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Government: Of the Money, For the Money, By the Money

In Gold We Trust Money

Everyone loves the underdog. In fiction. In reality, whether or not people are routing for the underdog, they generally aren’t voting for the underdog. An infographic created by Jasper McChesney reveals that the candidate who spends the most money wins

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FAA Lifts Travel Ban to Tel Aviv


  The FAA has finally lifted its controversial travel ban to Tel Aviv, Israel. Many conservatives (and other Israeli supporters) wondered why the FAA had initiated the ban in the first place, as the FAA seemed hesitant to give reasonable

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California Couple Faces $500 Fine for Having Brown Lawn; Faces Fine if They Water It

brown lawn

California’s drought has lead to water restrictions being imposed on residents. You’d think that if you’re in the middle of a drought, and people are trying to conserve water, things like an aesthetically pleasing lawn would be last on the

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UN to Usurp American Sovereignty in Border Crisis


I’m going to open up with saying that we need to kick the United Nations out of our country, stop funding them and tell them to stay the heck out of our affairs! They are nothing more than a coalition

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Corporate Accountability in a Free Market

Car on fire free market

One of the most common arguments against the free market, and it’s as old as the birth of social crusades, is that corporations powered by greed will do anything to anyone to make a buck if the market is entirely

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Jumping Mouse Used to Justify Federal Land Grab

jumping mouse

The Endangered Species Act has less to do with protecting near-extinct wildlife and more to do with having an excuse to take over someone’s private property. There isn’t much the federal government despises more than the idea of private property.

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The Selfishness Of Refusing To Learn English

speak english

“A selfish man is a thief.” – Jose Marti There are basic rules people must follow if they are to live in, and participate in a functioning society. Do not kill, do not steal, do not behave recklessly—just to name

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School District Bans Birthday Cakes

birthday cake

It’s apparently part of a federal wellness policy to monitor students’ nutrition. So, no more birthday cakes at school on students’ birthdays. Instead, they can enjoy a card from a fellow student. Or a pencil. According to KIRO-TV in Seattle:

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Joe Biden Threatens Reporters with Toy Assault Gun

joe biden gun hands

Students have been suspended, expelled, even arrested for far less than what Vice President Biden did. He not only wielded an “assault-style” water gun, he shot it at reporters and threatened to kill them if they dare criticize him. Can

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Ecuador Wants Government Controlled Press; US Not Far Behind

gov owned media

“Good and Evil are opposite points on a circle…Greater good is just halfway back to Bad.” – Sheri Holman How does corruption go unseen until it’s too late to be challenged? It’s a historically verified problem that darkness gets the

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Tesla Motors Paves a Path Around Big Auto and Big Oil

Tesla Motors

There are two major inter-related reasons we are dependent on oil (either foreign or domestic): conventional cars and conventional power plants. Tesla Motors may have found a way to make real progress to get around these two obstacles. Whatever your

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Chicago Government School Prom Slogan: “This is Are Story”

are story

Yes, there’s something wrong with that picture. Remember, these are high school seniors who organized this prom. Whatever their story is, I’m pretty sure it has something to do with someone paying way too much for their education. Illinois Policy

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