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Burger King Wants To Pay Fewer Taxes, Liberals Call It A Betrayal Of The American People

tim hortons

“Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery.” – Calvin Coolidge People just love to be outraged. Being publicly offended or indignant is like injecting heroine directly into the veins of your ego. Being offended feels good because

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California Bans “Racist” Confederate Flag

confederate flag

Let me get this straight. Burning the American flag is acceptable, because while it might be offensive to some, it’s considered a form of free speech protected by the 1st Amendment. But the Confederate flag? It’s illegal to even sell

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Professional Golfer Barack Obama Criticized For Governing Too Much


BREAKING: Spokesman/caddy James Redder held a brief press conference this morning to discuss increasingly vicious criticism being leveled against professional golfer, Barack Obama. When asked by NJR news’ Marianne Fellows about Obama’s seeming lack of focus, and commitment in recent

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Why the Riots in Ferguson Are Nothing Like the Boston Tea Party


Recently, some idiot teacher named Michael Kaechele positively compared the riots in Ferguson to the Boston Tea Party. Yes. He really did: The tragic event of the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri have [sic] led to protests and

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Harry Reid Cracks Asian Joke: Can't "Keep my Wongs Straight"

double standards

Why are the language police never around when a Democrat makes some silly joke using racial stereotypes? If some conservative makes a comment about “Chicago politics,” that’s all it takes for the media to go crazy and act shocked that

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Why Obama Is Sending A Delegation To Michael Brown's Funeral, But Skipped Major General Greene's Funeral To Play Golf

obama shrugs 2

I’ve said it dozens of times, but I’ll say it again, because it bears repeating: the Democratic Party is not driven by a desire to help the American people prosper, it is not driven by a duty to protect American

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Racial Hate Crimes Up in D.C.; Mostly White Victims


What’s humorous is how they’re trying to spin this. If the D.C. Police had reported that race-based “hate crimes” were up from 13 in 2012 to 18 in 2013, and that most of those were white-on-black crimes, no one would

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The Danger of Electing a Collectivist

free and equal clinton

“We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society.” – Hillary Clinton The above quote from Hillary Clinton comes off as noble, perhaps even biblical—to love others more than yourself, and to put

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Lyndon Johnson Was Not A Civil Rights Champion; He Was A Racist


The common view—only common because of its proliferation by the leftist media, and Hollywood–is that Democrats are empathetic wonks. What I mean by that is they are portrayed as people whose hearts bleed when they see hardship, and all they

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No, Rush Limbaugh Did Not Say That Robin Williams Killed Himself Because He Was Liberal

rush limbaugh

Once one no longer cares to take more than a cursory glance at a subject, or position with which they disagree, their credibility in all things becomes suspect. Studying politics can be, at times, extremely satisfying, and fascinating. At other

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Obama's Broken Promise: No Vacations

obama saint

“Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises, for never intending to go beyond promise, it costs nothing.” – Edmund Burke How many promises can one man afford to break? We make promises in order to assure others that

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Obama Calls Conservatives Extreme, But Who Is Really Extreme?

Barack Obama

“Propaganda is a soft weapon; hold it in your hands too long, and it will move about like a snake, and strike the other way.” – Jean Anouilh The more desperate Obama becomes, the more often he appears on tv,

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