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We Can’t Let Women Carry Guns?

woman helpless to gun

No Joke: Salon’s Andrea Flynn Argues That Letting Women Carry Guns On Campus Is Dangerous Because Then Rapists Will Also Have Guns! “A stupid man’s report of what a clever man says can never be accurate, because he unconsciously translates

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71-Year-Old Man Kills Home Intruder with One Shot

home intruder

When someone’s trying to break into your house, you don’t have to wait for the intruder to make his intentions clear to you. For all you know, he’s there to kill you and steal your valuables. You have a right

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Federal Agents Arrest Man for Exercising 2nd Amendment

open carry rifle

Yes, the 2nd Amendment even applies to Federal grounds. Anthony Bosworth was apparently on federal property outside a government building. He had attended a states rights’ rally in Spokane, Washington, and he was carrying his rifle slung around his shoulder.

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D.C. Won’t Give Concealed Carry Permit to Man Because he Doesn’t Have a Good Enough Reason

concealed weapons permit

In order to obtain a concealed carry permit in D.C., you have to have a “good enough” reason. Just saying that the crime rate is bad or that you have a 2nd Amendment right to do so isn’t sufficient. Here’s

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Oregon Democrat Wants Research on “Health Effect of Guns”

Oregon Democrat

Oregon Democrat Representative Earl Blumenauer thinks guns are a health risk like tobacco. In the same way that doctors would encourage their patients to stop smoking, doctors should be able to question their patients about guns and make “appropriate” recommendations.

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Realistic Gun T-Shirts Have Good Intentions but Dangerous Risks

open carry realistic gun t-shirts

Paul Liebe has started selling realistic gun T-shirts from his Colorado business, Nitelife Billiards. The T-shirts, with realistic prints of guns in holsters, are designed to be conversation-starters about the second amendment: “Freedom of speech, it’s your right, and it

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Pizza Delivery Driver Kidnapped, Raped at Gunpoint

cop arresting rapist

Being a pizza delivery driver is a very dangerous job, considering how much cash they carry and the fact that they work mostly at night. For this reason, many drivers carry guns, oftentimes in direct violation of their franchise’s rules.

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Purple Hearts for Gun Free Fort Hood Victims

gun free zone 6

Fort Hood victims are going to be awarded Purple Hearts; meanwhile, Fort Hood continues to be a gun free zone. “The laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes…such laws

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Bloomberg Wants To Take Guns From Minorities, But Fails To Examine Root Causes Of Violence

bloomberg guns

“We don’t let them have ideas. Why would we let them have guns?” – Joseph Stalin Cause and effect is not merely a physical concept, but one that manifests in psychological, and sociological situations. In other words, what we do,

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Black Robber Brings a Pellet Gun to a Gunfight

black youth

A 67-year-old Pennsylvania man went out for stroll in a park when 18-year-old black guy Tyler Williams went up to him, stuck a gun in his face and demanded money. The older guy has a concealed carry license and had

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11-Year-Old Girl Uses Shotgun to Ward Off Home Intruder

gun girl

This ought to stir up intense controversy within the gun control crowd. There isn’t much that’s worse that can be imagined than an 11-year-old girl with access to her dad’s shotgun. In this case, if she hadn’t had that shotgun

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Armed Domino’s Employee Chases Off 3 Armed Robbers

hooded gunner

The father of this Domino’s employee had been robbed at gunpoint at this particular Domino’s location in Arkansas. That incident led to the man’s daughter getting a gun for herself for protection at work. And good thing she did, because

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