats Seeking Relief from Obamacare Penalties

Obamacare penalties It’s begun. Some Democrat lawmakers are already seeking relief from Obamacare penalties for their constituents: Three senior House members told The Associated Press that they plan to strongly urge the administration to grant a special sign-up opportunity for uninsured taxpayers who will be facing fines under the law for the first time this year.The three are Michigan’s Sander Levin, the ranking Democrat on the Ways and Means Committee, and Democratic Reps. Jim McDermott of Washington, and Read more [...]
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Realistic Gun T-Shirts Have Good Intentions but Dangerous Risks

open carry realistic gun t-shirts Paul Liebe has started selling realistic gun T-shirts from his Colorado business, Nitelife Billiards. The T-shirts, with realistic prints of guns in holsters, are designed to be conversation-starters about the second amendment: “Freedom of speech, it’s your right, and it just has a little kick on the side,” Liebe said.Among the cue balls and pool sticks are open carry custom shirts sporting a realistic gun in holster and shoulder strap that make it appear the person wearing it is carrying Read more [...]
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Sarah Palin and Alec Baldwin Together for Saturday Night Live!

ISIS Egyptian Christians During NBC's 40th Anniversary special for Saturday Night Live a magical moment took place that brought together former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and famous liberal actor Alec Baldwin."Did you all come together," NBC reporter Savannah Guthrie asked."Yeah," Palin jokingly said."Oh, yeah. We've been partying all weekend. We just flew in from Alaska," Baldwin said. Read more [...]
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Oregon Democrat Resigns Amidst Horrible Green Energy Corruption Scandal!

John Kitzhaber Oregon's Governor John Kitzhaber (D-OR) has announced that he will be resigning his position this week amidst some very real corruption scandals that have emerged after his dealings with corrupt cronies in the green energy industry.Kitzhaber is now destined to be another cautionary tale in a long run of corrupt Democrat leaders... Disgraced Democratic Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber announced his resignation Friday, just after noon, local time. The newly re-elected governor was brought Read more [...]
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Vince Vaughn Comes Out Swinging Against Affirmative Action

vince vaughn There are inequalities everywhere; that fact is inescapable. But to try to iron out inequity with further inequity is like trying to fix a broken bone by breaking another bone. It's asinine, and ultimately harmful.During an interview with Playboy, actor Vince Vaughn came out swinging against inequality, but not in the way you'd expect from a Hollywood star. When the interviewer asked him about affirmative action, he replied rather eloquently: "Do you believe that using race as a factor in evaluating Read more [...]
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Texas Sheriff Tells Residents to Arm Themselves Amid County Budget Cuts

texas sheriff It’s not something we hear a lot from law enforcement personnel. Usually, they’re very careful not to champion gun owners. When a resident held a man at gunpoint for beating a woman in her car, the police made sure to let everyone know not to do what that gun owner did. And we all know how most cops act around those who carry concealed or open.But there are a few cops and sheriffs who understand that their deputies can’t be everywhere at once and can’t possibly be expected to protect Read more [...]
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Global Warming Activists Cancel Protest due to Frigid Weather

gore winter It’s getting so hot that it’s below freezing. A group of global warming enthusiasts at Yale University wanted to raise awareness of global warming and protest the university’s investments in fossil fuels, but the weather was too cold, so they canceled it. It’s like that group of global warming “scientists” who wanted to document the melting Antarctic sea ice and ended up getting stuck in the ice and needing to be rescued. God has quite the sense of humor. The Daily Caller reported: Yale Read more [...]
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GMOs and Unintended Consequences

frankenfoods GMOs A small British Columbian company named Okanagan has just received approval to commercially plant and harvest genetically modified apples that do not brown when sliced. These apples join a few other GMOs in a fairly tight circle of commercially produced frankenfruits: The so-called Arctic apples — which will be available in the Granny Smith and Golden Delicious varieties — are genetically engineered in a way to suppress the production of an enzyme that causes browning when cells in the apple Read more [...]
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Hitler Collectibles So Hot Right Now

hitler painting A painting by a certain “A. Hitler” just sold at auction for $35,235. That was more than three times the price fetched at the same auction for a drawing by Pablo Picasso: It sold for more than three times the $9,500 winning bid for an original Picasso sketch, a whimsical signed drawing in red crayon on the cover of [a] catalog of his works printed in 1931.In his auction catalog, [Alexander Historical Auctions President Bill Panagopulos] described the painting: "Hitler took great liberties Read more [...]
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Gaffe-Prone Biden Gives Shout Out to His "Old Butt Buddy"

1biden Our gaffe-prone Vice President, Joe Biden, was at it again on Thursday.Biden was speaking at a political rally in Iowa when he gave a shout out to his old friend Neil Smith in what may have been the most awkward way possible.He was wondering if his old friend was in attendance when he said, "Neal Smith, an old butt buddy. Are you here, Neal? Neal, I miss you man. I miss you."At least, I really hope it was a gaffe and that Biden isn’t completely aware of what “butt-buddy” actually Read more [...]
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President Obama Takes Time Out of His Busy Schedule to Record a Silly Video

Obama Buzzfeed 2 President Obama is a very busy man.Very busy.But he's not too busy for Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed is very, very important. They make funny videos and cutesy photo lists of things like "cats doing human things" and "10 Most Misunderstood Song Lyrics of All Time." (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js#xfbml=1"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, Read more [...]
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