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Southern Utah University Removes Harry Reid's Name from Building


Well, this is a little embarrassing. Harry Reid graduated from Southern Utah University and for a while now his name has graced one of their buildings… but it won’t for much longer. Several months ago, some concerned citizens met with

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Texas School District Arms Teachers

armed teachers

Liberals think this is a disaster waiting to happen. If there were a scenario where some legal druggie came in a school allowing himself to be controlled by one of the unfortunate side effects of whatever drug he’s on, and

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Student Suspended for Saying “Bless You”

Saying “bless you” in response to someone else’s sneezing used to have some kind of religious connotations centuries, and perhaps millennia ago. These days, most people don’t mean anything religious by it. It’s become a polite thing to say, sort

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Ohio Continues Fight Against Common Core


The legislative debate over a bill that would repeal Common Core began Monday in Ohio, commencing what will likely be the last of many fierce battles over the controversial education standards in 2014. HB 597, if approved, would make Ohio

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Los Angeles School District Tries to Take Control from Parents

illegal kids in school

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is attempting to halt the use of a California state law that lets parents force through reforms at failing schools. The district is saying a federal waiver provides the district with a get-out-of-jail-free

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Foundation Predicts Common Core to Double Dropout Rates


Dropout rates are already a problem for many high schools across the nation. A friend of mine told me that he was glad that his son graduated high school since his school has a dropout rate of nearly 60%. Hopefully,

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TX Principal Fired for Encouraging Students to Speak English


When I went to school, every student was required to speak English. There were a number of Hispanic students who struggled with English, but they were still required to do all of their school work and speak English. There was

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Dartmouth Denies Request of Female Student to Protect Herself from Stalker

concealed carry purse

Most colleges and universities these days are gun-free zones, except when some disgruntled student decides to take advantage of that gun-free zone and shoot a bunch of defenseless people. Liberals think that if they make anti-gun rules on campus, it

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Common Core Test Asks Kids About Global Warming


Following repeated requests from parents, the state of New York released the text of half the questions used in its new Common Core-aligned standardized tests. The test questions, used in tests for grades 3 through 8, include one question that encouraged students

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Guess What Happens to This 4th-Grader After he Brings a Nerf Gun to Show-and-Tell

nerf gun 2

Everyone remembers show-and-tell from elementary school. I remember bringing my iguana one time, and it wriggled out of my hands and ran all around the room. I ran around chasing it while my terrified teacher shrieked and took refuge on

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Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal says Common Core is an Illegal "Scheme"


Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, locked in multiple legal battles with his own school board over Common Core education standards, has has made a new, ambitious legal claim. Common Core, he says, is not merely bad policy, but a violation of

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New AP US History Curriculum Teaches False, Socialist & Racist History

AP US History long

After World War 2, educators realized that there was a learning gap between high school and college. Educators decided to implement Advance Placement (AP) courses in high school that were geared more towards college level to help students make the

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