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Video: Innocent Man Refuses to Get on the Ground as Police Hold Him at Gunpoint

cops pointing guns

Police officers in La Quinta, California held a man named Alejandro Natividad at gunpoint while commanding him to get on the ground. The man refused to comply with their commands, as he claimed he had committed no crime. He recorded

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Man Calls Suicide Hotline; SWAT Team Kills Him

suicide reach out

A Roy, Utah man named Jose Calzada called a suicide hotline early one morning, and a SWAT team was dispatched to his house that ended up killing him. It’s as if the police told him, “No, don’t kill yourself! Let

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CHP Officers Trading Nude Photos of Arrestees

CHP badge

A California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officer has been put on desk duty during an investigation of his alleged wrongdoing: he apparently stole nude photographs of a woman from her iPhone while booking her in jail and sent said photos to

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Forfeiture Laws: IRS Can Seize Your Accounts Without Any Criminal Charge

forfeiture laws

A relatively recent policy update to civil asset forfeiture laws has given the IRS and other law enforcement agencies a new cash cow. Because now they can seize your accounts even without criminal charges or criminal connections: But the Institute

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Who Is Responsible For Murders Committed By Illegal Aliens?


If you refuse to protect the populace from homicide when it is your place to do so you become responsible for murders. Leverage is a powerful tool used every day in politics. Politicians use the power of their position to

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Michael Brown Death Is Opportunity for Dems

looting Ferguson

Left uses Michael Brown death to their advantage, despite evidence supporting Officer Wilson. “I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it’s for or against.” – Malcolm X Fantasy is a strong drug; it

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Man Arrested for Following the Law

guitarist police

Following the law is not enough to make you safe from police. There was a man playing his guitar and singing in a New York City subway, a perfectly legal thing to do according to the law, but he was

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FBI Lobbying for a Backdoor into Your Devices


Recently, Apple and Google both made policy and software changes to make it more difficult for spies, government agencies, and identity thieves to get information off of your devices. Well, the FBI director, James Comey, is lobbying Congress to force

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Chicago Implements Shorter Yellow Lights to Increase Their Red Light Ticket Revenue

yellow light

They’ve shortened the yellow lights ever so slightly, but you might be surprised by how much revenue has increased, because the red light cameras were catching people turning in an intersection while the light turned red. That counts as a

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Cop Kills Sleeping 7-Year-Old Girl

killed child

A cop killed a sleeping 7-year-old girl in one of those middle-of-the-night, no-knock police raids a few years ago. So far, the only charge that the cop’s still facing is “recklessly discharging a firearm.” The case’s most recent trial on

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“Click it or Ticket”: Police Break Car Window With an Ax, Pull Their Guns, Taser Passenger Over Driver’s Seatbelt Violation

broken glass

What started off as a routine traffic stop stemming from an alleged seatbelt violation ended up being a situation with shards of glass over everyone in the car and a passenger getting tasered and arrested for the usual “resisting arrest.”

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Another Innocent American Dies in No-Knock Police Raid

armored police

A 59-year-old Georgia man is the latest victim of a no-knock police raid. The police had gotten a warrant to search the house of David and Teresa Hooks for meth. But guess who gave the police this information? A meth

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