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Surprise! Unions Defending Planned Parenthood

PLanned Parenthood selling baby parts

With recent calls to defund Planned Parenthood after an official was caught on camera discussing how to harvest fetal organs, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka stepped up Friday to defend the group. “Calls to defund it based on doctored undercover recordings are

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California Unions Want Exemption from Wage Hike they Forced!

minimum wage 4

During a Los Angeles City Council hearing Friday, organized labor continued its push to have unionized companies exempt from a measure to raise the minimum wage to $15 by 2020. Last week the city council voted 14 to 1 on a

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President Obama and Union Allies Could Not Care Less about our Immigration Laws


President Barack Obama and his allies in the labor unions continue to show their complete disregard for our laws by pretending they don’t even exist. This week Democrat-allied labor unions began openly breaking our laws in an effort to grow

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Whoa! Republicans, Unions and Businesses All Agree on Labor Reform in Nevada!


t’s not often that businesses and unions agree on an issue, especially when it’s Republican-led reforms on collective bargaining. But in Nevada Monday, that is exactly what happened. “Obviously we’re looking to invest a lot more money in education this

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Obamacare Money being Used to Fund Union Recruitment!


Of course. Why wouldn’t our corrupt liberal federal government be shelling out our hard earned tax dollars to help recruit more people into the liberal supporting unions? It makes perfect sense. Today’s unions are a perfect example of what happens

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Obama SOTU Declares 'Workers Don't Need Choice'!


I’m sure the average American worker will be happy to learn that their President doesn’t think they need to have access to choice on “right to work” issues. All that American workers really need is a union to pay their

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Unions to Benefit Most from Obamacare


Surprise, surprise – guess who stands to gain the most from the detestable Obamacare law? Unions, of course.   President Obama’s executive amnesty for illegal immigrants could help unions with dwindling membership. Labor unions were supportive of the president’s move. “I

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Unions Want Minimum Wage Increases - As Long as they Are Exempt!

union label

Look, we already knew that most labor unions have become hypocritical shells of their former selves. The need for labor unions is mostly nonexistent in today’s labor force – which is why unions can afford to overwhelmingly support one party

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Joe Biden Cheers on Big Labor Unions... Again


While stumping for Minnesota Democratic Rep. Rick Nolan, Vice President Joe Biden took time out to promote organized labor. Biden promoted labor unions as being the reason there is a middle class and attacked conservatives for being out of touch

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Unions Endorsing Republican Candidates for Governor!


Midwest Republican Governor’s are getting surprising support from state Unions and it couldn’t come at a worse time for the national Democrat Party.  In Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker scored big endorsement when several state law enforcement unions chose to endorse

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Major Union Endorses Liberal "Independent" Candidate in Kansas Senate Race


The AFL-CIO is endorsing independent Senate candidate Greg Orman against Kansas Republican Sen. Pat Roberts, National Journal reported. The major national labor union hopes to give Orman a last-minute boost in his race against Roberts. While Orman is running in the

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Who Could Have Seen that Coming? Unions Endorse Democrat for Governor in Pennsylvania

union tom wolf

Unions are closing ranks behind Pennsylvania Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf ahead of November’s election. Local radio station WITF reports that four of Wolf’s top ten contributors this summer were labor unions, giving his campaign more than $1.4 million. Those

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