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Agents Provocateurs and the FBI Warnings on Ferguson

agents provocateurs

The FBI released a warning concerning possible violence from agents provocateurs in Ferguson following the grand jury decision concerning the shooting death of Michael Brown: The FBI assesses those infiltrating and exploiting otherwise legitimate public demonstrations with the intent to

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School Bus Driver Calls Cops on Kids in Possession of Confetti “Guns”

confetti gun

A driver calls cops “just in case.” When a Flagler County, Florida school bus driver heard the “pop” sound of a confetti gun on the bus, he thought he should call the cops just in case. There were a couple

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Tennessee Cops Search Driver’s Car for Cash After They Prompt Their Drug Dog to “Alert”

cop money

On the way back from a funeral in Virginia, a California couple made the mistake of driving through Tennessee. It was a mistake, because Tennessee cops like to target out-of-staters to harass them into searching their cars for cash, which

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Cop Dressed as Donald Duck Rakes in the Dough in Crosswalk Sting

donald duck

New Jersey police thought it would be a good idea to set up a crosswalk sting operation on Halloween using an undercover cop dressed in a Donald Duck costume. The duck would start walking across the street to see if

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Miami Cop Caught Stealing 24 Pounds of Marijuana, Leads Police on Chase

US Marshall 2

Officer Clorenzo Griffin was a Florida Deputy US Marshal who was caught in Yuba City, California stealing 24 pounds of marijuana at gunpoint and then speeding off, leading police on a high-speed chase that eventually ended in Griffin’s surrender. Filming

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Video: Cop Slaps Man for Refusing to Consent to Car Search

nazi cop

Consent to car search or suffer abuse! They say we have a 4th Amendment right to be safe from unreasonable searches and seizures, unless there’s probable cause and a warrant, or if we consent. Yet, if you don’t consent, that

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Police “Wish Lists” Determine Civil Asset Forfeitures

piles-of-money civil asset forfeitures

Civil asset forfeitures are getting a huge amount of press lately, and for good reason. The practice, whereby local and federal law enforcement officers confiscate assets that have even remote connections to crimes, has been on the rise in recent

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Cop Violated Speed Laws…to Buy a Bag of Peanuts

police car chasing

The speed laws don’t apply to all drivers equally. A civilian driver was curious about why a particular cop was speeding on the freeway. So, he decided to follow the cop while his cell phone camera captured his experience. He

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High Schooler Suspended for 5 Days for Slicing an Apple

cut apple

This high schooler had the audacity to slice an apple while on school grounds, and because of his actions, he got suspended for five days. Specifically, his crime was bringing a weapon to school. From The Blaze: A 10th-grade student

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TSA Confiscate Belt Buckle…for National Security, of Course

space gun belt buckle

The TSA confiscated a traveler’s belt buckle, because it was shaped like a gun. Their argument was that if this traveler pointed the belt buckle at a cop, the cop might mistake it for a real gun and have to

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Video: Innocent Man Refuses to Get on the Ground as Police Hold Him at Gunpoint

cops pointing guns

Police officers in La Quinta, California held a man named Alejandro Natividad at gunpoint while commanding him to get on the ground. The man refused to comply with their commands, as he claimed he had committed no crime. He recorded

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Man Calls Suicide Hotline; SWAT Team Kills Him

suicide reach out

A Roy, Utah man named Jose Calzada called a suicide hotline early one morning, and a SWAT team was dispatched to his house that ended up killing him. It’s as if the police told him, “No, don’t kill yourself! Let

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