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10-Year-Old Girl Treated Like Terror Suspect at Airport Because of Juice Box

tsa girl

It’s something we all have to put up with if we have to fly on a plane. Once you get to the “security” checkpoint, the U.S. Constitution is no longer binding. Everyone is treated as a potential terrorist. There are

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Senator Rand Paul "Appalled" by NSA Surveillance of Congress Members

rand paul phone

No pun intended, I’m sure. Senator and presidential candidate Rand Paul said that he was “appalled” by the NSA’s surveillance of not just U.S. members of congress, but also Jewish-American groups and Israeli leaders. Some Paul critics are “appalled” that

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Poll: Most Americans Think the Terrorists are Winning

terrorists winning

If terrorism is about invoking terror in the hearts of those whom it targets, I’d say the terrorists are winning by a large margin. Part of their purpose is to kill. But more than that, they want to make their

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Samuel L. Jackson on San Bernardino: "I Really Wanted That to Just be Another, you Know, Crazy White Dude, and not Really Some Muslims"

samuel jackson

I think that what he was saying was that if it were a “crazy white dude,” he wouldn’t be as fearful, since we’ve seen that many times already. When he learned that it was a radical Muslim couple, his reaction

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Ridiculous Meme on Facebook Shows Just How Shallow Leftist Thinking is

indian shared a meme on Facebook that, as of this posting, has over 21,500 “likes.” The meme is a photograph of an American Indian, and the caption reads: “Let me get this straight. You’re afraid of refugees coming to America,

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No More "Opting Out": TSA Can Now Force You to Go Through Body Scanners


They can’t force you to go through the body scanners if you’re not trying to get on a plane. Some people have completely given up flying so they don’t have to deal with a Nazi-style police state at the airport

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ISIS Using Videos of Bill Clinton to Recruit Other Terrorists

isis recruitment

Hillary’s been going around claiming that ISIS is using videos of Donald Trump and his incendiary rhetoric about Muslims to recruit others to the terrorist organization. Naturally, left-wing bloggers and talk show hosts assumed it was true and parroted the

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Stop Whining About Non-Existent Civil Liberties, and Check Migrants' Social Media--Public and Private


“That’s not who we are.” – President Obama when his mouth is open Sometimes, I feel like Obama is a robot experiencing a software glitch; he’ll get stuck on a subject or a phrase and it just doesn’t stop. I

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San Bernardino Shooters Weren’t on Any Terrorist Watch List

no-fly list

Democrats have used the San Bernardino shooting at the Inland Regional Center as a way to push more gun control, namely barring those on the no-fly list and terrorist watch list from ever being able to purchase guns or ammo.

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72 Homeland Security Employees on Terrorist Watch List


If they can land on the terrorist watch list, then I guess anyone can. Next, we’ll find out that President Obama is on it. Does this tell us more about these Homeland Security employees or more about the terrorist watch

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Ahmed “Clock Kid” Sues City and Police for $15 Million


Remember that kid who took apart an old digital clock from the 80s, put it in a case, and brought it to school to show teachers his “invention?” After he got the reaction he wanted – which was getting arrested

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Donald Trump Wants to do What with American Muslims?

yellow star Trump

So in another Twilight Zone episode of history repeating itself, Donald Trump is not ruling out tagging, logging, and tracking every Muslim in the US just in case one might be a terrorist: “Some people are going to be upset

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