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High Tax Rates Hurting Competitive Balance in Sports?


According to a new study high tax rates seem to be impacting the competitive balance in the National Hockey League. The study shows that most of the NHL free agents chose to move to teams in locations with lower taxes

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Obama Promotes $7/Gallon Gas to Fight Global Warming

obama wink

Fight global warming by oppressing the poor! On Friday, Obama was in Burma touting a plan to fight global warming by charging more for gas. You’d think that this “advocate for the poor” that Democrats like Obama think themselves to

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Will the Internet Stay Tax Free?

internet tax

Are your days of tax free shopping on the internet over? It all depends on who wins the battle on Capitol Hill! The fight between pro-tax and anti-tax groups is hot and heavy and the prize is cheaper products that can

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It Costs Billions of Dollars to Collect Taxes!

IRS agent

A breakdown of our tax system and the way our taxes are collected brings to light some pretty spectacular horrors. Particularly the fact that it costs our government BILLIONS of dollars just to collect taxes. Imagine if we rid ourselves

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IRS Winning Against the Tea Party

IRS Tea Party

The first two lawsuits against the IRS brought by suppressed Tea Party organizations have been decided. In favor of the IRS. The method of the Taxman’s victory? Finally give the Tea Party groups tax-exempt status: Judge Reggie Walton of the

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Economists Recommend a Tax Rate of 90% on 1 Percenters?

money bags 1 percenters

Some economists are recommending that the federal government raise marginal tax rates to 90% on 1 percenters, the 1% of Americans who make hugely “unequal” sums of money a year. Marginal tax rates are taxes on amounts above a certain

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Government to Use IRS to Gag Churches


There are ways the tax code can be used to gag churches despite the First Amendment. “I sit on a man’s back, choking him and making him carry me, and yet assure myself and others that I am very sorry

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UN Moving Toward International Tobacco Tax

no smoking tobacco

People like to think that moral events can be isolated. They think somehow that the abortion holocaust has only to do with unborn babies and doesn’t relate to sexual morality, worker demographics, and racial tension (among other things). And they

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Uh-oh Democrats Find New Way to Tax Us - the Internet

harry reid

Yet another reason that the American voters should give Republicans control of the Senate in 2014… Internet Taxes. Senatory Harry Reid (D-NV) and his Democrat partners want to make sure that the Internet Tax Freedom Act dies in December. Democrats

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National Forest Service to Fine Unlicensed Photography

national forest service

The National Forest Service announced recently that it is considering regulations to restrict the photography of “government-owned” natural beauty to those photographers who have paid a $1500 registration fee. Unregistered photographers could be fined by the National Forest Service: If

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Why is the Middle Class Evaporating?

Middle Class

If you listen to leftists and big-government stooges, the middle class is evaporating because of low minimum wage, greedy corporations, and tax-breaks for the rich. Which would indicate that, in order to grow the middle class, the civil government needs

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The United States 32nd in the World on Business Taxes

business taxes

Number 32. That’s our global rank for business taxes. Yep. The largest economy in the world comes in at an unspectacular number 32 when it comes to how we tax our businesses. But it’s far worse than it sounds. There

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