My Response to a Christian Who Believes Fighting the Moral Decay of Society is Useless

cross and crown I was recently scanning my Facebook feed, and I saw that a friend had posted an article about the same-sex marriage ruling. My friend was pleased with the article, and said it was one of the best pieces he'd seen written on the issue. I clicked the link, and was appalled by what I read.The piece, by Ed Cyzewski, which currently has over 84,000 Facebook shares, claims that the same-sex marriage ruling isn't where our focus should be as Christians. To truly obey Christ, he claims, we must focus Read more [...]
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Ted Cruz Rips Chief Justice for Putting on "Obama Jersey" on Obamacare!

Ted Cruz Ted Cruz was a guest on the Hugh Hewitt radio show where he took the opportunity to rip the Supreme Court for their recent rulings and Chief Justice John Roberts specifically for the vital role he has played in saving Obamacare.  HUGH HEWITT, HOST: What is the best argument for how he decided these two cases? In the latter of them, he said this Court is not a legislature. What, Ted Cruz, is the best argument in defense of both decisions?SEN. TED CRUZ: Well, look. So Read more [...]
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Another American Charged with Trying to Help ISIS!

ISIS2 A New Jersey man has been arrested and charged with trying to help the Islamic State.The Department of Justice arrested Alaa Saadeh Monday and charged him with conspiring to provide material support to ISIS, a designated foreign terrorist organization, and aiding and abetting an attempt to do so.The 23-year-old is accused of plotting with others from New Jersey and New York to provide services and people to ISIS, as well as trying to convince a witness to lie to the FBI.Saadeh’s brother Read more [...]
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Video: Americans Sign Petition to Ban the American Flag

obama flag It doesn’t matter how utterly ridiculous Mark Dice gets with his prank petitions, there are always plenty of people willing to fall for his jokes. It’s hard to get through this video without laughing.In the video, he claims that in the wake of America’s Confederate flag ban, Obama also wants to ban the American flag and replace it with one featuring a pyramid, a “gay” rainbow, and an all-seeing eye, to “signify the unity in the new world order.” Whatever that means. But when you’re Read more [...]
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Video: Walmart Rejects Confederate Flag Cake Request; Agrees to Make ISIS Flag Cake

walmart isis flag The anti-Confederate flag sentiment that’s still sweeping across the nation’s businesses has little to nothing to do with any actual desire to reject racism and more to do with posturing and projecting a righteous image purely for business purposes.Big businesses follow market trends. As soon as they see the benefit in pretending to “take a stand,” they’ll the take the opportunity. Businesses may find that not taking a stand will result in profit loss. With something as politically Read more [...]
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"The Supreme Court is Completely Out of Control" says GOP Presidential Candidate

gay supreme court Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal took no time in condemning the Supreme Court Friday for their decision to legalize gay marriage.“The Supreme Court is completely out of control, making laws on their own, and has become a public opinion poll instead of a judicial body,” he said in a statement. “If we want to save some money lets just get rid of the court.”The Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision Friday that all 50 states must recognize same-sex marriage, but Jindal accused Read more [...]
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Another Obamacare Lie? Did Obamacare Really Save a Kid with a Tumor?

ObamacareLies When the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Obamacare Thursday, President Barack Obama spoke of the time he met a mom whose son was saved thanks to the law. But when asked to explain the story, the White House went silent.“And they’ve told me that it has changed their lives for the better,” the president declared. “I’ve had moms come up and say, my son was able to see a doctor and get diagnosed, and catch a tumor early, and he’s alive today because of this law. This law is working. Read more [...]
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NOAA: No Major Hurricane Seen in U.S. for Last 10 Years

hurricane Even NOAA is setting the record straight about major hurricanes (or the lack thereof) in the U.S. While we have seen hurricanes, we haven’t seen any major hurricanes, which are defined as category 3 or above, for the last decade, which is an all-time record. Some of the category 3 hurricanes we’ve seen recently started out as category 3 and then fell to 1 or 2 by the time they made landfall. Those don’t count. CNS News reported: That is the longest stretch of time the United States has gone Read more [...]
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$15 Minimum Wage Group Wants to Pay Employees $12.25

mini wage In their defense, they said they’d start out paying $12.25, and after 90 days, they’d raise the pay to $15. But still. You’ve got to admit this is a little ironic. A group that’s affiliated with one of the largest unions in the country (AFL-CIO), who campaigns for a $15-per-hour minimum wage, needs to hire someone, and they’re paying only $12.25 an hour.The job posting was a Facebook advertisement and was seen by Cody McLaughlin who happens to work at a Portland PR firm. He responded Read more [...]
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The Diversity vs. Equality Paradox and the Branding of America

equality and diversity paradox I just read an interesting article on the ambivalent feelings some homosexuals have had toward the recent Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage. According to some homosexuals, especially the older ones, the normalization of homosexuality has eroded the uniqueness of the homosexual identity: Rainbow-hued “Just Be You” messages have been flashing across Chase A.T.M. screens in honor of Pride month, conveying acceptance but also corporate blandness. Directors, filmmakers and artists Read more [...]
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Gay Marriage is Legal: What Marriage 'Rights' Are Next?

2547425688_homosexual_gay_xlarge "Gay marriage is going to happen. It must." - Lady GagaIt did. Now what? Friday, my Facebook feed was wall-to-wall rainbows; profile pictures, cover photos, status updates, all celebrating the SCOTUS victory for gay marriage. I saw the phrases "love is love," and "love wins," dozens of times. And in those phrases really lies the argument for moving beyond gay marriage.People think you're crazy if you come to the conclusion that allowing gay marriage opens the door for other types of marriage. Read more [...]
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Governor Bobby Jindal is the Latest GOP Candidate to Jump in the Race for the White House!

bobby jindal Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) has finally entered into the race for President. On Wednesday evening the Governor finally made it official when he announced his decision before a crowd at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner, Louisiana. The decision wasn’t a surprise, as Jindal has long been rumored to be entering the race, and he’s been operating as a candidate for months. In fact, the surprise may well be that it’s taken him this long to jump into the race at all. At this point Jindal Read more [...]
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