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Man Faces Death Penalty for Defending Himself Against Cops in No-Knock Raid

police raid

It was back in May of this year that police officers broke into this guy’s house around 5:30 in the morning. Actually, they don’t call it a break-in when it’s police. They call it “serving a search warrant.” They choose

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Cop Kills Cyclist for Riding the Wrong Way on a One-Way Street

dead cyclist

This story of cop kills cyclist happened in Canada, but these sorts of occurrences can happen in the U.S. just as easily. Obviously, riding your bike the wrong way on a one-way street is dangerous. But somehow, I don’t think

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California School District Has a Tank…to Protect the Children, of Course


The incident in Ferguson, Missouri brought to the forefront the issue of the militarization of police. But really, that wasn’t the best case to use as an argument against police militarization. The militarization of police has been going on for

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Vice Principal Arrested for Legally Carrying Concealed Handgun to School

handgun 3

It’s against the law in California to bring a firearm on a school campus. I’m sure it’s against the law in every state. But at least in California, the one exception to that rule is if the person has a

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The New Debtors Prison Dilemma

debtors prison

We have a new debtors prison for our times. It happens when poor people don’t have money for the numerous fines we all incur in our daily travels. Whether it is speeding tickets, fix-it tickets, expired tag tickets, seatbelt tickets,

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Cop Emailing While Driving Hits and Kills Cyclist; Charges Against Cop Dropped

cop emailing

They tell us that “the law is the law.” If a cop spots you texting while driving, and if that’s something that’s illegal in your state, you get pulled over and you’re given a ticket. They’ll tell you it’s irresponsible

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Channeling Ferguson: Man Gets Tasered and Beat up by Cops in Walmart

walmart violence

The main difference between this instance and Ferguson is that the guy sustaining upwards of 20 blows from cops and getting tasered happens to be a white guy. That’s also the reason something like this won’t make national headlines or

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Philadelphia Making Millions a Year on Civil Forfeiture

civil forfeiture

Philadelphia is using an obscure law to take property away from innocent citizens. Through civil forfeiture, Philadelphia has been able to sieze propoerty if that property is even tenuously connected to law-breaking. In one case, the Sourovelise family had a

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Why the Riots in Ferguson Are Nothing Like the Boston Tea Party


Recently, some idiot teacher named Michael Kaechele positively compared the riots in Ferguson to the Boston Tea Party. Yes. He really did: The tragic event of the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri have [sic] led to protests and

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Are Police Body Cameras Enough for Police Accountability?

police body cameras

If the situation in Ferguson has done nothing else, it has highlighted the urgent necessity of holding the police accountable for their actions. It is very possible that Michael Brown tried to reach for a police officer’s gun during the

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If Recording the Police is Not a Crime, It Sure Seems Like It

recording the police

A candidate for the governor of New York, Randy Credico, was recently arrested, handcuffed, and jailed for taking footage of an overly aggressive arrest. This comes just days after the NYPD sent out a memo telling police officers that recording

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Indiana Passes Law Allowing Citizens to Shoot Police?

castle doctrine police

The headline sounds sensational. And many news sources are milking it for all its worth. A recent change in law in Indiana allows citizens to resist anyone who forcibly enters their house if there is a reasonable suspicion that they

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