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Obama Asks Congress to Allow Pot in DC

DC marijuana referendum

Obama loves states’ rights. Except for when he doesn’t. But when it comes to pot, Obama wants Congress to remove a rider overturning the effective legalization of pot in DC. Press secretary Josh Earnest said that the president generally backed

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Political Affiliation of the Best- and Worst-Run States

illinois worst-run state

24/7 Wall Street just released its report on the best and worst-run states in the US. They determined this, as you would imagine, based mostly on economics. Their methodology, in a nutshell: To determine the best- and worst-run states, 24/7

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Uncle Thomas, Affirmative Action, and the Recent SCOTUS Decision

Clarence Thomas

Recently, the Supreme Court decided to uphold Michigan’s ban of affirmative action as it applies to college applicants. In other words, the Supreme Court said that Michigan was allowed to look at college applicants entirely on merit, with no consideration

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Harry Reid Calls Bundy Supporters Domestic Terrorists

Harry Reid speaks to reporters in the Capitol in Washington

You may hate Harry Reid. But at least the guy states his opinion. So, if you were wondering what big-government robots really think of Cliven Bundy and those that supported him, look no further than Harry Reid. He says they’re

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Poll: 62% Of Georgians Support Decriminalization Of Marijuana

marijuana handcuffs

I don’t look at marijuana the same way as I do homosexual “marriage” or abortion. When I see the widespread acceptance of homosexuality and the murder of unborn babies, I see a culture in a downward spiral and these things

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Marijuana Laws Expose Double Standard on States’ Rights

diana degette

Representative Diana DeGette1 of Colorado (D) sent out an email recently praising the rollout of marijuana legalization in Colorado and asking for support to deflect federal tampering with the state’s will. In her email, she wrote: . . . We can’t

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South Carolina Poised to Nullify Obamacare


South Carolina’s got an Obamacare nullification bill that’s about to be voted on in the State Senate next month. It passed the State House easily, and it’s expected to be signed by the state’s Governor Nikki Haley, assuming it passes

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Third Of Texas Abortion Clinics To Close Due To Court Upholding New State Law


Reports of women dying or nearly dying from botched abortion procedures have been surfacing in what should be alarming numbers.  In some of those cases, the patients died because the doctor at the abortion clinic did not have admitting privileges

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Liberalism Is A House Without Walls

house collapse

Wendell Willkie said: “It is from weakness that people reach for dictators and concentrated government power. Only the strong can be free. And only the productive can be strong.” The federal government is like a house; it is built upon

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DOD Training Manual Calls Founding Fathers "Extremists"

Uncle Sam terrorists

“That these are our grievances which we have thus laid before his majesty, with that freedom of language and sentiment which becomes a free people claiming their rights as derived from the laws of nature, and not as the gift

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Supreme Court Tells Arizona To Ask Obama’s Permission

arizona court

The States of Texas can require “proof of citizenship” to apply for or renew your drivers license, but Arizona cannot ask for “proof of citizenship” to register to vote. Yes, I know it sounds as confusing at it is maddening.

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Same-Sex “Marriage”: Why The GOP Is Dead

log cabin repub

Obviously, there is a push right now that is gaining ground to get the state to say that 1. There is such a thing as “same sex marriage,” and 2. It should be legal. It is pretty fascinating how anti-sodomy

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