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Hawaii’s $205 Million Obamacare Exchange Boondoggle Goes Kaput

surf obama

By February 28, 2016, the workforce of the Obamacare exchange boondoggle will be pushed back to the private sector. It will all be shut down. Even though the feds dumped $205 million into Hawaii’s healthcare exchange program, officials there still

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A Public School Can Ban Oreos and Peanut Butter, but 6-Year-Old Meat is Okay

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We reported the other day about a five-year-old who was prohibited from eating the Oreos her mom packed in her lunch. The cookies were confiscated from the child whose lunch also consisted of a ham and cheese sandwich and string

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School Prohibits 5-Year-Old From Eating Her Oreos; Sends Note Home to Parents About “Healthy” Food


The 5-year-old’s lunch had a ham and cheese sandwich, string cheese, and a 4-pack of Oreos. Since the school didn’t consider the Oreos healthful enough, they decided to prohibit the child from eating them and sent a note home to

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Obamacare Money being Used to Fund Union Recruitment!


Of course. Why wouldn’t our corrupt liberal federal government be shelling out our hard earned tax dollars to help recruit more people into the liberal supporting unions? It makes perfect sense. Today’s unions are a perfect example of what happens

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Think Vaccine Deniers Pose a Public Health Risk? What About Antibiotics?


The use, overuse, and abuse of antibiotics potentially poses a greater public health risk than the declining implementation of vaccines: Antibiotics misuse can be costly and deadly. Last year, the CDC reported 23,000 annual deaths and 2 million sicknesses stemming from improper

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A 1000-Year-Old Anti-Bacterial Recipe is Reopening the Battle of the Books

battle of the books

The antibiotic-resistant super bacteria known as MRSA have met their match in a 1000-year-old home remedy reconstructed from a recipe in the Anglo-Saxon tome Bald’s Leechbook: Scientists recreated a 9th Century Anglo-Saxon remedy using onion, garlic and part of a

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Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi Fighting Over Abortion Language in Bipartisan Bills!

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It’s not often that we see Democrat leaders fighting over abortion. They’re usually trying to prove how much they all love murdering babies but not this time. This time Nancy Pelosi is trying to convince everyone she loves abortion while

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Students Find Insect Larvae in Michelle-Approved Lunch


Remember the old days when you could make your own lunch at home and bring it with you to school in a paper brown bag? Nowadays, we know so much better. Students have to eat food out of the cafeteria

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Who’s the Biggest Culprit in Rising Healthcare Costs?

hospital healthcare

An interesting article in Slate points out what may be the biggest culprit in exorbitant healthcare costs. It’s the hospitals themselves: When you survey the health systems of other rich countries, you’ll find some that rely a bit more on

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Affordable Health Care: CBO Predicts More Spikes in Obamacare Premiums

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Obamacare was supposed to be so good, necessary, and affordable that the only way we were going to be able to find out what was in the legislation was to pass it. If the government calls something affordable, you’d better

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New Study Finds that there are MANY Alternatives to Obamacare!

Obamacare penalties

As the Supreme Court considers whether to restrict Obamacare subsidies, a new report seeks to refute the false perception that conservatives have not offered any credible alternatives. The Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments Wednesday in the case of King

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Could Obamacare Subsidies Crush Socialist Healthcare in America?

obamacare burning

The future of the albatross Obamacare hangs in the balance once again.  This job-killing, government-botched, IRS-mandated monstrosity is being tested in the Supreme Court. I never tire of seeing pictures of tiny Ruth Bader Ginsburg propped up in her chair.

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