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The Interview, The Hack, The Commies, and The “Cave”


It’s kind of a strange day when a comedy vehicle piloted by the stars of stoner movie Pineapple Express is at the center of an international cyber-terror debacle highlighting the strange intersection of government coercion, freedom and national security, the

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Ted Cruz Decries Global Terrorism

ted cruz speaking floor

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) took to the web to denounce global terrorism after the attacks in Sydney, Australia and in Pakistan. The religion of Islam and the evil tribes that carry its jihad around the world continue to do their

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The Lie Called Islamophobia

islamist protestors beheading

Islamophobia was invented to silence you. “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” – Winston Churchill Rarely is a statement more apropos than the above quote by Winston Churchill,

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Australia’s Surprising Response to Muslim Terrorism … #illridewithyou


Anyone who has been paying attention knows how I feel about Islam. I think orthodox Islam naturally generates terrorists. I would not call Islamic terrorists “isolated radicals” or “extremists” because I think that implies that mainstream, orthodox Islam does not

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The Reverend Franklin Graham Calls Islam “A Religion of War”!

Franklin Graham

The Reverend Franklin Graham now leads the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) and has become an outspoken defender of the weak and criticizer of the powerful. He recently spoke with the London based magazine Christian Today when he made some

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Reporter Wonders how White has "Moral Authority" when Using Drones

Nobel drone 2

Ouch. The Obama administration came down on the side of Senate Democrats when they released the so called “torture report,” that sought to bring shame down upon our intelligence agencies (specifically the CIA). The Democrats feigned outrage at the methods

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ISIS to Sell Foley’s Corpse to Mourning Family for $1 Million


Is this a joke? It doesn’t seem possible that this is for real. Was this story concocted by the enemies of ISIS to make them look like monsters? Because I just don’t want to believe any human beings are actually

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The Difference Between Islam and Christian Extremism

crusades christian extremism

A recent article in ThinkProgress (yes, I read ThinkProgress occasionally) uncovers the little known and horrifying truth: Christians can also be religious extremists! Horror of horrors! Ban Christianity yesterday! According to the, typically, daft author of this boilerplate inflammatory exposé:

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ISIS Holds a Job Fair - Only Monsters Need Apply

armed ISIS

In another episode of “evidence we live in a screwed up world” the terrorist group known as ISIS wants everyone to know that they are HIRING. What may become known as the world’s most disgusting job fair kicked off with

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Is ISIS the Second Coming of the Umayyad Caliphate?

Umayyad 750AD

You probably haven’t heard of the Umayyad Caliphate, which in itself is a testimony to the effectiveness of its defeat. But there was a time when the Islamic Umayyad armies had taken over a huge swath of the ancient world,

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U.S. Weapons Ending up in ISIS Hands

armed ISIS

The weapons that we donated to the Iraqi forces have already somehow ended up in the hands of militant Islamic (is that a redundancy?) groups. Liberals are weird. On one hand, they’ll enact and push for ridiculously stringent gun laws

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Reverend Tries To Compare Radical Islam to Christianity

islamist protestors beheading

Radical Islam is far more pervasive in Islam than defenders want to admit. “The truth is that ISIS is to Islam what the KKK is to Christianity. It is long past time for those Christians so busy beating up Muslims

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