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Crimes Dropping Year after Detroit Police Chief Tells Citizens to Arm Themselves


Liberal anti-gun advocates like Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg would have you believe that the more law abiding people that have guns, the higher the crime rates. They fail to realize that many gun related crimes are committed with illegally

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Officer Points Rifle at Reporters and Shouts "I will F***ing Kill You!"


A sad story has leaked out from the Ferguson riots. A police officer working the streets of Ferguson went too far and had to be reined in by a fellow officer after he pointed his rifle at the crowd and

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Governor Rick Perry Fires Back at Texas Democrats!


Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) has an answer for his corrupt political opponents – this is who you are siding with. I don’t think we need to be worried for Governor Perry, even liberals think that Democrats in Texas have gone

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Are Police Body Cameras Enough for Police Accountability?

police body cameras

If the situation in Ferguson has done nothing else, it has highlighted the urgent necessity of holding the police accountable for their actions. It is very possible that Michael Brown tried to reach for a police officer’s gun during the

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Pregnant Woman Attacked "Knockout Game" Cited


Liberals keep trying to pretend like the ‘knockout game” is something that racist conservatives have dreamed up in an effort to slander inner city communities. Sadly, there continues to be fresh evidence that the “game” is real, and that it

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Pregnant Woman Latest Knockout Game Victim


Right now, the Ferguson riots are national news, and there has been no shortage of commentators offering their solutions and opinions about the underlying problems that led to the chaos there. Is it a racial problem, or is it an

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Journal of Medical Ethics: Babies Cause Global Warming

baby feet

It’s no secret that those in power believe that the earth is overpopulated. And isn’t it ironic that those advocating stemming the population have large families themselves? They can have big families, because they view themselves as superior to everyone

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MSNBC Host Eric Dyson says Obama and Holder would be "Great Choices" for the Supreme Court

Michael Eric Dyson

Guest host on MSNBC’s the Ed Show, Michael Eric Dyson, took time to tell his audience that President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder would be perfect for the Supreme Court. Blech. I just threw up a little in my mouth. “But both

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Indiana Passes Law Allowing Citizens to Shoot Police?

castle doctrine police

The headline sounds sensational. And many news sources are milking it for all its worth. A recent change in law in Indiana allows citizens to resist anyone who forcibly enters their house if there is a reasonable suspicion that they

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TX Principal Fired for Encouraging Students to Speak English


When I went to school, every student was required to speak English. There were a number of Hispanic students who struggled with English, but they were still required to do all of their school work and speak English. There was

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Iraqi Parliament Member Begs for Help and It's Heart-Wrenching


A heart-wrenching video has gone viral over the Internet – in it you can see an Iraqi Member of Parliament begging her countrymen for help. The MP is a Yazidi and her people are being threatened with genocide. ISIS is

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Why Liberals Attack with Emotion, Forget Logic


“The degree of one’s emotions varies inversely with one’s knowledge of the facts.” – Bertrand Russell Part of what convinces me of my convictions is the rationality associated with them. When one can set out the facts, and, outside the

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