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Senate Democrats Hold Gun Control Rally Surrounded by Armed Guards

armed guards

Isn’t this ironic? What’s the message these Senate Democrats are trying to send? Do they want more gun controls because they actually care about protecting people, including women and children? That’s not the message that I’m getting. What I’m getting

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Homeowner Shoots 3 Robbers


These three robbers, like so many other criminals, had to learn the hard way that you don’t try breaking in to someone’s house, unless you want to chance getting shot. Especially in a state like Texas. Three guys broke in

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D.C. Man Shoots, Kills Armed Attacker

masked shooter

I should clarify that the attacker was armed, but after he shot an innocent man in the chest, the victim was able to wrestle the gun away from the crook and shoot him back, killing him. So, the attacker wasn’t

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Keith Ellison: Gun Deaths Need to be Treated "Like a Disease"

gun pointed

I wonder if Congressman Ellison would also want auto accident fatalities treated like a disease. They certainly happen a lot more frequently than “gun deaths.” My guess is that murders committed with other means such as hammers, clubs or one’s

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Are You a Hypocrite for Supporting Gun Rights and Opposing Abortion?


Lots of leftists love to point out the “blatant hypocrisy” of supporting gun rights (or the death penalty, on a different topic) while opposing abortion. Recently, the Daily Show’s Trevor Noah commented: Imagine if we could bring some of that

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Ron Paul Educates the Anti-Gun Left on Why Gun Control Isn’t the Answer

Handgun and Constitution

Former Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-TX) recently spoke out about the Left’s infatuation with gun control and why they always seem to miss the real point of these horrible stories.

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Mark Kelly: Mass Shooting Shows we Need More "Common Sense" Gun Controls

gun control PSA

By “common sense,” liberals like Mark Kelly mean more draconian gun laws that don’t actually do anything to prevent violence. Laws like instituting universal background checks and banning “assault” rifles can’t prevent criminals from doing what comes naturally to them.

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Do States With More Gun Laws Have Fewer Gun Deaths?

gun laws

Obama made this statement in the aftermath of the Oregon shooting, probably in an effort to convince an already reeling American public to support more gun laws: We know that states with the most gun laws tend to have the

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If The NRA Should Be Labeled a Terrorist Group, So Should Planned Parenthood

premature baby

Linda Stasi recently penned a piece for the New York Daily News in which she finally says what every liberal is thinking: Second Amendment advocates are terrorists. She labels the NRA a “terrorist group” responsible for every gun-related death. Stasi

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10 Dead in Another Gun-Free Zone Shooting

gun free zone meme

Contrary to what liberals are trying to convince people of, this Oregon community college was in fact a gun-free zone. Well, for most people. If you’re a criminal dead set on killing as many people as possible, carry as many

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Conservative Activist Targeted by Violent and Hypocritical Liberals

Dana Loesch

A couple of weeks ago popular conservative activist Dana Loesch produced a new commercial for the NRA called “Moms Like Me.” In the commercial, Loesch explained why it is that millions of moms, just like her, are fighting for the

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Elementary School Teaches Kids to Throw Books at Mass Shooter as a "Last Resort"


A couple years ago, Homeland Security released a video wherein they advised office workers to throw scissors at a mass murderer should he enter their premises. It was listed as a “last, worst-case scenario.” If you weren’t able to exit

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