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Dartmouth Administrator says Conservatives "Aren't Very Nice"!


The Dartmouth College administrator who attacked conservatives in the wake of a Black Lives Matter protest that harassed white students at the school’s library has issued a public apology, though only for part of what she said. A week ago,

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9th Grade School Assignment: Draw “Join ISIS” Posters


My reaction mirrored that of a 14-year-old student’s mother. Why? Why would a teacher assign this, and why would it be considered appropriate? I don’t understand. Consider all the things that are banned and not to be talked about in

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A Translation of the Obama Administration's Letter to America's Universities

college kids

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan penned an op-ed for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in which he sympathizes with the protesters at Yale and Mizzou. After I recovered from the dizziness this caused me, I decided to take the most important

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University of Vermont Holds 3-Day Retreat to Teach White Students to Confront their Privilege

wp card

Black students are taught that they’re victims in a world filled with hatred toward them. They need safe spaces on campuses where they can be with other people of color and open up about their troubles, all at the exclusion

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You can Bring a Bomb to School, but not a Bible


Another school district is banning the distribution of Bibles. Last week, it was a district in Tennessee; this time, it’s one in Kansas. All they needed was one Atheist complaint and threat of a lawsuit, and the school district in

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Watch Neil Cavuto go Head-to-Head with Student Who Wants "Free" College

cavuto college

Neil Cavuto is such a cool guy. Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity should emulate him. He’s a very gracious interviewer, and he’s able to have a discussion with anyone no matter what his or her views are. He doesn’t try

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A More Friendly First Amendment for Yale and Mizzou Students


Appearing on MSNBC, vice president of the Missouri Students Association Brenda Smith-Lezama had a telling exchange with host Thomas Roberts. After Roberts played a clip of a professor at the University of Missouri asking for “some muscle” to eject a

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Tennessee School District Bans Bible Distribution After 1 Complaint

holy bible

It wasn’t that long ago when we reported about a Tennessee school having students recite the five pillars of Islam, including “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet.” In the same story, it was reported that

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Yale Student Body Has PC Meltdown After One Email About Halloween Costumes

warning politically incorrect zone

“Humans are nervous, touchy creatures and can be easily offended. Many are deeply insecure. They become focused and energized by taking offense; it makes them feel meaningful and alive.” – Michael Leunig It’s foolish to think social justice warriors can

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6-Year-Old Suspended for 3 Days for Using Imaginary Bow and Arrow

bow arrow

Principal Joe Crachiolo at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church and School in Cincinnati has made an uncompromising decision to suspend a first-grader for pretending to use a bow and arrow at recess while this first-grader and his friends were

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$15 Minimum Wage Wreaking Havoc on NY School Budgets


A proposal to enact a $15 minimum wage in New York could cost state school districts $276 Million, according to a report released Friday. The findings were released by the New York State Association of School Business Officials. The report found

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All-Women’s Wellesley College Rejects Transgender Diversity Officer Because She’s a “White Man” Now

Wellesley College

Whelp. This is where we are as a society now. This story out of Wellesley College—you know, Hillary Clinton’s alma mater—just about wraps it up for me. I can hardly wrap my head around it, but here it is: Timothy Boatwright

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