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Obama Lackey Admits “It’s not going to be a Good Year for Democrats”

Jay Carney Jester

President Obama’s chief lackey and former spokesman Jay Carney had some candidly bad news for Democrats heading into the November midterm elections. “It’s not going to be a good year for Democrats…”  “It’s not going to be a good year

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Guess Who Is and Isn’t Listed in FBI’s Newest List of Domestic Extremists?


If you were asked to compile a list of dangerous domestic extremists, who would you include? First on my list is the Obama administration followed closely by the Democratic Party. Then I would add LGBT activists, pro-abortion activists, Bloomberg and

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Senate Rejects Amendment to “Fix” Citizens United

Citizens United

Citizens United vs. FEC has become the benchmark case for campaign finance. In it, the Supreme Court said that political ads were protected under free speech rights and should not be limited by campaign contribution laws. As a result, indirect

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Why Fact-Checking Often Reinforces Myths

Fact-Checking Myths

One of the most widely-held ideas in the popular consciousness is that a person’s access to correct facts determines their espousal of correct beliefs. In other words, we think we base what we think on the facts that are available

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Obama Mouthpiece Jay Carney had a Really Rough Night

Jay Carney Jester

After President Obama’s lackluster speech his former lackey and mouthpiece, Jay Carney, took to CNN to defend his former boss. It didn’t go so well. First he got his hat handed to him when Senator John McCain (R-AZ) ripped him

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Ted Cruz Booed Off Stage by Middle Eastern Christians


At a recent dinner “In Defense of Christians” targeted at Middle Eastern Christians, Ted Cruz was literally booed off the stage when he started making comments in support of Israel. It seems that Middle Eastern Christians are less willing than

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Obama "on the Precipice of doing Jimmy Carter-like Damage to the Democrat Brand"

carter obama

Startling words from MSNBC’s politics chief, Chuck Todd. On Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough, Todd points out that Republicans lead Democrats by 38% on the question of who handles national security better! Todd then let’s fly with this beautifully crafted

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Georgia Rep Fran Millar Openly Against More Black Voters?

fran millar black vote

Democrats are in a tizzy because Republican Fran Millar wants fewer African-American voters to show up at the polls. Apparently, this is racist. After it was announced that early voting stations would be open on Sunday, October 26 in a

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NBC's Chuck Todd Says Hillary Wouldn't Be a Frontrunner if She'd be the 2nd Female President

hillary clinton glasses

Strong words from NBC’s Chuck Todd and I won’t argue with him on this one. He says that if Hillary Clinton were going to be the 2nd female President then she wouldn’t even be considered a frontrunner in the 2016

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Charlie Crist's Boss and Campaign Advisor Caught in Marijuana Haze!


After Charlie Crist’s political fortunes imploded in his doomed run for the Senate he returned to working as a lawyer. The firm he joined is helmed by Crist’s good friend and campaign contributor, John Morgan. Well, Morgan may have given

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Macabre Democrat Uses Beheaded Journalists in Reelection Fight


Senator Mark Udall (D-CO) apparently has no shame. In a recent debate with his Republican opponent Cory Gardner he had the audacity to invoke the names of beheaded journalists Steven Sotloff and James Foley in an effort to prove himself

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Romney Says Clinton and Obama are "Two Peas in a Pod"


Mitt Romney was on Fox News with Chris Wallace to talk about the state of the world today and President Obama’s impact (or lack thereof) on those issues. One of the first things Wallace asked about was the possibility of

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