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Fish and Wildlife Service: Global Warming to Blame for Ebola


It was only a matter of time before someone blamed Ebola on global warming. They’ve already blamed Ebola on the White Man and the GOP. Now, it’s global warming’s turn. If it’s global warming’s turn, then by extension, it’s the

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Global Warming: Great Lakes Over 6 Degrees Colder Than Last Year

thermometer behind the frozen window

The globe is warming up at such an alarming rate due to human activity that the temperature in the Great Lakes is over 6 degrees colder than it was last year. It’s so hot that it’s cold. That of course

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John Kerry: “Life as You Know it on Earth Ends” If We Don’t Try to Stop Global Warming

john kerry ski

Secretary of State John Kerry said that if we don’t do something about global warming, life as we know it on earth ends. Global warming is the liberal counterpart to the “war on terror.” Politicians pretending to espouse these views use

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NASA: Record High Antarctic Sea Ice

sea ice

NASA is reporting that Antarctic sea ice hasn’t been this thick since 1979. Of course, liberals want to focus on the ice that’s melted at the North Pole. They want to use that as evidence that the world is heating

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New York Judge to Decide Whether Chimps are Persons

chimp human hand

An attorney with a non-human rights organization is speaking on behalf of a chimp named Tommy who currently lives in a cage in New York. Attorney Steven Wise argues that the chimp should be moved from “solitary confinement” into an

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Satellite Data Confirm Zero Global Warming for Past 18 Years

earth lies

Recent satellite data have confirmed what we’ve known for quite some time:  There hasn’t been any global warming for nearly 20 years. And yet, despite this scientific fact, the environmental lobby has been able to convince a lot of people,

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PETA Lends a Helping Hand to Cannibal Killer


PETA recommended to an Indiana county sheriff that cannibal killer Joseph Oberhansley be placed on a vegan diet. He’s currently serving a jail sentence for breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s home, murdering her, and then eating parts of her body. When

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New Study Links Global Warming to Natural Wind Cycles

Global Warming

According to the LA Times, a new study reveals that the warming that has occurred over the past century for the West Coast is largely attributable to natural fluctuations in oceanic winds: Changes in ocean circulation as a result of

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“Environmentally Conscious” Activists Leave Trash Everywhere at Climate Change March in NYC


These “environmentally conscious” global warming believers’ hypocrisy knows no bounds. If they’re not jetting around the planet like Al Gore creating a carbon footprint the size of China, all the while spreading the message of global warming, they’re leaving all

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Bernie Sanders on Global Warming: “That Debate is Over”

debate closed

Global warmists such as Bernie Sanders like to say that global warming is like gravity. If you deny it, you’re only denying science itself. Well, the science says that the globe hasn’t actually warmed for the past decade and a

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Bobby Jindal: Obama is a “Science Denier”

NOAA Tweaking Climate Data

It was in the context of the administration’s belief in man-caused global warmism that the Louisiana Governor made his comments. Even the EPA would agree with Jindal to an extent. It was revealed recently that the EPA is not concerned

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Global Warmists Have 52 Explanations for Why Earth Hasn’t Warmed for 19 Years

burning world

I think this list of 52 explanations is what is called “grasping at straws.” The blog Watts Up With That has noted that there are some 52 excuses that warmists have come up with for the global warming “hiatus” that

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