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Star-Spangled Banner Played with a Gun

Star-Spangled 200

You read that headline right. The fine people over at Musical Targets produced a fantastic video of a guy playing America’s national anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner, with a gun. I really don’t think there is anything more peculiarly ’Merican than

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Outlaw Bicycles and Falling


Several weeks ago I wrote about how mass shootings have increased since 2000. I linked the increase to anti-gun fanatics who have created more and more gun free zones where criminals are more likely to target. Consider this FACT for

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DC Council Member: Ban Guns From Police Too

police dc

Should we ban guns from police? There’s a DC Council member who takes the typical gun control argument that “guns are the problem” to its logical conclusion. He actually wants them prohibited from police as well. This is an idea

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Los Angeles Experiences Rise in Violent Crime Following Slew of Gun Control Laws

masked gunman

Gun control activists claim that they want stricter and stricter gun control laws in order to save people’s lives. If we can just eradicate all guns, then we’d be the safest country in the world. If only it worked that

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New York Proposes Gun Confiscation Bill

gun control don lemon

New York legislature is considering bill that would mean gun confiscation for many people. We just reported recently about California’s new law that provides steps for someone to petition a court to issue a “gun violence restraining order” on a

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Mom Gets Shotgun for Mother’s Day, Uses It against Intruder


How many of you would ever consider giving your mom or wife a shotgun, rifle or handgun for Mother’s Day, birthday or even Christmas? After reading this, you may want to consider giving her a gift that could save her

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FBI Reports More People Murdered by Fire than in Mass Shootings

house on fire

The New York Times ran a piece about a newly released FBI report about active shooter incidents. The Times’ headline read:  “FBI Confirms a Sharp Rise in Mass Shootings Since 2000.” Except that the FBI report in question wasn’t about

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California Passes Temporary Gun Confiscation Law


Every gun owner hates the idea of a gun confiscation law. Not too long ago, we reported about Gabby Giffords’ “rational middle ground” ideas aimed at preventing “gun violence.” One of those ideas was to allow courts to issue Gun

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Woman Defends Herself from Stalker by Shooting Him

woman handgun

This Las Vegas woman had been stalked by Douglas Jackson for some six months when he finally decided to kick in the front door to her apartment. She had to move to get away from him, and in the interim,

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Colorado Voters about to Give Anti-Gun CO Governor the Boot


Colorado’s Governor John Hickenlooper is a true Obama disciple. He worked hard to help the state legislature pass strict anti-gun laws while at the same time legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Hickenlooper was also supportive of Obama’s green energy

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The Racial Divide and Concealed-Carry Permits

concealed-carry permits and race

White people in crime-ridden counties apparently account for the overwhelming majority of concealed-carry permits—up to 90%. An interesting bit of data sheds light on a data correlation between high crime-rate, high black populations, and a dearth of legal guns: If

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Gun Control Group Sues Online Dealer Who Sold Guns and Ammo to James Holmes

ammo 2

James Holmes is of course the guy who walked into a gun-free Aurora, Colorado theater, killed 12 defenseless people, and injured about 70 others. If perhaps there had been a concealed carrier or two in the theater that night, those

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