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Et Tu Charlie? Do French Homophobes Get Free Speech Protection? Nope.

twitter homophobes

After the controversial magazine Charlie Hebdo was targeted by Muslim terrorists, all of France (and most of the world) got together to champion free speech, even of the most inflammatory, controversial variety. Following such an outpouring, France has made a

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French Police Call for More Numerous and Powerful Guns

firefight France

Reality and liberal political theory are always at odds with each other. The theory goes, “the fewer guns we allow in society, the safer that society will be.” I don’t even think that can qualify as a theory. A fantasy,

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Charlie Hebdo Editor – When You Blur our Cartoon, You “Blur Out Democracy”

je suis charlie

The newly minted Editor-in-Chief at Charlie Hebdo – the French satirical magazine that was recently attacked by Islamic terrorists, resulting in the death of 12 innocent Parisians – was on NBC’s Meet the Press with Chuck Todd on Sunday to

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Violence From Radical Islamists No Different Than Others?


Muslim Congressman Says That Violence From Radical Islamists is No Different Than Violence From Christians & Jews. The Nizkor Project states that a Red Herring “is a fallacy in which an irrelevant topic is presented in order to divert attention

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French Ambassador says France is at War with Radical Islam

islam radical 2

The French Ambassador had some tough words for France’s enemies – they won’t be bending to “radical Islam.” It’s tough talk from a people who are usually reticent for battle but the most recent attacks at Charlie Hebdo may have changed

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Josh Earnest: “Terrorism,” Not “Radical Islamic Terrorism”

Josh Earnest

Ruling class insists no terrorism is Islamic and no Islamism is terrorism. Everyone’s deathly afraid of offending adherents of non-Christian religions. They won’t hesitate to tie domestic racist and (ostensibly) terrorist organizations to Christianity. But if it’s any other religion,

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GOP Push to Keep Guantanamo Bay Open


A group of Republicans, led by Sen. Kelly Ayotte, is striking back against the Obama administration by introducing a bill to prevent President Obama from emptying Guantanamo Bay and sending prisoners to Yemen. “Now is not the time to be

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Central Command Social Media Accounts Hacked by ISIS

central command cyber terrorism

In what is being called an act of “cyber-vandalism,” US Central Command had their Twitter and YouTube accounts hacked by apparent ISIS sympathizers, the CyberCaliphate: Hackers claiming allegiance to the Islamic State took control of the social media accounts of

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Should We Declassify the Redacted 9/11 Report Pages?

911 Report Declassify

Recently, House Resolution 14 has been forwarded to declassify about 28 redacted pages of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s 9/11 Report: Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC), Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA) and former Sen. Bob Graham (D-FL) met on January 7 with families

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Obama Stands with France, but only Metaphorically

Barack Obama

Obama was quick to say he stands with France, but when the opportunity presented itself, he was a no-show. “It’s a deep and all but certain truth about narcissistic personalities that to meet them is to love them, but to

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In Paris a Muslim Man Plays Hero during Terrorist Attack

Lassana Bathily

One of the unsung heroes after Friday’s hostage crisis at a kosher supermarket in eastern Paris was a Muslim employee, who hid shoppers in a basement walk-in freezer while desperate Muslim terrorists fired shots and seized hostages just upstairs. Lassana

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Bill Maher Slams Liberals for Defending Islam

bill maher

Bill Maher was a guest on the jimmy Kimmel show on Wednesday night – which was propitious considering the way things had just unfolded in Paris. Maher has been attacked on numerous occasions for his candor on Islam and the

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