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Arizona Residents Find Surveillance Cameras Hidden in Fake Cacti

hidden cact-eye

The city of Paradise Valley, Arizona maintains that they weren’t trying to be secretive or anything like that. They say the cameras aren’t even functional yet. But what has residents concerned is the fact that no one was notified that

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Gabby Giffords Praises Background Checks that Didn’t Work

gabby giffords

Gabby Giffords praises Oregon House for supporting background checks that didn’t stop Jared Loughner and numerous other murderers. Even from a purely pragmatic perspective, background check laws don’t work to stem so-called “gun violence.” If there’s some guy with a

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Now Obama Wants to Regulate Ceiling Fans!

Ceiling fans rotating inside room

The Obama administration is trying to regulate our ceiling fans after attacking light bulbs and wood stoves, and Rep. Marsha Blackburn is pushing back. The Tennessee Republican has been pushing against Department of Energy regulations mandating energy efficiency requirements on

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Why Isn’t the Tea Party Succeeding in Reducing Government?

Tea Party

If liberal fearmongers are correct, the Tea Party is at the very height of its power. Yet so many elected Tea Party Republicans have failed to rein in the federal government. They were elected on a promise none of them

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HOA Makes Vet Remove Flagpole From Her Property

house flag

They don’t call them neighborhood Nazis for nothing. I remember the Homeowners Association where we used to live cited us for having the wrong color blinds on our front door. We had cheap, light brown blinds I had gotten from

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Why is Feeding the Poor Illegal?

feeding the poor

Many individuals are being ticketed for feeding the poor in their cities. The story from San Antonio of Chef Joan Cheever is an illuminating example: On the night she was ticketed, Chef Joan Cheever’s menu included fresh vegetable soup, lamb

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Judith Curry Addresses the Wicked Problem of Climate Change

emission reduction wicked problem

Judith Curry is a scientist who has been hard at work unraveling what she calls the wicked problem of climate change. In this particular case, she doesn’t use the word wicked in a moral sense, though her detractors almost always

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California’s Government-Mandated Drought All Over a 3-Inch Fish?

california drought

I bet once you saw that this was California, it all made sense. While it’s true that California is experiencing low precipitation, the state has plenty of water to take care of everyone and all the farmland that produces food

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You Can’t End the Police State Without Ending the Welfare State

police state

With the recent police shooting in South Carolina topping off a growing list of “justifiable” police homicides, many Americans have become painfully aware of the tyrannical reality of the police state. Many of the recent victims of police state brutality

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Video: UN Official Says to Depopulate the Earth to Fight Global Warming

un speaker

Sometimes it takes a couple years for these things to surface. It was back in 2013 when Christiana Figueres, a UN official, was interviewed by Climate One, a “public affairs forum” that discusses ways to combat manmade global warming. In

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Poll Shows Global Warming Propaganda Wearing Off

world on fire

If you ran an international campaign aimed at convincing people the sky was actually red – that it used to be blue long ago, before conservatives in the GOP came along, and that the only way to make it blue

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Parents Face Fines and Criminal Charges for Cardboard Fort in Front Yard

cardboard fort

Because they made a temporary fort for their children, parents face fines for a “safety violation.” It’s their property, but these days, no one truly owns anything. You can have your house paid off completely and still be ruled by

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