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71-Year-Old Man Kills Home Intruder with One Shot

home intruder

When someone’s trying to break into your house, you don’t have to wait for the intruder to make his intentions clear to you. For all you know, he’s there to kill you and steal your valuables. You have a right

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300-400 Syrian Christians Kidnapped by ISIS - USA Responds


The U.S.-led coalition has launched three air strikes on the Islamic State in northeastern Syria. An estimated 300-400 Syrian Christians were abducted by militants in the region, according to Kino Gabriel, a commander for the Syriac Military Council. The strikes succeeded in slowing

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Federal Agents Arrest Man for Exercising 2nd Amendment

open carry rifle

Yes, the 2nd Amendment even applies to Federal grounds. Anthony Bosworth was apparently on federal property outside a government building. He had attended a states rights’ rally in Spokane, Washington, and he was carrying his rifle slung around his shoulder.

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Will Michigan Police be Forced to Stop Stealing from Cancer Patients?

police car chasing

Recent reports revealed that Michigan police are seizing citizens’ property more than almost anywhere else, but a U.S. Congressman from the seizure-plagued state is trying to change things. Michigan police seized more than $24 million from Michiganders in 2013, often

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Tricks of the Trade: Police Officer Admits Planting Evidence is Routine

planting evidence

An officer in Palm Beach, Florida admitted that planting evidence is a routine part of his job, admitting that he and his colleagues are planting evidence “almost every day” to deal with “difficult” citizens: I have a method for getting people

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Bill Nye = Anti-Semite?

Bill Nye

During a panel discussion on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Bill Nye continued to show his lack of understanding on basic cultural and social issues when he decided to blame the very real presence of anti-Semitism in Europe on

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Man Jailed for Months for Possession of Vitamins

handcuffed 2

He got pulled over, because he was apparently driving without his headlights on. The cop then used the traffic stop as an excuse to interrogate the 31-year-old and search his car. During the search, the cop spotted a bag of

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Obama's the Only One Ignoring the Roots of Islamic Terrorism

Obama Muslim

Monday’s White House statement on ISIS’ beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya, which failed to mention their victims’ faith as the reason for their murder, was practically unique among world leaders’ reactions for its omission. By contrast, Pope Francis on Sunday exclaimed that

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Barack Obama Can’t Admit Christians Killed


Obama Issues Statement about Christians Killed by ISIS Without Using The Words “Christian,” or “Radical Islam” “They were killed simply because they were Christians.” – Pope Francis Several days ago, 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians were slaughtered on the beaches of

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Vince Vaughn Comes Out Swinging Against Affirmative Action

vince vaughn

There are inequalities everywhere; that fact is inescapable. But to try to iron out inequity with further inequity is like trying to fix a broken bone by breaking another bone. It’s asinine, and ultimately harmful. During an interview with Playboy,

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Obama Amnesty Loophole Could Allow Illegals to Vote?

illegal voting amnesty

Is this just alarmism, or does it seem like Obama’s Executive Amnesty is designed for nothing more than getting more votes for the Democrat Party? Apparently, a loophole in the amnesty allows illegal aliens to vote, if they care to.

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Pennsylvania Town Signs: "This is Not a Gun-Free Zone"

not a gun free zone

What do you think would be more likely to deter a criminal: a sign that reads “This is a gun-free zone,” or one that reads, “This is not a gun-free zone”? I think it’s pretty obvious that if a criminal

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