Liberals Sign Petition in Support of “White Privilege Tax”

If the headline has to do with some absolutely ridiculous petition that people are willingly signing, you can bet Mark Dice is involved somehow.

Granted, in this day and age, enforcing a “white privilege tax” wouldn’t be all that surprising. In fact, I’d be surprised if something similar hasn’t been introduced yet.

And I admit that I am going out on a limb in assuming that these are all liberals agreeing to sign the prank petition. But it’s a very short limb. What self-identifying conservative would think that it’s a good idea to enforce an additional 1% income tax on white people, just because they’re white?

Liberals are supposed to be the “anti-racists,” but many of them are racist in a much more acceptable and politically correct way. In other words, they hate white people. They think all white people are inherently racist and privileged.

The sooner whites come to terms with their own privilege and inherent racism, the sooner we’ll reach racial equality. And by “equality,” they mean special privileges shared among minority groups at the ever-increasing expense of white people. So, they don’t actually want equality. They want all white people in chains. As for white liberals, they’re exempt. They’re needed to teach at universities about white privilege.

For the time being, since we can’t just round up all the white people and put them in chains where they deserve, we can start by enforcing an additional small, 1% income tax on them, to help “level the playing field” and redistribute white wealth to minorities where it belongs. We can call it a “white privilege tax.”

I’ve seen enough of Dice’s videos to know not to be surprised by what people will agree to sign. Thankfully, there were a few people in this video who didn’t fall for it.