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Obama Buys Border Fence for Ukraine, Not America


The governors of Arizona and Texas have been asking the Obama administration to build more border fences along the US – Mexican border to help curb the flood of illegal aliens. The standard responses from the Obama administration are that

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Ferguson vs Abortion: Outrage over Killing a Criminal but No Outrage over Killing Innocent Babies

Ferguson vs abortion

Ferguson, Missouri residents are still protesting and looting over the shooting death of criminal Michael Brown. They are outraged that a white police officer shot and killed Brown who was unarmed. It doesn’t matter to them that Brown was a

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Sen. Obama Committed to No Vacations or Leisure as President

obama golfing

Roman emperor Nero was accused of sitting around playing his fiddle or violin as Rome burned to the ground. Barack Obama is being accused of playing golf and taking far too many vacations while America and the world are crumbling

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No, Rush Limbaugh Did Not Say That Robin Williams Killed Himself Because He Was Liberal

rush limbaugh

Once one no longer cares to take more than a cursory glance at a subject, or position with which they disagree, their credibility in all things becomes suspect. Studying politics can be, at times, extremely satisfying, and fascinating. At other

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Leftists Struggle to Define Consensual Sex

However You Dress. Wherever You Go.

We hear a lot of talk about “rape culture” in the media. And American universities, where allegations of rape are rampant, are trying very hard to define consensual sex, making laws that would both reduce rape and make it clear

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Obama Doesn’t Want to Punish Whistleblowers?


In a recent speech regarding a $16 billion shot in the arm to the VA, Obama recently had these words to say about whistleblowers: If you blow the whistle, you should be thanked. You should be protected for doing the

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House Speaker Boehner Dumber Than I Ever Realized

boehner obama

I’ve never been a fan of Speaker of the House John Boehner. In the past five and half years, the only thing he has consistently done is compromised and given in to Barack Obama’s demands. He has repeatedly let down

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Job Creation: Bored Federal Government Employees Look at Internet Porn to Pass the Time

bored at work on computer

There’s at least one thing worse than being so swamped at work that it’s impossible to ever catch up:  Being so far ahead that you have nothing to do. Of the two, I’d rather be too busy. Apparently, people working

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Washington Post Slams Israel For Hamas' Evils


“…at base the Palestinian national movement since its inception in 1920 has not been about the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state but rather the destruction of the Jewish state or earlier the prevention of the establishment of a Jewish

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Atheist Richard Dawkins Defends “Mild” Pedophelia

Richard Dawkins

Atheists like to talk a good game about morality in a God-free world. But consistent atheists recognize that morality in an evolving materialistic universe is relative and arbitrary. Richard Dawkins, famed apologist for atheism and Darwinism, just proved this point

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Scientist Finds Dino Soft Tissue Then Fired for Religious Views


The world of academia claims to be all about promoting intellectual curiosity, research, thinking outside the box and the freedom to question the norm. If you believe that you are naïve to say the least. When I attended Arizona State

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Maryland Governor Wants Illegal Kids to Remain in US, but NOT in His State

o'malley illegals

Have you ever noticed how liberal Democrats often insist on certain demands but only at the cost and burden of others, not themselves? Such is the case with Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley who publicly criticized Obama’s plans to start deporting

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