Clinton Campaign Manager Tells What May Be the Dumbest Lie in Recorded Human History

hillary_clinton-scary Politics is spin. I know that. I know at this very moment that every single politician running for President is extremely calculating in their strategies. That doesn't bother me. Calculation isn't indicative of rot, it's merely a byproduct of living in a word in which any single thing you say and do is under constant surveillance and scrutiny. Long story short, I'm no longer dizzy from the everyday political spin.Until today.On Sunday's "Face the Nation," Hillary's Campaign Manager Robbie Read more [...]
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President Obama Releases 6 More Terrorists from Guantanamo Bay

Obama As predicted by an anonymous government official in late April, President Barack Obama approved the transfer of six more detainees from Guantanamo Bay to Oman on Friday evening.The recent transfer marks the first under new Defense Secretary Ash Carter, just as Congress is considering additional restrictions on detainee transfer via the defense budget bill, The New York Times reports.All 6 are Yemenis, and have been stuck in Gitmo since near the beginning of 2002. Approval for transfer came Read more [...]
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Jeb Bush "Introduces" Himself to America

Jeb Bush I’m not sure Jeb Bush can really call this ad an “introduction;” he’s been on America’s radar for a very, very long time. Interestingly, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton both chose this past weekend to attempt to “reintroduce” themselves to America. Hillary called hers a re-launch, and Bush just pretended that most of America didn’t already know who he was. This isn’t the only connection or similarity to their two campaigns. Another is that both campaigns seem to be suffering from the Read more [...]
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Cops Raid California Pot Shop, Help Themselves to Pot Edibles

mj brownie Setting up hidden cameras is a great preparation for when cops raid your business.This is why it’s always smart for businesses to not only have surveillance cameras in plain sight, but also to have hidden cameras. After police had barged in this establishment in California with guns drawn, ordering everyone to the floor and then carting people out, they removed the surveillance cameras.What they didn’t realize was that there were hidden cameras as well that recorded everything they did. Read more [...]
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No Straights Allowed: University of Oklahoma has "Gay Segregated" Student Lounge

two drinking fountains Liberals are always comparing discrimination of the LGBT crowd to the Jim Crow laws that forced racial segregation in public buildings in the South. Being born black is exactly the same as being born “gay.” At least that’s what the media tell us. Never mind the fact that homosexual behavior is something that is chosen. A person has no choice in what color his skin is at birth any more than that person can choose his own parents.But liberals insist that it’s the same thing. They say that Read more [...]
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“Call Me Trans-Racial Rachel”: The Odd Story of Rachel Dolezal

rachel dolezal what do you mean you people Yesterday it was Trans Jenner. Today it’s Trans Rachel. You can’t make this stuff up. Apparently the president of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP, Rachel Dolezal, is a white woman “pretending” to be black: Rachel Dolezal serves as chair of the independent commission, in addition to her work as an adjunct faculty member at Eastern Washington University and president of the NAACP local chapter. On her application to serve on the commission, she identified herself as African-American. Read more [...]
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Why Isn't Transracial Legitimate?

racheldolezal-mlk "It's not a lie if you believe it." - George CostanzaRachel Dolezal, the 37-year-old president of the NAACP in Spokane, Washington has been pretending to be black for nearly a decade. Rachel's parents, who are as Caucasian as the Mayflower, outed her on Thursday. Side note—pictures of Rachel as a child show her to be so white that she's nearly translucent.Now, some people are claiming that Dolezal is "transracial." You read that correctly. This new definition allegedly refers to one who Read more [...]
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Is Patent Reform a "Direct Assault" on Property Rights?

Patented stamp Republicans are up in arms about proposed patent reforms because of the deleterious effect the reforms could have on Americans property rights. Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) himself an inventor and entrepreneur has been one of the most vocal critics of the proposed reforms.He recently explained his reasons for being against the reforms on Facebook:As a small inventor and holder of 29 patents, I care deeply about innovation and its role in our economy:"Massie is one of the most outspoken Read more [...]
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Democrat Presidential Candidate Mocks Hillary Clinton for Not Answering Media Questions

bernie sanders 2 Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) who is running for President as a Democrat in 2016, recently appeared on Andrea Mitchell Reports on MSNBC to discuss his run for the nomination. The final question of the interview was about Hillary Clinton, and Senator Sanders took the opportunity to deliver some harsh criticism of Clinton’s moribund campaign. Specifically, he called into question her decision to not answer questions from the media. Bernie Sanders: "We're going to win this nomination Read more [...]
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In 2008, ABC News Predicted New York City Would be Submerged in Water by Now Because of Global Warming

torch above water Along with the rising sea level prediction, they also said that gas would be $9 a gallon, and milk would be $12.99 per carton. As with every other dire prediction the global warming conspiracy theorists claimed would happen, these also have failed to come to fruition. They said these prophecies would be fulfilled by June of 2015. Last I checked, New York City is fine, gas is less than $3 a gallon, and milk is less than $4 a gallon.Scott Whitlock with NewsBusters wrote: Appearing on Good Morning Read more [...]
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Claim: White President of Local NAACP Chapter Has Pretended to be Black for Years

naacp prez I think this is absolutely hysterical, and it shows how two-faced the media are.What is it that we’ve been hearing for years from the gay rights movement? That the way they’re treated is exactly how blacks were treated by whites in the 50’s and 60’s. That the discrimination they have to endure today from heterosexual conservative right-wingers is identical to the racial discrimination endured by blacks from white Southerners decades ago that led to the Jim Crow laws.You don’t want Read more [...]
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The Soft Brainwashing: 53% of Americans believe one in five are gay

brain wash "Is there any point in public debate in a society where hardly anyone has been taught how to think, while millions have been taught what to think?" - Peter HitchensIndoctrination isn't always sit-in-a-chair-with-eyes-clamped-open-while-you-are-forced-to-watch-propaganda obvious, it's often much more subtle. Social manipulation is the preeminent means of moving a culture in the direction in which one wants it to go. And so it goes with the gay marriage movement.There's a caveat to this. This Read more [...]
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