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Will State Department Bring Ibrahim and Family to America?


The saga of Meriam Ibrahim and her family in Sudan continues to unfold, much like an episode of Covert Affairs. She was arrested and sentenced to death for allegedly converting from Islam to Christianity. Her father was Muslim but his

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Obama Wants $500 Million to Arm Terrorists in Syria


The White House promises that before any money is awarded to anyone, the recipient groups will be “appropriately vetted.” To make sure that only the “moderate” rebels will get the money. This is supposed to allay fears that money and

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Obama & The Perfectly Timed Capture Of A Benghazi Suspect


“The essential ingredient of politics is timing.” – Pierre Trudeau Watching an enemy fall is just wonderful. I don’t mean that in a gratuitous way, in which hatred dominates the victory, but rather in the same way a war is

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Obama Threatens Lives of Every American Abroad with Gitmo Swap

don't negotiate

Over the weekend, the White House carried out a swap of five Afghan members of the Taliban being held in prison at Guantanamo Naval Base (Gitmo) in Cuba for US Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. I’m thrilled for the Bergdahl family

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TSA “Misses” AK-47 Magazines Stowed in Yemeni Man’s Luggage

banana mag

You’ll get harassed by the TSA if you’re a white American, and they’ll claim it’s for your own safety. The TSA are purportedly an outgrowth of the 9/11 attacks in 2001. Attacks that were planned and carried out (ostensibly) by

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White House Accidentally Reveals Name of Top CIA Spook in Afghanistan


In 2003, members of the Bush administration accidentally leaked the name of Valerie Plame as being a CIA operative. The administration was raked over the coals by the liberal Democrats for the unconscionable leak that endangered Plame and her family’s

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College Campus Event with Camel Canceled, Because it Might Offend Middle Easterners

angry islam

The event was a “Hump Day” celebration planned by the Residence Hall Association at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota to mark the end of the year. They were going to bring a camel on campus, hoping for a

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Benghazi: The Terrible Brainlessness of Jon Stewart

jon stewart benghazi

“I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.” – William F. Buckley Jr. There is a difference between intelligence, and ignorance. There are many intelligent people who have succumbed to the ravages of

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US Still Buying 90 Russian Helicopters for Afghanistan in Spite of Sanctions against Russia

America builds some of the best helicopters in the world, a number of which are used by the military.  My favorite is the AH-64 Apache which was built in my hometown of Mesa, Arizona for a number a years.  At

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Iran Appointed to UN Women’s Rights Commission?

Iran womens rights

You read that right. Iran. The country that is downright famous for its institutionalized abuse of women. Iran. A country that forces its women to cover up from head to toe in black cloth in the desert climate of the

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FBI Harassing Gun Shops to be on the Lookout for “People Talking About Big Government”

love my country

The government downplays Islamic terrorism and exaggerates the threat of domestic terrorism involving white, “anti-government” activists. If you’re critical of our government in any way, that makes the government suspicious of you. You’re a potential terrorist if you’re pro-life, opposed

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Obama Wants More Money for UN Even Though US Pays 22% of UN Budget


If you asked me to list the top five enemies of the United States, my list might surprise you.  Number 1 on my list is Barack HUSSEIN Obama because he is doing so much to destroy everything America has ever

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