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We’re Back in Iraq … Again

Peace bomb

Iraq is the problem that won’t go away. We’ve had a military presence there for nearly a quarter of a century and it doesn’t look like we’ll be leaving Iraq alone for quite some time. Obama just authorized bombings there

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Obama Promises Billions to African Energy Companies

Obama energy

The United States recently announced it was spending nearly $500 million to modernize Ghana’s electrical grid and reform the country’s struggling energy sector, adding to the billions already pledged by President Obama to increase electricity access in sub-Saharan Africa. Obama’s Power Africa

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Israel is Alive and Well


Summer 2014: The world looks like it’s at the brink of WW3. With all the darkness pushing fear and terror upon the world, what positive way can WE do something to ensure the safety of Israel?  The Nation of Israel

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The Israel-Palestine Conflict: Bad Theology from Three World Religions

Israel-Palestine conflict

The mainstream media has tried everything to ignore the obvious: the Israel-Palestine conflict is religious more than it is political. At least one commentator has been willing to point this out: Please tell me—in light of these passages [from the

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Valerie Jarrett Condemns Israel for Child Casualties

Obama Jarrett

“We make war that we may live in peace.” – Aristotle If a Democrat tells you one thing, you can bet the house that the opposite is the truth. Their philosophy is so twisted, so bent toward the consolidation of

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Putin v. Obama: The Match Obama Can’t Win

Putin on Eagle

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Dmitry Rogozin (not to be confused with the character in The Idiot), takes pride in his dear leader and his dear country. With apparently no hint of tongue in cheek, Rogozin tweeted a side-by-side picture of

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"Bones" Actor David Boreanaz Tells Obama to "Grow Some"

david boreanaz

    In an explosion of awesome, actor David Boreanaz told President Obama to “grow some.”                           What a great conversation! We agree with David Boreanaz – Obama

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Washington Post Slams Israel For Hamas' Evils


“…at base the Palestinian national movement since its inception in 1920 has not been about the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state but rather the destruction of the Jewish state or earlier the prevention of the establishment of a Jewish

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Israel Takes on the Planet

Steven Crowder Israel VS

Steven Crowder recently made a spectacular video outlining the history of Israel in just under 4 minutes.   Once Crowder released his video, the Twitter trolls came out en masse to harass the conservative funny man.     Truth from Mr. Steven

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Howard Stern - "If You're Anti-Israel, You're Anti-American!"

Howard Stern Israel

Wow. I never thought I would say this, but… I totally agree with Howard Stern. Please don’t tell my mom. She’d never get over me saying that. Look, I don’t like Howard Stern’s brand of entertainment – never have, never

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FAA Lifts Travel Ban to Tel Aviv


  The FAA has finally lifted its controversial travel ban to Tel Aviv, Israel. Many conservatives (and other Israeli supporters) wondered why the FAA had initiated the ban in the first place, as the FAA seemed hesitant to give reasonable

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What is Happening in Israel... and Why?


Take some time to learn All You Need to know about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Dennis Prager has all of the pertinent information to help you better understand what is really happening in the Middle East. The Middle East conflict is framed

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