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Taxes Force Businesses Overseas


Our business friendly climate made our country great. We became the world’s lone superpower thanks mainly to our dynamic and flexible economy… and that economy was born out of a low tax, low regulation society. But times they-are-a-changing… Today businesses

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“Anti-Capitalist” Filmmaker Michael Moore Owns Nine Homes

Michael Moore

I’m so sick of these hypocrites. Michael Moore says he hates capitalism. He’s apparently for income equality. He opposes the two-facedness of American politics and religion. But Michael Moore has gotten rich off of his anti-capitalistic message. Like many leftists,

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Video: New York Cops Choke Asthmatic to Death for Selling Untaxed Cigarettes

police kill

Eric Garner was a 400-pound man with several ailments, including asthma, which made it difficult for him to find work. Being a father of six, he had to find other ways to make money, which apparently included selling untaxed cigarettes.

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House Cuts IRS Tax Enforcement Budget

IRS tax enforcement

The IRS received a blow today as the Republican-controlled house cut the budget for tax enforcement by over $1 billion—nearly 25%. Most of me is very happy about this, since the IRS is really lame and everyone knows it. But

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Why Tax Breaks Aren’t Enough

Tax Breaks Not Enough

Since the Reagan days, conservatives have regularly emphasized how beneficial tax breaks are for the economy. And don’t get me wrong, I’m all for cutting taxes. But what many people don’t get is that the beloved Reaganomics were heavily weighted toward

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1 Million Americans to Get Huge Tax Bill Due to Wrong Obamacare Subsidies

tax bills

There is still a lot of question about how many people actually enrolled in Obamacare and have paid their first premium. Obama claims 8 million when other sources place the number between 5-6 million and that may even be too

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EPA Official Looked at Porn on Government Computer “2 to 6 Hours a Day”; Still on the Payroll

hands laptop

When I heard this news reported on the radio the other day, the announcer acted like everyone should be shocked to hear it. But it’s nothing new. Apparently, some EPA employee habitually viewed pornography on his office computer, anywhere from

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California Proposes VMT Tax to Make Drivers Pay By the Mile

California VMT

It was the next logical step, I guess. The California state government, which has been teetering in and out of bankruptcy for quite a few years now, had seen its gasoline tax revenue start to dry up. Because people in

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Liberal Philosophy 101: The Rich Are Evil, The Poor Are Righteous

income inequality

“Of mankind we may say in general they are fickle, hypocritical, and greedy of gain.” – Niccolo Machiavelli The nature of politics is gross. It has about it the beauty of progress, but within it lies the rot of week-old

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The End Result Of Tax & Spend Philosophy

money flying

“A civilization must be judged by its standards, not by its expenditure.” – Amit Kalantri We are not a society which values means, but rather one that values ends. With that perspective, we can sometimes get lost. To achieve satisfactory

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Another Liberal Lie About High Taxes from Paul Krugman

krugman aliens

“Consider the question of tax rates on the wealthy. The modern American right, and much of the alleged center, is obsessed with the notion that low tax rates at the top are essential to growth…Yet in the 1950s incomes in

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