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New Jersey City Bans Toy Guns

toy gun

Some people are actually saying that this will save lives. That’s always the excuse they use when they want to ban something. It’s for the children. The ordinance passed by the Atlantic City Council in New Jersey prohibits the sale

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CPS to Mother: Don’t Let Your Kids Play Outside

kids-playing-outside CPS

Kari Anne Roy did something unspeakably evil to her six-year-old boy. I can hardly contain my revulsion as I write about her abusive behavior. She actually let her child play outside. Without direct adult supervision! Call CPS immediately! A very

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Taxi Cabs vs Uber: How Too Much Government Regulation Kills Our Economy

no uber

“Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.” – Milton Friedman It’s not wholly the fault of Barack Obama that we, as a society, have advanced further into a socialist mindset, but the

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Geraldo Rivera: The 2nd Amendment is “Blind and Stupid”

Geraldo Rivera 2

Geraldo Rivera is trying to blame the tragic accident involving a 9-year-old and an Uzi on the 2nd Amendment. I know I’m not supposed to compare guns with cars, because one is a weapon, and the other can never, ever

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GM to Produce Car That Detects Driver Distraction

windshield GM

Do you get annoyed with cars when they beep at you until you put your seatbelt on? Well, you should probably avoid buying GM cars for a while—as in never again. As if it weren’t bad enough that GM cars

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Are Undercover Federal Agents to Blame for Fomenting Violence in Ferguson to Bring About Martial Law?

soldier outside house

I really wanted to be done writing about Ferguson. But look at the news. It’s saturated with it. Why is it national news? Unarmed people get shot and killed by police frequently, and those all remain local stories. What makes

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Teen Pot Use Declines in Colorado Despite Legalization


You don’t have to be a pothead or advocate teen pot use to be in favor of pot decriminalization. Just like, you don’t have to be a drunk to be in favor of alcohol legalization. And you don’t have to

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Obama Doesn’t Want to Punish Whistleblowers?


In a recent speech regarding a $16 billion shot in the arm to the VA, Obama recently had these words to say about whistleblowers: If you blow the whistle, you should be thanked. You should be protected for doing the

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A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Taxes Go Up

Rosa_DeLauro_sugar tax lady

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.), an idiot, wants to tax each spoon of sugar in sugary drinks in order to reduce the caloric intake of consumers: The measure (HB 5279), introduced Wednesday says, “A 20-ounce bottle of soda contains about 16

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The Lion or the Fox: Obama is Now Taking Questions

ass fox lion

Obama has tried to present an image for his administration of absolute transparency despite the fact that his administration has overseen the most closed and controlling White House in basically all of presidential history. But things might be changing. Ever

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Job Creation: Bored Federal Government Employees Look at Internet Porn to Pass the Time

bored at work on computer

There’s at least one thing worse than being so swamped at work that it’s impossible to ever catch up:  Being so far ahead that you have nothing to do. Of the two, I’d rather be too busy. Apparently, people working

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Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee Lies, Almost Gets Away With It


“And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed—if all records told the same tale—then the lie passed into history and became truth. ‘Who controls the past’ ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present

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