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Federal Government Makes More Rules Against Campus Sex Assault

sex assault

Can we just agree that sexual assault is terrible? Alright. That being said, can we also agree that the penalties for sexual assault don’t seem to hinder it from happening? Ok, maybe there is some disagreement there. The federal government

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5-Year-Old Forced to Sign Contract at School Promising She Won’t Kill Herself or Others

crayon incident

A 5-year-old in a Mobile, Alabama school had to sign a contract at her school, where she pledged not to kill herself or others. It started like so many other incidents we’ve seen in recent years that usually result in

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Education Needs More Parental Involvement & Less Government Intrusion Says State Sen

Elbert Guillory

Does the name Elbert Guillory ring a bell with anyone? Guillory was a black Democratic lawyer who was first elected to the Louisiana State House of Representatives in 2007. In 2009, he ran for the state senate and won. On

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For-Profit Schools Beat Obama in Court!

obama education

The Obama administration has suffered a rebuke in its effort to regulate private-sector colleges, after a federal judge ruled that a proposed rule restricting bonuses for college recruiters was enacted without any proper evidence or justification for its existence. The

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Ben Carson Attacks the New AP History Curriculum!

Ben Carson

Ben Carson gave a great speech decrying the AP History curriculum, going so far as to say it would make kids “sign up for ISIS.”   “I think most people, when they finish that course, they’d be ready to go

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Sandy Hook Commission: Homeschoolers to Blame for School Shooting


The Sandy Hook Commission (full name: Sandy Hook Advisory Commission) concluded that the real culprits in the Sandy Hook mass murder are homeschoolers. All because Adam Lanza was, for a very brief period, educated at home by his mother. For

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School Choice Programs Survive Despite Challenges from Teachers’ Unions


Have you ever heard of an education savings account? Arizona enacted a law to establish this helpful program and now other states are starting to follow their example. So what is the account? According to the Friedman Foundation: “Under Arizona’s

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More School Teachers Carrying Concealed Weapons to School

armed teacher

Did you know that in the 10 years Utah has had laws permissive of teachers carrying concealed guns on school campuses, there hasn’t been even one fatal K–12 school shooting in the whole state? Apparently, even a resident can carry

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Guess What? The Public Supports School Prayer

praying students

Prayer and other forms of religious expression in public schools continue to have broad public support,according to a new survey released by Gallup. A solid majority of adults, 61 percent, favor allowing daily prayer in the classroom, while 37 percent

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Colorado Students Stage Walk Out to Protest Conservative School Board - Liberals Applaud

walk out

For the third straight day students at some schools in Jefferson County, Colo., have walked out of class in protest of curriculum changes suggested by the new conservative majority on the school board. The protests have been building steam since

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Denver Students Protesting Curriculum Change Which Would Teach American Patriotism


Jefferson County, Colorado encompasses the western half the Denver metropolitan area and has a population of just over 500,000. Like many larger cities, the population of Denver and Jefferson County has become liberal in a number of areas including education.

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There are People Actually Defending the Common Core Math Program!


Common Core has come under attack. Critics say the standards enlarge federal control of education — and do a lousy job teaching math. Those attacks, however, rely on gross distortions and misunderstandings, say defenders of the standards. Joseph Almeida has

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