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John Kerry is NOT Happy with CNN's Candy Crowley

kerry ear buds

Uh-Oh. Secretary of State John Kerry seemed none to pleased with CNN”s Candy Crowley after she asked a rather inane questions about the war between Israel and the Palestinians. Secretary of State John Kerry: “The fact is that Hamas uses

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Bill Maher Comes to Astonishing Agreement with Conservative!

bill maher

Bill Maher doesn’t often agree with his conservative guests, but on a recent episode of his HBO show liberal and conservative came together to agree about the evils of Hamas. Bill Maher:  “I feel terrible for a Palestinian child who

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Fred Thompson on Being Conservative in Hollywood


Fred Thompson has a small role in the upcoming conservative film Persecuted, which is about a Preacher being asked to set aside his faith by his government, and the repercussions that follow his refusal. The Hollywood Reporter met with the former

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MSNBC Prank Caller Calls Host a “Dumba**”

krystal ball2

 During yesterday’s breaking news about the Malaysia Airlines plane crash MSNBC’s Krystal Ball was trying hard to get a scoop when she inadvertently became the scoop.   MSNBC Host Krystal Ball: “Let’s turn now to an MSNBC exclusive. U.S. Staff

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Fox News Reporter Makes Fun of President Obama


Fox News’ Wendell Goler poked some fun at President Obama yesterday when he wondered aloud if the President was enjoying his photo-op! Last week, Republicans (and many in the media and around the country) were wondering why President Obama wasn’t

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GOP War on Women: Poll Shows Most Republicans Support Birth Control

pregnant lady

The liberal narrative has always been that Republicans hate women. I don’t think they actually believe it. It just helps them get more voters. Since the Hobby Lobby ruling, liberals have been saying that the GOP hates birth control. Apparently,

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John Wayne's Lesson on Patriotism

john wayne

Today’s stars could learn a lot from the celebrities of yesteryear. Men like John Wayne proudly loved our country and didn’t mind telling everyone so. We need more John Wayne’s and less of modern Hollywood. The video below is John

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Archie the American Icon Dies Defending Gay Agenda

Archie dies

I remember when I was younger chewing Bazooka bubble gum and reading the little Archie comic that was wrapped around each pink rectangle. My sisters read the Archie digests, the appeal of which I didn’t understand. The stories seemed fragmented

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Judge Jeanine Pirro Destroys Obama's Border Fiasco

Border Crossing Sign

“With all due respect Mr. President, you created this mess – now you fix it! You invited them in, now you solve it [...] Illegally entering the United States is not a right to citizenship. Don’t tell us we’re heartless because

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Go See Dinesh D’Souza’s America: Imagine a World Without Her


Go See Dinesh D’Souza’s “America: Imagine a World Without Her!” Audiences all over America are enjoying the phenomenon of Dinesh D’Souza’s latest homage to our great nation. Conservatives are lining up to get their chance to see it. Not only

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Fox News Host Goes Off on Liberal Over Obama's Incompetence!


Fox News’ Martha MacCallum has heard enough of the talking points from liberals about the Obama administration and she wants no more of it! The discussion of Fox News was supposed to center on the IRS lost emails and the

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"Uncle SAMta," the Conservative Holiday Movie!


Some very creative economic Conservatives are working hard to get a movie made that conservative audiences will love. They are calling the project “Uncle SAMta” and the goal is to make a new Christmas classic for all ages and audiences.

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