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The Williams Shooting from the Perspective of a Liberal Journalist

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MEMO TO LIBERAL NEWS NETWORK (LNN) EMPLOYEES: We must be extremely careful as to how we cover the Bryce Williams shooting. Unfortunately, Williams was not what we want in a shooter. He was neither white, cis-gender, racist, sexist, conservative, or

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Dem Senator Stands Up for Planned Parenthood; Wants to Make it a Federal Crime to Abuse Animals

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Never has the left’s hypocrisy been so obvious than in the context of their undying and unconditional support for Planned Parenthood while being outraged over the “murder” of Cecil the giant cat. They don’t want to talk about Planned Parenthood’s

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Is Facebook Manipulating its Trending Feature to Protect Planned Parenthood?

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Facebook has a feature called “Trending Topics” which indicates what topics are most popular on Facebook at any given time. This Facebook feature purports to be controlled entirely by user data, but a recent article in Lifesite News indicates that Facebook

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Liberal Arguments: My Debate with Salon's Scott Kaufman, Part 2

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Liberal arguments use straw men, assume the argument, and use every distraction available to throw you off the main line of argumentation. Yesterday, I began my criticism of Salon’s Scott Kaufman; I wrote about one of the fallacious tactics he

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Liberal Arguments: My Debate with Salon's Scott Kaufman, Part 1

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“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.” – Dale Carnegie I had a piece planned for today, but last night, I had a Twitter debate with Scott Eric Kaufman of

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How to Penetrate the Illogical Bubble of Your Hillary-Loving Friend or Family Member


“Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.” – Joyce Brothers Every day, there seems to be a new revelation regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails. The most recent of these revelations is that at

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The Subtle Micro-Aggression and the Ubiquitous Taking of Offense


Being offended is our generation’s version of being right. Because, obviously, if someone is offending you, he is wrong. In that cultural milieu, the subtle merchants of insult detection have created ever finer instruments to amplify even the smallest traces

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HORROR: Aborted Babies Being Sold for Parts Instead of Being Tossed in Dumpsters

joker body parts

Does anyone think it matters to the aborted babies? “Civilization is the lamb’s skin in which barbarism masquerades.” – Thomas Bailey Aldrich Over the last several weeks, Americans have been shown a series of videos that are shocking, disturbing, and

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On Funny or Die, Planned Parenthood, and Being the Right Kind of Fool


You all know Funny or Die, I’m guessing. They are presumably a comedy website. But recently, they joined the leftist fight to protect Planned Parenthood from its “vicious attackers” by posting an “exclusive” “comedy” video entitled “The Shocking Truth About Planned

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Not a Hate Crime: Group of Blacks Beat Up White Guy

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We’ve written about these sorts of situations many times before. If you’re at all familiar with my articles, you’ll know that I don’t like the idea of a “hate crimes.” Punishment for a crime shouldn’t be more severe just because

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The Planned Parenthood Videos Are NOT Selectively Edited

baby arm

In the above video, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest uses what has quickly become the go-to defense for Planned Parenthood supporters in the wake of the Center for Medical Progress releasing a string of undercover videos in which abortion

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Harry Reid on GOP: They've "Lost Their Moral Compass"

How dare they try to remove federal funding from an organization that provides infanticide  reproductive healthcare for women. Everyone knows that Planned Parenthood is the only place that provides cancer screenings and STI testing. No doctor’s office or urgent care

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