Liberal says "Stupidity of the American Voter" got Obamacare Passed

ObamacareLies In a rare moment of honesty liberal economist and Obamacare creator Jonathan Gruber admitted that Democrats lied, obfuscated and twisted the facts in an concertedly dishonest effort to pass Obamacare.  “This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes. If CBO scores the mandate as taxes the bill dies. In terms of Risk Rated Subsidies, if you get a law that makes explicit healthy people pay in and sick people get money. It would Read more [...]
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US Government Actually Helped Fund Opium Farmers in Afghanistan

afghan opium Not only have we been losing the war on drugs for decades, now we find out that our own government has been helping to fund our losing effort in Afghanistan! Afghani opium growth is at an all-time high, even as we've spent upwards of $8 Billion to fight the industry. A new report has found that part of our problem is that our government has "accidentally" been funding the opium growers with that money! After nearly $8 billion spent on the drug war in Afghanistan, opium-poppy growth Read more [...]
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SHOCK: Obama Reveals That Campaigning & Governing Are Actually Different

obamaworkout "Here is one thing that I will say -- that campaigning and governance are two different things." -- Barack ObamaBREAKING: During Sunday's Face The Nation on CBS, President Obama made a shocking, and some would say provocative, announcement. According to Breitbart News, the President has come to the conclusion that campaigning and governing are, in fact, two different things.President Obama's announcement sent shockwaves throughout the political community, with some decrying it as nothing Read more [...]
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Pelosi to Retain House Leadership Role because of Her Fundraising Not Her Politics

Pelosi-Money After last week’s sound defeat there has been a growing amount of dissatisfaction among Democrats for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.Part of the behind the scenes grumblings about Pelosi was her post-election tirade that blamed Democratic voters for the loss. She said the Republican victory had nothing to do with the Democratic politicians like herself or their policies. Pelosi blames the voters for not getting out to vote and not getting others to get out and vote.She reminds me of Read more [...]
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Miami Cop Caught Stealing 24 Pounds of Marijuana, Leads Police on Chase

US Marshall 2 Officer Clorenzo Griffin was a Florida Deputy US Marshal who was caught in Yuba City, California stealing 24 pounds of marijuana at gunpoint and then speeding off, leading police on a high-speed chase that eventually ended in Griffin’s surrender. Filming Cops reported: Officer Clorenzo Griffin has been a police officer in Miami for four years. He was a hardcore advocate for the US government’s War on Drugs. His reason for becoming a cop was so that he could “counsel children,” he said, Read more [...]
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Video: Cop Slaps Man for Refusing to Consent to Car Search

nazi cop Consent to car search or suffer abuse!They say we have a 4th Amendment right to be safe from unreasonable searches and seizures, unless there’s probable cause and a warrant, or if we consent. Yet, if you don’t consent, that must mean you’re guilty of hiding something. And if you ask that the officer first obtain a warrant based on probable cause, that must also mean you’re hiding something.Obviously, we don’t really have those rights, because cops violate them routinely with impunity. Read more [...]
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Obama Wants to Reclassify the Internet as a Utility

internet as a utility In a recent speech, President Obama laid out his plan for protecting the freedom of the internet. It involved reclassifying the internet as a utility. Regulating internet service under Title II would mean reclassifying it as a utility, like water. This means that internet providers would just be pumping internet back and forth through pipes and not actually making any decisions about where the internet goes. For the most part, that’s controversial idea in the eyes of service providers alone. It Read more [...]
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Police “Wish Lists” Determine Civil Asset Forfeitures

piles-of-money civil asset forfeitures Civil asset forfeitures are getting a huge amount of press lately, and for good reason. The practice, whereby local and federal law enforcement officers confiscate assets that have even remote connections to crimes, has been on the rise in recent years, and the large majority of civil asset forfeiture cases have corruption written all over them. A recent article in the New York Times outlines how law enforcement officials are using “wish lists” to determine what they are going to seize from the Read more [...]
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Liberal says that "Democrats Suck" "They're Horrible"

bill maher

Bill Maher the liberal host of HBO’s Real Time laid some hard truth on today’s Democrat Party – even if he mixed it in with some very unkind (and untrue) words about the GOP.

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GOP Won't Compromise on Tax Reform

cut-taxes Even corporate tax reform — one of the few legislative initiatives President Obama and a new Republican Congress could feasibly work together on — is considered unlikely under current political conditions by some Capitol Hill observers.In a joint op-ed published in The Wall Street Journal following a Republican blowout in the midterm elections, House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said reforming “the insanely complex tax code that is driving American Read more [...]
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Brittany Maynard vs Lauren Hill: One is Campaigning for Death the other for Life

maynard v hill Oregon calls their assisted suicide law the Death with Dignity Act, but is it really dignity or the coward’s way out?Before you get your panties in a bunch, I understand why people don’t want to suffer through horrible diseases but that is not an excuse to kill yourself. Allow me to compare two different cases that have been in the news lately.First there is Brittany Maynard, the 29 year old woman who had stage four brain cancer. When she first found out that she had terminal brain cancer, Read more [...]
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Salon Writer Smears Troops, Calls Patriotism "Chauvinistic," "Totalitarian"

military2 A Salon writer attacks the U.S. Military."It's been 70 years since we fought a war about freedom. Forced troop worship and compulsory patriotism must end." - David MasciotrIn a November 9th piece for Salon, David Masciotra decried "forced" respect, and support of troops as chauvinistic, nationalist, and totalitarian. As I quoted above, he seems to believe that the war is what makes the soldier. His definition of a soldier who should be supported is predicated on the war in which the soldier Read more [...]
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