California Cops Suspended for Protesting Ticket, Arrest Quotas?

patrol writing ticket Now these six Whittier, California cops are suing the city police department for what they describe as retaliation against them for speaking out against and not meeting ticket and arrest quotas.Police officials of course swear that they don’t use quotas. After all, quotas are against state law, and since they’re all about law enforcement, they couldn’t use quotas even if they wanted to. They only do things that are lawful.It’s all semantics though. They may not call what they have Read more [...]
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Sheriffs Suing CO to Overturn Amendment 64 and End Legal Pot

Amendment 64 map with cannabis Sheriffs from Colorado, and a few neighboring states, are suing Colorado in order to overturn Amendment 64, the state amendment that legalized recreational marijuana in the state. The reasons for the lawsuit are quite interesting. Sheriffs allege that upholding Amendment 64 violates the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution, putting local law enforcement at odds with federal policy: As plaintiff Chad Day, sheriff of Yuma County, said: “As a Colorado sheriff, I am put in an untenable position Read more [...]
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Illegal Immigrants Used as Reason for Censorship

us flag UC Irvine Students Ban American Flag Because It May Offend Illegal Immigrants "Those who want to reap the benefits of this great nation must bear the fatigue of supporting it." - Thomas Paine When someone does something wrong, but doesn't want to accept responsibility for their actions, they must find someone or something that is bigger and badder than themselves, so that by comparison, they appear the lesser evil. This is called self-victimization, and it has become the go-to for liberals.The Read more [...]
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Scholar Compares Obama to "Battered Woman" When it Comes to Iran

bomb iran This is not the most polite way to attack President Obama's foreign policy but it sure may be the most provocative way to do it. Some folks have reached the end of their respective ropes when it comes to watching President Obama screw up on foreign policy, especially in his dealings with the terrorist supporting regimes of the Middle East. President Obama is like a “battered woman” when it comes to negotiations with Iran, says Dr. Michael Ledeen, a freedom scholar at the Foundation Read more [...]
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New Study Finds that there are MANY Alternatives to Obamacare!

Obamacare penalties As the Supreme Court considers whether to restrict Obamacare subsidies, a new report seeks to refute the false perception that conservatives have not offered any credible alternatives.The Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments Wednesday in the case of King v. Burwell, which hinges on a provision of Obamacare stipulating that only plans purchased through state-based exchanges are eligible for subsidies. President Obama and his supporters contend that the restriction is a simple linguistic Read more [...]
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Georgia Bill Legalizes Police No-Knock Raids

no knock As with most bills, its intended purpose is not what the Georgia bill actually accomplishes. The bill was supposed to place restrictions on police no-knock raids. But what it actually does is legalize them, because technically, police no-knock raids are already illegal in Georgia. That of course doesn’t stop police from executing them however. 11Alive reported: The Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill that would restrict no-knock warrants by police. The hearing lasted two days and Read more [...]
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California University Bans American Flag

us flag According to California University, “Freedom of Speech Can Be Interpreted as Hate Speech.”The student government at the University of California, Irvine passed legislation that banned flags in its main lobby. They didn’t want any national flags there, but particularly the American flag, because of the offensive ideas that it represents to some people. To some people, it represents slavery, and to others, it represents American exceptionalism, both of which are extremely offensive concepts. Read more [...]
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Fascist Kingpin Obama Busy Banning Bullets

taxing bullets The Obama administration is busy indeed!  Honestly, how does that guy even have time for golf?  The breadth and depth to which he will go to undermine our freedoms and take away our personal liberties is astounding.In a shocking (and, I am sure, brief) return to sanity, the tyrannical, dictatorial Obama administration has been unable to ban the most popular sport rifle, the AR-15.  Congress just won't do it.So, never to be outdone by, like, you know, the will of the American people, Obama Read more [...]
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Could Obamacare Subsidies Crush Socialist Healthcare in America?

obamacare burning The future of the albatross Obamacare hangs in the balance once again.  This job-killing, government-botched, IRS-mandated monstrosity is being tested in the Supreme Court.I never tire of seeing pictures of tiny Ruth Bader Ginsburg propped up in her chair.  But, I am getting tired of the disaster of Obamacare and the havoc it is wreaking in the American people.Here is the issue - subsidies for people who qualify can only be paid to people in states which set up an Obamacare marketplace Read more [...]
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How Obama Learned of the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal!

obama and hillary clinton He heard about the Hillary Clinton email problem on the news. What did you expect? "To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence." - Mark Twain I've always wondered how Obama was able to succeed while scandal after scandal popped out at him like cardboard zombies in a haunted house. I've always wondered why his approval ratings continued to bounce back despite his staggeringly inept world leadership. I've always wondered why the press defended him as he repeatedly showed us Read more [...]
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Cultural Milestone: Homosexual Threesome Marry in Thailand

homo triplets These days, anything goes. We’ve thrown out the idea of morality and have decided that we can handle the whole right and wrong thing on our own. The Bible calls it doing what is right in our own eyes.This homosexual threesome in Thailand say they’re the first “gay” threesome to get “married.” I think we’re supposed to feel proud or happy that we as a race have made it so far. We’ve progressed passed the silly and outdated boundaries that once held us back. I think the folks in Read more [...]
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6-Year-Old Suspended for Pointing Finger at Classmate and Saying, “Bang, You’re Dead”

hand gun I know, this is such odd behavior for a 6-year-old, warranting that he be suspended for a day. According to school officials, this boy “threatened his peers.” He pointed his index finger at a student and said, “Bang, you’re dead.” I believe the victim is in stable condition but may need psychological counseling. KRDO reported: A Colorado Springs first-grader was suspended from school after pointing his fingers at a classmate in the shape of a gun.

Six-year-old Elijah goes to Stratton Read more [...]
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