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Global Warming: More Ice on Great Lakes Now Than During Polar Vortex Last Year

great lakes frozen

CNS News is reporting that there’s more ice coverage over the Great Lakes now than during the polar vortex last year: The total ice cover of the Great Lakes is currently 88.3 percent, or 2.3 percentage points more than it

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Hatred for an Anti-Climate Change Report

polar bear alone

Why The Left Has Reacted So Aggressively to Dr. Wei Hock-Soon’s Anti-Climate Change Paper “Our ignorance of history causes us to slander our own times.” – Gustav Flaubert When someone preaches falsity, that falsity is always smothered under the weight

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Another Excuse for Pause in Global Warming


They’ve come up with yet another possibility that would explain why the Earth hasn’t been warming over the past couple decades, despite record increasing carbon emissions. Like other explanations, this one also involves oceans and their natural cooling and warming

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In Ohio, You Can Get a Ticket for Warming Up Your Car

car exhaust

It’s been pretty cold here in the South, but obviously it’s way more frigid up in Ohio, where it drops below zero routinely. There’s a law there that says you can’t turn your car on to warm it up and

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As Expected, Obama Vetoes Keystone Pipeline Bill

Keystone Pipeline demonstration

We can’t say we didn’t see this one coming. Obama has vetoed the bill allowing the construction of the Keystone Pipeline, giving himself control over its future: With no fanfare and a 104-word letter to the Senate, Mr. Obama vetoed legislation

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Feds Give $39 Billion A Year to Solar Industry; Only 0.5% of Power Generated by Solar

flying money

If “green” really was the way to go, we wouldn’t need any government subsidies to produce it. The market would demand it, and innovators would create the supply. The competition would naturally drive prices down, and the quality of the

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Climate Change: Solar Minimum or Carbon Dioxide?

spotless sun solar minimum

With wintry temperatures, snow, and ice pummeling the majority of the United States right now, even the most diehard climate change fanatics are dropping their “global warming” rhetoric for at least the time being. But what exactly is causing some

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Bill Nye: When it’s Cold, Call it “Climate Change,” not Global Warming

climate change sticker

Last night, it was pretty cold outside here in Georgia. I’m up north of Atlanta in the sticks. The temperatures were below freezing last night, and it rained. While the icy trees were pretty to look at, they made for

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Global Warming Activists Cancel Protest due to Frigid Weather

gore winter

It’s getting so hot that it’s below freezing. A group of global warming enthusiasts at Yale University wanted to raise awareness of global warming and protest the university’s investments in fossil fuels, but the weather was too cold, so they

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GMOs and Unintended Consequences

frankenfoods GMOs

A small British Columbian company named Okanagan has just received approval to commercially plant and harvest genetically modified apples that do not brown when sliced. These apples join a few other GMOs in a fairly tight circle of commercially produced

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Once Again: Global Warming Data “Adjusted” to Show Warming Trend

obama hush

This comes as no surprise to us that global warming data have been adjusted significantly to yield the desired result of creating a global warming panic. The only thing that’s manmade about global warming is the “theory” itself. The Telegraph

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Obama's National Security Strategy: Fight Global Warming and Promote "Gay Rights"

queer usa flag

According to National Security Advisor Susan Rice, part of Obama’s national security strategy is to fight global warming and ensure “equality” for homosexuals. I’m not sure how this is going to help with our national security, but then again, I’m

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