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Students Find Insect Larvae in Michelle-Approved Lunch


Remember the old days when you could make your own lunch at home and bring it with you to school in a paper brown bag? Nowadays, we know so much better. Students have to eat food out of the cafeteria

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Ted Cruz's Harvard Education Will Not Hurt Him with Conservatives

ted cruz speaking floor

Elitist Kasie Hunt asks if Ted Cruz’s Harvard education may be a turn-off for Conservative voters. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” – George Orwell Ever since he was elected to the Senate in

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Racism? University Bans Alcohol for Fraternities, Exempts African-American Frats!


Racism is once again rearing its ugly head on a college campus, only this time it’s the college that is acting in favor of racial preference. NC State University is moving to temporarily ban alcohol at their fraternity events, however

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Student Banned from Class for Questioning Campus Rape Statistics


A college campus is supposed to be a place for the “free exchange of ideas” and a place where independent thought is fostered. In reality, all they seem to be doing these days is stifling such things. They want cookie-cutter

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Student Dares to Contradict Campus Rape Stats - Gets Banned from Class for Questioning Teacher!


That’s life on the modern American college campus isn’t it? Liberals and academics like to pretend they are looking for diversity of thought and diversity of conversation but the fact of the matter is that diversity is the last thing

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6th Grader Suspended for a Year for Bringing Maple Leaf to School

maple leaf

It may have been a Japanese maple leaf, or something similar. So why would a sixth grader be suspended for a year for simply bringing a piece of foliage with him to school? Because that leaf happened to resemble (somewhat)

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Rape Culture Offends Men Too!

no more rape culture

Rape culture isn’t just offensive to women; it’s offensive to men. The Merriam-Webster definition of “Rape” is “to force (someone) to have sex with you by using violence or the threat of violence.” Rape, by its very nature, is an

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Local Teachers Uncover Left-Wing Conspiracy to Indoctrinate Children


Some of our educators are finally starting to wake up to the existential threat that liberal control of public education is to our nation. Whether it’s at the federal, state or even local level – liberal politics and policies have

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School District Politely Tells Atheist Group to Shove It

bible school desk

It’s the same old story we hear so often about Atheists getting all hot under the collar because some government schoolteacher said something that was contrary to the Atheist religion. Except this time, the offending principal involved and even the

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School Superintendent tells Whiny Atheists “I’ll Be Praying for You!”


I’m not sure there is a better response to be given to the fascist anti-God movement that is being coordinated today among liberal activists, then the one that White Oak ISD superintendent Michael Gilbert gave to the Freedom from Religion

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Illegal Immigrants Used as Reason for Censorship

us flag

UC Irvine Students Ban American Flag Because It May Offend Illegal Immigrants “Those who want to reap the benefits of this great nation must bear the fatigue of supporting it.” – Thomas Paine When someone does something wrong, but doesn’t

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California University Bans American Flag

us flag

According to California University, “Freedom of Speech Can Be Interpreted as Hate Speech.” The student government at the University of California, Irvine passed legislation that banned flags in its main lobby. They didn’t want any national flags there, but particularly the

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