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NOAA: No Major Hurricane Seen in U.S. for Last 10 Years


Even NOAA is setting the record straight about major hurricanes (or the lack thereof) in the U.S. While we have seen hurricanes, we haven’t seen any major hurricanes, which are defined as category 3 or above, for the last decade,

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EPA Administrator: “Normal People” Will Win Global Warming Debate, not “Climate Deniers”

epa admin

Normal is a four-letter word these days. The moment you say that someone or something is normal or not normal, you’re offending some protected class of people. If you say that same-sex marriage is not normal, you’re a hate-filled, judgmental

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Grand Solar Minimum Threatens to Create Decades of Winter

winter solar minimum

Brace yourself: Winter is coming. According to climate scientists, who apparently have just recently started looking at the sun, a quiet sun is going to cause a severe dip in global temperatures—possibly resulting in another “Little Ice Age”: Climate experts

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EPA Clamps Down on Truck Emissions

truck exhaust

The Obama Administration claims that clamping down on carbon emissions from heavy trucks will help reduce our “carbon footprint” and possibly avert a climate apocalypse. But as usual, the data don’t support their claims. Michael Bastasch from the Daily Caller

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How Climate Change Has Helped the Democrats Get Millions of Votes

church gore evangelist

“Politics have no relation to morals.” – Niccolo Machiavelli Jeb Bush just said he’d embrace efforts to lower our carbon footprint, the Pope is talking about climate change, Obama addressed the issue by calling it a threat to national security.

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Global Warming Skeptics Create Organization to Combat Church of Climatology

globalwarming censored

Remember the 2009 Climategate scandal that revealed that scientific journals were deliberately keeping out “skeptic” studies and only publishing those that fit their politically correct narrative? That’s actually what led to the over-quoted and mythical “97%” figure that politicians and

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Biden: If You Don’t Believe in Manmade Global Warming, You Must "Deny Gravity" As Well


Yeah, well, if you do believe in manmade global warming, you probably also believe that bailing out the green industry and bankrupting other energy sectors will convince the weather to stop being so “unpredictable.” John Kerry said something similar not

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Bill Nye Blames Texas Floods on Global Warming

bill nye horned guy

What do Bruce Jenner, Rachel Dolezal and Bill Nye all have in common? They all pretend to be something they’re not and expect everyone to cater to their delusions. Bill Nye fancies himself to be a climate scientist. I’m sure

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Data Show U.S. in 10-Year Cooling Trend

gore snowmen

According to recent data compiled by NOAA, the U.S. has actually been in the middle of a slight cooling trend over the last ten years. This information comes on the heels of a study put out by NOAA claiming that

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In 2008, ABC News Predicted New York City Would be Submerged in Water by Now Because of Global Warming

torch above water

Along with the rising sea level prediction, they also said that gas would be $9 a gallon, and milk would be $12.99 per carton. As with every other dire prediction the global warming conspiracy theorists claimed would happen, these also

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UN: Save the Planet by Not Eating Hamburgers

eat grasshopper

Our thoughtful and caring overlords at the United Nations want people to stop eating hamburgers. Meat is not only murder; it also causes global warming. Apparently, the agricultural and meat industries are some of the greatest contributors to global warming.

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Climate Science Magic: Data “Adjusted” to Make Warming Pause Disappear from Record

global warming stopped headline

Climate science consists in the ability to shamelessly manipulate information in order to substantiate already-decided conclusions. Now, if you ask scientists over at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) about the dreaded “hiatus” in global warming we’ve experienced over

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