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Pew Survey: The Feds and the Media Have Most Negative Impact on America


Of all the things that have a negative impact on the United States, from terrorists to criminals to drugs to whatever, the top two things Americans claim have the most negative impact on America are the federal government (if you

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Gmail Filters Warn that Bernie Sanders Campaign Email is a Phishing Scam


If you were waiting for the day when computers finally proved they were more discerning than humans, it’s your lucky day. Gmail has automated filters to mark various spam and scam emails as either suspicious or junk, and it turns

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Colombian Man with HIV Killed by His Tapeworm’s Cancer

tapeworm cancer HIV

That headline slays me. Can you imagine how one person’s life could get any worse than that? First, you contract HIV. Bummer. Then you get a tapeworm. Super bummer. Then your tapeworm gets cancer. Yay! Wait. Not so fast. The

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Is Facebook Manipulating its Trending Feature to Protect Planned Parenthood?

planned parenthood facebook

Facebook has a feature called “Trending Topics” which indicates what topics are most popular on Facebook at any given time. This Facebook feature purports to be controlled entirely by user data, but a recent article in Lifesite News indicates that Facebook

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Poll: 61% of Voters Don’t Trust Political News

talking heads

Rasmussen just released a poll that shows America’s distrust of media is yet again at an all time high. Sixty-one percent of those surveyed said that they do not trust the political news that’s constantly thrown at them. According to

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The Emperor’s New News and Why Millennials Love Jon Stewart

jon stewart emperor new news

Millennials love Jon Stewart, and sometimes it’s hard for the Fox-News-loyal parents and grandparents of Millennials to understand the appeal. First, Jon Stewart would not exist if CNN and Fox News didn’t exist. It is only because of their particularly

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Rolling Stone to be Sued By Fraternity Over Debunked Gang Rape Article

rolling stone

Just like we live in a racist culture, we also live in a rape culture. Or so everyone loves telling me. The media loves race and rape stories. There’s no getting around that. But Rolling Stone may have allowed a

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Ford Introduces New “Law-Abiding” Car in Europe

Ford S-MAX

Ford just introduced the new S-MAX in Europe. Its newest feature is that it will detect speed limits and automatically follow them, no matter how fast the driver wants to go: Ford’s Intelligent Speed Limiter tech will first appear on

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Catholic Church in San Francisco Was Pouring Cold Water on the Homeless

Homeless Lazarus and Dives

St. Mary’s Catholic Church in San Francisco had an odd way of making sure homeless people didn’t sleep in front of its doors—it had a timed sprinkler system that dumped cold water in its doorways: . . . The principal

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Obamas Fly to LA on Different Planes on the Same Day

Obamas on Air Force One

There are times when my wife and I can’t get on quite the same schedule, and we have to travel in two cars to the same destination at different times in a single day. But I don’t think we would

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Gallup Poll: What’s America’s No. 1 Problem? … The Answer Might Surprise You

government is the problem

If you were to base your understanding of what’s wrong with America on the media, what do you think you would cite as America’s No. 1 problem? Racism? Global Warming? Terrorism? The economy? Immigration? Health Care? Nope. According to a

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Dems Silent on “NAACP Bomber” who Didn’t Target the NAACP After All

parade float

A disgruntled Colorado man tried causing some damage with a makeshift pipe bomb using commercially available explosives and a gas canister. Apparently, the canister failed to ignite, and not a whole lot even happened. In fact, the only reason this

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