Defense Secretary says Soldiers Can Die in War... but Not from Cigarettes!

smoking soldier I've never understood how Americans can be such rational, intelligent people one second and such idiotic prudish neanderthals the next. One of my biggest frustrations has always come from our efforts to dictate the habits of our young men and women who enter the military. We allow them to join and fight at the age of 18, yet we won't let them drink alcohol or rent a car? It makes no sense, that a citizen can fight and DIE for his country but at the same time his country can tell him he cannot enjoy Read more [...]
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Parents Face Fines and Criminal Charges for Cardboard Fort in Front Yard

cardboard fort Because they made a temporary fort for their children, parents face fines for a "safety violation."It’s their property, but these days, no one truly owns anything. You can have your house paid off completely and still be ruled by the city as to what you’re allowed to do with it. And you still have to pay your property taxes, because you don’t truly own it. The government taxes your property and enforces its rules on your property, because it thinks it owns it and you.These Idaho parents Read more [...]
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Video: Concealed Carrier Shoots Carjacker

concealed carry carjack A minivan pulled into a carwash in Smyrna, Georgia next to another car that was being vacuumed by the car’s owner. The teen that was in the driver’s seat of the minivan got out and got into the woman’s car and put it in reverse. The woman jumped on the hood of the car, screaming for help as the car thief tried to drive off.That’s when an armed city employee heard her and saw what was going on and shot several times at the driver, hitting him in the shoulder. Although police were able Read more [...]
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Why is the GOP Against Election Day Voter Registration?

election day voter registration Only eleven states in America allow voters to register to vote all the way up to election day. And apparently many politicians are against election day voter registration. But why? What surprised me the most about this debate, if you can call it that, is that GOP politicians are particularly against election day voter registration. And they oppose it only because they think it favors Democrats, as far as I can tell. But there are multiple complications to the GOP resistance to EDR. For one, it’s Read more [...]
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Indiana Woman Convicted of Feticide … Women’s Rights Groups Go Bananas

feticide Purvi Patel was just convicted of feticide and child neglect in Indiana. And women’s rights activists are going bananas, and nuts … and other produce. Perhaps this is just another symptom of Indiana’s recent status as religious right extremist crazy wonderland. I don’t know.But the leftist bleeding hearts have this one wrong too. As you might expect. Here’s the story. Purvi Patel lives with her very conservative Hindu parents. She is having an affair with a married man. She gets pregnant. Read more [...]
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Robert De Niro Endorses Hillary Clinton in the Stupidest Way Possible

Oh, how they love Hillary. "For every credibility gap there is a gullibility gap." - Richard Cobden It's that time again; political candidates are announcing their intentions to run for the highest office in the land, commercials are beginning to run on TV, Facebook is alight with aggressively uninformed memes, and the Hollywood elite has started making public endorsements.In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, legendary actor Robert De Niro made the first real endorsement of the Hollywood pack, and you'll never Read more [...]
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Sad, Single, Ready to Mingle... but Stuck Fighting for ISIS

ISIS Many of the recruits flocking to the Middle East for ISIS are coming in hopes of meeting that special someone. Sadly, these same fresh recruits often find themselves languishing, dateless and with nary a young lady in sight. ISIS may soon be hurting for new recruits if they can't solve their lady problems and quick! Despite its aggressive marketing to lonely young Muslim men in the West, the Islamic State terror group seems to have a problem finding enough wives to meet its recruits’ Read more [...]
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Kentucky Senator Teases 2016 Presidential Bid!

rand paul Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) – A different kind of Republican Leader.Senator Rand Paul released an ad over the weekend that is teasing an upcoming announcemåent about his possible 2016 run for the White House. The question is -- can he convince center and center-left Republicans that he is the man to lead the party into the future? The establishment seems very wary of his libertarian leanings, and social conservatives wonder if they can support a Christian candidate who supports the legalization Read more [...]
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Americans “Not in Labor Force” Reaches Record High

not hiring Even though more and more Americans are falling out of the labor force, the unemployment figure the government uses to make it look like the economy is the best it’s ever been, remained unchanged from the month prior. CNS News reported: The number of Americans 16 years and older who did not participate in the labor force--meaning they neither had a job nor actively sought one in the last four weeks--rose from 92,898,000 in February to 93,175,000 in March, according to data released today by the Read more [...]
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In the 70s, Climate Scientists Warned of Ice Age Caused by Burning Fossil Fuels

ice age statue of liberty It’s common knowledge that back in the 70’s, scientists were warning of the coming ice age. But perhaps less commonly known is the catalyst that those scientists were claiming would ignite that ice age. Hint:  it’s the same excuse that scientists and politicians use today as the cause of global warming – fossil fuel-burning. The only difference is that today, climate scientists pushing global warming are acting as lobbyists for the solar and wind industries. During the ice age predictions Read more [...]
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In Condemning Indiana's RFRA Law, Brittney Cooper Accidentally Condones Incest, Pedophilia, And Bestiality

RGIII Know Jesus "A man can no more diminish God's glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word, 'darkness' on the walls of his cell." - C.S. Lewis Rutgers Professor Brittney Cooper recently penned a piece for Salon in which she lambastes the "bigoted" version of Jesus conservatives have allegedly created. She wrote the piece in light of Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). The logical faults in Cooper's piece are an embarrassment of riches, but to write Read more [...]
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College Campuses have become Dens of Intolerance

college kids  The Washington Free Beacon has done it again!This time they’ve created a video “supercut” that underscores all of the various reasons that our modern American college campus has become insufferable. Once upon a time college campuses were dens of learning where open minds and spirits prepared to listen were the norm.Now however, that is far from the case.If you happen to hold an opinion that is in the least bit controversial or out of the mainstream, you should be prepared Read more [...]
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