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Bobby Jindal: Obama is a “Science Denier”

NOAA Tweaking Climate Data

It was in the context of the administration’s belief in man-caused global warmism that the Louisiana Governor made his comments. Even the EPA would agree with Jindal to an extent. It was revealed recently that the EPA is not concerned

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Global Warmists Have 52 Explanations for Why Earth Hasn’t Warmed for 19 Years

burning world

I think this list of 52 explanations is what is called “grasping at straws.” The blog Watts Up With That has noted that there are some 52 excuses that warmists have come up with for the global warming “hiatus” that

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Ben Carson Rails Against Evolution


Ben Carson loves nettling leftists. He’s particularly suited for it. He has all the qualities leftists want for members of their team—he’s black, philanthropic, well-educated, successful, well-spoken, and well-liked in his community. But he is decidedly not on the left’s

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Record Low Hurricane Activity, Despite Fear-Mongering from Global Warmists


How much longer is hysteria despite record low hurricane activity going to last? First, they tried to tie the oil companies and the Koch brothers to global warming by claiming that burning coal and gasoline is making the Earth heat up

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Al Gore Flashback from 2007: Arctic Ice Will be “Completely Gone in Seven Years”

gore winter

Let’s engage in an Al Gore flashback. If Al Gore can be a Nobel Peace Prize winner, that says a lot more about the Nobel Peace Prize than it does Mr. Gore. That’s almost as bad as Obama getting the

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John Kerry: We Must Fight Global Warming, Because the Bible Tells Us To

john kerry 2

Where is the Freedom From Religion Foundation when you need them? How dare John Kerry, the United States Secretary of State, insert his religious beliefs while on duty as a public official? And not only did he mix his religion

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No Global Warming for Past 19 Years

global warming meltdown

Liberals think that we should trust not only the scientists with a vested interest in giving the government what they want, but also their computer models which yield their desired results. Something that their models didn’t anticipate was this so-called

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Study Finds Big Differences Between Organic and Non-Organic Foods

Basket Organic Produce

The organic food craze that has swept the nation has many skeptics wondering what the real value of eating organic actually is. Is this just a fashionable gimmick to get people to spend more money at the grocery store for

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Science Education Depends Entirely on How You Define Science

south park science education

Leftists are in an uproar over proposed legislation in Ohio that would reject portions of the Common Core curriculum and require science education to de-emphasize “process” education. Many leftists believe this law is intended to undercut teaching evolution—presumably one of

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Australian Meteorology Office Accused of Manipulating Climate Data

australia burning

The result of their manipulation has been to create a warming trend when in reality, there’s been a cooling trend. But Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) claims that they didn’t manipulate anything; that they “used world’s best practice and a

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Common Core Test Asks Kids About Global Warming


Following repeated requests from parents, the state of New York released the text of half the questions used in its new Common Core-aligned standardized tests. The test questions, used in tests for grades 3 through 8, include one question that encouraged students

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Disease Control: Homosexuals Comprise Just 1.6% of the Population

queer nation

The CDC just released the results of their survey to find out how many homosexuals there are in the U.S. Wait a minute. Isn’t that homophobic of the CDC? They’re the Centers for Disease Control. It’s almost as if they’re

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