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Experts Baffled How Sydney Hostage Taker Got Firearm

sydney siege

How did the Sydney hostage taker obtain a rifle? Reaction to the Sydney siege has ranged from absolute horror to stunned sadness, but as the dust has settled, one question remains: How did Man Haron Monis obtain his firearm? Shortly

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Gun-Free Zone DC Doesn’t Stop Teen from Trying to Rob Resident at Gunpoint

gun laws

This was apparently one of several cases in gun-free zone DC involving shootings that day. In this particular case, a teen armed with a sawed-off shotgun approached another man and told him he was being robbed. But the victim didn’t

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Support for Gun Rights at 20-Year High

gun rights

The political class has failed to convince the populace to oppose gun rights. This is bad news for the gun-grabbers. In spite of school shootings, more people are in support of gun rights now than they were 20 years ago.

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Texas Man Arrested for Carrying a Gun in Public

open carry long gun

Carrying a gun is a legal action that can get you arrested anyway. In Texas, open carrying a rifle is perfectly legal. By “perfectly legal,” I mean it’s not against the law at all. It’s not a crime. It’s not

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This Robber Wished Red Lobster were a Gun-Free Zone

red lobster

Thankfully, Red Lobster hasn’t fallen for Bloomberg’s campaign to make all businesses and establishments gun-free zones. Apparently, the restaurant simply follows respective state laws regarding open and concealed carry. It’s a good thing, because this Las Vegas Red Lobster got

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Michael Bloomberg Debunks Common Gun Myths

bloomberg guns

Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety issued a Thanksgiving-themed statement about common gun myths that might pop up in family discussion this Thanksgiving. Here’s The Blaze: “This Thanksgiving when talk around the table turns to politics and current events, you can

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Mom Sued Gun Shop for $6 Million After Fatal Gun Accident, Wins

pistol clips

A Fulton County, Georgia mom sued the owner of the shop where she purchased her gun 14 years ago, following an incident at home where her 14-year-old son was accidentally shot and killed. She sued for $6 million and won.

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Couple Tied up By 3 Armed Burglars; Man Shoots, Kills One


A group of three armed burglars knocked on the door of this couple’s house, and when the 62-year-old husband answered the door, he immediately tried closing the door on them, because he didn’t recognize them, and they probably looked threatening.

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Illinois Bakery Owner Shoots at Robber Armed with Toy Gun

handgun 2

The Illinois baker had no idea that the robber was in possession of a toy gun. It was apparently a large gun, according to the police chief, but it was only a replica. NBC Chicago reported: A bakery owner in

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New Gun Laws Force Museum to Remove Historic WW2 Guns


In November, Washington state voters passed Initiative 594. The initiative greatly expanded the state’s background checks to include all private gun sales and transfers. It even calls for background checks for when a grandfather passes one of his guns down

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Cop to Ferguson Residents: “I’m Serious, Get a Gun”

armed residents

No matter which way the grand jury goes, Ferguson residents need to arm themselves. As of this writing, the grand jury has not yet announced a decision in the Wilson/Brown case. In preparation, the Governor has issued a state of

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School Bus Driver Calls Cops on Kids in Possession of Confetti “Guns”

confetti gun

A driver calls cops “just in case.” When a Flagler County, Florida school bus driver heard the “pop” sound of a confetti gun on the bus, he thought he should call the cops just in case. There were a couple

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