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Muslim Immigrants Murder Christian Immigrants... Just Because

Muslims for peace

Yeah, it’s just those crazy “radicals” in ISIS and Al Qaeda. You keep telling yourself that and just pretend that stories like this one aren’t happening every day in Muslim countries all over the world.   Muslim migrants seeking to

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ISIS Suicide Bomber Blows Up Early... Twice!

ISIS explodes

Videos like this probably shouldn’t make me feel as good as they do. But it’s not the death that brings me any pleasure, it’s the justice of what happens. These terrorists are on their way to bring violence, mayhem and

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Student who Uncovered College Support for ISIS may Face Criminal Charges

barry University

The Barry University student who helped conservative firebrand James O’Keefe secretly record a videoshowing school staff supposedly support ISIS could be facing criminal charges, according to a local news station. Laura Loomer, a senior studying communications, helped O’Keefe’s organization, Project

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Israel's Right to Exist Can’t Be Ignored

israel usa

A regime that refuses to recognize Israel’s right to exist cannot and must not be negotiated with. Henry Ward Beecher said that “God made man to go by motives, and he will not go without them.” At our basest, we are motives;

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Sad, Single, Ready to Mingle... but Stuck Fighting for ISIS


Many of the recruits flocking to the Middle East for ISIS are coming in hopes of meeting that special someone. Sadly, these same fresh recruits often find themselves languishing, dateless and with nary a young lady in sight. ISIS may

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Israeli Prime Minister Bashes Obama’s Iranian Nuke Deal – says “Israel’s Survival is Non-Negotiable!”


Count Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as someone who is not a fan of the recently brokered Iranian nuke deal. The Prime Minister gave a statement on Friday afternoon, after the announcement that Iran had agreed to an American proposed

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You Know things are Bad when People are Fleeing INTO Somalia!


The civil war in Yemen has gotten so bad that some families are rolling the dice and fleeing to famously unstable Somalia, The Associated Press reports. According to a U.N. relief agency, 32 people from 12 families arrived by boat last

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The Obama Administration has No 'Plan B' for the Fighting in Yemen


The situation in the Middle East continues to prove the incompetence and insanity of the Obama administration. Yemen has long been pointed to as a model of the anti-terror model… only now, Yemen has collapsed and been overrun by terrorists.

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Muslim Terrorists Boko Haram Kidnaps More than 400 Women and Children

Boko Haram Nigerian Girls

The evil terrorist organization that has wreaked havoc throughout Nigeria, Boko Haram, has once again struck a blow for Islamic terrorism. The vile Muslim terrorists recently kidnapped more than 400 women and girls from the town of Damasak in northern

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Democrat Rep. Rips Obama Administration on Iran and Islamic Extremism


Democrat Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) has become the go-to Democrat for attacking the Obama administration’s horrible ‘strategy’ (or lack thereof) on the war on terror and now on the nuclear negotiations with Iran. Gabbard has taken a lot of flack

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ISIS Just Released a Video of a Child Executing a so-called Israeli "Spy"


It’s as if the monsters at ISIS are constantly looking for new and disgusting ways to shock the world. The latest edition has them releasing a video that shows a young child brutally murdering a man that ISIS tells us

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Scholar Compares Obama to "Battered Woman" When it Comes to Iran

bomb iran

This is not the most polite way to attack President Obama’s foreign policy but it sure may be the most provocative way to do it. Some folks have reached the end of their respective ropes when it comes to watching

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