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Eric Holder says Farewell and America says Good Riddance!

Eric Holder

“I think we can say now Eric Holder is free,”  — Eric Holder While Eric Holder may think that he is finally free, the truth is that we are finally free of him. One can only hope that new Attorney

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Big Auto Using Internet Piracy Laws to Outlaw Working on Your Own Car

working on your own car big auto

According to GM, Ford, and a slew of other American car companies which we will collectively refer to as Big Auto, you should not be allowed to tinker with your own car. Why? Because cars have become such advanced pieces

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Baltimore is Spying on Innocent Citizens without Warrants!


Cases like this one unfolding in Baltimore make me wonder how people can go on pretending that the government isn’t as corruptible as anything else in the world. Whenever I argue that we are allowing the government to strip us

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Why is the GOP Against Election Day Voter Registration?

election day voter registration

Only eleven states in America allow voters to register to vote all the way up to election day. And apparently many politicians are against election day voter registration. But why? What surprised me the most about this debate, if you

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RFRAs, Discrimination, and Equality

RFRAs KKK cookies

A religious freedom bill movement is sweeping the nation in an attempt to protect the free exercise of religion against liberal bullying. And it too is coming up against liberal bullying. Tim Cook is the latest person to argue against

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Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) Protects Wife Abusers?

cross and flag RFRA

A new act in the Georgia legislature, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), was designed to protect the right of religious people to exercise their beliefs without molestation from the government. But some critics are condemning the act, saying its

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Children’s Court: Supreme Court Justice Kagan Cites Dr. Seuss

Kagan Dr. Seuss fish

You would think the Supreme Court has better things to do with its time than determine if a fisherman should be prosecuted under Wall Street regulatory law for throwing out too-small fish and thereby “destroying evidence.” They apparently don’t. Beyond

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Utah Woman Allowed by Court to Sue Herself

Sue Herself

Sue herself … ? Yes. A Utah woman has filed a lawsuit against herself for damages she apparently caused herself and her husband through her own negligence. As you can imagine, a court already threw out her case on the

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Horrible! Wyoming Republican Governor Vetoes Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill!


In a horrible case of stabbing the voters in the back, a Republican Governor in a conservative state has refused support the will of the people and vetoed a bill that would reform civil asset forfeiture laws in his state.

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Alabama Chief Justice tells State Judges to Ignore Federal Court Ruling on Gay Marriage

Roy Moore

Last month a federal judge struck down Alabama’s ban on gay marriage and now this month Alabama’s Chief Justice finally responded by sending a message to his state’s judges… and boy, has it caused controversy. Chief Justice Moore  told his states

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Net Neutrality Regulations and the Death of the Republic

net neutrality

Obama has made it clear that the net neutrality question could be settled without Congress. By executive order, you say? Nope. Even worse—by bureaucratic regulations: The White House on Thursday said legislation was not necessary to settle so-called net neutrality

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Study - E-cigs Don't Lead to Regular Smoking


Liberals hate fun. Maybe not all fun… but some fun. Liberals have for years been trying to make everyone stop smoking cigarettes and so you would think that the advent of e-cigs would be viewed as a good ting. But you

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