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NASA: Antarctica’s Been in Cooling Phase for Years

penguin polar

They’re quick to point out though that there are still places on Antarctica that are melting. I’m sure there are. But looking at the big picture, Antarctica has been going through a cooling phase for the past six years: An

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Climate Scientists Dismantle Manmade Theory of Global Warming

polar bear

Perhaps the only manmade thing about global warming is the theory itself. The earth goes through climate cycles in the same way that it goes through seasons. The fact that the climate changes is nothing new. It goes through warming

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Colombian Man with HIV Killed by His Tapeworm’s Cancer

tapeworm cancer HIV

That headline slays me. Can you imagine how one person’s life could get any worse than that? First, you contract HIV. Bummer. Then you get a tapeworm. Super bummer. Then your tapeworm gets cancer. Yay! Wait. Not so fast. The

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Is Global Warming Science Falsifiable? If No, Then It’s Not Science …


Few things are more important for the scientific method than verifiability. Scientific models need to be verifiable in order to be scientific, which means that evidence to confirm a theory must be possible (you’d think this was obvious … it’s

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Ted Cruz: "Climate Change is Not Science – It’s Religion"


Liberals hate hearing this, but deep down, they know it’s the truth. The theory of manmade global warming, or climate change, or period of increased climatic unpredictability, is not actually based on science. It’s not unlike a belief in a

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Prominent Liberal Physicist: GOP on the “Right Side” of Global Warming Debate


Freeman Dyson is a 91-year-old physicist who says he likes Obama and is “100% Democrat.” But where he parts ways with the President and the rest of the Democratic party is the subject of global warming. Or climate change. Or

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Climate Change “Denial” is Worse than Holocaust Denial?

V0018717 Galileo Galilei at his trial
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
Galileo Galilei at his trial by the Inquisition in Rome in 1633. Galileo pushes away the Bible.
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According to the Ministry of Labels over at the Associated Press, I am now officially a climate change “doubter.” Choosing to avoid the inflammatory “denier” label, but not willing to crown me with the honored laurel of “skeptic,” the AP

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The Tragic Demise of a Rare Moustached Kingfisher, or Why Science Prefers Things Dead Rather than Alive

moustached kingfisher

An ornithologist named Chris Filardi is coming under fire for “collecting” a rare specimen of moustached kingfisher during a scientific expedition to the Solomon Islands. “Collecting” in this case meant killing. And people were not very happy about it: “Killing

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Video: Watch Ted Cruz Take on Sierra Club President Over Global Warming


The Sierra Club is a leftwing environmentalist organization that seeks to bring down the coal industry and replace it with the green industry. As such, they are staunch believers in manmade global warming. Like other global warming alarmists, they hide

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Daily Beast: Hurricane Joaquin "Another Word for Climate Change"

hurricane globe

Predictably, right after news of Hurricane Joaquin broke, and that it had the potential to be another Sandy, liberals were quick to blame it on manmade global warming, or “climate change.” Daily Beast contributor Michael Shank, PhD blamed Joaquin on

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A Response to Bill Nye's Smug Defense of Abortion

Bill Nye evolution

In a video released on YouTube last week, Bill Nye “The Science Guy” talks about abortion. The four-minute video is brimming with bluster, but Nye really only makes two logical arguments for abortion. And when I say logical, I don’t

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Obama Will be Greeted by Global Warming-Induced Snow in Alaska

alaska snow

Not only is Obama’s trip to Alaska going to emit more than 161 metric tons of carbon dioxide from Air Force One that’s supposedly contributing to global warming, Obama will be greeted by snowfall as he continues to try to

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