Salon Writer Smears Troops, Calls Patriotism "Chauvinistic," "Totalitarian"

military2 A Salon writer attacks the U.S. Military."It's been 70 years since we fought a war about freedom. Forced troop worship and compulsory patriotism must end." - David MasciotrIn a November 9th piece for Salon, David Masciotra decried "forced" respect, and support of troops as chauvinistic, nationalist, and totalitarian. As I quoted above, he seems to believe that the war is what makes the soldier. His definition of a soldier who should be supported is predicated on the war in which the soldier Read more [...]
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Wendy Davis Blames Loss on Ebola

abbot davis The Wendy Davis campaign is offering up excuses as to why they lost to Greg Abbot, and one is that the Ebola scare drove Republicans to the polls.Writing for Breitbart, Kristin Tate reported: Speaking on behalf of Davis' campaign, Communications Director Zac Petkanas told the Wall Street Journal, "The losses that you are seeing in very blue states are simply amplified in states like Texas where there is already a structural advantage for Republicans," he said. The Journal added that, "Another Read more [...]
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New York Legalizes Incestuous Marriage

slippery slope How many times have people made the observation that acceptance of homosexual “marriage” would lead to acceptance of other perversions like pedophilia, bestiality and incestuous relationships?Liberals will always say that gay marriage is here to stay, and that predictions of other perversions are nothing but slippery slope hysteria.Yet up in New York, they’ve set a precedent that allows for uncle-niece marriages: The New York Court of Appeals has unanimously overruled the state’s Read more [...]
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"Freedom Needs A Friend" Advertisement is Setting the Internet on FIRE

Freedom The Washington Free Beacon has long been a place where conservatives can go to fin d like-minded reporting and journalism that doesn't look down on us for being conservative. The WFB recently rpoduced an advertisement that is now making the rounds on the Internet and is literally catching fire.Here is what some are saying about this bit of creative genius.This? The most beautiful thing you will see all damn weekend! This is what we need more of! #HellYeah @FreeBeacon— Read more [...]
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Do the 2014 Midterm Elections Spell DOOM for the Common Core?

commoncore Education activists have been agitating for the repeal of the Common Core since its inception - but until now a Democrat controlled Congress has blocked every attempt to rid us the leftist education scheme. However, with the election of so many pro-school choice Republicans, it seems that the Common Core's time may be running out. A snap survey of insiders in the world of education policy finds that the vast majority think 2014′s midterms have paved the way for an expansion in Read more [...]
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If We Justify Amnesty, What Other Laws Can Be Broken?

defeat amnesty I have a single, simple question for all who support amnesty: Why do you support it? As far as I can tell from what I have read, and seen, Democrats, and Republicans who support amnesty do so because they believe on some level that those who have come here deserve to stay. Now, I'm not talking about the Democratic leadership, who clearly have a demographic agenda at the heart of their amnesty plans, I'm talking about the average Democrat voter who supports amnesty for illegal immigrants. Many amnesty Read more [...]
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Youth Pastor Banned from Volunteering at School after Atheist Student Complains

saffeels Once again we see the First Amendment rights of a Christian being trampled upon by the whining complaint of one atheist.Tim Saffeels is the Director of Student Ministries at Salem Heights Church in Oregon. He also volunteers at nearby Straub Middle School; that is until an eighth grade atheist wrote a letter of complaint against him and sent to the Principal Laura Perez.According to the student, Shelby Conway, Saffeels was talking to students in the cafeteria, asking them what their religion Read more [...]
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Cop Violated Speed Laws…to Buy a Bag of Peanuts

police car chasing The speed laws don't apply to all drivers equally.A civilian driver was curious about why a particular cop was speeding on the freeway. So, he decided to follow the cop while his cell phone camera captured his experience. He found that the cop wasn’t on his way to an emergency or a crime in progress. He was on his way to the convenience store. When the cop exited the store, he had a bag of peanuts.KETV reported: A YouTube video shows an Omaha police officer speeding through traffic, but Read more [...]
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Liberals Blame White Women for Wendy Davis’s Loss

wendy davis 2 Wendy Davis's loss must be blamed on anyone but herself.Wendy Davis, the Abortion Barbie in Texas, rose to prominence using her pink shoes and catheter. She was the latest and greatest thing to grace the feminists’ and pro-abortion activists’ stage.But she lost handily to Greg Abbot, whose wheelchair Davis was all too willing to mock in her desperate campaign ads against him.Quite embarrassingly, Davis lost the female vote. But it wasn’t all women’s fault, according to liberals. Read more [...]
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Liberals Cry RACISM to Shut Down Debate in Oregon

racecard "Those who cannot understand how to put their thoughts on ice should not enter into the heat of debate." - Frederick NietzscheHave you ever been engaged in an argument with someone, when they suddenly lure you down a rabbit hole with a series of unrelated accusations? As comedian Bill Burr says, it is in that moment when you know you have won the debate. There are two possible reasons why someone would disengage from the topic at hand: one, they know that their position is not as strong as Read more [...]
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Why Your Vote Counts … And Doesn’t Matter

Vote or Not If you tuned in to the election results coverage after the midterm elections, you probably heard this quite often: “See how close these races were? Anyone who says your vote doesn’t count really needs to look at this election. Your vote counts. There’s no doubt about that now.”It’s true. If you wanted Republicans in office rather than Democrats, or vice versa, your vote certainly did make a difference. Yet, according to data cited by Obama and other sore losers, two-thirds of potential Read more [...]
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Same-Sex Marriage Ban Upheld in Four States … Good News?

Same-sex marriage Supreme Court In what should be a bit of good news, the same-sex marriage march has been temporarily halted in four states after a landmark Circuit Court decision upheld same-sex marriage bans in four states.Circuit judge Jeffrey Sutton, who wrote the majority opinion, had this to say about the decision: When the courts do not let the people resolve new social issues like this one, they perpetuate the idea that the heroes in these change events are judges and lawyers. Better in this instance, we think, to Read more [...]
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