Enslave Yourselves On National Youth Enrollment Day!

While it is said that Valentine’s Day, February 14, is a holiday created by greeting-card companies to make money (and what’s wrong with that?), this past Saturday, February 15, was a strange new American holiday created by the propagandists in the White House in order for the government to make money (it’s not going to work, by the way).

It was called National Youth Enrollment Day and was another of the Obama administration’s attempts to energize America’s young and stupid.

“For weeks,” reads an article at Slate.com, “Obamacare advocates [had] been planning a final push to get young people covered, starting with [this past Saturday]. Hundreds of events across the country…[promoted] and serve[d] as one-stop-shops for the exchanges.”

Of course the website was down again; not due to being a horrible website, as was the case last October, but to scheduled maintenance. Seems that not only can’t the administration competently hire competent people to build a competent website, they can’t even competently coordinate their own schedules.

The state of the American government is so undignified and so completely backward that it tries to sell its citizens (and even the non-citizen colonizers) welfare. Buy, buy, buy, it says, consume our product, be it food stamps, Medicaid, Obamacare, or what have you. The American government is a drug-dealer whose product is not a pill, not a bag of coke, not a balloon of heroin, but entitlements.

Not just entitlements, but the sense of entitlement. “Drown your children in debt,” coaxes the American government, “so that you can achieve temporary comfort.”

National Youth Enrollment Day: a day on which the federal government tries to enslave as many young people as will fall for the tempting trap of being told with a slithering tongue, “You deserve this. You’re entitled to this. Now, take.”

I can’t say I’m surprised such a day was established in the United States. It should be an absurd notion that a first-world country would devise such patent propaganda, but this is the United States we’re talking about, after all, once a god among nations, now the court jester. We’ve long been a socialist country; still are, as Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean once excitedly proclaimed, with pockets of pseudo-capitalism allowed to survive, albeit barely.

The only thing that does surprise me about National Youth Enrollment Day is that its name, as ludicrous as it is, does not, as does the movie Airplane!, have an official exclamation point slapped after it to bring the comicality around full circle.