Federal Judge Rules Against Gay Marriage

louisiana1 It’s been sad to see how many liberal judges have been succumbing to the pressure of gay rights advocates. Time and again we’ve seen one judge after another over turn states’ bans on same sex marriages and the recognition of those marriages from other states. In Ohio, and several others states, amendments have been passed by a majority vote of the people to define marriage as the legal union between one man and one woman. Yet Ohio’s constitutional amendment is now being reviewed by a federal Read more [...]
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John Kerry: We Must Fight Global Warming, Because the Bible Tells Us To

john kerry 2 Where is the Freedom From Religion Foundation when you need them? How dare John Kerry, the United States Secretary of State, insert his religious beliefs while on duty as a public official? And not only did he mix his religion with politics, he mixed it with science, something that atheists find blasphemous. But alas, he’s a liberal in a Democratic-controlled administration, so he gets a pass. And besides, he was only trying to pander to the “faith” community. It was at a ceremony honoring Read more [...]
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Milwaukee Resident Shoots and Kills Gang Member

concealed carry 5 It was because of this 30-year-old resident in Milwaukee who defended himself from a teen gang member that five other members were arrested. These kids were part of a group who had committed several armed robberies in the past, prior to the fatal shooting. The Daily Caller reported: A Milwaukee man shot and killed a gang-affiliated teenager with a long criminal history who attempted to rob him and others on Monday. The 15-year-old reportedly had been shot during an armed robbery attempt Read more [...]
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Market Bulls More Optimistic Than Ever … Uh-Oh

Market Bulls Nassim Taleb tells a little parable in his excellent book Black Swan. It’s a moral tale about the Thanksgiving turkey. For months leading up to Thanksgiving, it is singled out for good treatment. It is pampered and well-fed by its human caretakers, and it has no reason to think anything foul (pun) is afoot. In fact, the bitter irony is that, as the turkey’s rosy outlook on its prospects grows ever rosier, it is actually getting closer and closer to its inevitable demise. Taleb uses this parable Read more [...]
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New Study finds Little Link Between Teacher Pay and Test Scores

classroom A report by a conservative Wisconsin think tank finds that salaries for teachers vary widely from city to city across the country, but don’t seem to have much bearing on how well students perform. The MacIver Institute primarily focuses on state issues, but decided to take a nationwide look at teacher compensation to coincide with the opening of the new school year. The organization looked at the median teacher pay in sixty different U.S. metro areas, and then also corrected salary figures for Read more [...]
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Phil Robertson on ISIS: "Convert Them or Kill Them"

phil robertson Phil Robertson, who just receded from the public spotlight after infuriating homosexuals, is back in the spotlight with these comments about Islamic extremists: In this case, you either have to convert them—which I think is, uh, would be next to impossible. I’m not giving up on them, but I’m just saying either convert them or kill them. One or the other. Interesting. And what do radical Muslims say about Christians and Jews? Oh, yeah: “Convert them or kill them.” Congratulations, Phil Read more [...]
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Phil Robertson Tells Hannity How We Should Handle ISIS

phil robertson duck dynasty Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson was on with Fox News with Sean Hannity promoting his new book "UnPHILtered." But the conversation quickly got off topic and Hannity wondered what Phil would do if he were in charge. Which is when Robertson let loose with, "In this case you either have to convert them, which I think would be next to impossible. I'm not giving up on them, but I'm just saying, either convert them or kill them. One or the other." Um... I love Phil and Duck Dynasty... but doesn't that Read more [...]
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SHOCK: Opportunist Obama to Postpone Amnesty Until After Mid-Terms

obama saint "The world is not fair, and often fools, cowards, liars and the selfish hide in high places." - Bryant H. McGill That quote by McGill is one of the most simple, yet profound analyses of the political world I have ever read. That's why I reference it so frequently. What one wants out of a president, or leader, is public service. By public service, I mean an attentiveness to the needs of his country, the needs of his people, the people by whom he was elected. Over the years since Obama's initial Read more [...]
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Will Democrats Destroy Wisconsin’s Economic Recovery in November?

MJS WALKER, BURKE Republican Scott Walker is no stranger to controversy. He was elected to the governorship of Wisconsin in 2010 on the campaign promised of cutting the state’s deficit and balancing the budget and he did just that. After being sworn into office, Walker jumped right in to the budget issues and like a responsible businessman he knew he had to make drastic cuts and changes in order keep his campaign promises. He knew that making necessary cuts always angers those it affects, but he also knew that Read more [...]
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No Global Warming for Past 19 Years

global warming meltdown Liberals think that we should trust not only the scientists with a vested interest in giving the government what they want, but also their computer models which yield their desired results. Something that their models didn’t anticipate was this so-called hiatus in global warming. Since liberal politicians knew for a fact that carbon emissions are what lead to higher temperatures, and since carbon emissions have been the highest in the past decade compared to any other time in history, we should Read more [...]
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Atheists Outraged Over Two White, Intersecting Pieces of Wood

cross I actually don’t know for a fact that it’s made out of wood. It could be plastic for all I know. The point is, they were so outraged by this 14-inch object in the ground that they’re demanding its removal. Most people call this shape a cross. It looks sort of like a plus sign with a long leg. Atheists are terrified of them. Plus signs, X’s, lowercase T’s, not so much. But a cross? They start acting like that girl in The Exorcist. Indy Star reported: A 14-inch white cross on state park Read more [...]
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Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Loves Gays

phil robertson duck dynasty Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson made waves last year when he had the "audacity" to call homosexual behavior "sin." His new book UnPHILtered was written, partially, in an effort to explain what his comments. Which leads us to the interview he gave to Good Morning America recently... Robertson: "People will read it and decide for themselves but people need to get in their head, dude. I don't hate anybody." Reporter: He says the book is partially to clarify comments that got him into hot Read more [...]
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