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Ministers Told To Perform Same-Sex Marriage, Or Face Prison

lesbian wedding cake

Same-sex marriage has become the rationalization for tossing Constitutional freedoms. “There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.” – Charles de Montesquieu I read the news every

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‘Virginity Rocks’ T-shirt Too Controversial for School

Virginity Rocks

Today’s public schools subjectively pick and choose what they believe to be too controversial and what is acceptable. For instance, schools allowed t-shirts promoting Barack Obama and other Democrats while telling some students to take off their Romney/Ryan t-shirts. Students

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Federal Judge Rules Against Gay Marriage


It’s been sad to see how many liberal judges have been succumbing to the pressure of gay rights advocates. Time and again we’ve seen one judge after another over turn states’ bans on same sex marriages and the recognition of

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Planned Parenthood Tells 15 Year Old Girl to Let her Sex Partners Whip Her

Planned Parenthood Exposed

Live Action has released its 3rd Video showing the disgraceful things that Planned Parenthood tells children about sexuality. The Planned Parenthood employee suggest that the 15 year old child should allow herself to be tied up, or role-play as a

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New Dating Site Uses DNA to Make Matches


A new dating site, SingldOut, is using DNA samples from subscribers to create “genetic matches”: The two markers tested for are the serotonin uptake controller, which is involved in how people handle positive and negative emotions. The second marker tested

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Biden Says Protecting Gay Rights More Important than Christian Values

gay washington

Forget Christianity. Forget traditional marriage. Forget the family structure. Forget what our nation was founded upon. That’s the message just expressed by Vice President Joe Biden to a group of about 100 people gathered at the Naval Observatory’s vice presidential

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Indiana and Utah have Gay Marriage Ban Declared Unconstitutional

Gay Marriage Ban

On the same day, both Indiana and Utah have been told that their state-wide gay marriage bans are unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge Richard Young (appointed by Bill Clinton) ruled that Indiana was not allowed to enforce its gay marriage ban.

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Federal Judge Rules on Personal Agenda to Strike down Part of Wisconsin Constitution

barbara crabb

A growing sign of the decay of American values and principles can be seen in courtrooms around the nation. Liberal judges appointed by liberal presidents are ruling more on their own personal agenda than on the rule of law. Case

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Government Forcing Churches to Perform Gay Weddings

Same-sex marriage sign

And so it begins. Denmark has become the first (but likely not the last) western nation to force churches to participate in gay weddings. This should come as no surprise, as the socialist nations of the West have been moving

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Discrimination: Man Sues for Right to Marry his Computer; Judge Throws Out Case

man laptop

How could the judge be so callous toward this guy who had what he believed to be a meaningful relationship with his computer? It’s discrimination, pure and simple. How would marrying his “sexual object of choice,” as Chris Sevier calls

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LGBTQQIIAA+ Heroes vs. Traditional-Marriage Supporters (a.k.a. Bigots)

tfp student action

By the Psychotic Liberal: I just love it when conservatards complain about not being allowed to be bigots; it just proves how bigoted they are. Let me excerpt some bits from TEABAGGER website Daily Caller: Members of a group that promotes

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Stanford Student Experiences Intolerance from Liberals Concerning Marriage Conference


Stanford University is a very well-known and highly respected University.  Their academic standards are higher than most universities.  The school is also known for trying to be a diverse campus that is open to many differing ideologies, however, that reputation

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