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Dems Silent on “NAACP Bomber” who Didn’t Target the NAACP After All

parade float

A disgruntled Colorado man tried causing some damage with a makeshift pipe bomb using commercially available explosives and a gas canister. Apparently, the canister failed to ignite, and not a whole lot even happened. In fact, the only reason this

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Hitler Collectibles So Hot Right Now

hitler painting

A painting by a certain “A. Hitler” just sold at auction for $35,235. That was more than three times the price fetched at the same auction for a drawing by Pablo Picasso: It sold for more than three times the

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Texas Man Sentenced to Life in Prison After 10th DWI

Official U.S. Navy photo released by Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Marianas Public Affairs Officer, LT. A. Chisholm.

After being arrested in his 10th DWI incident since 1981, 64-year-old Bobby Gene Martin is finally being taken off the streets. A jury has sentenced him to two life sentences: The jury came back with its guilty verdict after three

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Brian Williams Finally Recants His Shot-Down Helicopter Tale

Brian Williams Career in Flames

Maybe it’s because Brian Williams constantly has a smug, pseudo-intellectual look on his face, but his most recent confession of journalistic wrongdoing filled me with quite a bit of mirth. Apparently that story that he and NBC have been peddling,

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Test Subjects Felt Separation Anxiety … Over Their iPhones?

iPhone IV Separation Anxiety

According to a new study, people separated from their smart phones feel separation anxiety: To conduct the study, researchers told participants that the purpose of the experiment was to test the reliability of a new wireless blood pressure cuff. The

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New Year’s Celebration Horror in Shanghai, China as 36 are Killed in Stampede


A horrible situation played out in the midst of celebration on New Years Eve as 36 people were killed in a stampede of people in Shanghai. Another 47 victims were injured for what seems to be no reason at all.

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Vile Race Hustlers Trying To Use The Pantaleo Exoneration To Invalidate The Wilson Exoneration

police line do not cross

Recent events have been an opportunity for race hustlers. Two weeks, two hearings, two grand juries, two potential crimes, two exonerations, anger, and violent mass protests. The proximity of the exonerations of Officer Darren Wilson, and Officer Daniel Pantaleo have

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Study: Air Dryers More Unsanitary than Paper Towels

Air Dryers

A study by Leeds University paid for by the paper industry (hmmmm) indicates that the air around air dryers is 27 times more saturated with bacteria than the air around paper towel dispensers. Apparently, if this study is to be

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Brittany Maynard vs Lauren Hill: One is Campaigning for Death the other for Life

maynard v hill

Oregon calls their assisted suicide law the Death with Dignity Act, but is it really dignity or the coward’s way out? Before you get your panties in a bunch, I understand why people don’t want to suffer through horrible diseases

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Study: Twitter Has Made Journalists Rude

Twitter snark

Apparently journalists used to be very polite and respectful toward politicians and celebrities. And now, apparently thanks to Twitter, they feel free to be short and rude: The study from the University of Texas looked at 5,700 tweets from the

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Meet Generation Z … and Weep for the Future

generation z

The reproduction rate for Millennials is pretty low. We’re not even replacing ourselves in the United States. But that’s not the worst news for the future. The worst news is that the children we are having are … well, they’re

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Drive Thru Funerals Are Apparently a Thing Now

Hearse Drive thru Funerals

The latest casualty (pun intended) in the long march of commoditization, convenience, and instant gratification is giving honor to the dead. Apparently, we just don’t have time even to get out of our cars to pay our respects. Behold, drive

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