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Son of Popular Democrat Politician Commits Violent Crime while on Probation - Gets More Probation

Marion Barry's Son

  Let me ask you a rhetorical question, dear reader. What do you think might happen to you, a normal everyday American, if you were to get caught committing a crime while on probation? If you responded with – “jail

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Brilliant Conservative Comedian Evan Sayet is Going on Tour!


  Our dear friend and personal hero, Evan Sayet, is a brilliant mind and hilarious comedian. Evan is a former liberal who spent years writing content for Bill Maher on Politically Incorrect and generally making folks on the left laugh

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President Obama and Union Allies Could Not Care Less about our Immigration Laws


President Barack Obama and his allies in the labor unions continue to show their complete disregard for our laws by pretending they don’t even exist. This week Democrat-allied labor unions began openly breaking our laws in an effort to grow

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Why Young Feminists Don’t Love Hillary Clinton … and Why it Won’t Matter

Hillary Clinton welfare state

An article in the National Journal explores why many young feminists aren’t gushing over Hillary Clinton and her 2016 presidential bid. The main problem boils down to the fairly contemporary concept of intersectionality: As the feminism of [Betty] Friedan and

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Which Jeb Bush do you Believe?

Jeb Bush

CNN has put together a masterful supercut of the bumbling answers Jeb Bush has come up with over the last week or so when asked his opinion on the Iraq invasion. It all began with a disastrous answer while being

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Harriet Tubman on the New Twenty Dollar Bill?


At least a million people want a woman on the twenty dollar bill. And the majority of those people have chosen abolitionist Harriet Tubman: The Women on 20s campaign has declared that America needs the face of a woman on its currency

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Obama’s a Failure – So Who is the Real Leader of the Democrat Party?

obama shrug

Oh. Snap. ABC’s Jonathan Karl has always been known as a hard-nosed and fair reporter. He’s also one of the few in the White House Press Pool willing to take the Obama administration to task for their failures, and willing

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Amtrak Train Crashed Because Engineer is a Gay Marriage Activist

amtrak engineer

Should the fact that the Amtrak engineer is a gay marriage activist factor in when considering why the train crashed, killing several and injuring many others? No, I don’t think so. What we know so far is that he was

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Pope Francis Needs to Leave Politics Alone

pope francis

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. The things we say can be interpreted in a multitude of ways, and the importance of communicating effectively grows in proportion to one’s position

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White House Demands Democrat Senator Apologize for Calling Obama Sexist

Brown and Obama

Earlier this week Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) called President Obama “disrespectful” and implied that the President was being sexist when attacking Senator Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) resistance to his new trade treaty. “I think the president was disrespectful to her by

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Republicans Beat Back Democrat Opposition to Pass New Right-to-Work Laws!

right to work

Republican leaders in the Missouri Senate Tuesday invoked a rare procedural motion to end a filibuster in order to pass a bill designed to end forced union dues. The right-to-work bill passed the state Senate with a 21 to 13

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MSNBC Wonders How Clintons Can Talk About Income Inequality


MSNBC host and liberal political commentator Alex Wagner had some pretty intriguing and thoughtful questions about the likely Democrat candidate for President. Modern liberals like to spend as much time as possible propagating class warfare and it just doesn’t seem

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