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Sociologist Blames Baltimore Riots on Racism and White Privilege


In an op-ed entitled, “Racism, White Privilege Still Exist, and Riots Prove It,” Vanderbilt professor Tony Brown quoted Martin Luther King, Jr. in defense of the Baltimore mayhem last week:  “A riot is the language of the unheard.” I could

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Ben Carson Announces Presidential Bid to Mixed Reception

Ben Carson

Ben Carson just announced his bid for the Republican Presidential Nomination in 2016 … to quite a mixed response. I’m not sure exactly why so many people, especially in the black community, are so singularly unenthusiastic about Dr. Carson. From

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MSNBC Wonders if Thug is the New "N" Word

MSNBC Alex Wagner

Only at MSNBC could people wonder if the word thug was the new N-word. No, no it’s not. Do you know how I know that it’s not? Because the people on MSNBC are saying the word “thug” and they won’t

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Salon's Joan Walsh Calls 'White' Praise of Toya Graham 'Sickening'

toya graham

Winston Churchill said that “the best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” I would like to modify that a bit, and say that the best argument against democracy is a brief perusal of any Salon

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MSNBC Plays Race Card on Obama Over Baltimore Riots

race baiting democrats

In kind of a disgusting twist of liberal use of the race card Alex Wagner at MSNBC just attacked Obama for “only” being half black while talking down to the Baltimore rioters. It seems odd to me that I have

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A Note to Those Trying To Justify the Baltimore Riots

Baltimore flames

“Violence is like a weed – it does not die even in the greatest drought.” – Simon Wiesenthal Unmitigated rage has been loosed from its cage once again—but this time in Baltimore. Stores have been looted and set on fire,

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The Left Will Find A Way To Make Carly Fiorina Sexist

carly fiorina

“Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present.” – Marcus Aurelius In the war of ideas, conservatives arm themselves with heavy

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Ending the Vicious Child Support Cycle

child support

Many commentators have noted the police brutality angle of the Walter Scott shooting, but fewer have mentioned the reason that Walter Scott ran from the police in the first place. He was avoiding child support. Walter Scott had already been

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Black Students Get Field Trip to College; No Whites Allowed

segregated drinking fountain

But the teachers insist they’re not being exclusionary or discriminatory. In fact, since they took the third-graders on a blacks-only field trip to college to benefit black kids, it can’t be exclusionary or discriminatory. Now, if it were a whites-only

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The 2016 Election & Affirmative Action Voting

rubio clinton

How does affirmative action voting denote any real progress in society? It means the opposite! Diversity for the sake of diversity is an idea with deep roots in the Democratic Party. While originally intended to integrate those whom society had

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Black College Students Become Obese Because of White Racists

two plates

For whatever reason, this “study” done by a psychology professor didn’t cover any reasons that white students might put on weight during their college years. But according to this professor, black kids who put on weight during their time in

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Black Judge Lets Black Armed Burglar Off With Probation, Condemns White Victims for “Racism”

black judge

A black judge was more offended by a three-year-olds “racism” after being terrorized at gunpoint by a black male, than by the perpetrator. A couple years ago, a couple of armed criminals broke in a family’s home and held the

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