NBC to South Carolina Governor: Time to Rethink the 2nd Amendment?

It makes no sense that people would even suggest that the 2nd Amendment has to do with enabling murderers to commit evil acts. Then again, we’re talking about liberals here. They’re always trying to find something else to blame criminal acts on rather than the criminals themselves. Their solutions always involve taking away people’s freedoms.

In the case of Dylan Roof’s murderous acts, some people are suggesting that we further restrict the 2nd Amendment. As if people like Dylan Roof would care one bit about what the law says. News Busters reported:

NBC’s Savannah Guthrie on Friday echoed Barack Obama’s call for more gun control in the wake of the Charleston shooting. The Today host talked to South Carolina’s Governor Nikki Haley and highlighted the President “venting” about gun violence. Guthrie quizzed, “I know you are a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. Is there anything about this situation that makes you think, okay, should we rethink? Is it time for some kind of change?”   Haley retorted, “There is one person to blame here. A person felled with hate, a person that doesn’t define South Carolina.”  On CBS This Morning, the network highlighted Obama’s “outrage” and reminded that the President is “again calling for changes in America’s gun laws.” 

Haley also appeared on CBS, but the show’s hosts didn’t specifically ask her about guns. Instead, Gayle King lectured the governor that there are “calls in your state that we need to have a real honest conversation about race in the country about race in your state in particular.”  She also wondered, “There are also calls today that you have to take the Confederate flag from the state capitol. How do you address those calls?”

At first, liberals claimed that the 2nd Amendment was all about the government allowing people to hunt deer. Now, they’re saying that it’s about allowing criminals to commit acts of mass murder.

The 2nd Amendment has to do with disallowing the government to infringe on the rights of the people to keep and bear arms. Can you imagine if there had been a member at that church in Charleston who was carrying a concealed weapon? What if someone had been carrying his handgun out in the open on his hip? What if there were several people carrying?

Roof came in the church and just sat and observed for about an hour before he felt comfortable enough to start shooting and killing people. If he had seen several people carrying and wondered if there were others who had concealed weapons, I seriously doubt he would have stuck around. He would have gone elsewhere.