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Texas School District Arms Teachers

armed teachers

Liberals think this is a disaster waiting to happen. If there were a scenario where some legal druggie came in a school allowing himself to be controlled by one of the unfortunate side effects of whatever drug he’s on, and

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Chicago Crime Rate Goes Down After Illinois Gun Bill Passed...Coincidence?

concealed carry 4

The police department is claiming that the reason crime has gone down since their gun bill was passed is simple. It’s that they’ve been doing great police work in getting guns off the streets and out of the wrong hands.

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Being Armed Saved Me


On Friday, I posted Crimes Dropping Year after Detroit Police Chief Tells Citizens to Arm Themselves about how various crime rates have been dropping in Detroit as more citizens are arming themselves. One comment the article received was from an

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According to Don Lemon, an Automatic Weapon is …

gun control don lemon

There’s one consistent common factor uniting all gun control advocates. They usually don’t know very much about guns. Whether it’s “30 magazine clips” or the arbitrary definition of “assault weapons,” gun control advocates are regularly just wrong about guns. Don

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Crimes Dropping Year after Detroit Police Chief Tells Citizens to Arm Themselves


Liberal anti-gun advocates like Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg would have you believe that the more law abiding people that have guns, the higher the crime rates. They fail to realize that many gun related crimes are committed with illegally

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Despite Gun Control, New York City Shootings Up


They’re blaming the rise of shootings not on gun control itself but on the fact that the NYPD have recovered fewer guns this year than in previous years. This is a strange group of liberals though. In addition to blaming

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Sheila Jackson Lee: Ban Open Carry Demonstrations


You see businesses all the time with a sign that reads, “No shoes, no shirt, no service.” Isn’t that discriminatory against homosexuals? You know, the types that march around in gay pride parades with painted on clothes? What if one

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Carjacker Shot and Killed


Let’s take a break from the Ferguson riots and hear some good news for a change. In Arizona, a carjacker forced a female driver out of her car and threw her to the ground. A neighbor then attempted to stop

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What The Riots In Ferguson Mean For Our Second Amendment Rights


The riots in Ferguson remind me of an ancient saying: “Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right

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More Ferguson Business Owners Turn to Guns for Protection Amid Looting

looting Ferguson

Local businesses are getting the runaround from police departments. It seems there’s a bit of bureaucratic confusion with regards to which department is supposed to have jurisdiction. None of the departments, whether it’s the city police, the county police, or

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“Rational Middle Ground”: Gabby Giffords Proposes Steps Toward Gun Confiscation

gabby giffords

Why is gun confiscation a bad idea? If you want to reduce “gun violence,” there are two ways to do it. Either you can do an absolute and universal ban on all guns – which would mean even the military

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Pro-Gun Sheriff Beats Bloomberg-Backed Opponent

pro-gun sheriff

$150,000 is pocket change to a liberal one-percenter like Bloomberg, but it’s quite a bit of money just to oust a pro-gun sheriff. As the sheriff primary there in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin proved, it wasn’t nearly enough. Jason Howerton with

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