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Veteran with PTSD Suspended from School for Requesting Non-Muslim Counselor!

Jeremy Rawls

A Marine veteran diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has been suspended from school and labeled a possible threat after requesting to have a non-Muslim counselor, Campus Reform reports. Jeremy Rawls served two tours in Iraq and is a rising senior at Mississippi College, a Baptist school with

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Student Not Allowed to Quote John 3:16 in Class Presentation

john 3-16

You can’t give students an assignment called “All About Me” and not expect at least some of them to delve into their own personal religious beliefs. Our religious beliefs, after all, are what define us and drive us. At the

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11-Year-Old Given 5-Day Suspension for Bringing Foam "Bullet" to School

Nerf bullet

The school initially expelled the 11-year-old, a special needs student in Atlantic City, New Jersey, but relented and gave him a 5-day suspension instead after he brought a foam Nerf bullet to school with a toothpick added to the tip.

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School Officials Try to Ban American Flags from Students’ Vehicles

pick up truck us flag

Peyton Robinson had flown his 4-foot by 6-foot American flag and a POW-MIA flag in the back of his pickup last year as well as a month this year, and no one said anything about them. Then, a few days

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Open Minded Liberals? University Pulls Funding for Think Tank because Leader is a Global Warming Skeptic

college kids

So much for Universities being open-minded centers of education and learning. Instead they’ve become centers of uniformity of thought and execrable bias against anything that opposes the orthodox liberal value system. Actually… I should say they are biased against conservative ideas

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Black Professor Barely Reprimanded for Horribly Racist Tweets

saida grundy

Do you want actual racial equality? Do you desire actual racial harmony? I have news for you: you’re in the minority. It seems even the most ardent champions fighting against racism are often avowed racists. Case in point: Dr. Saida

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Get Naked or Get Out - College Professor Force Students to Strip for Class

college class

A professor at the University of California, San Diego is under fire for his practice of forcing students in his theater class to strip naked if they didn’t want to fail. Roberto Dominguez has been teaching Visual Arts 104A: Performing the Self

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Insanity: Students at Catholic College Protest Catholic Bishop Commencement Speaker

timothy dolan

Students at a Catholic university in New York are up in arms over their college’s choice of a Catholic cardinal commencement speaker. Cardinal Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York, is scheduled to be the commencement speaker next Sunday at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, N.Y. A

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Did Mike Huckabee FLip-Flop on the Common Core?

mike huckabee

The straightforward position Huckabee puts forward on his website, however, masks a past in which he has offered eager praise for Common Core, or suggested that the only real problem with it is its name. Like many Republicans, Huckabee was

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College Students Demand New Student Body President Resign for Being "Too Conservative" even though He's a Gay Black Man!

dartmouth gay

Students at Dartmouth College launched a petition drive demanding the newly-elected student body president resign after they say he was disrespectful to the plight of American blacks and other marginalized groups. The twist: The president is a gay black man. The

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A Public School Can Ban Oreos and Peanut Butter, but 6-Year-Old Meat is Okay

frozen old meat

We reported the other day about a five-year-old who was prohibited from eating the Oreos her mom packed in her lunch. The cookies were confiscated from the child whose lunch also consisted of a ham and cheese sandwich and string

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Now American Students Failing History and Geography Too!

education reform

A new study has uncovered some sad news for parents across America. Apparently, our students are having a really hard time passing basic History and Geography exams. American kids aren’t just failing any history either, it’s American history that they can’t

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