IRS Seizes $19,000 from Widow for Depositing Late Husband’s Cash

IRS holdup Sixty-eight-year-old Janet Malone’s husband died of cancer in October of 2011. Before he died, he told his wife that he had about $180,000 in cash in a briefcase. It was money he had made as a publishing executive, but also included money he had made from gambling and investments.Even though it was totally, legally obtained money, the law says that you can’t just deposit it all at once. If you were to, that would mean that you’re a drug dealer or terrorist. Or worse, a tax evader.So, Read more [...]
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Jon Stewart Quitting Has Fans In Disarray

Obama_on_the_Daily_Show_with_Jon_Stewart_cropped With the news that Jon Stewart will be leaving The Daily Show later this year, liberals across the nation have begun a mourning process that will likely last several months, only to be exacerbated upon his actual departure. Reports are coming in that liberals have been seen offering various sacrifices to the gods in whom they don't believe in the hopes that if a god does exist, she may stop this tragedy from taking place.One New York man, Richard Miller, gathered approximately twenty of his Daily Read more [...]
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Proof that American Christianity is Largely Meaningless

Congress American Christianity Want proof that American Christianity means very little in our day? About 92% of Congress members claim to be Christian. What’s even more puzzling is the extremely high percentage of “Christian” Democrats: Though Christians dominate both parties, Democrats are more religiously diverse than Republicans. Of the 301 Republicans in the 114th Congress, Jewish freshman Rep. Lee Zeldin of New York is the only non-Christian.A large majority of Democrats in Congress (80%) are Christian, with 44% Read more [...]
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Only 17% of Black Teens Live with Parents

black teens gangs The nuclear family has been in the midst of a core meltdown for sixty years. And it doesn’t look like it’s getting better. Just 17% of black teens (15–17) live with their parents. The number is higher for white teens, but still dismal: — Just 17 percent of black teens live with their nuclear family, another all-time low and down from 38 percent in 1950.— 54 percent of white kids aged 15-17 grew up with their biological family intact, a low point and down from 67 percent in 1950. These Read more [...]
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CNN Notices that President Obama is Practicing Bumper Sticker Politics

Nobel Obama Bombs CNN's Jim Acosta was on the air with Wolf Blitzer Wednesday afternoon when he couldn't seem to ignore the fact that the President's asking for a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force in Iraq sounded a lot like Democrat bumper stickers from 6 years ago. Democrats enjoy pretending that they are "anti-war" but the truth is that they are just as active in the so called "warmongering" as any Republican is. For example, while Obama points to pulling troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan (not really Read more [...]
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The Keystone XL Pipeline Deal is Now in President Obama's Hands

oil-field-sunset-ap After months (nay, years?) of telling anyone who will listen that he plans to veto the Keystone XL Pipeline (if it ever passed) the President will finally have his opportunity to follow through on that threat. The problem is that it comes at a relatively bad time to be doing such a silly thing. The Republican led Congress is now ready to move forward on a flurry of new legislation and the President's Veto Pen sounds like it will be active... and this could make the President (and Democrats by extension) Read more [...]
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Pennsylvania Town Signs: "This is Not a Gun-Free Zone"

not a gun free zone What do you think would be more likely to deter a criminal: a sign that reads “This is a gun-free zone,” or one that reads, “This is not a gun-free zone”?I think it’s pretty obvious that if a criminal is given the option, he’d much rather go to a place where there aren’t people who can defend themselves. He’d rather go to a “gun-free zone.”Whether this sign will help the crime rate go down (or stay down) in this Pennsylvania Township remains to be seen. But I think if Read more [...]
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High School Teaches Republicans Don’t Help the Poor

student line High school test: Republicans don’t help the poor, because they’re a “waste of money.”I guess this is what passes as “political science” in school these days. They teach that liberal Democrats are our saviors and that conservative Republicans are the scourge of the planet. And other things. No surprise there. Fox News reported: A Wisconsin mother claims her 16-year-old son’s classroom assignment last week described Republicans as opposed to helping the poor because “it’s a Read more [...]
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Jeb Bush a Little Too Transparent: Reveals Floridians’ SSNs

jeb bush In an attempt to be “transparent,” Jeb Bush released a bunch of emails he has received in the course of his tenure as governor of Florida. The problem is he didn’t redact some SSNs, home addresses, and other personal information. So now some of his constituents could become the victims of identity theft. Oops. When he released the emails he posted the following message on his website: In the spirit of transparency, I am posting the emails of my governorship here . . . Some are funny; some Read more [...]
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Irreligious Extremism: Atheist UNC Shooter Murders Three Muslims

atheist It’s not something you are going to hear much about, but Craig Hicks, the guy who allegedly just shot three Muslims in North Carolina, may have had religious motives in the killing. Was he a right-wing religious fanatic? No, of course not. If he were, you can be sure we’d all be hearing about it ad nauseam. No. He’s an atheist: Hicks, the alleged shooter, frequently shared links about atheism on what appears to be his Facebook page. One such post reads: “People say nothing can solve the Read more [...]
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Obama Deliberately Lied about Supporting Gay Marriage

Obama liar LR "The only people that don't want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide." - Barack Obama, 2012 Let's talk a little bit about ethics—specifically ethics in relation to those who hold positions of power, and who thus have great influence. To deliberately deceive one's constituents, to say one thing on camera, while secretly believing another, all to serve the purpose of political expediency, is unethical. Is that not clear? It's opportunism.If a Republican were running for Read more [...]
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John McCain Calls Obama a LIAR!

john mccain Senator John McCain was a guest on Fox News' Sean Hannity show when the discussion turned to Benjamin Netanyahu's scheduled speech before Congress in March and President Obama's feigned upset about his coming. It was about that time that Senator McCain basically called the President a LIAR.  SEN. JOHN MCCAIN: What does it take to get this president's attention?SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS: Why does this president, you heard what he said about the crusades last week. OK, we Read more [...]
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