Obamacare Preview: Teachers Funding School Supplies Out Of Their Own Pockets

I know from personal experience, that in addition to the public school teachers who spend hundreds of their own dollars on classroom supplies, parents are also being asked to pay for such items. As USA Today reports:

“Hannah Martin is in her second year as a pre-kindergarten teacher at Salem Elementary School in Apex, N.C. The 23-year-old makes about $34,000 a year and in her spare time takes as many babysitting jobs as she can get. Martin, who rents a room in a house she shares with four other women, said the work outside her classroom is necessary if her students are to have the school supplies they need. ‘I only have $100 from the school for the whole year to buy supplies, and it’s not enough,’ Martin said. ‘I do the babysitting to help get money to buy toys and books,’ said the North Carolina native. ‘I even had to buy shelves and a stool for the kids to stand on to wash their hands at the sink. I spent about $500 on supplies last year, and It definitely hurts my own pocketbook.’ With school budgets across the country slashed, Martin is part of a growing number of teachers spending more of their own money for school supplies, according to a recent survey from insurance firm Horace Mann, which focuses on products for educators.”

This may be news concerning the public schools, but according to any real economic theory it was one hundred percent predictable. Bureaucracy is never efficient, and tax-fed bureaucracy is the most inefficient of all. “Free” benefits cause price inflation in the “benefitted” area, and the government spending cannot be rationally managed. Funds flow into the pockets of school administration and not into school supplies. After all, superintendents have more influence than children.

Of course, there is an entire propaganda industry around the subsidized industry trumpeting how the populace would be impoverished if it were not for the highly visible hand of government. In fact, the only reason we know about this problem is because lobbyists are trying to get more money or debt from the public through the government.

But the problem can’t be fixed. More money will just continue the budget irrationality.

And that is exactly what is coming with Obamacare, in its present form of crony capitalism or its future “single payer” form (i.e. medical socialism). The government will trumpet how it is providing healthcare for the public, while individuals will increasingly have to go to private providers to actually get what they need. Except in the case of Obamacare, the equivalent of a teacher spending her own money for school supplies (say, a doctor friend giving you a quick prognosis before you dive into the bureaucracy to get tested) will probably be illegal. So, in the case of Obamacare, we can only hope and pray that a America is able to create a large black market.

And yes, Christians should absolutely participate in developing it.

If you want to see people killed, tell them never to break the Obamacare rules. If you want to help them, make friends now with doctors and nurses who care enough about their calling to break the rules. There is bound to be a doctor in your area who is as conscientious about healing people as Hannah Martin is reported to be about her pupils.