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Video: Two Blacks Viciously Beat up White Woman Because She Was in the "Wrong Hood"


What this video lacks is context. All you see is the white woman exiting a convenience store somewhere in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and then getting pummeled and kicked in the head by a black man and woman. We don’t know what

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Obama’s Global Warming Trip to Alaska Will Emit 161 Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide

obama plane

Liberals are generally responding with something like, “Well, what else is he going to do, walk?” Why should anyone care that Air Force One will emit 161 metric tons of carbon dioxide during his trip to Alaska? I don’t think

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Kelly Osbourne Tries to Insult Donald Trump … The Result is a Glorious Train Wreck

Kelly Osbourne

People should stop trying to out-trump Donald Trump. It’s basically not possible. First off, Trump is willing to say wilder, more controversial things than you are. Second, he won’t be as embarrassed as you will be when he watches himself

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Sarah Palin Apologizes to Conservatives for Losing in 2008

Sarah Palin

Nothing about the Republicans loss to Barack Obama in 2008 was Sarah Palin’s fault. In fact, I would be willing to bet that it was only because of Sarah Palin and her exciting personality that the GOP had any shot

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Republican takes on CNN Hosts over Race Baiters in Ferguson

ron christie

Republican political strategist Ron Christie was on CNN debating hosts Don Lemon and LZ Granderson about who exactly was “agitating” for racial violence in Ferguson, Missouri. Needless to say, there were some sharp disagreements between the three with Christie focusing

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Weather Channel Founder Demolishes Global Warming on CNN!

global warming meltdown

John Coleman, respected scientist and founder of the Weather Channel, has been making the rounds in the media of late and boy has he been causing a stir. In his most recent media stop on CNN, he took the time

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Global Warming Hysteria is Tearing the World Apart

global warming meltdown

A new battle line has been drawn in international politics. It’s not capitalism versus statism, nor is it Islam versus the West. The new global political divide has been created over fears of catastrophic global warming. Groups like the United

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RFK, Jr. Won’t Give up his Car or Cell Phone for Global Warming; Everyone Else Should Though


You can find out just how much people, like RFK, Jr., actually believe something by looking at their personal habits and comparing them to what their mouths proclaim. Oftentimes, those with the biggest mouth lead lives that are diametrically opposed

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Ferguson Mayor: Many Looters were Out-of-Towners


The riots that have taken place in Ferguson, Missouri were allegedly the result of a cop shooting and killing an unarmed black teen. Though it certainly wouldn’t surprise me to find out that the incident was yet another case of

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An Inconvenient Correlation: Homosexuality and Disease

white house homosexuality AIDS

Leftists are really good at making correlations and ascribing causation when it fits their agenda. Correlation is in fact a very sticky concept. Consider that, from the data, one could make a very good case that there is a correlation

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Infiltration: How the Feds Discredit and Destroy Perceived Enemies

mole infiltration

The federal government has gotten very good at infiltrating the various organizations that have formed in opposition to big government. This is not some shadow occurrence anymore. Even the mainstream media is apparently willing to report on federal infiltration: Militia

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I Might Be Eating Lunch With Michelle Obama

michell obama hawaii

I received an email from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), which is paying for airfare for two to San Francisco (naturally), a hotel, and a lunch with First Lady Michelle Obama as she visits the area to attend what

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