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Hillary Clinton Now Trailing Carly, Jeb and Trump in Iowa!

Hillary Clinton

The latest NBC poll of the Presidential campaign is out, and the news is not good for Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton. Iowa is a MUST WIN state for any presidential hopeful, and if the polls are reading things right, Hillary

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Biden is a Big Fan of Transgenders in the Military

joebiden finger gun

Vice President Joe Biden took the Obama administration’s stance on transgenders in the military to the next level Saturday, saying it represents the “civil rights issue of our time.” The Obama administration is in the middle of deliberating whether to officially

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Boehner Getting Worried - Delays Vote to Replace Him as Speaker

john boehner

Speaker of the House John Boehner announced Monday the elections for majority leader and whip will no longer be held on Oct. 8. While Republicans will have a closed-door vote on who they will nominate for speaker of the House

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Congressman Jason Chaffetz is Running for Speaker of the House

Jason Chaffetz and Kevin McCarthy

Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) is the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, one of the most important committees on Capitol Hill, but he’s looking for a promotion. Just a few days after saying that he would support Kevin McCarthy (R-CA_

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Rand Paul Slams Government Money Wasters for Year-End Spending Spree

Rand Paul 16

Sen. Rand Paul on Wednesday slammed federal officials’ practice of rushing to spend leftover budget dollars in September so they don’t risk losing the money. The Kentucky Republican said Wednesday that “perverse” incentives for “use it or lose it” spending

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Ted Cruz: Consistent, Conservative and Trusted

ted cruz end the iran deal

The Ted Cruz campaign has released an awesome new ad highlighting Cruz’s consistent conservative stand for truth and the Constitution. He is one of a few candidates with a strong record of standing up for our principles, even in the

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Three GOP Candidates Take a Stand Against Cronyism in the Government

crony capitalism

Three GOP Presidential candidates are taking a stand against crony capitalism, opposing the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. More than 40 years old, OPIC has been lambasted by critics as a shining example of corporate welfare. OPIC’s functions closely mirror those of

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Former Secretary of State Attempts to Defend Hillary Clinton – Buries Her Instead

hillary red dress

Former Secretary State under Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, recently appeared as a guest on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss the ever-growing scandal surrounding the Hillary Clinton campaign. Albright was obviously there to support Clinton and did her very best to

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Pelosi: I Haven’t Seen the Planned Parenthood Videos, But I Know They’re "Not Real"

nancy pelosi

I know exactly what Nancy Pelosi means when she says the Planned Parenthood videos aren’t real. Liberals have criticized the videos because the footage was obtained through sneaky means, and because the footage was edited. The footage was edited for

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Donald Trump Lands Coveted Duck Dynasty Endorsement

Willie Robertson and Donald Trump

This bit of news does not bode well for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) who considers the Duck Commander (Duck Dynasty) family close personal friends. However, it seems that Willie Robertson, who used to tell anyone that would listen that

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Will Congress Soon Deal Cronyism a Major Blow?

crony capitalism

The government should let the charter of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) expire because it “harms poor people all over the world” and enriches the “politically connected,” according to a new report from the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI). The

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Thank You for Leaving, John Boehner


According to Breitbart, anonymous sources tell them that outgoing Speaker of the House John Boehner (feels good to write that) allegedly “struck a deal” with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi that would help the Democrats pass the budget, fund Planned

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