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The Russians Can Prove that Turkey and ISIS are Working Together!


Russian intelligence claims it has video evidence implicating Turkey in ISIS oil smuggling. The video taken from a reconnaissance mission supposedly shows a convoy of almost 12,000 oil tankers sitting on the Turkey-Iraq border making its way into Turkish territory.

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American Citizen Begging for Help from North Korea?

Kim Dong Chul

An alleged dual South Korean-American citizen, Kim Dong Chul, is begging the U.S. or South Korean governments to rescue him from his imprisonment in North Korea. The reportedly former Fairfax, Virginia resident has not been formally charged, but has been

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44% of Democrats Support Taking Refugees From Aladdin’s Hometown of Agrabah

magic carpet

I read that headline to my wife, and she chuckled, “Oh, where Aladdin lives? How nice of them.” Yes, where the Disney character Aladdin lives and the central location of the popular 90’s kids’ animated movie of the same name.

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The USA has Spent $3 Billion In Haiti since Earthquake with Little to Show for It

Haiti Earthquake

Haitian President Michel Martelly, aka “Sweet Micky” as he was known when he was a singer, is managing a contentious election with allegations of fraud. Martelly’s successor is still unknown since elections were held in October and he has now

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ISIS Using Videos of Bill Clinton to Recruit Other Terrorists

isis recruitment

Hillary’s been going around claiming that ISIS is using videos of Donald Trump and his incendiary rhetoric about Muslims to recruit others to the terrorist organization. Naturally, left-wing bloggers and talk show hosts assumed it was true and parroted the

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John Kerry and Barack Obama Fold for Putin

John Kerry

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry gave in to Russia’s demand to allow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to remain in power Tuesday. Negotiations in Moscow between the U.S. and Russia have finally yielded some results. Kerry caved and told the Associated

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Obama’s Anti-Terror Strategy is to Keep Losing Like We Have Been


Obama’s commitment to continue the current American anti-terror strategy has managed to upset both sides of the argument. At this point, Obama doesn’t have much to lose. He has a dwindling number of final days in the Oval Office, and

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The Taliban is Back - 37 Slaughtered at Afghan Airport

taliban tank

Taliban militia engaged in a coordinated suicide assault on Kanadahar airport in southern Afghanistan Wednesday leaving 37 dead and 35 wounded. The attack is one of the deadliest since the U.S. began drawing down in Afghanistan and raises concerns about

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Pelosi: Obama’s Right, ISIS is Contained


Would it surprise you to find out that the U.S. government actually wanted organizations like ISIS to thrive in Syria for the express purpose of isolating the Assad regime and overthrowing them? To most people, I imagine it would come

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New Report: Muslim Refugee Crisis will Last 20 Years and Crush Europe's Economy!


The Syrian refugee crisis is expected to last two decades and put strong strains on the European economy, according to a British interpretation of a new report from the European Union. Justine Greening, the minister in charge of Britain’s international response,

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My Gods Don't Bleed: A Story of The Media & Hillary Clinton


Albert Einstein said “I want to know Gods thoughts; the rest are just details.” I’m fairly certain this is how the media feels about their Democratic deities. The media, as the extended branch of the Democratic Party, has become so

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NATO Considering Military Confrontation with Russia?

NATO vs Russia

NATO member countries are in talks to send in a battalion of troops to each of three Baltic states bordering Russia. Each battalion would be comprised of anywhere from 800 to 1,000 troops. That proposal is the more aggressive one.

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