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Penguin Population Increasing Despite Warmists’ Dire Predictions


Polar bears and Penguins are mascots of sorts for manmade global warming. Climate alarmists use pictures of these animals to tug at naïve Americans’ heartstrings to convince them that we need to do something about the climate. If we allow

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Study Shows “Climate Change” Believers are Hypocrites


They claim to care about global warming and its detrimental effects, but they actually use more energy than their science-denying counterparts who deserve to be put to death for the millions of future murders they’re causing…by believing the wrong thing.

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Reality vs. Computer Models: Global Warmists Still Hold Fast to their Fixed Ideology

gore winter

It takes a considerable amount of faith to believe in global warming. Especially when it’s shown that most of the political, media and even some of the scientific establishment have to engage in begging the question so that they and

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Jumping Mouse Used to Justify Federal Land Grab

jumping mouse

The Endangered Species Act has less to do with protecting near-extinct wildlife and more to do with having an excuse to take over someone’s private property. There isn’t much the federal government despises more than the idea of private property.

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Global Warming Causing Antarctic Sea Ice to Grow

arctic sea ice

The Earth continues to heat up at such a cataclysmic rate that Antarctic sea ice is growing. Here’s the Daily Caller: Government scientists are not only blaming global warming for the centuries-long collapse of western Antarctic ice sheets, but global

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NOAA Quietly Tweaking Climate Data

NOAA Tweaking Climate Data

If it weren’t already obvious to you, I’ll let you in on a secret: scientific hypotheses regularly affect the selection and organization (and therefore the content) of what passes for scientific data. In other words, scientists regularly confirm with the “evidence”

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Physics Professor Offers $10,000 Reward to Anyone who can “Disprove” Manmade Global Warming

causing heat

This is sort of like asking an Atheist to disprove the existence of God. The “new” Atheists of today are quick to point out that they’ve never held that they can prove that God doesn’t exist. They argue that there

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Greenpeace Executive Flies 250 Miles to Work


I don’t think there are bigger “climate deniers” than those working for leftist environmental organizations. Sure, they talk big about “fighting” global warming, and they exhort their supporters to stop driving cars and flying planes so much. They’ll blame global

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“Global Warming”: The US has Been Cooling Since the Thirties

stop global warming

It’s no secret that global warming exists only in liberal imaginations and fantastical Hollywood productions like The Day After Tomorrow. Despite the dearth of evidence – apart from popular movies – liberals still latch on to hysterical and profitable environmental

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Tesla Motors Paves a Path Around Big Auto and Big Oil

Tesla Motors

There are two major inter-related reasons we are dependent on oil (either foreign or domestic): conventional cars and conventional power plants. Tesla Motors may have found a way to make real progress to get around these two obstacles. Whatever your

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Green Wind Turbines Harming Humans & Animals, But Do Democrats Care?

abandoned windmills

“Blind faith in your leaders, or in anything, will get you killed.” – Bruce Springsteen In my experience, the least tolerant people are those who speak about tolerance most often. Similar to the old adage that the loudest person in

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Australia to Lead Alliance Against Obama Climate Policies


How embarrassing is it when our allies have to band together to stop our leader’s terrible policies? Australia is playing the hero and standing up against President Obama’s devastating environmental policies. At times it seems as though President Obama as

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