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Judith Curry Addresses the Wicked Problem of Climate Change

emission reduction wicked problem

Judith Curry is a scientist who has been hard at work unraveling what she calls the wicked problem of climate change. In this particular case, she doesn’t use the word wicked in a moral sense, though her detractors almost always

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California’s Government-Mandated Drought All Over a 3-Inch Fish?

california drought

I bet once you saw that this was California, it all made sense. While it’s true that California is experiencing low precipitation, the state has plenty of water to take care of everyone and all the farmland that produces food

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You Can’t End the Police State Without Ending the Welfare State

police state

With the recent police shooting in South Carolina topping off a growing list of “justifiable” police homicides, many Americans have become painfully aware of the tyrannical reality of the police state. Many of the recent victims of police state brutality

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Video: UN Official Says to Depopulate the Earth to Fight Global Warming

un speaker

Sometimes it takes a couple years for these things to surface. It was back in 2013 when Christiana Figueres, a UN official, was interviewed by Climate One, a “public affairs forum” that discusses ways to combat manmade global warming. In

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Poll Shows Global Warming Propaganda Wearing Off

world on fire

If you ran an international campaign aimed at convincing people the sky was actually red – that it used to be blue long ago, before conservatives in the GOP came along, and that the only way to make it blue

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Parents Face Fines and Criminal Charges for Cardboard Fort in Front Yard

cardboard fort

Because they made a temporary fort for their children, parents face fines for a “safety violation.” It’s their property, but these days, no one truly owns anything. You can have your house paid off completely and still be ruled by

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IRS Ethics Lawyer Disbarred and Fired for Ethics Violation

ethics shred

Keep in mind that this is in no way an isolated incident. Government agencies only take disciplinary measures against their “rogue” employees when too many people in the public find out about it. It enhances the public image of a

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Think Vaccine Deniers Pose a Public Health Risk? What About Antibiotics?


The use, overuse, and abuse of antibiotics potentially poses a greater public health risk than the declining implementation of vaccines: Antibiotics misuse can be costly and deadly. Last year, the CDC reported 23,000 annual deaths and 2 million sicknesses stemming from improper

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RFRAs, Discrimination, and Equality

RFRAs KKK cookies

A religious freedom bill movement is sweeping the nation in an attempt to protect the free exercise of religion against liberal bullying. And it too is coming up against liberal bullying. Tim Cook is the latest person to argue against

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Students Find Insect Larvae in Michelle-Approved Lunch


Remember the old days when you could make your own lunch at home and bring it with you to school in a paper brown bag? Nowadays, we know so much better. Students have to eat food out of the cafeteria

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Rethinking Income Inequality … Is it Actually a Good Thing?

income inequality

Is income inequality a bad thing? Most people would say so. It seems obvious that income inequality is based on greed and corporate welfare, right? Some of it certainly is. But some of it is based on the fact that

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Ford Introduces New “Law-Abiding” Car in Europe

Ford S-MAX

Ford just introduced the new S-MAX in Europe. Its newest feature is that it will detect speed limits and automatically follow them, no matter how fast the driver wants to go: Ford’s Intelligent Speed Limiter tech will first appear on

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