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While Everyone Focuses on Virginia Reporter Shooting - Hillary Sends Apology Email

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton finally took responsibility for her decision to use a private email server as secretary of state late Wednesday afternoon, conspicuously on the same day the murder of two journalists dominated the news cycle. “I know the people have raised questions about

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The Williams Shooting from the Perspective of a Liberal Journalist

liberal stupid

MEMO TO LIBERAL NEWS NETWORK (LNN) EMPLOYEES: We must be extremely careful as to how we cover the Bryce Williams shooting. Unfortunately, Williams was not what we want in a shooter. He was neither white, cis-gender, racist, sexist, conservative, or

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Donald Trump vs. Jorge Ramos

ramos trump

Donald Trump started a new feud on Tuesday evening this time it wasn’t anyone from Fox News or any of the other GOP candidates. This time Trump has started a tussle with Spanish language reporter Jorge Ramos. Trump on Deportation: The

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Planned Parenthood Cries Foul on Latest Undercover Video

stillborn baby

Planned Parenthood thinks they finally have evidence that will bring down the Center for Medical Progress. In its seventh video, CMP used very brief footage of an apparent stillborn baby in the context of an ex-procurement specialist talking about cutting

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Is Facebook Manipulating its Trending Feature to Protect Planned Parenthood?

planned parenthood facebook

Facebook has a feature called “Trending Topics” which indicates what topics are most popular on Facebook at any given time. This Facebook feature purports to be controlled entirely by user data, but a recent article in Lifesite News indicates that Facebook

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On Funny or Die, Planned Parenthood, and Being the Right Kind of Fool


You all know Funny or Die, I’m guessing. They are presumably a comedy website. But recently, they joined the leftist fight to protect Planned Parenthood from its “vicious attackers” by posting an “exclusive” “comedy” video entitled “The Shocking Truth About Planned

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Donald Trump Refuses to Apologize says Megyn Kelly "should Apologize to Me!"


Donald Trump made an appearance Monday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and told the eponymous host that there was no way he would be apologizing to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. Well, you have to give him this… he’s not been prone to

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GOP Debate: the Musical

Remy  GOPdebate Rap

Remy from Reason.TV has put together a brilliant little rap-up of the recent GOP debates and I do mean “rap.” GOP Debate: The Rap If you were lyin’ any more a dentist would shoot you that’s not what you said

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15 Years Ago, ABC News Went Undercover and Exposed Biomedical Industry’s Fetal Tissue and Organ Harvesting Secrets

chris wallace fetal tissue

While it’s great that the Center for Medical Progress continues to release their undercover videos of Planned Parenthood personnel discussing the sale of fetal tissue and organs, it turns out that this practice has gone on probably for decades without

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The Planned Parenthood Videos Are NOT Selectively Edited

baby arm

In the above video, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest uses what has quickly become the go-to defense for Planned Parenthood supporters in the wake of the Center for Medical Progress releasing a string of undercover videos in which abortion

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Comedian Penn Jillette Defends the 2nd Amendment from Illogical Liberals

Penn Jillette

The brilliant and funny Penn Jillette happens to not only be a wonderful comedian and magician but he’s also a constitution supporting libertarian. He recently took his talents to the Nightly Show  where he went toe-to-toe with some card carrying (but

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Gawker, Suddenly Concerned with Privacy, Retracts Story of David Geithner and Homosexual Escort


It’s the first time in Gawker’s illustrious dirt-digging history that it has retracted a story without the revelation of a factual error or the threat of a lawsuit. Entirely of its own accord, Gawker has retracted a story about how

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