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Veteran with PTSD Suspended from School for Requesting Non-Muslim Counselor!

Jeremy Rawls

A Marine veteran diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has been suspended from school and labeled a possible threat after requesting to have a non-Muslim counselor, Campus Reform reports. Jeremy Rawls served two tours in Iraq and is a rising senior at Mississippi College, a Baptist school with

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ISIS Takes Palmyra, One of World's Oldest Cities, Now Rules Half of Syria


Earlier this week White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told us not to worry – the war against ISIS was going just fine and these things simply take a while to play out. JONATHAN KARL: On the overall track record

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Special OPS Kill ISIS Leader and Free His Family Slave


United States special operators entered Syria from Iraq Friday night, killing a senior ISIS official involved with the group’s military operations and its illegal oil and gas sales. The jihadi leader, identified by U.S. government statements with the single name Abu Sayyaf, was targeted for capture.

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ISIS Takes Ramadi - Now Controls Several of Iraq's Largest City


Islamic State militants took control of key buildings in Iraq’s provincial capital city of Ramadi Friday. The terror group gained command over police headquarters, provincial government buildings and the Ramadi Great Mosque, according to CNN. The terror group used at least 10

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Should There Be Limits to Free Speech?

free speech

Megyn Kelly of Fox News and radio host Richard Fowler had a heated debate about free speech sparked by a controversial “Draw the Prophet Mohammad” contest put on by Pam Gellar. Whew. The whole point of Gellar’s contest was to

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Read How ISIS Justifies their Oppression of Christians

ISIS Egyptian Christians

The document by which the Islamic State or ISIS justifies its oppressive treatment of Christians has little to do with Muslim history, a recent analysis shows. An article by Yale scholar Andrew March on the Brookings Institution website looks closely at the

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Brilliant Conservative Comedian Causes Firestorm on Internet with Epic Garland, Texas Tweet!


The brilliant and funny Mr. Evan Sayet is causing waves yet again. This time is was the very timely tweet he posted just a day after the attempted terrorist assault in garland, Texas. In conservative circles, Mr. Sayet is well

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CNN: Anti-Muslim Pam Geller Had it Coming

pam gellar

Listening to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota question Islam critic Pam Geller about her free speech event, you’d think that Camerota was actually blaming Geller for the attack and saying that she had it coming. Leave it to CNN to find a

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Texas Shooting: Protect Free Speech, but Anticipate Repercussions


“Free speech is meant to protect unpopular speech. Popular speech, by definition, needs no protection.” – Neal Boortz Every examination of the shooting in Garland, Texas begins with “I support free speech, but…” There always a “but.” I saw across

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Comedian Wonders – If “Moderate Muslims” Hate ISIS, Why Haven’t Any Gone to Fight ISIS

bill maher

Bill Maher continues to hit the nail on the head when it comes to worldwide Islam (Islam and Political Correctness are pretty much the only two things that Maher ever gets right). This past Friday on HBO’s Real Time with

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Egypt is still Prosecuting Christians and Atheists for Blasphemy


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… moderate Islam ain’t all that ‘moderate’. In Egypt, the military has taken over and the new leader of the nation, President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi has said that Islam must reform and become

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Um. ISIS is Buying Pot from People They'd Like to Kill

armed ISIS

If this doesn’t tell you how convoluted the world is or how the free market really does bring people together and bring equality to men… I don’t know what will. In an incredible story from the Middle East we learn

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