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Is Obama 'Throwing the Bird' to Everyone in Washington?

Obama flips Bird

Former Republican National Committee head Michael Steele (R-MD) was on MSNBC with Chris Matthews to discuss President Obama’s recent decision to “normalize” relations with Cuba. Matthews asked Steele to explain exactly what the President was thinking when he decided to

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Eric Holder Implies Minorities Should Fear Police

Lest you think that our title is simply hyperbole, here’s a direct quote from Attorney General Eric Holder’s recent interview with Joy Reid from MSNBC. We’re not at a stage where I can honestly say, you know, truthfully say that

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No One Knows Why Hillary Clinton is Running for President


Uh-oh. AP reporter Julie Pace may be in a bit of trouble after she let the liberal cat out of the bag. On MSNBC’s Morning Joe Pace said what everyone else on the American political scene is thinking… we have

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Ted Cruz Decries Global Terrorism

ted cruz speaking floor

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) took to the web to denounce global terrorism after the attacks in Sydney, Australia and in Pakistan. The religion of Islam and the evil tribes that carry its jihad around the world continue to do their

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Late Night Show Highlights Joe Biden Doing Something Weird

Joe Biden clown

Jimmy Fallon, the host of NBC’s the Tonight Show, has quickly endeared himself to late night audiences for his wry and youthful sense of humor. He and his staff have also come up with some really funny bits and we wanted

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Blockbuster Report! VA Hospitals STILL Suffering from Mismanagement!

Va Scandal2

Remember all of that bluster and rightetous indignation coming from Capitol Hill a while back? All of our politicians were boiling over with angst at the news that our VA Hospital System was in utter shambles. They pounded their chests

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Elizabeth Warren says “I Will Not Run for President!”

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren has long been a favorite of the liberal wing of her party, and they have high hopes that she will represent them by running for President in 2016. However, if she is to be believed… that won’t be

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Ted Cruz Takes Aim At The RINOs

no rinos

RINOs (Republicans In Name ONly) are about to be forced to identify themselves. “I think this is ridiculous.” – Kelly Ayotte (R) What is the point of being a leader if you are not willing to do what you tell

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Tim Scott (R-SC) Says The GOP has Real Solutions for Working Families

tim scott

From the GOP’s YouTube Page: In the Weekly Republican Address, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina looks ahead to the start of the 114th Congress when both houses of Congress will be controlled by Republicans. Scott says Republicans must work

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The GOP Stabbed Conservatives in the Back with the Omnibus Spending Bill - It's Stuffed Full of Cronyism!

spending bill

The omnibus spending bill – or Cromnibus – is more evidence that the mainstream GOP establishment has decided to no longer even pretend that they are trying to cater to conservatives anymore. The spending bill that President Obama and Harry

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Obama Makes a Funny, says Some are “Pretty Sure I’m an Illegal Immigrant”

obama wink

Apparently, President Obama takes the concerns of thousands of Americans pretty lightly. During a recent speech to supporters in Nashville, Tennessee he was discussing his (illegal) Executive Amnesty when he decided to make a little jokey-joke.     “Now, does

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Conservative Comedian Destroys Illogical Beliefs of Modern Liberals

michael loftus

Conservative Comedian Michael Loftus of the show the Flipside is one very funny man. Watch as he takes a not-so-funny subject and lays bare the bankrupt logic of today’s political left. If you’ve ever had that “aha” moment when talking

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