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Why Obama Gives Amnesty To Law-Breakers, But Does Nothing For Those Waiting Legally

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Barack Obama gives amnesty only for partisan political reasons. We live in a nation in which political expedience drives the actions of nearly every politician in elected office. By political expedience, I mean that these politicians act in ways that

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George Stephanopoulos asks Completely Legitimate Question of Obama Amnesty

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Surprise, surprise liberal “journalist” George Stephanopoulos, asked a completely legitimate question of  President Obama about his amnesty plan! Not as shocking – President Obama chose to dance around the truth and pretend that his reasons for breaking our laws are more

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Obama Plays Chess With Amnesty; Republicans Too Stupid To Fight Back

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President Obama’s executive order was a chess move, one in a long game between left and right.  “Life is not always like chess. Just because you have the king surrounded, don’t think he is not capable of hurting you.” – Ron

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Amnesty: Obama Abandons African American Community

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The African American community does not benefit from Obama’s executive order. “Communism has never come to power in a country that was not disrupted by war or corruption, or both.” – John F. Kennedy A keen and noble mind can

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Immigration Proclamation is More Politics Than Compassion

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Obama just made an immigration reform move to ensure that Hispanic voters show up for the Democrats in 2016, and Republicans will have little capacity to do anything about it. Why Hispanic voters are okay with being political pawns is

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Republicans Respond to Obama's Executive Amnesty Speech


Rep. John Boehner took some time before President Obama’s speech to prepare the world for what was to come. Here’s how McConnell responded afterward… Read more […]

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Amnesty Designed to Help Democrats Win Elections at the Expense of the American People

Immigration Activism

Amnesty is for Democrat voting, not for the good of the nation. Opportunity is a constant in life, and not something to be looked down upon. Every day, we are given opportunities that we may choose to take, or pass

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Democrat Jim Clyburn Compares Amnesty to Black Emancipation


Can the preaching on amnesty get any more hysterical? According to Google, argumentum ad passiones is “a logical fallacy which uses the manipulation of the recipient’s emotions, rather than valid logic, to win an argument.” This fallacy is also known

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NY Mayor Says Obama Deporting Too Many Illegals

DeBlasio at UN

When Michael Bloomberg was mayor of New York City, he slung his liberal policies around with the authority of a dictator, similar to what Barack Obama does in Washington DC. Bloomberg wielded his powers to become the food czar of

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Is O'Reilly Right? Has Obama Declared "War on the Republican Party"?

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On Thursday’s edition of the O’Reilly Factor Fox News host Bill O’Reilly declared that President Obama was “Declaring war on the Republican Party” with his decision to handle the illegal immigration issue on his own. “President Obama is declaring war on

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If We Justify Amnesty, What Other Laws Can Be Broken?

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I have a single, simple question for all who support amnesty: Why do you support it? As far as I can tell from what I have read, and seen, Democrats, and Republicans who support amnesty do so because they believe

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Liberals Cry RACISM to Shut Down Debate in Oregon


“Those who cannot understand how to put their thoughts on ice should not enter into the heat of debate.” – Frederick Nietzsche Have you ever been engaged in an argument with someone, when they suddenly lure you down a rabbit

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