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2014 the Hottest Year on Record?

hot weather

Global warming alarmists are sounding the trumpets of victory, because 2014 is going to be the hottest year on record. Or so they say. It all depends on which dataset you use. And which dataset you use is determined by

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Beaver Gas to Blame for Global Warming


It’s actually not beaver flatulence per se, although I’m sure they’d say that contributes a little as well. It’s actually the methane that’s apparently generated at the bottom of standing water ponds created by beaver dams that ends up being

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To Explain Evolution, You Need More Time

Bill Nye evolution

Bill Nye recently explained “evolution” in two minutes, using emoji. The video is humorous on a few levels. For one, Bill Nye is actually charming. For another, explaining a purportedly billions-of-years process in two minutes (with the extra triviality factor

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NOAA Study: California Drought has Nothing to do with Global Warming


Scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have released a report contending that the California drought is simply a natural occurrence and not something that’s been the result of or even exacerbated by manmade global warming. USA Today reported:

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Claim: Government Shutdown Could Cripple ‘Science’ … Again

scientific puppets government shutdown

In a recent article by the humorously named Scientific American, Joshua Krisch delivered a dire warning on what could happen to “science” if Congress should “shut down” the government again. Apparently, the two weeks of civil government shutdown in 2013

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Shock Government Report: People Eat Fast Food to Save Time

caution sign

It took several years of data and 52 pages of a report to conclude that Americans eat fast food because it saves time. You ever have one of those moments where you have an epiphany, and everything “clicks?” This is

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Grand Rapids, Michigan, Breaks Century-Old Snowfall Record

grand rapids snow

The Earth is heating up so much that some places like Grand Rapids, Michigan, are experiencing record snowfall. reported: This week’s stretch of seemingly never-ending snowfall earned Grand Rapids residents some bragging rights. Snowfall totals for Grand Rapids so

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Bill Nye: Buffalo Snowstorm Caused by… Global Warming

buffalo snow

The Buffalo snowstorm is not permitted as evidence of global cooling, but it proves global warming. We’re not allowed to use any kind of local weather event as evidence against the idea of manmade global warming. However, the rules created

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Why Does The Myth of Man-Made Climate Change Persist?

polar bear alone

Increasing evidence is stacking up against the claim of climate change, but the propaganda continues. Albert Einstein once famously quipped: “If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.” This was obviously a joke, but it pointed to a

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National Academy of Sciences Suggests World Wide One Child Policy!?!

one child

As if China’s experimentation with a one-child policy has been terrifying (not to mention – it hasn’t worked) enough, the National Academy of Sciences has now suggested the same policy for the rest of us. It’s hard to imagine how

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IPCC Climate Scientist: Global Warming Pause Could Last Another Decade

marooned polar bear

A climate scientist who works for the UN’s IPCC stated that the pause in global warming that we’ve witnessed at least over the past 18 years could continue on for another six to eleven years, meaning the hiatus would have

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