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DC Police Chief says Best Way to Stop Mass Shooters is for Private Citizens to Take them Out!

black hand gun

In a complete about-face from normal police protocol, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier is asking regular people to “take out” active shooters if they have the chance. Lanier told Anderson Cooper during an interview Sunday on CBS’s “60 Minutes” if

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Police Arrest Man for Legally Carrying Handgun


What started off as a routine traffic stop ended up with the driver in handcuffs in the back of a patrol car. Rosenberg Police in Texas spotted a man making a right turn without signaling. They pulled him over, and

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Cop Kills Resident for not Consenting to Home Search Without Warrant


Under ordinary circumstances, this would be considered a home break-in, assault and battery, and murder. It would be an open-and-shut case. There were plenty of eyewitnesses and evidence to convict the criminal. He’d be behind bars now, and hopefully would

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Pundits Quick to Blame Snowden for Paris Attacks

Edward Snowden

If the aftermath of 9/11 taught us anything, it is that centralized governments slouching toward totalitarianism never let a crisis go to waste. And, in a corollary, citizens are far more credulous and trusting when they have just experienced a

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North Carolina City Encourages Residents to Turn in Their Guns During “Nonviolence” Event


The Greensboro Police Department in North Carolina thinks it would be a good idea for residents to turn in their guns in the name of “nonviolence.” The event might make sense if only criminals turned in their weapons. But why

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Discrimination? Female Police Officers Sue Department, Because They Couldn’t Pass Fitness Test

female officer

They say they want equality, but when they’re treated as everyone else is, they get offended. So offended that when they couldn’t pass the fitness test, they actually thought the department was out to get them. They were obviously trying

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Guess how many Criminals were Caught by Maryland’s $5 Million “Gun Fingerprint” Program

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If you guessed anything above zero, you’d be wrong. It was a gun control law passed in the state of Maryland back in 2000 that was supposed to help law enforcement catch criminals. Gun manufacturers were required to fire every

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Rep. Ellison: Saying “All Lives Matter” Ignores American Racism

black lives matter 2

Democrat Representative Keith Ellison from Minnesota said that the “Black Lives Matter” mantra has reference to the fact that “black lives matter also.” In other words, the assumption is that everyone’s lives matter except black ones. So, the movement is

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Obama Speaks Out on Criminal Justice Reform


Over the Halloween weekend President Obama used his weekly address to speak out on criminal justice reform. Over the last few years, conservative (and libertarian) members of the GOP have led the way on pushing for criminal justice, and recently

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Obama Continues to Bad Mouth and Alienate America’s Police Officers

Obama and Police

President Barack Obama continued to alienate our nation’s police officers this week when he addressed the “International Association of Chiefs of Police” during this year’s conference in Chicago. It was interesting that in one of the world’s most dangerous and

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Insane Fact: The Death Penalty Costs More than Life in Prison

death penalty

It would seem like a really obvious thing that an inmate that is executed costs the State less than an inmate that lives out the rest of his life in jail. In what might be one of the more puzzling

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This New Toy Will Help Traffic Cops Rake in the Dough from Unsuspecting Drivers


While speeding laws may have been started with good intentions, they’re used nowadays as ways to bring in large amounts of money for cities and police departments. City and police officials who stand to gain financially from traffic ticket revenue

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