Restaurant Industry May be Hardest Hit By Increasing the Minimum Wage

rsz_15-minimum-wage-replacement-1 Raising the minimum wage will have severe consequences, especially for those working in the restaurant industry, investor rating service Moody’s warned on Thursday.“A higher minimum wage represents a particular challenge for restaurants, which depend heavily on hourly workers,” William Fahy, vice president and senior credit officer for Moody’s, said in a statement. “But restaurant operators will have a tough time passing higher labor costs onto customers without negatively impacting Read more [...]
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Democrats Want to Ban Guns that Aren’t “Smart”

smart gun Only allowing people to buy expensive high-tech guns is the same as passing a law to ban guns for most people.Democrats not only want to ban plastic guns, they want to ban the manufacture of firearms without “smart” technology. They also want to force manufacturers and anyone else trying to sell a firearm to retrofit their guns.This sort of technology makes it so that only an “authorized” user can operate the gun. In other words, a child or other non-authorized person couldn’t shoot Read more [...]
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Planned Parenthood Laments Republican "War on Women"

planned parenthood A good friend of mine - whose now passed away - was a Georgia state representative. He was always known for proposing pro-life legislation. He was interviewed on Fox News a number of years ago, and they paired him up with some woman from a feminist, pro-abortion group. In the interview, the feminist said something about the state representative’s “war on women.” He responded, noting that about half of all the babies who are murdered by abortion are female, so in reality, he’s the one who Read more [...]
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In Case You Wondered What Killed the Entrepreneurial Spirit in America

killing the entrepreneurial spirit Wonder no longer. Bureaucratic red tape is so pervasive, it has now encroached on one of the touchstones of the young entrepreneurial spirit, the lemonade stand: Two young sisters with an entrepreneurial spirit set up a lemonade stand in Overton, Texas, to raise money for their dad’s Father’s day gift, their mom said.But Andria and Zoey Green’s business closed abruptly Monday after police came by to tell them their stand was illegal without a city Peddler’s Permit, according to Overton Read more [...]
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College Student Writes Letter of Rebuke to Jerry Seinfeld … Inadvertently Proves Seinfeld’s Point that College Students “Don’t Know What the Hell They’re Talking About”

Jerry Seinfeld Meme Anthony Berteaux, a college sophomore from San Diego State University, has chosen to respond to Jerry Seinfeld, in the name of all college students, regarding Seinfeld’s comments that colleges are too politically correct. Seinfeld apparently won’t do stand-up at colleges anymore because college students are too easily offended, and this one college student was very offended by that. This is just one of the ironies of Berteaux’s post that he apparently didn’t pick up on.First some context. Read more [...]
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Why The Small Victory by the Trans Movement in Maryland is Significant

barney frank trans "People's behavior makes sense if you think about it in terms of their goals, needs, and motives." - Thomas Mann Small actions often have a greater impact on history and culture than the ones that are louder and more spectacular. They creep by unnoticed, and because we don't see them, we also don't anticipate the impact they'll have down the line.The transgender movement has gained incredible traction over the last several years, but its linkage to the gay rights movement has caused it to take Read more [...]
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Jerry Seinfeld says What Other Liberals Won't - Political Correctness has become Creepy

Jerry Seinfeld Comedian Jerry Seinfeld was a guest on ESPN radio's the Colin Cowherd Show when the funny man admitted something that many liberals aren't willing to admit but many comedians are starting to come clean about.The politically correct culture in our country has run amok and its gotten so bad that Seinfeld won't even appear on college campuses anymore! “I hear that all the time. I don’t play colleges, but I hear a lot of people tell me, ‘Don’t go near colleges. They’re so Read more [...]
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Pastors say 'We Don't have to Obey the Supreme Court on Gay Marriage'

gay supreme court A Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage could be announced any day now, and pastors across the country are already saying they intend to break the law.The Supreme Court is expected to announce a ruling on state gay marriage bans this month that could, depending on the ruling’s wording, legalize same sex marriage nationwide. Anticipating the decision, religious leaders fear they’ll lose their tax exempt status and be forced to wed gay couples or face fines and even jail time.A Read more [...]
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Police Slam Legally Blind Man to the Ground for no Reason

police blind This is a case you can show liberals that demonstrates that there isn’t an anti-black problem in police departments so much as an anti-civilian problem. It was a black officer who assaulted this legally blind black civilian for no apparent reason. And surprise, surprise, the officer’s official report doesn’t jive with what was captured on the police dash cam video. The officer claimed that the black man “pulled away violently,” which allegedly elicited the cop’s use of excessive force. Read more [...]
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SWAT Team Destroys Innocent Family’s House, Claims They’re not Responsible

destroyed house It all started when an armed man Robert Jonathan Seacat shoplifted something from Walmart and then broke into a family’s house, which led to a 19-hour standoff with a Greenwich Village, Colorado police SWAT team. When negotiations with the armed shoplifter didn’t work out, police started blowing the house up room by room. Keep in mind that this family had nothing to do with any crime whatsoever. The shoplifter had simply chosen their house as a hideaway from police.The police had their tank Read more [...]
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Five Reasons We Don't Need the Bernie Sanders Free College Plan

Bernie Sanders Many pundits are praising presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, the “independent” Senator from Vermont, for his “bold” plan to make college education free—or at least affordable—for everyone: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has proposed a formula to create free college education at public universities and finance the program through a small transaction tax on Wall Street trades. This is a powerful, wonderful and profound idea. It should . . . become a major Democratic Party initiative that Read more [...]
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White House Press Corps Wonders Why the Were Evacuated

Josh Earnest The White House Press Corps was forced to evacuate earlier this week because of a supposed bomb threat. However, many questions still remain from the situation. On Tuesday, the press was decidedly agitated believing that something was amiss and that they weren't being told the whole story. They decided that the best way to figure out what was really going on was to grill the Press Secretary, Josh Earnest.  APRIL RYAN: We're just feet from your office, feet from the Oval Read more [...]
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