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Comedian Penn Jillette Defends the 2nd Amendment from Illogical Liberals

Penn Jillette

The brilliant and funny Penn Jillette happens to not only be a wonderful comedian and magician but he’s also a constitution supporting libertarian. He recently took his talents to the Nightly Show  where he went toe-to-toe with some card carrying (but

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Gawker, Suddenly Concerned with Privacy, Retracts Story of David Geithner and Homosexual Escort


It’s the first time in Gawker’s illustrious dirt-digging history that it has retracted a story without the revelation of a factual error or the threat of a lawsuit. Entirely of its own accord, Gawker has retracted a story about how

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Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro Threatened by Trans Reporter: "Cut That Out Now, Or You'll Go Home in an Ambulance"

caitlin jenner

Ironically, this trans reporter was just saying how Shapiro was “consumed with hatred.” Shapiro never displayed any hatred. He only voiced his opinion, as everyone else on the panel was doing. But because Shapiro did not voice the correct opinion,

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Whoa. CNN has a Serious Trump Addiction


CNN has been “Trumpgasaming” of late, and their fit hit the high-water mark this past week when the network said “Donald Trump” 239 times in a 24-hour period! The “Trumpgasm” line came not from us, or the folks at the

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Washington Post Fears: "Some Nut Will Walk Into an LGBT Center With a Gun and Mow People Down Just Because"


NewsBusters pointed out the irony of the Washington Post’s fear that some nut might walk into an LGBT center with a gun and mow people down just because. If you recall, it was an LBGT center volunteer, Floyd Lee Corkins,

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Professor Writes Editorial Calling Comedian Racist - Never Actually Watched Her Perform!

Amy Schumer

A column published earlier this week in the Washington Post blasting comedian Amy Schumer as a racist was written by a critic who never bothered to watch any of Schumer’s comedy before writing it. Not only that, the piece was written because the Post asked for

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RINO Tries to Belittle Sarah Palin with the Confederate Flag

Sarah Palin AK

When the New York Times or PBS wants to hear a “conservative” opinion they call on David Brooks to give it. The only problem is that David Brooks is hardly a “conservative,” in fact he’s much closer to a doctrinaire

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Poll: A Quarter of Americans Think the Media Try to be Objective


That might seem like a lot of Americans who seem to trust the media, but that figure is actually down significantly from the past few years. It’s an all-time low for this particular survey conducted by the Newseum Institute. It’s

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It’s Been Three Days Since July 4, and ISIS Hasn’t Killed Us All Yet

july4screenshot ISIS

If you watched the news in the days leading up to Independence Day 2015, you are well aware, I’m sure, that ISIS was most certainly targeting every city in the USA and set to destroy all Americans on July 4.

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TV Land Pulls 'Dukes of Hazzard' Reruns Because Racism

dukes of hazzard

“In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” – Friedrich Nietzsche As a society, we often make targets of things that aren’t part of an actual problem; it helps us take power

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Ted Cruz's Hilarious Audition for the Simpsons!

Ted Cruz Simpsons

  Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was already one of my favorite GOP politicians for his willingness to buck the establishment and stand by his (and our) principles. Now, I’m an even bigger fan because I’ve just learned that Ted Cruz

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AP on Ted Cruz Gun Photo: We Didn’t Mean to Portray him in a Negative Light

ted cruz hands up

According to the AP, it was a complete coincidence that there was a gun in the background that was pointing right at Ted Cruz’s head. I mean, I’m sure that the AP photographer didn’t put up the gun poster on

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