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PETA: Eating Turkeys is Cannibalism


Pets are people too. In fact, even if they’re not your pets, they’re sentient beings like humans. Therefore, when we eat other animals, we’re basically eating other people. Just in time for Thanksgiving, PETA released an ad featuring actress Gillian

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Another Argument against "Viability" Abortions

baby with placenta model

The Center for Medical Progress has done something incredible for the pro-life cause. Their undercover videos have drawn new attention to a decades-old war. Many people who would have otherwise remained ignorant have been forced to confront their understanding of

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Turning a Blind Eye to Abortion Makes The Church an Accomplice to Mass Murder

abortion court

(WARNING: because this is a post about murder, it contains a couple of disturbing images.) Sitting in church yesterday, I found myself listening to a sermon I’ve heard too many times. With the turn of a single phrase, a nerve

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PETA Wants a Memorial Made for Pigs Who Died in Highway Accident

dead pig

A truck was transporting about 80 pigs in Pennsylvania when it overturned, killing several of the pigs. One escaped but was euthanized along with those that were fatally injured. Those remaining were loaded onto another truck. PETA saw this as

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Human Meat Markets: Planned Parenthood, Sex Trafficking, and Porn

human meat market

Our culture does a brisk business in dehumanized bodies, it seems. We have a 10 billion dollar industry selling viewing rights to various body parts in various configurations. That we already know about. Porn is the dehumanized body display case. But

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The Absurd “Dog-Authorized” Civil Forfeiture Case Reversed by Honest Judge

police civil asset forfeiture

Civil forfeiture laws look a whole lot like legalized highway robbery. Because that’s basically what they are. And because of the fact that they constitute basically free money for federal and state governments, it’s highly unlikely for civil forfeitures to

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HORROR: Aborted Babies Being Sold for Parts Instead of Being Tossed in Dumpsters

joker body parts

Does anyone think it matters to the aborted babies? “Civilization is the lamb’s skin in which barbarism masquerades.” – Thomas Bailey Aldrich Over the last several weeks, Americans have been shown a series of videos that are shocking, disturbing, and

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Our Nuremberg: Nazi Medical Research and Planned Parenthood

Nazi Planned Parenthood

I know we’re not supposed to make comparisons between the Nazis and anyone else. Godwin’s Law and all that. I get it. But in this case, I think the comparison needs to be made because the ethical dilemma is quite

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Why Obama's False Claims of Christianity Matter: Character

obama saint

Character matters. We all know this. Character is a critical quality for a leader. The great majority of our leaders have little to no character. John Boehner, who retaliates against those in his own Party who defy him, has little

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Why is Selling Fetal Tissue Such a Crime?

planned parenthood flag

“Abortion and racism are evil twins, born of the same lie. Where racism now hides its face in public, abortion is accomplishing the goals of which racism only once dreamed.” – Alveda King After the videos were released in which

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PETA in Favor of Killing Humans but Not (Other) Animals

Protected Unprotected PETA Cecil Abortion

PETA has always been unwittingly plagued by massive inconsistencies in logic. Even its name exposes PETA to the pitfalls of equivocation. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. So, if animals are people too, then what does PETA even mean? Some

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Daily Beast's Amy Zimmerman Viciously Mocks Russell Wilson's Abstinence

Sex Education

“You can spit on a rose, but it’s still a rose.” – Marty Rubin Amy Zimmerman of The Daily Beast recently penned a piece absolutely drenched with sarcasm regarding Seahawks QB Russell Wilson’s and Ciara’s decision to wait until marriage

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