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Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Charged with Desertion!


On Wednesday the military officially announced that they would be charging Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl with desertion for his actions while serving in Afghanistan. The Army said today Bergdahl has been charged with two counts under the Uniform Code of Military

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The Way the Police Treated This 84-Year-Old Navy Vet Left Him in Tears

motorize wheelchair

When I first read the news story’s headline, I was sure it had to do with how a cop mistreated an elderly man. Unfortunately, there are too many of those stories. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had

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Air Force Base Bans People from Saying "Have a Blessed Day"


The leadership at Robins Air Force Base in Georgia made a big mistake when they decided to tell folks on base that they couldn’t say “Have a blessed day” to each other. Yep, they told people they were not allowed

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John Kerry Shouts Down Anti-War Protester - No One Notices Irony

John Kerry

In a very ironic twist on Wednesday some anti-war protesters began shouting down testimony from John Kerry even calling for Kerry to stop killing innocent people! If your not reminded of Kerry’s own personal history of anti-war activism then this won’t

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Chaplain may get Tossed from Military for being a Christian!?!

military persecution

You can’t make this stuff up folks.  The culture in the United States has begun to turn against Christians so swiftly that many of these “persecution” stories seem either fabricated or exaggerated… but you can look them up for yourself.

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The Final Price of War in the Middle East … $6 Trillion!

cost of war in the middle east

There are many reasons we shouldn’t be waging wars in the Middle East. But one of the most compelling at this point should be that we just can’t afford it. According to a recent study, our wars in Iraq and

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Liberal Calls Chris Kyle A Racist Mass-Murderer


A Morning Joe guest gets smacked with facts when he attacks Chris Kyle. “The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words.” – Phillip K. Dick There is more power inside a single word than inside

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Liberals Slam American Sniper; ISIS Throws Men Off Buildings

15Brutal Scenes from Syria - ISIS ISIL DAESH

Some reviewers go into a liberal rage over American Sniper. “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” – Voltaire With the unexpected, and massive success of

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Government Looks to Save Money by Cutting Military Pay


In a speech on Wednesday off the coast of San Diego, outgoing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel warned troops that the U.S. can’t afford its military personnel anymore. Troops are already bracing for the results of a report on Feb. 1,

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Should We Declassify the Redacted 9/11 Report Pages?

911 Report Declassify

Recently, House Resolution 14 has been forwarded to declassify about 28 redacted pages of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s 9/11 Report: Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC), Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA) and former Sen. Bob Graham (D-FL) met on January 7 with families

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Viral Videos Palestinian Style: “How to Stab a Jew”

how to stab a jew outrage

Some apparently serious things are so absurd in themselves that it is hard to determine whether to laugh heartily at them, or cry for humanity. Or something of both. Religionists tend to produce some of the more compelling “parodies of

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Merry Christmas! Soldiers Get Measly $22 Raise this Christmas


How frustrating it must be for the families of our heroic men and women in America’s Armed Forces. Their loved ones serve, laying everything out on the line for their nation, only to be compensated poorly by the richest nation

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