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Creationist Finds Fossils, Fails to See Irony

Fish fossils creationist

The Washington Post recently published an article about a creationist, Edgar Nernberg, who recently found a few fish fossils. The author apparently thought this fact—a creationist finding fossils—held some deep irony. The title of the piece was “Whoops! A creationist

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Obama Warns About Global Warming-Induced Extreme Weather; No Major Hurricane in Almost a Decade

hurricane image

This is another one of those things that baffles scientists. They all know that burning fossil fuels causes global warming, and that global warming causes more extreme and frequent weather patterns. But in the same way we’ve experienced an inexplicable

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Bill Nye: Questioning Manmade Global Warming Theory is Unconstitutional

Bill Nye

Bill Nye isn’t a scientist, but he plays one on TV. In the same way, he’s not a Constitutional scholar, but he recently played one in a Vox interview. The thing is, you don’t have to be a Constitutional scholar

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Study: Global Warming Part of Natural Variations

weather system

Here’s a study showing what we already knew, but one that liberals will claim is either doctored or not telling the whole story. Of course, that very well could be true, but they’d only think it was falsified because its

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White House: Global Warming the Cause of Poverty, Terrorism, and Allergies

global warming asthma

The White House is declaring that the reason we have poverty in the world, terrorism, and even dry, itchy eyes and noses is that the planet is experiencing global warming that’s been caused by conservatives and the evil Koch brothers.

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Lawyer: Same-Sex Couples Have "Right to Reproduce"

lawyer for lgbt

Homosexual couples might have a right to reproduce about as much as they have a right to grow wings and fly to the moon. Someone needs to inform this attorney that homosexual couples, despite their presumed “rights,” cannot reproduce. They

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Study: Global Warming not Progressing Nearly as Much as Alarmists Want

climate science cartoon

Global warming is not really progressing much, because it’s not really happening. The planet goes through warming and cooling cycles of course, but those cycles have nothing to do with people’s energy source of choice. This makes it very difficult

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Bill Nye Flies Around in Giant 747 on Earth Day to #ActOnClimate

jet pollution

What better way is there to help save the planet from carbon-induced global warming than by flying around in a giant 747? Apparently, Bill Nye – that guy who’s not a scientist, but plays one on TV – was excited

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Judith Curry Addresses the Wicked Problem of Climate Change

emission reduction wicked problem

Judith Curry is a scientist who has been hard at work unraveling what she calls the wicked problem of climate change. In this particular case, she doesn’t use the word wicked in a moral sense, though her detractors almost always

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In the 70s, Climate Scientists Warned of Ice Age Caused by Burning Fossil Fuels

ice age statue of liberty

It’s common knowledge that back in the 70’s, scientists were warning of the coming ice age. But perhaps less commonly known is the catalyst that those scientists were claiming would ignite that ice age. Hint:  it’s the same excuse that

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A 1000-Year-Old Anti-Bacterial Recipe is Reopening the Battle of the Books

battle of the books

The antibiotic-resistant super bacteria known as MRSA have met their match in a 1000-year-old home remedy reconstructed from a recipe in the Anglo-Saxon tome Bald’s Leechbook: Scientists recreated a 9th Century Anglo-Saxon remedy using onion, garlic and part of a

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BBC: Global Warming Documentary “Very Balanced” Because “No Skeptic Voice”

polar bears on ice

A BBC presenter argued that the documentary entitled “Climate Change:  The Inconvenient Facts,” which attempts to explain global warming anomalies, is very balanced, because the presentation doesn’t feature any skeptic voice. Excuse me, but isn’t that the definition of unbalanced

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