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Evolutionists Continue Their War on Science

Evolutionists attack soft tissue science

Evolutionists have carefully manicured a grand pretense that most Americans rarely question: that the materialists in white lab coats are dedicated to neutrally observing the evidence and the facts without any ideological or religious prejudices to cloud their clear judgment.

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Scientist Finds Dino Soft Tissue Then Fired for Religious Views


The world of academia claims to be all about promoting intellectual curiosity, research, thinking outside the box and the freedom to question the norm. If you believe that you are naïve to say the least. When I attended Arizona State

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New Dating Site Uses DNA to Make Matches


A new dating site, SingldOut, is using DNA samples from subscribers to create “genetic matches”: The two markers tested for are the serotonin uptake controller, which is involved in how people handle positive and negative emotions. The second marker tested

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Recent Study Said Children of Gay Parents Fared Better – Not so Fast

gay parents

The media has been having a field day with the results of a recent study that claimed that children raised by gay couples seemed to fare better than those raised in traditional heterosexual households. The study seemed to be a

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Reality vs. Computer Models: Global Warmists Still Hold Fast to their Fixed Ideology

gore winter

It takes a considerable amount of faith to believe in global warming. Especially when it’s shown that most of the political, media and even some of the scientific establishment have to engage in begging the question so that they and

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Global Warming Causing Antarctic Sea Ice to Grow

arctic sea ice

The Earth continues to heat up at such a cataclysmic rate that Antarctic sea ice is growing. Here’s the Daily Caller: Government scientists are not only blaming global warming for the centuries-long collapse of western Antarctic ice sheets, but global

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The Majority of Americans Don’t Believe in Global Warming

stop global warming

No matter how hard the liberals and their allies in the media try, they are just not finding a gullible audience in the American people. For the last 20 years they’ve been trying to convince us that we should be

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Physics Professor Offers $10,000 Reward to Anyone who can “Disprove” Manmade Global Warming

causing heat

This is sort of like asking an Atheist to disprove the existence of God. The “new” Atheists of today are quick to point out that they’ve never held that they can prove that God doesn’t exist. They argue that there

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“Global Warming”: The US has Been Cooling Since the Thirties

stop global warming

It’s no secret that global warming exists only in liberal imaginations and fantastical Hollywood productions like The Day After Tomorrow. Despite the dearth of evidence – apart from popular movies – liberals still latch on to hysterical and profitable environmental

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Evolutionists: Man Learned Language from Lower Animals

Aping the Ape language

Oh my. It honestly boggles my mind just how stupid some theories are. Once you adopt the macro-evolutionary model, I guess you have no choice but to occasionally go full retard. Here’s a prime (or should I say “primate”?) example:

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Scientists Admit Their Dwindling Polar Bear Numbers Were Made Up

marooned polar bear

Apocalyptic global temperature increases haven’t been the only thing made up to scare people into accepting global warming hysteria. Polar bears have been used throughout the years to tug at people’s heartstrings to convince them that we’ve got to do

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Michelle Obama: GOP Is Anti-Science for Allowing Women to Buy Potatoes

michelle obama lets move

Michelle Obama warned readers in an an op-ed for The New York Times on Wednesday that, “Right now, the House of Representatives is considering a bill to override science by mandating that white potatoes be included on the list of

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