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PETA Wants a Memorial Made for Pigs Who Died in Highway Accident

dead pig

A truck was transporting about 80 pigs in Pennsylvania when it overturned, killing several of the pigs. One escaped but was euthanized along with those that were fatally injured. Those remaining were loaded onto another truck. PETA saw this as

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EPA Causes Toxic Spill in Georgia

ugly ditch spill

While the EPA thinks it has successfully swept the Colorado gold mine spill under the rug, emails show that they knew about the risk of a blowout and didn’t take the necessary precautions. They might also have to deal with

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EPA Admits: "Low Income Minority Communities Would be Hardest Hit" by Clean Power Plan

epa leader

One of Obama’s campaign promises was that electricity rates would “necessarily skyrocket.” Coal and natural gas power plants would shutter under the growing burden of government regulations, taxes and fines. The fossil fuel industry – while it’s the most cost-efficient

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EPA Administrator: Global Warming Affects Everything and Everyone We Love

Gina McCarthy 2

Not only does global warming affect “everything and everyone we love,” it also affects our ability to earn a decent living, according to EPA administrator Gina McCarthy who’s been in the news quite frequently of late ever since her agency

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Gina McCarthy: We're Past any Debate Over Global Warming

yellow river 2

While she’s in damage control mode over the toxic sludge spill that happened in Colorado, the EPA’s administrator Gina McCarthy wants to shut down any debate over global warming. She likened the debate to arguments over whether cigarette smoking actually

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Gina McCarthy on Toxic Waste Spill: Oops, Sorry About That

gina mccarthy

Next time you want to get rid of some toxic waste quickly and easily, just dump it in the nearest river. If the EPA finds out about it, tell them you’re really sorry. It reminds me of what Lois Lerner

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EPA "Accidentally" Spills 3 Million Gallons of Toxic Waste into Animas River

yellow river

At first, it was reported that they accidentally spilled one million gallons of toxic waste into the Animas River in Colorado. Now, it’s being reported that three times that amount was actually spilled. And the mustard-yellow pollution is flowing into

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Obama Administration to Make Energy Prices “Necessarily Skyrocket”

obama grin

Perhaps this is one campaign promise that Obama won’t renege on. Back in 2008, he promised that energy prices would “necessarily skyrocket” for American consumers. He said, during his campaign: “So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they

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Hillary Clinton's Solar Power Plan Proves to be a DUD!

hillary clinton shugs

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has promised that if she’s elected she’ll make sure half a billion solar panels are installed in the U.S. by then end of her first term as president. That’s enough to power 25 million homes, she

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California Governor on Manmade Global Warming: "We are Talking about Extinction"

save planet kill self

When the evidence isn’t there to support your agenda, the only thing left to do is use scare tactics. Basically, just keep repeating the same thing over and over again, except in a much louder and scarier voice. The planet

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New Study Proves Banning Bottled Water Doesn't Work!

bottled water

A new study analyzing a bottled water ban at the University of Vermont (UVM) suggests that such policies are totally counterproductive, leading to an increase in the consumption of unhealthy drinks while also doing nothing to reduce the output of plastic bottle

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Is Wind Power Viable? Denmark Thinks So

Wind Power

On a particularly windy day in Denmark last Thursday, wind turbines were able to collect 140% of Danish electricity needs and export some to other European countries as well. This is causing some people to think wind power and other

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