Crazy! 25% of Americans in their Prime are NOT Working

youth unemployment 2 Have you heard all those rosy reports about our economy from the liberal media and the Democrats? Well, they might things are looking good but the data says something very different. Actually, you probably say something very different too.  Nearly one in four Americans of prime working age are not working, even as the president boasts of falling unemployment numbers and other indicators show economic growth. Since the recession began in 2007, the number of Americans ages 25 to 54 who are Read more [...]
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Eric Holder Resigned To Protect Obama

obamaholder The reason Eric Holder resigned should be obvious, but the media is ignoring it. "Coincidence is the word we use when we can't see the levers and pulleys." - Emma Bull If history were unbiased, the Obama administration would be remembered as the most scandal-plagued administration in American history. But we all know that history is frequently warped. However, if history is simply biased, then the present is absolute chaos. The present is a deluge of lies drenching the American people, and because Read more [...]
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What Racist Criminal Will Replace Eric Holder?

EricHolderRacist By now everyone has heard that US Attorney General Eric Holder has resigned. He will remain in office until his replacement has been confirmed by Congress. Holder’s announcement reminds me of several pro athletes who announced their retirement and then returned, retired, returned and finally retired. When Obama won the 2012 election, Holder had announced his retirement which was to take place in January 2013. Then Obama convinced him to stay a little longer and Holder agreed to stay for one Read more [...]
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More School Teachers Carrying Concealed Weapons to School

armed teacher Did you know that in the 10 years Utah has had laws permissive of teachers carrying concealed guns on school campuses, there hasn’t been even one fatal K–12 school shooting in the whole state? Apparently, even a resident can carry his gun on school premises, provided that they have a permit. But I thought guns were the problem. I thought adding even more guns into the mix means increasing fatal school shootings, not rendering them obsolete. Maybe it’s not the guns that are the problem. Read more [...]
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Gun Control Group Sues Online Dealer Who Sold Guns and Ammo to James Holmes

ammo 2 James Holmes is of course the guy who walked into a gun-free Aurora, Colorado theater, killed 12 defenseless people, and injured about 70 others. If perhaps there had been a concealed carrier or two in the theater that night, those 12 people might still be alive today. If there’s anyone or anything else to blame, other than Holmes himself, it would be the policy of the theater that wanted everyone to be defenseless. That’s why Holmes chose that theater. But gun control proponents want to Read more [...]
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Ferguson Police Chief Apologizes to Michael Brown's Family

michael brown

Ferguson, Missouri police chief Thomas Jackson issued an apology to the family of Michael Brown on Thursday – threatening to reignite the controversy that so recently raged through the St.Louis suburb.

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Guess What? The Public Supports School Prayer

praying students Prayer and other forms of religious expression in public schools continue to have broad public support,according to a new survey released by Gallup. A solid majority of adults, 61 percent, favor allowing daily prayer in the classroom, while 37 percent are opposed. In addition, 75 percent are supportive of having prayer or other religious expressions as an official component of school graduation ceremonies, and 77 percent think public facilities should be made available to student religious groups Read more [...]
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Judge Denies Further Delay on Withheld Fast and Furious Documents

fast and furious The DOJ has been refusing to release Fast and Furious documents for almost two years. It has actually taken a lawsuit from outside the civil government to finally get things moving (which in itself is sad and pathetic), but we might be able to see very soon what the DOJ has been hiding about Fast and Furious since it became clear there was something to hide: U.S. District Court Judge John D. Bates has denied a request from the Department of Justice to delay the release of a list of Operation Fast Read more [...]
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Going the Way of Rome: Illegal Immigrants in the Military

illegal immigrants and the fall of Rome Want more proof that the United States is a decadent empire in its twilight years? Here it is. We’ve decided to allow a select group of illegal immigrants (as many as 2 million fit the description) to enlist in the military. This seems to be the first step in Obama’s promise to find other paths to grant illegal immigrants citizenship: The new Pentagon policy may be the first phase of a broader government-wide effort to ease pressure on immigrants and create new paths to citizenship. President Read more [...]
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Why Republicans Continue To Push Amnesty, Further Alienating Their Base

republicrats “You give loyalty, you'll get it back. You give love, you'll get it back.” – Tommy Lasorda Loyalty has its proper position, and its limits, of that I am very aware. However, within its appropriate place, loyalty is worth more than gold. There are two main types of loyalty: loyalty to people, and loyalty to ideals. When one loses loyalty to their ideals, disloyalty to people is not far behind. As Tommy Lasorda said, give loyalty, and you’ll get it back. I would add to that: show disloyalty, Read more [...]
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$5,000 Fine for Crossing American/Canadian Border Illegally. Why Not Same for American/Mexican Border?

IllegalsLongLineBrush Did you know that there is a double standard for illegally crossing our northern border with Canada versus the southern border with Mexico? When was the last time you heard about any illegals crossing the US-Mexican border and being fined? A US Customs and Border Protection report released earlier this month stated: “On the afternoon of Sept. 7, a U.S. Border Patrol agent from the Houlton Sector arrested a male from Lebanon, 44, and a male from the United States, 40, for illegally entering Read more [...]
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PETA Lends a Helping Hand to Cannibal Killer

cannibal PETA recommended to an Indiana county sheriff that cannibal killer Joseph Oberhansley be placed on a vegan diet. He’s currently serving a jail sentence for breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s home, murdering her, and then eating parts of her body. When the sheriff received the letter from PETA advising a vegan diet, he thought it must have been some kind of joke. Well, that’s because it was a joke. PETA is a joke. Here’s their letter: “On behalf of PETA and our more than 3 million Read more [...]
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