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California Apartment Complex Prohibits Tenant From Displaying US Flag in Window

american flag

Steve Roberts never had any trouble displaying his large American flag in his front window under his apartment complex’s prior management. When management changed hands in April, they started giving him a hard time about his flag. They wouldn’t renew

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The Real Meaning of Independence Day

Independence Day

It’s Friday, July 4, 2014, and Americans everywhere are firing up their grills and pulling out their stockpiles of technicolor ordnance to celebrate Independence Day. For most, eating too much meat and watching fireworks with the kids is about as

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Is Johnny Freedom Gone for Good?

death of freedom

I make no apologies that I am a fan of old time country and western music. To be fair, I also enjoy Gospel, classical, folk, pop, instrumental, Celtic and early rock and roll. My all-time favorite singer is Tennessee Ernie

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Sheriff Says He’ll Pray at Rally on July 4th Regardless of ACLU Objections

Bossier rally

Once again we have the anti-Christian ACLU up in arms because a 4th of July rally will be held on the property of Bossier Parish in Louisiana. The rally is called the In God We Trust rally and is scheduled

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Houston Man Told His American Flag is a 'Threat to the Muslim Community'

American flag a threat

As long as twenty years ago, the liberal public school system stopped teaching American patriotism and replaced it with globalism. A generation of kids have been taught that America and our free enterprise system is the world’s enemy and responsible

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NY Principal Continues Attack on Patriotism

Greta Hawkins with Bloomberg

Greta Hawkins is the principal of New York City’s PS 90 school. Although Hawkins says she is not anti-patriotic, her actions as principal say otherwise. In 2012, the kindergartners at her school were going to sing God Bless America at

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Obama’s Workout Video and Why Conservatives Aren’t Taken Seriously

obama workout

President Obama was caught on camera at a hotel gym lifting weights. I saw the video and, before I read any comments, I knew what they would be. In fact, I knew what the comments would be before I even

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California School Officials: American Flag T-Shirts are Racist and Incite Violence

us flag

Of course, if white students wanted to wear sombreros, that would also be racist. This particular school district’s ruling to ban American flags on Cinco de Mayo was actually upheld by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on the basis

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Cruz's "Repeal Obamacare" vs. Rodgers' "Keep and Reform It" vs. Option 3

thomas obamacare

When it comes to handling Obamacare, there are, as I see it, three different approaches that different Republicans favor. The first is the Tea Party conservatives’ favorite, and unfortunately it’s the most unrealistic: full repeal. But that’s never going to

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Cliven Bundy Speaks the Truth, GOP Turns and Runs

cliven bundy

Rancher Cliven Bundy, who became an overnight hero of conservatives when the feds swarmed his ranch (which was on federal land and for which he had not and has not paid grazing fees in twenty years), has stepped into some

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Harry Reid Calls Bundy Supporters Domestic Terrorists

Harry Reid speaks to reporters in the Capitol in Washington

You may hate Harry Reid. But at least the guy states his opinion. So, if you were wondering what big-government robots really think of Cliven Bundy and those that supported him, look no further than Harry Reid. He says they’re

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FBI Harassing Gun Shops to be on the Lookout for “People Talking About Big Government”

love my country

The government downplays Islamic terrorism and exaggerates the threat of domestic terrorism involving white, “anti-government” activists. If you’re critical of our government in any way, that makes the government suspicious of you. You’re a potential terrorist if you’re pro-life, opposed

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