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Bill Nye: Buffalo Snowstorm Caused by… Global Warming

buffalo snow

The Buffalo snowstorm is not permitted as evidence of global cooling, but it proves global warming. We’re not allowed to use any kind of local weather event as evidence against the idea of manmade global warming. However, the rules created

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Obama Launches Global Warming Toolkit to Combat “Record Heat Waves”

stop global warming

The global warming toolkit is here just in time for the freezing weather! You’ve got to love irony. The White House just released their climate action plan, a global warming “toolkit” that will supposedly help elected leaders combat the effects

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Why Does The Myth of Man-Made Climate Change Persist?

polar bear alone

Increasing evidence is stacking up against the claim of climate change, but the propaganda continues. Albert Einstein once famously quipped: “If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.” This was obviously a joke, but it pointed to a

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New Report shows EPA Paid Employees $1 Million While on Leave - Sometimes for Years

EPA logo

Want to earn money while on vacation? Go work for the Environmental Protection Agency, which paid eight employees more than $1 million while they were on administrative leave, in some cases for years, according to a government watchdog report. The

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Global Warming: Record Low Temps to Hit U.S. This Week

record lows

It’s going to be a really difficult time to sell global warming when record low temperatures are coming to the U.S., particularly in the South. But as usual, the politicians will continue unabated as if the world is burning up

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Obama Promotes $7/Gallon Gas to Fight Global Warming

obama wink

Fight global warming by oppressing the poor! On Friday, Obama was in Burma touting a plan to fight global warming by charging more for gas. You’d think that this “advocate for the poor” that Democrats like Obama think themselves to

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John Kerry Announces “Our Planet is Warming” in Blizzard

John Kerry

On the same day that Massachusetts was experiencing a record-breaking blizzard, he sent out a statement on global warming, stating that “our planet is warming.” You’ve got to admit this is ironic. Even liberals should get a kick out of

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UN Releases New Scary Report on Global Warming - Scientists Say "No Biggie"

stop global warming

What will it take to finally silence the Global Warming alarmists? Nearly 20 years of no warming hasn’t done it. Each day more scientists abandon their faith in the fear mongering religion of the “man made” Climate Change church. At some

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IPCC Climate Scientist: Global Warming Pause Could Last Another Decade

marooned polar bear

A climate scientist who works for the UN’s IPCC stated that the pause in global warming that we’ve witnessed at least over the past 18 years could continue on for another six to eleven years, meaning the hiatus would have

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Weather Channel Founder: Global Warming “...a Lie”

al gore beware

John Coleman is a Weather Channel founder. According to him, the debate over global warming is over. The science is settled. Global warming is nothing but a lie. The UK’s Daily Express reported on a letter Coleman wrote: In an

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Fish and Wildlife Service: Global Warming to Blame for Ebola


It was only a matter of time before someone blamed Ebola on global warming. They’ve already blamed Ebola on the White Man and the GOP. Now, it’s global warming’s turn. If it’s global warming’s turn, then by extension, it’s the

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Global Warming: Great Lakes Over 6 Degrees Colder Than Last Year

thermometer behind the frozen window

The globe is warming up at such an alarming rate due to human activity that the temperature in the Great Lakes is over 6 degrees colder than it was last year. It’s so hot that it’s cold. That of course

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