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Police Say Waze App Makes it Easy for Cop Stalkers to Target Police

Waze logo

There are times when the panic-stricken alarmism, blindness, and ignorance of people surprise me. But, to be honest, I am never surprised by anything the police say. Their most recent bit of scaremongering concerns the GPS app Waze. Apparently, some

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Black Cop Kills Black Suspect; CNN: “Racially-Motivated”?


I think there is some racial profiling that goes on in law enforcement. There is a lot of overall profiling. In other words, they’re not just looking at the color of your skin, and if they see that you’re a

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Moms Demand Action Outraged over Arrest of Assailant

concealed carry 2

White guy arrested for attacking lawfully armed black guy; Moms Demand Action outraged over arrest. A gun control “good Samaritan” saw a fellow Wal-Mart shopper get out of his car with a gun holstered under his shirt. He followed the

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Prove Your Case, or Shut Up: A Letter to Darren Wilson Haters


Darren Wilson has not been proven guilty. “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” – John Adams We enjoy anger

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French Police Call for More Numerous and Powerful Guns

firefight France

Reality and liberal political theory are always at odds with each other. The theory goes, “the fewer guns we allow in society, the safer that society will be.” I don’t even think that can qualify as a theory. A fantasy,

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Child Protective Services Attacking Parents for Letting Kids Walk Home

kids walking

When you were a kid, would anyone have thought that your parents were neglecting you by “letting” you walk home from school? My guess is, that that’s just the way it was. Everyone walked. You felt safe and didn’t even

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Killing Cops Soon to be a “Hate Crime?”

hate crimes

Should killing a police officer constitute a “hate crime?” It’s pretty amazing how the media are able to give their viewers and readers certain opinions, without those viewers and readers even realizing it. Just six months ago, I doubt most

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Is the Tallahassee Police Department Giving FSU Players a Free Pass?

Tallahassee Police Department Criminoles

A recent blog article by Michael Bigham, a veteran ex-cop, accuses the Tallahassee Police Department of “going easy” on FSU football players, to the point of willful corruption. Citing numerous cases over the course of the last few years—including sexual

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To All Those Protesting: You Are Responsible For The Chaos

ferguson protestors

If you are protesting the police, do you have any idea what you are doing? “Every action needs to be prompted by a motive.” – Leonardo Da Vinci Our actions are brought to life by our motives. Without motive, there

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New York Vet Has Guns Confiscated by Police Because He Had Trouble Sleeping


A man had his guns confiscated on a crazy pretext. This is supposedly New York’s attempt at keeping guns out of the “wrong hands.” Under New York’s SAFE Act, medical professionals have to report to police if they believe one

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NYPD Practically Stops Making Arrests; Total Chaos Follows

nypd 2

By “ total chaos, ” I mean nothing really changed, except a lot fewer people were harassed by police. And yes, I used the term “harass,” because I’m “anti-cop,” a “cop-hater,” “cop-killer sympathizer,” and I love Mayor de Blasio. Any

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NYPD on "Strike" and Everybody Is Better Off

NYPD cars

The NYPD Officer Union has called for a semi-limited “virtual work stoppage” to punish Mayor DeBlasio and other people who, according to the NYPD, haven’t been faithful or loyal enough to the cause of police officers. The result has been

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