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Why You Should Avoid Sending Kids to Public Schools

young socialists

I can’t count how many times I’ve written against today’s public school system. They aren’t institutions of learning any more. They’ve become the training centers for raising anti-American socialists and Common Core is one of their current brainwashing tools to

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"Racist" Student Suspended for Wearing White and Making "W" Sign With Hands


Kids are routinely suspended for making hand gestures that resemble guns. Apparently, that’s not the only shape you can get in trouble for. During school spirit week at a rural Iowa high school in Marshalltown, students were told to wear

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Surprise! Nation's 2nd Largest Teachers Union Withdraws Support of Common Core


In what can only be described as a complete and utter surprise – the nation’s 2nd largest teacher’s union has withdrawn it’s support of the Common Core. Conservative activists have been decrying the insidious nature of the Common Core since

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Common Core Equates George Washington to Palestinian Terrorists


How many times do I have to write about the problems discovered in Common Core teaching? This time it deals with Pearson Education, one of the leading companies that helps develop and train Common Core teaching. According to their website:

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Common Core Doomed in North Carolina?


The Common Core is the Obamacare of education, and from its inception, was also doomed for failure. The failure is in the reasoning and enforcement of the common core. Over the years, our education quality in the US has been

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Michelle Obama's Healthy Lunch Program is Feeding Mercury Laden Fish to Maine Students


For a couple of years now, Michelle Obama has been on a health kick. She’s followed the food czar ways of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg in pushing schools to serve healthier lunches with more vegetables, fruit and fish.

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School District Bans Birthday Cakes

birthday cake

It’s apparently part of a federal wellness policy to monitor students’ nutrition. So, no more birthday cakes at school on students’ birthdays. Instead, they can enjoy a card from a fellow student. Or a pencil. According to KIRO-TV in Seattle:

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Why Teachers Suck

rotten apple

Public school is a place where too-busy or too-uncaring parents send their kids so they can learn how to someday catch a venereal disease. I suppose that’s a bit insensitive of me, ignoring the other goals of public school: the

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Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Looks to Dump Common Core


Louisiana’s great Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) is working hard to rid his state of the massive failure that is the Common Core. The move has caused an outcry among liberals, particularly in the states’ education “establishment,” and may prove problematic

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Gay Professor Sues Black University for Discrimination

Black University Sued by Gay Professor

This is rich. A homosexual, white professor is suing Alabama State University (a traditionally black institution) for racial and sexual discrimination. Is it wrong for me to laugh at this? This is a classic example of reaping what you sow.

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8-Year-Old Expelled for Rolling up Piece of Paper “Like a Gun”

paper gun

Guns are as evil to school officials as the Bible is or any mention of God. And because guns are evil, even the vaguest likeness of guns are anathema. Lang, a lower Manhattan private school that’s supposed to help special

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NY Principal Continues Attack on Patriotism

Greta Hawkins with Bloomberg

Greta Hawkins is the principal of New York City’s PS 90 school. Although Hawkins says she is not anti-patriotic, her actions as principal say otherwise. In 2012, the kindergartners at her school were going to sing God Bless America at

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