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The Russians Can Prove that Turkey and ISIS are Working Together!


Russian intelligence claims it has video evidence implicating Turkey in ISIS oil smuggling. The video taken from a reconnaissance mission supposedly shows a convoy of almost 12,000 oil tankers sitting on the Turkey-Iraq border making its way into Turkish territory.

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Muslim Gang Rape Phenomena Spreading West

no more rape culture

German authorities fear that a cultural gang-rape phenomenon known as “taharrush gamea” has made its way to the streets of Europe. Taharrush roughly translates to “collective harassment,” and is a practice during celebrations in the Arab world. Dozens of men

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Authorities in Brussels Thwart Planned New Year's Eve Terrorist Attack

Brussels, Belgium

Authorities in Brussels arrested two individuals Sunday and Monday who were planning an attack in the Belgian capital city on New Year’s Eve, according to the Belgian federal prosecutor’s office. Belgian authorities confirmed the two suspects were inspired by Islamic State,

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Salon: Muslim set Mosque on Fire, Because of "Escalating Anti-Muslim Violence"

arson arrest

If you work in the headline business, you know how important it is to come up with a striking title to your piece. It’s what grabs people’s attention. In the context of internet media, the headline is what leads to

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Whew! FBI Stops NYC NYE Terrorist Attack Just in Time!

Emanuel Lutchman

The FBI arrested and charged a New York man who allegedly planned to carry out a terrorist attack on New Years Eve at a New York City bar or restaurant in the name of the Islamic State. Police arrested Emanuel Lutchman, 25,

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Argentina Now Officially Blames Iran for the Bombing of a Jewish Community Center

Jewish Community Center Bombing

A former Argentine foreign minister admitted Iran was behind the 1994 bombings in Argentina that targeted and killed 85 people at a Jewish center. The 1994 bombing took place in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires and targeted the Asociación

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ISIS Using Videos of Bill Clinton to Recruit Other Terrorists

isis recruitment

Hillary’s been going around claiming that ISIS is using videos of Donald Trump and his incendiary rhetoric about Muslims to recruit others to the terrorist organization. Naturally, left-wing bloggers and talk show hosts assumed it was true and parroted the

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If ISIL isn't Islamic, Why Such Concern Over Tashfeen Malik's Burial?


“ISIL is not Islamic. No religion condones the killing of innocents.” – Barack Obama I find it funny that with every act of Islamic terrorism, from Fort Hood to San Bernardino, a horde of people rush to Islam’s defense. Leftist

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1 Million Kids Miss School because of ISIS


Africa’s ISIS branch, known as Boko Haram, has forced more than 2,000 schools to shut their doors and deprived 1 million kids of an education. Nigeria is the most affected by this crisis but so are Niger, Cameroon, and Chad. Boko

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President Obama says Don’t Worry about Terrorism – Nothing to See Here

obama flag

  Speaking at the National Counterterrorism Center on Thursday, President Obama told his audience that there were no current, credible threats of terrorism facing our nation today. “We will not be terrorized. At this moment our intelligence and counterterrorism professionals

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Government Finally Admits Chattanooga Attack was Terrorism


The Federal Bureau of Investigation finally admitted Wednesday that the attack on a Navy center in Chattanooga, Tenn., was “motivated by foreign terrorist propaganda.” The designation means that the Navy can finally grant Purple Hearts to the families of the five

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Obama’s Anti-Terror Strategy is to Keep Losing Like We Have Been


Obama’s commitment to continue the current American anti-terror strategy has managed to upset both sides of the argument. At this point, Obama doesn’t have much to lose. He has a dwindling number of final days in the Oval Office, and

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