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John McCain Tells Anti-War Protesters “Shut Up or I’m Going to Have You Arrested” before calling them “Low Life Scum”!

john mccain

John McCain was in rare form on Thursday morning. As the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee he happened to be leading a hearing with three former Secretaries of State – Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright and George Schultz. Things

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House GOP Turns Backs on Conservative Base - Drops Abortion and Border Security!

Boehner sees insurance premium

The House GOP started 2015 by strengthening their hold on the House majority and turning their attention to limiting abortion and strengthening border security. Now it seems that they are ready to turn their backs on their conservative base and

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Rand Paul says Saudi Arabia Needs to “Step Up and Be on Our Side”

obama king salman

On his way home from India, President Obama is stopped in Saudi Arabia to attend the funeral of King Abdullah and speak with the new King Salman. It was on this topic that Fox News host Martha McCallum was speaking

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Regulations are Killing the American Economy

Mike Lee

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) may at times seem like a modern day Don Quixote tilting at the windmills of government excess, but without idealistic men like him our nation may have already fallen into the trap of European socialism. Senator

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Donald Trump says "the Last thing We Need is Another Bush"!

Donald Trump

Boy. Donald Trump sure did have a lot to say about the Bush family… and a lot of other important republicans. It was actually kind of fun to hear, but i’m not sure why anyone who calls themselves a conservative

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Is Hillary Worried that Obama is Pushing her Further LEFT?

hillary clinton hand

On Fox News Sunday journalist Ron Fournier made an intriguing point while discussing President Obama’s recent State of the Union address. While some may see the speech as an attempt to set up the Democrats for a win in 2016,

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Alaskans Ready to Fight Obama Land Grab


Does it strike anyone else as odd that whenever President Obama chooses to screw people – he chooses folks in Red States first? This time around the unlucky citizens happen to reside in the great state of Alaska where the

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Government Now Giving Medals for Helping the Taliban Rise to Power!

Charlie Wilson's War

Look, I liked the movie Charlie Wilson’s War as much as the next guy… but unlike the people the movie was based upon – I had the ability to see what their actions in Afghanistan would lead to. Just because

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Democrat says 'Obama Already Secured the Borders' - World still LOLing

sheila jackson lee

Sure, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) is a little crazy. Okay, more than “a little”. However, someone should really consider getting her some professional help. In a recent discussion over the illegal immigration problem threatening to overrun our borders, Jackson

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Why the Economic Recovery is Fraudulent and Doomed

recovery collapse

Much has been made of the recent “economic recovery,” especially by Democrats touting the effectiveness of Obama’s policies, both here and abroad. But one pundit doesn’t see it that way, and his voice is vastly under-represented in this discussion: He

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Hillary Clinton Accidentally Proves the Power of a Free Market

Hillary Clinton speaking fee

I think it is hilarious that the people most adamantly opposed to the free market are often enormously benefitted by its machinery. Think Hollywood. Or Hillary Clinton. A story surfaced recently that her speaking fee at colleges is higher than

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President Obama thinks Job is to Make EVERY American Feel Like They’re Part of our Country’s “Comeback”

obama golf

President Obama gave his weekly address on Sunday, and this week he shared some notes of optimism that he has received from Americans in recent days. He also hinted at what the theme of the 2015 State of the Union

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