NAACP Threatens To Sue Organization For Revealing Their Ties to Abortions and Planned Parenthood

In a prime example of how it is becoming more and more illegal to exercise one’s right of free speech and telling the truth publicly, the NAACP is filing a lawsuit against the Radiance Foundation for telling the truth about them.

The Radiance Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization was founded by Ryan & Bethany Bomberger.  Ryan has gained national recognition with his story of how his mother was raped and carried the baby and put it up for adoption rather than aborting it.  Ryan was that baby.  He was adopted into a family of 15 with 10 of 13 children being from various ethnic backgrounds and adopted into the one family.  He grew up in a home where he was loved and learned that there is no real difference between the so-called races.

Using the Radiance Foundation, Ryan decided to target the racial hypocrisy of the NAACP and their national leader Julian Bond.  He wrote about their link to racist policies and awards.  Commenting about the NAACP’s 44th Annual Image Awards to honor black imagery, he wrote:

“What better way for an out-of-touch liberal organization to celebrate itself than in the land of make believe? The NAACP’s 44th Annual Image Awards honor black imagery churned out by often racist, anti-Christian, perpetually sexist, violent and pornographic Hollywood. Just skim the list of the majority of nominees and one is left with an overwhelming feeling: emptiness.”

“Django Unchained, with its graphic violence and 100 plus uses of the racially denigrating epithet, ‘nigger’, gets praise and nominations from the NAACP.  ‘Lincoln’, a powerful film of historical substance, completely eliminates the most potent influence in Lincoln’s ideology and evolution on slavery—Frederick Douglass. There’s no protest from the NAACP, just a nomination.”

“The nation’s oldest civil rights organization revels in a distorted reflection of who black Americans are, the struggles faced and the real world around us.  Though they will dress up their liberal causes in bright lights, filtered lenses and entertaining performances, the NAACP Image Awards worship a false image.”

Next, Ryan targeted the NAACP’s stance on abortion and their relationship with Planned Parenthood.  On that topic, Ryan wrote:

“The NAACP’s selective, and often feigned, outrage on a myriad of issues is befitting of a multiple personality disorder, with its stronger personality being one that embraces all things liberal, most things socialistic, and nothing pro-life.  They’ll beat the drums of economic, social and environmental ‘justice’ while over 360,000 black babies, annually, never get a chance at one of the few Constitutional rights that actually exist—the right to Life.”

“At a time when 72.3% of black children are born into homes without fathers and (in some places like Philadelphia) 50% of viable black pregnancies end in abortion one would think protecting future generations would become a national emergency for this historic organization. Single female-led homes are the norm in the black community. Children who grow up in these homes are 5 times more likely to live in poverty than those in two-parent married homes. Yet, these issues are non-existent on the organization’s website. And all the NAACP can do in regards to marriage is push gay marriage—hardly the solution to crumbling, impoverished families in our inner-cities.  What about equality for these beautiful children living without the economic, educational and emotional security of both a mother and a father?”

“The NAACP would rather sleep with Planned Parenthood, the urban staple and instigator of sexual irresponsibility, regardless of what people say. The affair has been going on for decades. The NAACP, despite denials, has publicly supported Planned Parenthood numerous times (here, here and here). It’s fought to prevent the abortion chain from being defunded while simultaneously fighting to ensure a massive influx of funding for its beloved ally (and annual convention sponsor) through Obamacare.”

To help get the word out, the Radiance Foundation erected billboards that identified the NAACP as the National Association for the Abortion of Colored People. The NAACP has not taken kindly to the attention Ryan and his foundation have been giving him.  They have threatened to sue him if he does not remove every reference to their name or any use of their seal from his website and billboards.

Ryan points out that many other organization and media outlets use the name (NAACP) and their seal when referring to the organization in their writings, blogs and press releases.  He also stands by what he wrote and says that every word is the truth.  In commenting about the potential lawsuit, Ryan said:

“They’re particularly irked by the fact that we have given them, satirically, the name of the ‘National Association for the Abortion of Colored People.  That has apparently pushed them over the line.”

“The issue is we’ve got the NAACP celebrating abortion.  In fact, their president, Julian Bond, praised the high abortion rates among black women. We’re talking about black children being aborted at rates of up to six times more than the majority population. In fact, in New York City — that’s where Julian Bond gave that address — more black babies are aborted than are born alive.”

If the NAACP follows through on their threat to sue, the Alliance Defending Freedom organization has stepped in to defend the Radiance Foundation and has already asked a judge to rule in Ryan’s favor.

So how can an organization sue one person for using their name and seal when everyone else does the same thing?   It seems they are trying to use the muscle of their huge organization to intimidate a much smaller organization for revealing the truth about them.  If they don’t like the truth to be told, then perhaps they need to change what they’re doing and stop supporting the mass murder of black babies and Planned Parenthood.  After all, he’s only trying to save black babies from being murdered and you would think an organization like the NAACP would be all for it, but they’re not.

Someone told me a long time ago that if the truth hurts, you need to take a good long look in the mirror and re-evaluate that truth about yourself.  I suggest the NAACP do the same and leave Ryan alone.