Why We Need A Monster Candidate In 2016

“When President Obama stands before the American people to deliver the State of the Union address…I hope he admits that ObamaCare is an insidious law and a failed experiment in big government. I am doubtful, of course, given his arrogance on the topic, that the President would make such an admission. The President should at least acknowledge that there is a better way to lower costs and improve health care without a massive government takeover, thousands of new IRS agents, and bureaucrats coming between patients and their doctors. I doubt this will happen either.” – Rep. Todd Rokita

I know that to operate within the confines of a political office, one must display a public attitude that does not condemn his opponents, and label them as anything but misguided, but can we just call a snake “a snake,” and get it over with? Todd Rokita, bless his heart, begins his editorial (the above quote begets a longer piece) with a misfire. Right off the bat, he gives president Obama the benefit of the doubt. He’s wrong to do so.

Rokita does admit Obama’s arrogance, but he stops just short of pointing out what, to many, is obvious. Obama is ideologically driven, and he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Rokita mistakenly seems to believe that Obama would ever admit that there are ways to create a stable, financially sound healthcare market without massive government expansion. Obama would never admit that truth because even though he knows it to be true, he is driven by a larger ideology: Marxism.

Our egomaniacal lord and savior (Obama) has no desire to make the United States a better place. All he wants is to transform it into a socialist paradise. That’s the only possible explanation. I do not believe that Obama is so stupid that he cannot see the obvious answers to our healthcare woes. Given that, the only other explanation is that he makes himself intentionally blind to the answers that would promote the ideology he despises: capitalism. Obama is a Marxist, through and through, and he wants a country that reflects those beliefs. So, rather than promote any rational, free-market solutions, he pushes government medicine.

It’s equally irrational to give Obama the benefit of the doubt, or to even believe that he should admit his failures when his failures are entirely intentional. It’s naïve. And unfortunately this belief is pervasive in the Republican Party.

We need someone who tackles the issue head on. We need someone who can publicly identify Obama’s ideology, then stick to that identification when pressed. We need someone who isn’t afraid to be vilified, because the only way to know if you’re doing anything right is by how many enemies you make on the Left, and in the media. In this day and age, in 2014, those running for office must make many enemies to prove they have any worth as a candidate.

I’m sure Todd Rokita is a good guy. I also don’t think he has any intention to run for president. But many who would run share his disposition: a fear (unconscious or conscious) of being a villain, and an unwillingness to call a bad guy a bad guy. We cannot allow another Romney or McCain to take our nomination from us. We need a fighter. The Democrats carry a powerful ideology, and we need a beast to hit them where it hurts, and not think twice.