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Obama Will be Greeted by Global Warming-Induced Snow in Alaska

alaska snow

Not only is Obama’s trip to Alaska going to emit more than 161 metric tons of carbon dioxide from Air Force One that’s supposedly contributing to global warming, Obama will be greeted by snowfall as he continues to try to

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Are Most Psychology Experiments Junk Science?

junk science experiments

A recent study attempted to replicate the findings of one hundred journal-published, peer-reviewed psychology experiments. The results were overwhelmingly underwhelming: All of the experiments the scientists repeated appeared in top ranking journals in 2008 and fell into two broad categories,

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EPA Administrator: Global Warming Affects Everything and Everyone We Love

Gina McCarthy 2

Not only does global warming affect “everything and everyone we love,” it also affects our ability to earn a decent living, according to EPA administrator Gina McCarthy who’s been in the news quite frequently of late ever since her agency

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Our Nuremberg: Nazi Medical Research and Planned Parenthood

Nazi Planned Parenthood

I know we’re not supposed to make comparisons between the Nazis and anyone else. Godwin’s Law and all that. I get it. But in this case, I think the comparison needs to be made because the ethical dilemma is quite

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Former Clinton Advisor says New Planet is "Bad News" for God

Earth and Kepler 186F

Why, oh why are liberal anti-God atheists always so smug and unlikable? Exhibit A below…   NASA’s recent announcement that it has discovered an “Earth-like” planet orbiting a nearby start is “bad news for God,” according to a recent article in

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Obama: IRS Targeting Scandal Never Existed

obama dry tears

IRS targeting is not the problem, he says. The IRS’ lack of money is the problem. According to the Democrats, the scandal where the IRS targeted non-profit conservative, tea party groups for special scrutiny never existed. In fact, if there

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Global Warming Expedition Postponed Because of Too Much Ice

ice cutter

A 115-day expedition was planned in order to study manmade global warming and the resulting melting Arctic sea ice, but it had to be postponed, because there was too much ice. At least they didn’t go ahead with the trip

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NASA’s New Horizons Probe Shoots Past Pluto

new horizons pluto-hires

I know it’s not a planet anymore, but Pluto is still worth checking out. At least NASA thinks so. The New Horizons probe launched in January of 2006, with the goal of collecting photos and data from Pluto and beyond.

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Scientists Again Warn of Coming Ice Age

ice age

In the 70’s, disco and the coming ice age were all the rage. In the 90’s and 2000’s, it was global warming. Now, we’re apparently back to the coming ice age. When are they going to make up their mind?

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Poll: Most U.S. Latinos Believe in Manmade Global Warming

gulf florida

When I first read the headline, I thought it made sense, because most Latinos listen to, support and vote Democrat. Naturally, they’re going to believe in the talking points that Democrats peddle, including their mantra about “climate change” and how

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NOAA: No Major Hurricane Seen in U.S. for Last 10 Years


Even NOAA is setting the record straight about major hurricanes (or the lack thereof) in the U.S. While we have seen hurricanes, we haven’t seen any major hurricanes, which are defined as category 3 or above, for the last decade,

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EPA Administrator: “Normal People” Will Win Global Warming Debate, not “Climate Deniers”

epa admin

Normal is a four-letter word these days. The moment you say that someone or something is normal or not normal, you’re offending some protected class of people. If you say that same-sex marriage is not normal, you’re a hate-filled, judgmental

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