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LGBT Groups Complain "Transgender" Beer not Diverse Enough, too "Inflammatory"


Apparently, there’s a variety of hops called Jester hops that have a tendency to change sex “from female to male flowers prior to harvest.” What better way to celebrate diversity than with beer made with “transgender” hops? Scottish brewery Brewdog

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Actively Homosexual Ex-Vatican Officer Thinks He Kept His Vow of Celibacy

homosexuals vow of celibacy

Full disclosure: I don’t think any officers of the church should be forced to take a vow of celibacy. That said, I think that any church officer who takes any vow of office should keep that vow. With that in

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The Soft-Brainwashing of GLAAD and the Gay Mafia


The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, known as GLAAD, released their annual “Where are We on TV” survey, in which they analyze the percentages of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people on TV. For the first time, this year,

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Government Plans to Force Doctors to Take LGBTQ Sensitivity Training

LGBTQ Doctor

With the number of gay and transgender people on the upswing in the District of Columbia, city council members want to force doctors to take cultural competency classes to better accommodate them. The council heard testimony Wednesday from local activists

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Homosexuals and Feminists Actually Despise Women

Men and women

Homosexuals like to buddy up with feminists, and both groups claim to be fighting for the equality of women and minorities and equal rights for oppressed and marginalized groups. Is that what they are actually accomplishing? No. They are both

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Hillary Clinton is a Hypocrite – Just Look at Gay Marriage to Understand

Hillary Clinton

  Hillary Clinton likes to pretend that she doesn’t shift positions with the prevailing winds of opinion, but it’s just not true. On almost every important political or cultural issue of the last 30 years, Hillary Clinton has shifted, bent,

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Gender Identity: Feds to Force School to Allow Boys in Girls’ Locker Rooms


The largest school district in Illinois is under fire from the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights division. A male student had filed a lawsuit against the school district with the aid of the ACLU last year after he

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Democrat Staffer in DC Arrested for Beating Gay Lover with a Shovel

Sander Levin

Police arrested a congressional staffer to Democratic Rep. Sander Levin Oct. 8 following a bizarre altercation where he attacked a lover with a shovel. According to a police report, Tim Foster assaulted a black man described as his boyfriend with a small

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Another Hate Crime Hoax: Homosexual Fabricates Story of Being Beaten, Stripped and Having Slurs Yelled at Him


A man identified as Haakon Gisvold claimed that back in August, he was kicked out of a fraternity house on University of North Dakota’s campus because he was gay. He claimed that members of Lambda Chi Alpha beat him and

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Yoga Class for People of Color "Respectfully Asks Whites Not to Attend"

colored only

A Washington State yoga class group sent out an email advertising a special yoga class for people of color. Apparently, it was organized by five black homosexuals for the purpose of providing a space where other “people of color” who

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Bishop Wants Church to Remove Crosses to be More Inclusive

banned cross

Eva Brunne, the Church of Sweden’s first lesbian bishop, suggested that a church remove all crosses and put up signs pointing toward Mecca in the off chance Muslims come to the church to pray. Breitbart reports: “The bishop insisted this

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The Resurgence of Bacha Bazi: How Our War in Afghanistan Put Homosexual Pedophiles Back in Power

School children watch members of Afghan National Security Force and Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team prepare for the Kandahar Nursing and Midwifery Institute grand opening ceremony May 9, 2012 in Kandahar, Afghanistan. The Kandahar Nursing and Midwifery will be able to train up to 800 students, both male and female, a year in nursing, midwifery, pharmacy, lab and dental services. Kandahar PRT is a joint team of U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy service members  and civilians deployed to the Kandahar province of Afghanistan to assist in the effort to rebuild and stabilize the local government and infrastructure.

The practice of “bacha bazi” goes back many hundreds (perhaps thousands) of years in the Middle East and Asia. Many powerful warlords and rich merchants have long held to a surprising sexual perspective: “Women are for children. Boys are for

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