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Southern Utah University Removes Harry Reid's Name from Building


Well, this is a little embarrassing. Harry Reid graduated from Southern Utah University and for a while now his name has graced one of their buildings… but it won’t for much longer. Several months ago, some concerned citizens met with

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Conservative Pundit Says Obama “Project Weakness”

obama golf

Florida Conservative Javier Manjarres was on Newsmax TV to debate Rick Ungar of Forbes about the image that President Obama projects to the rest of the world with all of his golfing vacations. During the conversation Manjarres said that the

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Leftists Think Climate Change as Dangerous as Terrorism

end is near climate change

Projected apocalypse scenarios are the new currency of politics. Right-wingers like to talk about the immigration apocalypse, fiscal meltdowns, and terrorism. Left-wingers harp just as fiercely on climate change, ebola outbreaks, and income inequality. According to a recent poll, Democrats

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Ronald Reagan Sets the Record Straight for Liberals

peace through strength reagan

This video is a couple of years old now, but it offers wisdom for what we see happening today. President Reagan’s speech “A Time of Choosing” reminds us that liberals always seem to offer a false dichotomy between war and

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BuyPartisan App Lets You Put Your Dollars Where Your Politics Are


A new app, BuyPartisan, allows you to determine the political allegiances of manufacturers or distributors by scanning barcodes. Worried that your purchases might be indirectly benefitting the Democratic Party? Get BuyPartisan and you can see which manufacturer of groceries is

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Five Minutes of "Crazy" Harry Reid

harry reid

As Heard on the Hill’s look back at 2014 rolls on, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid organizes his calendar, greases pigs and pays tribute to his favorite Americans, the Koch brothers.    

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Professional Golfer Barack Obama Criticized For Governing Too Much


BREAKING: Spokesman/caddy James Redder held a brief press conference this morning to discuss increasingly vicious criticism being leveled against professional golfer, Barack Obama. When asked by NJR news’ Marianne Fellows about Obama’s seeming lack of focus, and commitment in recent

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Senator Rand Paul Takes Medical Missions Trip to Guatemala

rand paul

NBC’s Meet the Press joined Sen. Rand Paul and the University of Utah’s Moran Eye Center in Guatemala for a medical mission. An NBC film crew followed Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) to Guatemala on a medical missions trip. While there

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Police Demand Apology from Obama Administration

david clarke

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is demanding an apology from Attorney General Eric Holder for smearing America’s police… “I think that some of the officials in Missouri like Governor Nixon, Senator McCaskill, and even the Attorney General of the United

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Why the Riots in Ferguson Are Nothing Like the Boston Tea Party


Recently, some idiot teacher named Michael Kaechele positively compared the riots in Ferguson to the Boston Tea Party. Yes. He really did: The tragic event of the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri have [sic] led to protests and

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Why Obama Is Sending A Delegation To Michael Brown's Funeral, But Skipped Major General Greene's Funeral To Play Golf

obama shrugs 2

I’ve said it dozens of times, but I’ll say it again, because it bears repeating: the Democratic Party is not driven by a desire to help the American people prosper, it is not driven by a duty to protect American

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Harry Reid Apologizes for Being a Racist

harry reid

Harry Reid is eating crow… again. The senior Senator from the state of Nevada and the leader of House Democrats is once again embroiled in a racism scandal. He was recently speaking to the Las vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce

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