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Nominee for Attorney General Thinks Illegals Have Right to Work

Illegals Right to Work

Who has the “right” to work in the United States? According to Congress, those who are lawful citizens or lawful immigrants. According to Loretta Lynch, Obama’s nominee for Attorney General, illegals also have the right to work. Come again? Let’s

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Democrat says 'Obama Already Secured the Borders' - World still LOLing

sheila jackson lee

Sure, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) is a little crazy. Okay, more than “a little”. However, someone should really consider getting her some professional help. In a recent discussion over the illegal immigration problem threatening to overrun our borders, Jackson

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Why Ted Cruz is The Only Option in 2016

ted cruz speaking floor

Ted Cruz is the only possible Republican candidate who understands the problem with amnesty. “It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.” – Voltaire Even though we just came off an election that

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Pro-Amnesty Republican Jeff Flake Calls For "Rational" Solutions From Conservatives

legal immigration

According To Google, rational is defined as being “based on, or in accordance with reason or logic.” Republican Senator Jeff Flake, during a recent interview with The Daily Beast, suggested that pro-amnesty Republicans stay away from Iowa in 2016, and that if

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You Cannot Be A Christian & Oppose Amnesty?

logic argument

John Paul Brammer tries to manipulate Christians to oppose amnesty. “When people learn no tools of judgment and merely follow their hopes, the seeds of political manipulation are sown.” – Stephen Jay Gould Americans have become a people accustomed to

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White House Needs a Taller Fence, but the Border Doesn't!

sauron white house

Border security makes sense. Sometimes, there is no need for satire, because reality satirizes itself. What have we learned in the time since a crazy man jumped the White House fence, made it into the building, and caused an unmitigated

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Ted Cruz Takes Aim At The RINOs

no rinos

RINOs (Republicans In Name ONly) are about to be forced to identify themselves. “I think this is ridiculous.” – Kelly Ayotte (R) What is the point of being a leader if you are not willing to do what you tell

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Liberal Comedian Russell Brand gets Schooled on Illegal Immigration

Russell Brand

Liberal comedian Russell Brand has become a bit of a politically polarizing figure of late, choosing to put himself right into the center of American and British politics. Here in America he’s tangled with conservatives on gun control, immigration, welfare,

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Obama Makes a Funny, says Some are “Pretty Sure I’m an Illegal Immigrant”

obama wink

Apparently, President Obama takes the concerns of thousands of Americans pretty lightly. During a recent speech to supporters in Nashville, Tennessee he was discussing his (illegal) Executive Amnesty when he decided to make a little jokey-joke.     “Now, does

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Thank God For Ted Cruz, The Warrior We Need

ted cruz speaking floor

Ted Cruz, and the few others like him, are all who are left on the front lines; they are the warriors. “You just need to be a flea against injustice. Enough committed fleas biting strategically can make even the biggest

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Why Obama Gives Amnesty To Law-Breakers, But Does Nothing For Those Waiting Legally

obama seal microphone

Barack Obama gives amnesty only for partisan political reasons. We live in a nation in which political expedience drives the actions of nearly every politician in elected office. By political expedience, I mean that these politicians act in ways that

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George Stephanopoulos asks Completely Legitimate Question of Obama Amnesty

criminal illegals

Surprise, surprise liberal “journalist” George Stephanopoulos, asked a completely legitimate question of  President Obama about his amnesty plan! Not as shocking – President Obama chose to dance around the truth and pretend that his reasons for breaking our laws are more

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