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Hot Air's Jazz Shaw Pens Ludicrous Piece Slamming Cruz for Supporting the Free Market

gas pump

I feel like the Ted Cruz police. Over the last month or so, a pattern has begun to form. Ted Cruz will say or do something, and Republicans will flip out, alleging that it’s not in line with what he

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The Gun Control Song Goes Viral!

gun ban

Several times over the last few months President Obama (and his cronies) have discussed his plans to pursue gun control by executive order during his last year in office. In response to these threats of fascism from the most thoroughly

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Bernie Sanders Trashes “Unregulated” Uber; Uses Uber All the Time Anyway


Self-proclaimed pinko communist Bernie Sanders trashed Uber a few months ago as being “unregulated” and having all the “serious problems” that come with it. They are, after all, an “illegitimate” taxi service that doesn’t pay all the fees that other

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Gun Sales Set Record High for 6th Month in a Row


Liberals always blame these spikes in gun sales on the NRA. They either think that the gun lobby is behind all the mass murders we’ve seen in recent years, or they blame the gun lobby for “politicizing” such events, all

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The Gloriously Slow Motion Implosion of Jeb Bush

jeb bush

John Greenleaf Whittier said that while “tradition wears a snowy beard, romance is always young.” Politics is an institution mired in tradition; procedures, rules, etiquette, and order are what Washington does best. This rigidity has led to a stagnant and

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Rubio Campaign Releases Brilliant “Back to the Future” Ad Knocking Hillary!


Marco Rubio (R-FL) campaign for president continues to brilliantly use his opponents’ words and actions against them. This time Rubio is capitalizing on the October 21, 2015 “Back to the Future” connection and reminding voters that both Joe Biden (not

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Prominent Liberal Physicist: GOP on the “Right Side” of Global Warming Debate


Freeman Dyson is a 91-year-old physicist who says he likes Obama and is “100% Democrat.” But where he parts ways with the President and the rest of the Democratic party is the subject of global warming. Or climate change. Or

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Gender Identity: Feds to Force School to Allow Boys in Girls’ Locker Rooms


The largest school district in Illinois is under fire from the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights division. A male student had filed a lawsuit against the school district with the aid of the ACLU last year after he

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Why Did Governor Cuomo Pay Government Employees to Attend a Global Warming Event?

man waving

The New York Post is reporting that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo paid state workers to attend a global warming event where he would be giving a speech: The workers said they left their jobs in the middle of the

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Anti-Gun Students Carry Dildos on Campus in Protest of New Bill Allowing Concealed Carry

concealed carry purse

What better way to get back at those gun nuts than to carry around sex toys on campus? That’ll really show’em. Recently, Texas Governor Greg Abbot signed legislation allowing concealed carry on college campuses. Obviously, this has ruffled some feathers,

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Video: Two Blacks Viciously Beat up White Woman Because She Was in the "Wrong Hood"


What this video lacks is context. All you see is the white woman exiting a convenience store somewhere in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and then getting pummeled and kicked in the head by a black man and woman. We don’t know what

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Obama’s Global Warming Trip to Alaska Will Emit 161 Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide

obama plane

Liberals are generally responding with something like, “Well, what else is he going to do, walk?” Why should anyone care that Air Force One will emit 161 metric tons of carbon dioxide during his trip to Alaska? I don’t think

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