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UAE Hires Hundreds of Colombian Mercenaries to Fight in Yemen

Colombian Mercenaries

The United Arab Emirates has sent in hundreds of Colombian mercenaries to try and turn the tide in the Yemen civil war. This is the first time that the mercenaries have seen combat on behalf of the UAE, a country

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Ahmed “Clock Kid” Sues City and Police for $15 Million


Remember that kid who took apart an old digital clock from the 80s, put it in a case, and brought it to school to show teachers his “invention?” After he got the reaction he wanted – which was getting arrested

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Voters Tell Obama - We ARE at War with Islam

islam dominate world

A Rasmussen poll released Friday blasts President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for their refusal to say the U.S. is at war with radical Islamic terrorists. It concludes the majority of American voters believe Clinton and Obama are

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Rand Paul Explains why More Surveillance Won't Stop Terrorism

Rand Paul 16

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) sat down with CBS’ John Dickerson to talk about the Muslim terrorist attacks in Paris, the Syrian refugee crisis and the war on terror. The conversation came on the heels of Paul’s mocking statement last week

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9th Grade School Assignment: Draw “Join ISIS” Posters


My reaction mirrored that of a 14-year-old student’s mother. Why? Why would a teacher assign this, and why would it be considered appropriate? I don’t understand. Consider all the things that are banned and not to be talked about in

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Pelosi: Obama’s Right, ISIS is Contained


Would it surprise you to find out that the U.S. government actually wanted organizations like ISIS to thrive in Syria for the express purpose of isolating the Assad regime and overthrowing them? To most people, I imagine it would come

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Donald Trump Wants to do What with American Muslims?

yellow star Trump

So in another Twilight Zone episode of history repeating itself, Donald Trump is not ruling out tagging, logging, and tracking every Muslim in the US just in case one might be a terrorist: “Some people are going to be upset

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Dear Whoopi, the Quran Justifies Violence, the Bible Does Not

Boy Reading the holy bible

As a culture, we often misunderstand the difference between doing something “in the name of,” and doing something “at the direction of.” Modern America despises Christianity. Considering that, it’s no surprise that anytime an atrocity is committed by a Muslim,

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Domestic Racial Tension and Radical Islam Could Create a Perfect Storm in America

black jihadist

A recent article in the basically useless Daily Mail reported that 66 “ISIS operatives” have been arrested within American borders on suspicion of terrorist activities. The Drudge Report was of course quick to mention that some purported Syrian refugees had

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Pundits Quick to Blame Snowden for Paris Attacks

Edward Snowden

If the aftermath of 9/11 taught us anything, it is that centralized governments slouching toward totalitarianism never let a crisis go to waste. And, in a corollary, citizens are far more credulous and trusting when they have just experienced a

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Shock Poll (Not) Finds Most Americans Agreeing about Islam

islam dominate world

A new poll shows that a majority of Americans think that Islam conflicts with American values. According to the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), the exact number is 56 percent, which is up from 47 percent back in 2011. Americans

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You can Bring a Bomb to School, but not a Bible


Another school district is banning the distribution of Bibles. Last week, it was a district in Tennessee; this time, it’s one in Kansas. All they needed was one Atheist complaint and threat of a lawsuit, and the school district in

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