Milwaukee Sheriff Clark says Obama Admin’s Profiling Guidelines Mean Nothing to Him!

Conservatives across the country already love and respect Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke – who happens to be a Democrat – because of his vocal support of both the 2nd Amendment and of citizen’s right to defend themselves. Well, now they have another reason to love the guy. He is speaking out against the Obama administration’s DOJ Profiling guidelines.

Sheriff Clarke was on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel when he said this of the profiling guidelines.

“Those guidelines aren’t going to mean anything to me. He’s not in a position to tell local law enforcement anything about training or standards. That’s nothing more than a scurrilous charge. I’m not going to let him get away with it. I’m going to continue to push back on behalf of the men and women all across this country who go out and risk their lives in service to the community. The criminal element has to understand that pretty soon we’re going to have local law enforcement officers on their heels as they go out there and police and that these criminals realize that they’re going to be do[ing] whatever they want and that any time they get stopped by the police they’ll just yell ‘racial profiling.'”

Sheriff Clarke held nothing back in this interview at one point even saying of Attorney General Eric Holder “he’s got every officer in America painted as a racist.”

Sheriff Clarke also said that in his experience, police officers don’t ever have any racial axe to grind. “When we get complaints of such a thing I investigate it and guess what, Neil? Every complaint that I’ve ever gotten that suggests that an officer is out there making stops and making law enforcement decisions based solely on race, has turned [out] not to be true,” said Clarke.

It’s hard not to trust an African-American policeman with years of experience about something like that.