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MSNBC’s Answer to Violent Crime: "Take Away Massive Amounts of Guns"

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It was actually a New York Times writer who stated that the only way to reduce violent crime was to “take away massive amounts of guns” from people and drastically reduce the number of gun owners. New York Times, MSNBC,

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Virginia Governor Calls for More Gun Control


Predictably, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is calling for more gun control in the wake of Bryce Williams’, aka Vester Lee Flanagan’s, shooting and killing a news anchor and a cameraman on live TV. He said the problem is that there

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California Proposes 10-Year Gun Ban on Those Deemed by Family to be a "Threat"

gun ban

If the government isn’t allowed to institute a gun ban then how can the government give my family that authority? Under current California law, if a friend or family member claims that someone is a threat to himself or others,

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D.C. Police Chief Blames Increase in Homicides on States with Lax Gun Laws

DC guns

This is the left’s natural response anytime the data show an increase in crimes, particularly homicides involving guns. Obviously, the increase can’t be because of strict gun laws. It has to be because people buy their guns and high-capacity magazines

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Seattle Moves Forward with "Gun Violence Tax" on all Guns and Ammo

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Seattle city council president Tim Burgess’ proposed ordinance that the city impose a $25 tax on all firearms and a 5-cent tax on every round of ammo will move forward. The revenues from this “gun violence tax,” as they’re calling

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Conservative Senate Bill Bans "Gun Free Zones" for Military!

gun free zones military

Finally some semblance of logic and reason comes to Washington, D.C. On the heels of the latest Muslim terrorist attack on our military service members, conservatives in the Senate have finally pushed through a new bill that would address “gun

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Time for Gun Control or "Gun-Free Zone" Control?

gun-free marines

Every time there’s a shooting, liberals want to know from conservatives how many more shootings we’re willing to endure before we finally agree to “do something” about the U.S.’s “lax” gun laws. Conservatives will ask a similar question from liberals,

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Chicago Residents Sue Suburbs for Civil Rights Violations Because of Lax Gun Laws

chicago speech

Illinois only recently started allowing concealed carry, but they still have some of the strictest gun laws in the country, particularly in Chicago. Gun control proponents there actually blame surrounding cities and states for the violence that is prevalent in

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Former CNN Reporter Duo Shoots, Kills Armed Robber

cnn anchors

Lynne Russell and Chuck de Caro are both former CNN reporters. They were on a cross-country road trip from D.C. to California when they stopped at a Motel 6 in Albuquerque, New Mexico to get some rest after they had

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Irate City Councilman Flips Out in Front of Resident Gun Supporters: “Shut up! You’re not Recognized!”

The city of Poughkeepsie, New York was considering an ordinance that would require all gun-owning residents to keep their firearms locked up at all times. As you would expect, the pro-gun community showed up in full force, much to the

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Domino’s Delivery Driver Shoots, Kills Robber

dominos pizza

No word from Domino’s yet as to whether this driver’s employment will be terminated for violation of their company’s policy. This driver carried a gun for obvious reasons. Pizza delivery drivers are prime targets for burglaries because of the amount

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Everytown for Gun Safety: What We Need Is Federal Gun Control

shall not be infringed

Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety argues that the reason Chicago and Detroit and other gun control-heavy cities are so dangerous is that criminals go out of state to get their guns and then bring them back

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