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Obama Tells Donald Trump: "America is Winning Right Now; America's Great Right Now"

trump and obama

President Obama doesn’t appreciate the tone, tenor or implications of Donald Trump’s run for the Presidency and he willingly said as much in a recent speech. Speaking to a gathered group of important CEO’s at this year’s Business Roundtable the

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Feds Rake in Record $2.8 Trillion in Taxes

Obama money

The left often pays lip service to fiscal conservatives and pretends to care about the national debt and deficit. While conservatives generally say that part of the solution is to cut spending, liberals say that we don’t have a spending

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Taxpayers are Leaving New York in Droves


It was reported recently by Americans for Tax Reform that taxpayers are overwhelmingly leaving Democrat-controlled states and moving to Republican-controlled states. New York was the biggest loser when it came to its taxpaying population. Liberals like high taxes, because they

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Seattle Moves Forward with "Gun Violence Tax" on all Guns and Ammo

revolver tied

Seattle city council president Tim Burgess’ proposed ordinance that the city impose a $25 tax on all firearms and a 5-cent tax on every round of ammo will move forward. The revenues from this “gun violence tax,” as they’re calling

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Planned Parenthood Pleads with Media: Please Don’t Air Anymore Undercover Videos!

harvesting organs

Planned Parenthood’s excuse is that airing these undercover videos filmed by the Center for Medical Progress constitutes an egregious patient privacy violation. They’re so concerned that a patient or a dead baby in the video’s background might be seen on

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If Liberals Rewrote the 16th Amendment: Taxes

Uncle Sam Local Taxes

Continuing my series on liberal rewrites of the Constitution, I’ve decided to take a look at taxes in the form of the 16th Amendment. It seems only fitting now that Bernie Sanders is in the race. Although every Democrat is

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Obama: IRS Targeting Scandal Never Existed

obama dry tears

IRS targeting is not the problem, he says. The IRS’ lack of money is the problem. According to the Democrats, the scandal where the IRS targeted non-profit conservative, tea party groups for special scrutiny never existed. In fact, if there

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Do We Need A Gas Tax Hike to Repair Our Aging Infrastructure?


Democrats in most states are calling for a gas tax hike in order to pay for road repairs and construction. Most Republicans resist any new taxes out of hand, but even they don’t now how to fund infrastructure repairs and

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Oregon Rolls Out First Pay-Per-Mile Tax

oregon welcomes you

Oregon Democrat Representative Earl Blumenauer is one of 5,000 volunteers to try out the state’s new pay-per-mile tax program. Oregon is also the first state in the nation to roll out such a program. Even though the media and politicians

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Are We Witnessing the End of the Church’s Tax-Exempt Status?

church tax-exempt

For all the talk of separation of church and state, it seems most people don’t understand that concept cuts both ways. Most people think it means that the church should have no influence on the state, not vice versa. And in

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Why It's Time for Churches to Give Up Their 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Status

Photo of a Collection Plate

Mark Oppenheimer of Time wrote a piece that’s caused great consternation among conservatives regarding churches giving up their 501(c)3 tax-exempt status. In the piece, he argues: “Rather than try to rescue tax-exempt status for organizations that dissent from settled public

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Oregon Rolls Out Test Pay-Per-Mile Tax Program


Environmental lobbyists want everyone to buy electric and hybrid cars, supposedly because they’re greener and cleaner. But what happens when more and more people buy those types of vehicles? Tax revenues, especially from gas taxes, start to dwindle. Politicians on

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