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Don’t Raise Minimum Wage, Just Fix the Currency

silver standard minimum wage

With all the talk about minimum wage, most people miss the real culprit for the rising cost of living: inflation. Does it really matter if you make $20 an hour, if every dollar you earn is worth ten cents? Of

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High Taxes Lead to Cigarette Black Market

buying cig

Liberals and other big government types think that by heavily taxing certain things, it’ll serve as a disincentive for people to buy those particular things. Like gasoline. The feds want higher gas taxes to “wean” people off dirty fossil fuels

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Should We Place A Moratorium On All Immigration?


“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” – Aristotle Some ideas are radical, and others only seem radical. But why are some ideas considered radical in the first place?

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Millennials Not Buying Homes

Millennials and Home Ownership

Since they began keeping records, home ownership has never been lower among Americans younger than thirty-five. Which means that millennials are investing less and less in property. Why is this? You probably already knew that millennials are more likely than any

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You Won't Believe What Bored Federal Workers are Doing on Your Dime...

federal workers on your dime

In recent revelations from internal investigators in multiple federal agencies, federal workers have too much time on their hands from a lack of work, and many of them are wiling away the hours binging on porn. Some of them are

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Taxes Force Businesses Overseas


Our business friendly climate made our country great. We became the world’s lone superpower thanks mainly to our dynamic and flexible economy… and that economy was born out of a low tax, low regulation society. But times they-are-a-changing… Today businesses

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Illegal Kids to Further Bankrupt American School Districts

illegal kids in school

Barack Obama has been telling us that he is planning on deporting the thousands of illegal alien unaccompanied kids back to their home countries. Yet, it seems that at least 30,000 of them are to be placed into the public

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UN to Usurp American Sovereignty in Border Crisis


I’m going to open up with saying that we need to kick the United Nations out of our country, stop funding them and tell them to stay the heck out of our affairs! They are nothing more than a coalition

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Corporate Accountability in a Free Market

Car on fire free market

One of the most common arguments against the free market, and it’s as old as the birth of social crusades, is that corporations powered by greed will do anything to anyone to make a buck if the market is entirely

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New Study Finds Record Number of Americans on Welfare

welfare state

A new study that was just released by the Department of Health and Human Services has some unsettling findings for every American and some terrifying findings for national Democrats.   A new report issued by the Department of Health and Human Services

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Unemployment Down While Labor Participation Rate at Record Low

jobs newspaper

We’ve seen this so many times during Obama’s reign. The only numbers that get publicized by the media are the unemployment numbers, which magically go down, despite the labor participation rate also going down. What good are the unemployment numbers

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Many Obamacare Premium Holders Must Switch Plans or Pay Substantially More in 2015


We’ve been hearing about increased premium costs for people who enrolled in Obamacare through Affordable Care Act’s insurance exchanges. Many of the early reports were driven by assumptions of various events taking place. Now we are starting to see analytical

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