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German City Confiscates Private Homes to House Muslim Refugees


The city of Hamburg in Germany has decided that taking private property from law abiding citizens to give to non-law abiding non-citizens is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. Hamburg is setting a terrible and perverse precedent that we will

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Japan Parliament Breaks Out in Fisticuffs During Pacifism Debate

Japan flag

You can’t make this stuff up. Apparently tensions rose in a spirited debate in the Japanese parliament about whether or not Japan should allow its Self-Defense Forces to engage in wartime activities outside the country: Legislators scuffled in Parliament and

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Time to Use the Nuclear Option to Stop the Iran Deal?


We conservatives are loathe to stoop to the level of Harry Reid and the liberal Democrats but the time may have come to consider doing so. The Republican Party dominates both chambers of Congress and yet the President and the

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On the Iran Deal: It’s “Bizarre that You Pass Something with a Minority, Especially what is Effectively a Treaty”


David Brooks is a BIG RINO. But on PBS and in the New York Times, he is what passes for a conservative, and at least on the Iran Nuclear Deal he seems to actually be siding with conservatives (which doesn’t

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How Iran Will Circumvent the Nuclear Deal to Get a Bomb


If the details of the Iranian nuclear agreement and the rhetoric surrounding it seems overwhelming, you’re not alone. In a sky with a million points of light, it’s difficult to know where to look. The most basic question is the

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Donald Trump and Chris Christie Hate the Iran Deal

trump and christie

Earlier this week Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Chris Christie both went on the record to argue that President Obama’s Iran Deal was a HUGE loser. Trump worried that the deal may force the U.S. to defend Iran from Israeli

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Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer will Oppose the Iran Deal!

Schumer CNN

President Obama just lost the most important Democrat voice in Congress on the Iran Deal. Democrat leader, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), has announced that he will be opposing the Iran deal because there are just too many “holes” in it. First,

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Are You Ready to Take Responsibility for the Death of Israel?


“Murderers are not monsters, they’re men. And that’s the most frightening thing about them.” – Alice Sebold For the first time in my life, I’m actually afraid for Israel. Israel is a nation of iron-skinned warriors, and they’ve always been

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Iranian Leader Mocks the USA and Posts Obama Suicide Tweet!

Khamanei Obama

In one of his most recent tweets to his followers on social media, Iran’s Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, had this little gem of a proverb to share. Referring to comments President Obama made to quiet any doubt about

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The Iran Deal, the Holocaust, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz


“I told him that I did not believe that they could burn people in our age, that humanity would never tolerate it.” – Elie Wiesel, Night The Holocaust is one of the most significant events in history in which evil was

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White House Admits Plans to Close Guantanamo in the Works


After a long bout of silence and accusations of delays, the Obama administration finally announced that plans for Congress to close down Guantanamo Bay are near completion. “The Administration is in the final stages of drafting a plan to safely and

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After Iran Nuke Deal, Iran Hates US Even More

death to America Iran

It’s often the case with bullies: you give them what they want, and they despise and disrespect you even more for it. Such is apparently the case with Iran. We delivered a pretty lax nuclear deal to Iran, one which

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