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Jay Carney Admits - Obama Doing what He Believed was Unconstitutional

lawless obama

Jay Carney was on CNN after President Obama’s Executive Amnesty speech on Thursday night when he had a tough time explaining how it is that President Obama could move forward with Executive Amnesty when he was once so sure it

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Grossest Thing Ever? Rosie O'Donnell Picks her Nose and Eats it on Live TV

rosie odonnell

As if Rosie O’Donnell couldn’t be more revolting… this week on her show The View she demonstrated the most disgusting thing she’s ever done at work for the entire world. She picked her nose and then ate the contents on LIVE

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Bill Nye: Buffalo Snowstorm Caused by… Global Warming

buffalo snow

The Buffalo snowstorm is not permitted as evidence of global cooling, but it proves global warming. We’re not allowed to use any kind of local weather event as evidence against the idea of manmade global warming. However, the rules created

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Conservative says Obama the ‘Greatest Builder of the Republican Party’ Since Reagan

obama face

The venerable conservative journalist George Will was on Fox News Wednesday night when he said what may be the best line we’ve heard in a long while… The Fox News panel was talking about where Democrats go from here (after

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Can We Fix the Internet?

clickbait fix the internet

Recently, I clicked on an article on a music website about Gorgio Moroder—one of the original architects of EDM and a recent collaborator on Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. I hoped to get information on his new studio album, but

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How did the Media Miss the Obamacare = Stupid Americans Comments?


Newsbusters Executive Editor Tim Graham was on Fox Business Network to talk about Jonathan Gruber’s recently uncovered comments about Obamacare only getting passed because of the “stupidity” of the American voter. From Newsbusters     STUART VARNEY: What kind of

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Why The Leftist Media Attacks Christianity

christian persecution

Malice is why the world attacks Christianity, not ignorance. “Truth is strong, and sometime or other will prevail.” – Mary Astell People love the truth when it confirms their behaviors, but hate it when it shows them to be in

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Obama Wants to Reclassify the Internet as a Utility

internet as a utility

In a recent speech, President Obama laid out his plan for protecting the freedom of the internet. It involved reclassifying the internet as a utility. Regulating internet service under Title II would mean reclassifying it as a utility, like water.

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Liberal says that "Democrats Suck" "They're Horrible"

bill maher
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Wendy Davis Blames Loss on Ebola

abbot davis

The Wendy Davis campaign is offering up excuses as to why they lost to Greg Abbot, and one is that the Ebola scare drove Republicans to the polls. Writing for Breitbart, Kristin Tate reported: Speaking on behalf of Davis’ campaign,

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"Freedom Needs A Friend" Advertisement is Setting the Internet on FIRE


The Washington Free Beacon has long been a place where conservatives can go to fin d like-minded reporting and journalism that doesn’t look down on us for being conservative. The WFB recently rpoduced an advertisement that is now making the rounds

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CNN Pushes Meme that Republicans are to Blame for "Gridlock" in D.C.


CNN’s Dana Bash must have gotten her Democrat talking points early in the day because she wanted to make sure that everyone heard her loud and clear. The Republicans are to blame for the dysfunction in Washington.. “This is going

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