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The Epic Rap Anthem for Conservative Hero Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz

  A music group called We are Watchmen has released the first rap song supporting Ted Cruz’s 2016 candidacy and it’s pretty good. The conservative band is hoping to spark a fire for Cruz as the put his beliefs (and

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Actress Rose McGowan to Ted Cruz: “You are Blight on the Soul of Humanity. Get Off of My Planet.”

ted cruz josh duggar

Her hatred and bigotry toward Ted Cruz was all based on a quote that was attributed to him, but was actually totally fabricated. Someone made it up and then gave the credit to Cruz. From The Blaze: The made-up quote

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Tomorrowland: It’s Not Personal … It’s Just Programming


Tomorrowland is certainly different from pretty much any summer blockbuster ever. It has action, explosions, adventure, suspense, and all the other things you would expect. But it also has a defined, at times even heavy-handed, moral riptide. I use moral

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Poll: 61% of Voters Don’t Trust Political News

talking heads

Rasmussen just released a poll that shows America’s distrust of media is yet again at an all time high. Sixty-one percent of those surveyed said that they do not trust the political news that’s constantly thrown at them. According to

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Brilliant Conservative Comedian Evan Sayet is Going on Tour!


  Our dear friend and personal hero, Evan Sayet, is a brilliant mind and hilarious comedian. Evan is a former liberal who spent years writing content for Bill Maher on Politically Incorrect and generally making folks on the left laugh

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Saturday Night Live – Hillary Clinton Bothers People to Vote for Her while Bill Hits on Women!

SNL Hillary Beach

This past week Saturday Night Live dinged the Clinton family in a funny little sketch about Hillary’s campaign. The very funny Kate McKinnon, whose take on Hillary Clinton is spot on, bothers beach goers in an attempt to get their

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Asking If Someone Would Have Invaded Iraq Is Stupid


Can We Call It A Day With The ‘Knowing What We Know Now, Would You Have Invaded Iraq’ Question? “Knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the Iraq war?” That is the ludicrous question we’re being treated to

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MSNBC Wonders How Clintons Can Talk About Income Inequality


MSNBC host and liberal political commentator Alex Wagner had some pretty intriguing and thoughtful questions about the likely Democrat candidate for President. Modern liberals like to spend as much time as possible propagating class warfare and it just doesn’t seem

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Latest Hillary Clinton Parody Video – “Back in the White House”!

hillary clinton glasses

  The very funny Dan Joseph from MRC TV has put together the best new Hillary Clinton ad on the web. He’s put together a parody video called “Back in the White House” and I am fairly certain that you

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CNN: Anti-Muslim Pam Geller Had it Coming

pam gellar

Listening to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota question Islam critic Pam Geller about her free speech event, you’d think that Camerota was actually blaming Geller for the attack and saying that she had it coming. Leave it to CNN to find a

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MSNBC Wonders if Thug is the New "N" Word

MSNBC Alex Wagner

Only at MSNBC could people wonder if the word thug was the new N-word. No, no it’s not. Do you know how I know that it’s not? Because the people on MSNBC are saying the word “thug” and they won’t

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The Emperor’s New News and Why Millennials Love Jon Stewart

jon stewart emperor new news

Millennials love Jon Stewart, and sometimes it’s hard for the Fox-News-loyal parents and grandparents of Millennials to understand the appeal. First, Jon Stewart would not exist if CNN and Fox News didn’t exist. It is only because of their particularly

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