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John Kerry Prophesies: “Climate Refugees…in the Not-Too-Distant Future”

John Kerry 1 hand

Saying that there are going to be droughts and food shortages at some point in the future, just as there have been countless times in the past, is not in question. We very well may have to deal with food

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"Climate Scientist" Pharrell Williams Teaches 1200 Kids about "Climate Change"


He’s of course no climate scientist. He’s that guy who wrote that hit song “Happy” that gets really old after the first listen. But as a global warming believer, he needs no relevant credentials. The fact that he agrees to

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FEMA Refuses Relief Funding to “Climate Denier” States

FEMA truck in plane

FEMA recently weighed in on the climate change debate by refusing to give disaster relief funding to any state that didn’t have established protocols to address climate change: This may put several Republican governors who maintain the earth isn’t warming

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Greenpeace Co-founder Patrick Moore is a “Science-Denier?”

patrick moore

Patrick Moore is one of the founders of Greenpeace, working for Greenpeace International and Greenpeace Canada for a combined sixteen or so years. Since he’s left, he’s been a vocal critic of Greenpeace and skeptic on global warming, particularly the

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EPA Wants to Ban Showers Over 7 Minutes

shower head water

Leave it to the EPA to decide how long is “too long” for a person to take a shower. Unless you’re one of those people who takes a shower once a month whether you need to or not, the EPA

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Al Gore: We Need to "Punish Climate Change Deniers"

al gore points

Al Gore’s not the only global warmist calling for “deniers” to be punished in some way. There is this professor at the University of Graz in Austria who believes global warming deniers should be executed. And he doesn’t even support

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In 1989 UN Predicted Nations Would be Destroyed by 2000

UN flying flag

The UN predicted that rising sea levels due to global warming would wipe out entire nations. I’m sure they had the whole “97% consensus” among their scientists too back in 1989. But consensus science is a funny thing. You can

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Kerry: Manmade Global Warming is an Elementary Truth Like Gravity

I don’t think it’s quite the same thing, Mr. Kerry. Gravity has been observed since the beginning of time. They may have not had all the equations that described it, but everyone knew it was there. No one disputed it.

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More Evidence NOAA ADJUSTED Climate Data to Show Warming

polar bears

In their desperation to prove to everyone that the “science” is on their side, climate scientists have adjusted past temperature data down so that the more recent temperature readings form a warming trend. Of course, they have their excuses for

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In the 50s, Scientists Warned of Melting Polar Ice Caps

50s science

There’s always something catastrophic that’s about to happen that never actually happens. Right now, the catastrophe that we keep waiting to happen to wipe out the human race is global warming, that’s supposedly caused by the oil and gas industry.

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Subsidized Green Industry Overrun With Fraud and Abuse

Green Energy

Global warming fanatics always bring up the Koch brothers and their conspiracy to buy off the GOP, the tea party, and to get everyone to “deny science” so that the fossil fuel industry continues to profit big. If you question

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Global Warming: More Ice on Great Lakes Now Than During Polar Vortex Last Year

great lakes frozen

CNS News is reporting that there’s more ice coverage over the Great Lakes now than during the polar vortex last year: The total ice cover of the Great Lakes is currently 88.3 percent, or 2.3 percentage points more than it

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