Star-Spangled Banner Played with a Gun

Star-Spangled 200 You read that headline right. The fine people over at Musical Targets produced a fantastic video of a guy playing America’s national anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner, with a gun. I really don’t think there is anything more peculiarly ’Merican than this (except for maybe this): Read more [...]
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MSNBC Liberal says “Maybe Democrats Don’t Deserve to Win”

rachel maddow MSNBC liberal Rachel Maddow was on Late Night with Seth Meyers this week when she attacked Democrat candidates for distancing themselves from President Obama. She doesn’t seem to understand why the Democrats, whose biggest strength has been the once popular but now extremely unpopular President, would not be happily running toward the President.“If your opponent loses the thing that they’ve been using as a crutch for six years and you just let them walk away from it like it never existed, Read more [...]
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Shock Report! Government Wastes Huge Amount of Taxpayer Dollars

government-waste The federal government wastes most taxpayer dollars, not only by making poor or fradulent spending decisions, but also by funding inefficient entitlement programs and unnecessarily redistributing wealth, argues Heritage Foundation budget economist Romina Boccia.“Any Social Security check going to a millionaire, I call that government waste,” Boccia told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “If we decide that the government has a role to protect the elderly and disabled from destitution, if Read more [...]
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Viability: Disgusting & Incoherent Argument For Abortion

down syndrome baby The standard of “viability” would allow us to kill children after they were born."Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." - ConfuciusIt's easy to tell when someone is losing an argument: they will begin to diverge from the topic at hand, and lead you down various other paths. You'll chase their white rabbits for as long as they need you to in order for them to escape actual topical debate. That is exactly what the left does on a routine basis. They have no foundation Read more [...]
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Houston’s Lesbian Mayor Backs Down On War Against Christian Pastors For Now

houston-anniseparker-cr Earlier this week a number of our writers including myself wrote about Houston’s lesbian Mayor Annise Parker’s.Parker has been feverishly working to convert the entire city of Houston into a LGBT run city and seems ready to stop at nothing to achieve her goal. One of her proudest accomplishments occurred earlier this year when she gave special privileges to LGBT people by designating them as a protected class of people. The special designation now makes it legal for men to use women’s bathrooms, Read more [...]
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Dem: 14-Year-Olds Shouldn’t Need Parental Consent for Abortions

unborn baby A Democratic candidate for governor in Arizona said that he believes girls even as young as 14 shouldn’t need parental consent in order to get an abortion.Of course, I think this is a moot point. This is akin to being fine with any other kind of murder as long as your mom or dad says it’s okay. Abortion is murder, plain and simple. Parental consent doesn’t automatically make something that’s morally wrong into something that’s right.Arizona gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal disagrees. Read more [...]
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Fish and Wildlife Service: Global Warming to Blame for Ebola

ebola It was only a matter of time before someone blamed Ebola on global warming. They’ve already blamed Ebola on the White Man and the GOP. Now, it’s global warming’s turn. If it’s global warming’s turn, then by extension, it’s the GOP’s fault and the fault of white conservative men, since they’re all the ones who are causing global warming.According to CNS News: “The larger conservation connection, however, is perhaps less obvious: Ebola appears to be a direct consequence of deforestation Read more [...]
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Joe Biden's Son Discharged from the Navy for Cocaine Use

Biden, Obama, Biden Vice President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, has been discharged from the Navy after he tested positive for cocaine. The Wall Street Journal had the first report...Biden had served briefly as an ensign in the Navy Reserve. He was commissioned in May 2013, given the drug test a month later, and was officially discharged this past February.The Journal did not learn, however, which kind of discharge––honorable or general––Biden received. And the Navy does not make that information public Read more [...]
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Networks Continue to Falsely Blame Rick Scott for "Fangate"

fangate Networks blasted Florida Governor Rick Scott (R-FL) for his part in the "fangate" saga that played out in his recent debate with Charlie Crist (D-FL)... but when the truth came out that it was the debate organizers who erred, and not Scott... those same networks went silent. All the while, neither network mentioned that Scott said Thursday that he was there for the debate and told by the debate organizers to not come out as Crist was supposedly not there because he the debate rules Read more [...]
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Google Ramping Up Political Donations

google There is no denying it—in our day, corporations are people. That was the argument that protected Hobby Lobby from obeying the contraception mandate of Obamacare. And it’s also the reason why corporations like Google are allowed to give as much as they want to political candidates under free speech laws: Google’s political action committee, NetPAC, has spent more money on political campaigns this year than Goldman [Sachs], at $1.43m, just edging out the $1.4m by the bank that is famous for Read more [...]
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How to Keep Kids off Coke

Coke By Coke, I mean the dangerous, highly addictive, life-threatening substance we must be protected from at all costs. Not the white powder that got Biden’s son kicked out of the military. Apparently, inner city kids drink a huge amount of sugary beverages, and the civil government, which is apparently responsible for these poor parentless kids, has to make sure through legislation that they’re not drinking too much Coke.And one way to do that is to replace caloric information with practical Read more [...]
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Government to Use IRS to Gag Churches

empty-church-pulpit There are ways the tax code can be used to gag churches despite the First Amendment. "I sit on a man's back, choking him and making him carry me, and yet assure myself and others that I am very sorry for him and wish to ease his lot by all possible means - except by getting off his back." - Leo Tolstoy It's been said that the path to hell is paved with good intentions. Well, those allegedly good intentions are rarely that. Most of the time, the stones on the path to hell are markers drenched in Read more [...]
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