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Arizona Residents Find Surveillance Cameras Hidden in Fake Cacti

hidden cact-eye

The city of Paradise Valley, Arizona maintains that they weren’t trying to be secretive or anything like that. They say the cameras aren’t even functional yet. But what has residents concerned is the fact that no one was notified that

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California Democrat put together a Private Police Force!


More Democrat malfeasance from the left-coast, a high ranking California Democrat has been accused of using a private police force to handle personal business.    An aide to rising Democratic star Kamala Harris stands accused of operating a supposedly 3,000-year-old rogue police

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Police Body Cameras Don’t Ensure Justice, But They Might Decrease Injustice

police body cameras

An interesting article in Slate presents a compelling argument concerning police body cameras: The theory behind the use of body cameras is that video evidence will provide us with some objective truth about what happens in violent encounters between civilians

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President Rand Paul would “Immediately End Unconstitutional Surveillance”


One of the things that most excites me about the possibility of a “REAL” conservative in the White House, is just how much things could change, and how fast they could change. On day 1 of their Presidency, someone like

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FBI Investigates South Carolina Killer Cop for Civil Rights Violations

fleeing car

It was big news the other day when authorities released the dash cam footage showing the initial traffic stop that ended with four bullets in Walter Scott’s back. What we don’t have and probably won’t ever have is what happened

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11 Cops Taser and Beat Surrendered White Suspect

white suspect

First things first. I’m not here to defend the actions of the white suspect who led the police on a high-speed chase that ended when the horse bucked him off in the middle of the desert. The guy’s got a

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You Can’t End the Police State Without Ending the Welfare State

police state

With the recent police shooting in South Carolina topping off a growing list of “justifiable” police homicides, many Americans have become painfully aware of the tyrannical reality of the police state. Many of the recent victims of police state brutality

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What if There Had Been No Video of Walter Scott Being Shot in the Back?


Michael Slager, a police officer in North Charleston, SC, has been charged with murder for shooting Walter Scott. A graphic video of a North Charleston police officer shooting Walter Scott (a fleeing, unarmed black man) in the back may have

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Cop Faces 30 Years for Shooting Man in the Back 4 Times

cop murder

After video footage of a police encounter surfaced, the police officer in the video was charged with murder. As with most of these types of videos, we don’t have a whole lot of context. All we see is a cop

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More Citizens Refusing to Answer Questions at Checkpoints

border patrol check point

We’re told that we have a right to remain silent. How ironic it is that these days we get arrested for doing just that – remaining silent. These particular checkpoints are run by the Border Patrol, but they’re nowhere near

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Police Break Man’s Ribs and Face for Not Using Turn Signal

cocaine tv

The Michigan man apparently didn’t use a turn signal, and he didn’t come to a full and complete stop either. This prompted police to pull him over, at which point the driver opened his door and put both his hands

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Feds Instructing Banks to Call Cops on Customers Who Withdraw More Than $5,000?

bank teller cash

These days, we’re taught to “say something” if we “see something.” Everything can be considered “suspicious activity.” For people in a more official capacity, there’s incentive to over-report. If something happens, and it turns out that an official could have

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