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Openly Gay Football Players: What's Important?

“The sensitivity of men to small matters, and their indifference to great ones, indicates a strange inversion.” – Blaise Pascal Perspective is necessary if we are to remain sane in this increasingly small world in which we live. I say

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Deflategate: An Under Inflated Story

under inflated

Full disclosure: I watch football occasionally. Apparently everyone and his mother has an opinion on the latest pseudo-scandal to warrant the over-used “-gate” suffix: #deflategate. The New England Patriots apparently underinflated 11 of 12 game balls in their playoff victory

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Is the Tallahassee Police Department Giving FSU Players a Free Pass?

Tallahassee Police Department Criminoles

A recent blog article by Michael Bigham, a veteran ex-cop, accuses the Tallahassee Police Department of “going easy” on FSU football players, to the point of willful corruption. Citing numerous cases over the course of the last few years—including sexual

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Should Cities Buy Sports Teams Instead of Building their Stadiums?

Miami Marlins

As more and more professional sports franchises push their host cities to pay for their new stadiums – we may soon see a shift in local priorities with how they spend their money. Could this lead to cities buying teams

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High Tax Rates Hurting Competitive Balance in Sports?


According to a new study high tax rates seem to be impacting the competitive balance in the National Hockey League. The study shows that most of the NHL free agents chose to move to teams in locations with lower taxes

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Atheists Outraged Over School Football Team's Baptism


Atheists with the Freedom From Religion Foundation are outraged that a school football team coach allowed some of his team players to be baptized. No one would have said anything, and no cared about the baptisms until a “concerned citizen”

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Indian Reservation High School Proud of Their Redskins Mascot

red mesa redskins

Over the years I’ve noticed that most people that go around crying racial bias, discrimination and politically incorrect are the most racist and biased of all. They seem to search for issues that they can complain about. After all, people

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NFL Player Husain Abdullah Penalized for Muslim Tebowing

Abdullah and tebow

Muslim NFL player Husain Abdullah of the Kansas City Chiefs (Gasp! That name is probably not PC) was penalized Monday night for unsportsmanlike conduct when he dropped to his knees and laid his head down in the posture of Muslim

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RGIII Forbidden by NFL to Wear Jesus Shirt in Press Conference

RGIII Know Jesus

RGIII (aka Robert Griffin III), the quarterback for the Redskins, was wearing a “Know Jesus, Know Peace” t-shirt before a press conference when an NFL rep said that was not allowed. So RGIII, to avoid a fine and a conflict,

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NCAA May Soon be Paying their Players


The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) voted Thursday to significantly expand the autonomy of its most powerful conferences, a move that could pave the way for players to be paid directly for the first time. Under a series of rules

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Tony Dungy Vilified for Completely Accurate Assessment of Gay Player

dungy sam

Recently, beloved NFL Coach and respected broadcaster Tony Dungy was asked for his opinion about the St. Louis Rams decision to draft the first openly gay football player, Michael Sam. Dungy, who is universally respected for his intellect and character

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Washington Redskins Being Bullied to Change Name

redskins logo

The U.S. Patent Office, which recently attended to the important work of granting Amazon it’s “subject on a white background” photography patent, recently re-affirmed its indispensability by suspending the trademarked name of the Washington Redskins. According to the Patent Office,

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