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Military Bans Troops from Attending Kids' Church Function to Honor Them


The military continues its recent trend of making bad decisions based on false Constitutional premises. A small country church recently centered their Vacation Bible School around our everyday heroes. They honored the Fire Department, they honored paramedics and the police…

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China thinks it Can Beat the USA in War

US China

China sure has a lot of people. The USA is the 3rd largest country (by population) in the world – but China’s numbers are so overwhelming that their population dwarfs our own. There are over 1 billion people living in

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Is The Apache Helicopter Racist?

apache helicopter

“Even if the NFL and Redskins brass come to their senses and rename the team, a greater symbolic injustice would continue to afflict Indians — an injustice perpetuated not by a football club but by our federal government.” – Simon

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Navy Seal Rips Obama and Throws Koran on Ground

obama osama

Former Navy SEAL Ben Smith was giving a speech at the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention when he called President Barack Obama a communist and a Muslim traitor! He went on to drop a  Koran on the ground in disgust

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Wounded Warrior say Obama is Throwing Away Soldiers' Sacrifice


With the situation in Iraq falling apart, and President Obama basically throwing his hands up and asking for mercy, many of our soldiers who risked so much are asking why? See more of Wounded Warrior J.R. Salzman tweets at Twitchy…

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Retired Generals Supporting the Common Core


In an odd turn that doesn’t necessarily make any sense, a few retired Generals were in Raleigh, North Carolina to offer their support for the Common Core. While many of us respect the service of our military men, I’m not

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Bowe Bergdahl and Family Need to Be Left Out of This

Bergdahl Red Herring

I’m really angry with the extremely uncivil way puppet pundits, talk-pieces, internet jocks, web bullies, and other idiots have been treating Bowe Bergdahl and his family. It wasn’t but a few days after his release before the entire conservative world

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President Obama Causes International Uproar with Disrespect

shocked obama

President Obama has managed to cause a huge international incident by disrespecting all of France! Okay, so maybe the French are being a overly sensitive… but this should have been something that the man who believes he can fix everything should

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Bipartisan Agreement – White House is Lying… Again

Obama lying to America

President Obama has finally done it! He’s united both the left and right of our nation in agreement. Both sides agree that the White House is lying about the danger that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl may have been in! The chief

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Obama Decrees - No Need for President to Obey Laws


President Obama’s arrogant disregard for the Constitution and our laws was on full display in his recent interview with NBC’s Brian Williams. When asked why his administration broke the law and chose not to keep Congress “in the loop” on

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To Protect Himself, Obama Traded Five Terrorists For One Traitor

taliban tank

“A man’s character is his fate.” – Heraclitus I’m not sure how many times I can write about Obama’s character. It seems as though I’ve written about it more times than I can count, but that is only because it

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Google Honors Japanese Go Player On D-Day 70th


Today is the 70th anniversary of the Allied landing on D-Day at Normandy so you’d think that American companies would be looking for any excuse to honor them. Not so for Google, who took this opportunity to honor a famous

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