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What is Insight Policing, and Could it Save Lives?

Insight Policing

In light of the recent deaths of too many people whose mundane arrests escalated to violence, it seems a good time to reconsider our law enforcement strategy. I think Insight Policing might offer a possible alternative. Insight Policing trains law

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Cop Runs Stop Sign, Causes Accident; Arrests Victim for DUI


A New York Police Department SUV carrying 5 cops ran a stop sign and t-boned another driver. Probably in an attempt to cover up the accident that they most assuredly caused, the police started questioning the guy they hit about

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Cop "Accidentally" Decapitates Army Veteran, Flees the Scene

police car

A Tampa, Florida cop was apparently on his way to a robbery scene while driving an unmarked car, and he ran over a man, decapitating him. The cop didn’t stop to render any aid to the man. He just kept

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Cops Raid California Pot Shop, Help Themselves to Pot Edibles

mj brownie

Setting up hidden cameras is a great preparation for when cops raid your business. This is why it’s always smart for businesses to not only have surveillance cameras in plain sight, but also to have hidden cameras. After police had

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Police Slam Legally Blind Man to the Ground for no Reason

police blind

This is a case you can show liberals that demonstrates that there isn’t an anti-black problem in police departments so much as an anti-civilian problem. It was a black officer who assaulted this legally blind black civilian for no apparent

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SWAT Team Destroys Innocent Family’s House, Claims They’re not Responsible

destroyed house

It all started when an armed man Robert Jonathan Seacat shoplifted something from Walmart and then broke into a family’s house, which led to a 19-hour standoff with a Greenwich Village, Colorado police SWAT team. When negotiations with the armed

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Are the Police Intentionally Hiring Stupid People?

police stupidity

According to a recent article, at least one police department in Connecticut deliberately and officially refuses to hire people who are too smart: On March 16, 1996 Robert Jordan from Connecticut, and 500 others underwent a written screening process which

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Arizona Residents Find Surveillance Cameras Hidden in Fake Cacti

hidden cact-eye

The city of Paradise Valley, Arizona maintains that they weren’t trying to be secretive or anything like that. They say the cameras aren’t even functional yet. But what has residents concerned is the fact that no one was notified that

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California Democrat put together a Private Police Force!


More Democrat malfeasance from the left-coast, a high ranking California Democrat has been accused of using a private police force to handle personal business.    An aide to rising Democratic star Kamala Harris stands accused of operating a supposedly 3,000-year-old rogue police

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Police Body Cameras Don’t Ensure Justice, But They Might Decrease Injustice

police body cameras

An interesting article in Slate presents a compelling argument concerning police body cameras: The theory behind the use of body cameras is that video evidence will provide us with some objective truth about what happens in violent encounters between civilians

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President Rand Paul would “Immediately End Unconstitutional Surveillance”


One of the things that most excites me about the possibility of a “REAL” conservative in the White House, is just how much things could change, and how fast they could change. On day 1 of their Presidency, someone like

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FBI Investigates South Carolina Killer Cop for Civil Rights Violations

fleeing car

It was big news the other day when authorities released the dash cam footage showing the initial traffic stop that ended with four bullets in Walter Scott’s back. What we don’t have and probably won’t ever have is what happened

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