Global Warming Hysteria is Tearing the World Apart

global warming meltdown A new battle line has been drawn in international politics. It’s not capitalism versus statism, nor is it Islam versus the West. The new global political divide has been created over fears of catastrophic global warming. Groups like the United Nations and the European Union have been pushing hard to convince member state to keep their coal, natural gas and oil reserves in the ground for the sake of the climate. But after 18 years with no global warming and many countries experiencing huge economic Read more [...]
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Government to Attack Americans Who Value Freedoms

DHS troops During the regime of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany, his secret police rounded up anyone that spoke out against Hitler and his government. Kids in school were brainwashed to tattle on their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings and neighbors. Many people disappeared and were never heard from again. Others were interrogated and beaten before being imprisoned or released. It was a time where no one could trust anyone, not even their own family. Do you value your constitutional freedoms? Read more [...]
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Obama Has Given ISIS the Keys to Our Country

ISIS "You either make yourself accountable or you will be made accountable by your circumstances." - Unknown Accountability defines leadership; it defines every action in our lives. Accountability determines who has succeeded, and who has failed, who has done well and who has done evil, and it allows us to govern the path we will take going forward. Without accountability, there would be chaos. Leadership without accountability is not leadership at all, rather, it is simply power projected onto others, Read more [...]
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New York Proposes Gun Confiscation Bill

gun control don lemon New York legislature is considering bill that would mean gun confiscation for many people. We just reported recently about California’s new law that provides steps for someone to petition a court to issue a “gun violence restraining order” on a family member that would result in confiscation of any firearms that individual possesses. All you’d have to do is present evidence to the court that that particular person is a danger to himself or others, and police would willingly confiscate Read more [...]
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Homeowner Surprises 3 Armed Burglars with Gunfire

gun barrel A Houston, Texas homeowner is relieved he had a gun when three masked and armed burglars broke into his house, which is shared with about a half-dozen other people. At the time of the break-in, the homeowner was there with one of his roommate’s sons. The three burst in and were able to tie up the homeowner’s wrists and ankles, after which they ransacked his place. The homeowner took an opportunity to grab his gun while they were all three out of the room briefly. When they re-entered, he shot Read more [...]
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Good News and Bad News: Life Expectancy Highest Ever

life expectancy A recent study from the CDC concludes that Americans today are living longer than ever before: Americans are living longer than ever before, according to a new government report filled mostly with good news. U.S. life expectancy inched up again and death rates fell. Rates also fell for most of the leading causes of death with one exception—the suicide rate reached its highest point in 25 years. That’s bad news. But it’s not the only bit of bad news associated with this study. We should Read more [...]
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New Study Challenges Claims that Marijuana is Harmless

Marijuana A new 20-year study challenges the recent oft-cited claims that marijuana is a harmless, non-toxic drug. Led by Professor Wayne Hall, a drug advisor to the World Health Organization, the study concludes that many of the claims made by marijuana advocates are false: 1. Long-term users do become physically dependent. 2. Smoking marijuana and driving doubles your risk of being in a fatal car crash. 3. Long-term use of marijuana is associated with various mental disorders and poor performance in school/life. 4. Read more [...]
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Rand Paul Reads the Tea Leaves on the Upcoming Elections

rand paul Kentucky’s junior Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was on Fox News with Sean Hannity the other night to discuss a few issues related to the upcoming midterm elections. He offers some fairly positive news about the state of the Republican Party and what we should expect as the November 4 elections bear down on us.   Watch the latest video at   “… The wind’s at our back, and I think the president is very unpopular. Not only has he been somewhat of a feckless Read more [...]
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Democrats Get Personal in Attack Ads - Republicans Take High Ground

willie horton As conservatives we've all grown used to the ad hominem attacks from liberals. It's nice to see that the media may finally be paying attention to this too... a recent study from the Wall Street Journal give ammunition to conservatives who say in the battle of ideas... liberals come unarmed.   Democrats haven’t been afraid to get personal on the airwaves in an effort to keep control of the Senate. Between Sept. 12 and 25, every negative ad paid for by Republican candidates focused Read more [...]
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Luis Gutierrez May Spoil Hillary Clinton 2016; Act Now!

hillary4 A Leftist Third-Party Candidate can wreck the Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential run. Third Party candidates: they're always the spoilers for conservatives. No matter the situation, no matter the affiliation, whenever a third wheel candidate runs in what should be a two Party race, they siphon votes away from the conservative candidate. This is because, generally speaking, third wheel candidates are either Libertarian, or "Independent." There are segments of the Republican Party that lean Libertarian, Read more [...]
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Education Needs More Parental Involvement & Less Government Intrusion Says State Sen

Elbert Guillory Does the name Elbert Guillory ring a bell with anyone? Guillory was a black Democratic lawyer who was first elected to the Louisiana State House of Representatives in 2007. In 2009, he ran for the state senate and won. On May 31, 2013, he boldly stood up and declared that he was switching his party affiliation to the Republican Party because it was the political party of freedom and the Democratic Party was the party of the big government form of slavery. He recorded a video speech that explained Read more [...]
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Outraged Atheists Demand Removal of Praying Kids Painting from School Office

flag kids pray Outraged Atheists are all too common. They always getting their panties in a bunch over the stupidest things, like a painting in an Oklahoma middle school depicting two little kids with their hands together in prayer with an American flag backdrop. The painting has apparently been hanging on the school office wall for 18 years, and no one until now has complained about it. And yes, it’s the Freedom from Religion Foundation. Here’s The Blaze: The poster, based on a painting titled “Faith Read more [...]
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