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Bill Maher Gives Commencement Speech at UC Berkeley

bill maher

A while back Bill Maher found out what it felt like to be a conservative when some students at the University of California Berkeley decided to protest the school’s decision to have him speak at their commencement. The problem? Maher

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Sign at School Entrance: “Dicember 2014…Progress Reepor”

school sign

Is this a sign of what kind of education the students receive? We all make typos every now and then, but this is pretty bad. And what’s worse than someone making these glaring spelling mistakes on a sign at the

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Conservatives Say 'Don't Waste the Chance to Fix No Child Left Behind'

education reform

Conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation, just released a policy paper imploring Republicans to use the opportunity they now have to fix No Child Left behind (NCLB).    The Republican Party has a golden opportunity to roll back federal overreach

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Liberal University Won’t Comply With Minimum Wage Hike Because of “Budget Constraints”

minimum wage 4

A liberal university is now proving the conservative case against minimum wage law. UC Berkeley says it can’t comply with a local ordinance that raises the minimum wage to $10 an hour because of “budget constraints.” It’s funny, because that’s

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Homeschool Parents Tasered and Pepper-Sprayed Over "Messy" House

homeschool police line

The homeschool parents are suing over how they were treated. This Missouri couple homeschools their three kids. A social worker had visited their house once and then ordered an investigation into the family because of a “messy” house. The family

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The Death of Western Christianity

without christ no christmas

Schoolchildren are being left ignorant of Christianity and the history of Christmas. “Political correctness does not legislate tolerance; it only organizes hatred.” – Jacques Barzun Modern western society has developed a certain disdain of faith. Over time, we have segregated

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University Demands to Know Students’ Sexual Activities in Order to Enroll for Classes


Public education at all levels is becoming increasingly liberal and personally invasive. Many public schools are teaching sexual promiscuity to kids as young as 10 to 12 years of age and kindergartners are being taught that homosexuality is normal and

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Another Reason Jeb Bush Should Not be the GOP Candidate in 2016 - He Loves the Common Core

jeb bush

Jeb Bush has designs on the White House in 2016. For many in the GOP Establishment, Bush has the inside track on the nomination and that should be disturbing for the rest of us. The former Governor of Florida was

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Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Classes Aimed to Produce 3-5 Abortions per Student

planned-parenthood-sex education

I’ve written a number of articles on the dangerous liberal agenda of Planned Parenthood. They promote promiscuous sex for school kids as young as 10-12 years of age. In some schools, they provide condoms and tell students that virtually any

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School Attorney Blames Student for Being Molested by Teacher


Do the terms ‘lowlife’ and ‘despicable’ mean anything to you, because those are the terms that came to mind when I read about this case. In July 2011, Elkis Hermida, a teacher at Thomas Edison Middle School in Los Angeles

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Chicago Teaching 'Safe' Anal Sex in 6th Grade Sex-Ed


Chicago public schools are under fire after explicit slides from a proposed elementary sex-ed program surfaced during a parent meeting: The presentation included slides that are clearly not age appropriate, and include “demonstrations” of applying male and female condoms (FC),

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School Bus Driver Calls Cops on Kids in Possession of Confetti “Guns”

confetti gun

A driver calls cops “just in case.” When a Flagler County, Florida school bus driver heard the “pop” sound of a confetti gun on the bus, he thought he should call the cops just in case. There were a couple

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