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Obama Threatens to “Name and Shame” Countries who don’t Abide by his Global Climate Change Agreement


Levies, taxes and fines people can handle. Ground wars and drone strikes are annoying but tolerable. But public shaming? That’s something foreign countries will not be able to cope with. Obama and his warming alarmist buddies must be serious this

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Australian Meteorology Office Accused of Manipulating Climate Data

australia burning

The result of their manipulation has been to create a warming trend when in reality, there’s been a cooling trend. But Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) claims that they didn’t manipulate anything; that they “used world’s best practice and a

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Global Warming “Hiatus” Will Last At Least Another Ten Years

global warming end is near

In an unfortunate turn of events for all those people who rely on global warming alarmism to get other people to do their bidding, it seems that the earth will continue its current cooling trend for at least the next

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Pelosi Funneled $1 Billion Taxpayer Money to Radical Billionaire Environmentalist

Tom Steyer, Kat Taylor, Paul Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi

Remember how Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has constantly criticized and attacked the Koch brothers for using their own money to help conservative Republican politics? Ethics charges were filed against Reid for his actions and statements concerning the Koch brothers.

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Journal of Medical Ethics: Babies Cause Global Warming

baby feet

It’s no secret that those in power believe that the earth is overpopulated. And isn’t it ironic that those advocating stemming the population have large families themselves? They can have big families, because they view themselves as superior to everyone

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Global Warming Proponents Attribute Rapid Sea Ice Growth to Computer Error

arctic sea ice 2

If you make any mention of manipulated computer data and formulas, global warming believers will call you a conspiracy theorist. Unless of course reality isn’t happening exactly as it was predicted. Like Antarctic sea ice growing instead of rapidly melting

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“Anti-Carbon Emission” Harvard Professor Flies Around the World Spreading Gospel of Global Warming

harvard prof

Along the same lines as “anti-capitalist” Michael Moore owning nine homes, there’s a Harvard University professor who has spent years proclaiming the gospel of global warming and increasing the size of her “carbon footprint” in the process. She also writes

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Liberal Journalist Can't Explain Increase in Arctic Ice Because It Conflicts With Global Warming

polar bear alone

“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” – John Adams Funny thing is that even though we may not be

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Study: Majority of Americans are Global Warming Deniers

warming deniers

To liberals, facts are determined by consensus. Unless of course the majority opinion is the wrong opinion. I guess their propaganda isn’t working like it’s supposed to. I’m sure what they were expecting or at least wanting to find out

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Penguin Population Increasing Despite Warmists’ Dire Predictions


Polar bears and Penguins are mascots of sorts for manmade global warming. Climate alarmists use pictures of these animals to tug at naïve Americans’ heartstrings to convince them that we need to do something about the climate. If we allow

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Study Shows “Climate Change” Believers are Hypocrites


They claim to care about global warming and its detrimental effects, but they actually use more energy than their science-denying counterparts who deserve to be put to death for the millions of future murders they’re causing…by believing the wrong thing.

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Reality vs. Computer Models: Global Warmists Still Hold Fast to their Fixed Ideology

gore winter

It takes a considerable amount of faith to believe in global warming. Especially when it’s shown that most of the political, media and even some of the scientific establishment have to engage in begging the question so that they and

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