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Government's Own Audit says Investment-for-Green Card Program has HUGE Fraud Potential


Department of Homeland Security officials managing an investment-for-green-card program only pursue national security or fraud concerns that jeopardize the deal, and they don’t know if the program works effectively, a federal watchdog reported Wednesday. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service employees

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Does Anyone Really Know What’s Going on with The Economy?

blindfold darts the economy

“The Economy” might just be my least favorite over-simplification ever, right behind “Science,” “they say,” and “the Government.” What exactly is The Economy? Before you react with, “Well, of course everyone knows what the economy is,” I just want you

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EPA Admits: "Low Income Minority Communities Would be Hardest Hit" by Clean Power Plan

epa leader

One of Obama’s campaign promises was that electricity rates would “necessarily skyrocket.” Coal and natural gas power plants would shutter under the growing burden of government regulations, taxes and fines. The fossil fuel industry – while it’s the most cost-efficient

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New Study says Obama Administration Policies Force Poor to Pay More for Food

feeding the poor

The poorest Americans could see their food bills soar thanks to a new swathe of regulations from the Food and Drug Administration. Passed in 2010, Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) required the FDA to issue new safety regulations for all

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Seattle's Minimum Wage Cost City 1,000 Restaurant Jobs in One Month

15 hour wage

What was it that we kept saying would happen if we were to enact a high minimum wage? Prices would necessarily rise, business would go down as a result, and people would lose their jobs. We can look at Seattle

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Liberal Hypocrites Argue for $15 an Hour while Paying $12 an Hour!


Experts and studies on both sides of the minimum wage debate have offered a long list of pros and cons when it comes to raising the minimum wage. What is generally agreed on, though, is that significant enough increases are likely to cause job

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Obama Administration to Make Energy Prices “Necessarily Skyrocket”

obama grin

Perhaps this is one campaign promise that Obama won’t renege on. Back in 2008, he promised that energy prices would “necessarily skyrocket” for American consumers. He said, during his campaign: “So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they

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Obama wants to Force the Wealthy to Live with the Poor!


This President never ceases to amaze me. His latest plan may be one of the most disturbing yet, as he hopes to force local communities to integrate poor communities into wealthy ones and vice-versa. Using the power of government, President

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Labor Participation Rate Lowest Since 1977


Predictably, the BLS highlights the unemployment figure, which has apparently dropped to 5.3%, compared to May’s 5.5%. What they don’t usually mention is the drop in the labor force. Last month, the labor force participation rate was down to 62.6%,

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New York Fights Over Minimum Wage Hike


As workers rallied Monday in the hopes that a newly appointed board will raise the minimum wage for fast food workers in New York, business leaders warned against targeting certain industries. Earlier in the month, a board appointed by Gov.

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Restaurant Industry May be Hardest Hit By Increasing the Minimum Wage


Raising the minimum wage will have severe consequences, especially for those working in the restaurant industry, investor rating service Moody’s warned on Thursday. “A higher minimum wage represents a particular challenge for restaurants, which depend heavily on hourly workers,” William Fahy, vice

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Germany is Killing Itself with “Satisfying” Baby-Free Sex

empty swingset germany demographic winter

Germany has a serious population problem. This year marks its lowest production of babies ever, and previous years were already particularly infertile. Pundits warn that Germany will soon start to reap the bitter consequences of its demographic suicide. But at

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