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West Virginia Ends Union Rule - Chooses Right to Work


The West Virginia Senate passed a measure Thursday to outlaw mandatory union dues and fees as a condition of employment. The Senate approved the bill with a 17 to 16 vote before sending it to the House of Delegates. The measure

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Shocking Surprise: Minimum Wage Hikes Increase Unemployment

minimum wage unemployment

I know this will come as a real shock to our regular readers, but it turns out that increasing minimum wage doesn’t actually help the poor very much. It just increases the workload on fewer employees. In other words, it

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Bernie Sanders and the Economic Illiteracy of the Left

bernie sanders 2

The day after Christmas Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT or D-VT) tweeted what was likely the most economically illiterate tweet of the presidential campaign. In it, Sanders wondered at the idea that some folks were paying 6, 8 or even 10%

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If You're Pro-Bernie Sanders, Please Read This, Pt. 1

Bernie Sanders

“Socialism states that you owe me something simply because I exist. Capitalism, by contrast, results in a sort of reality-forced altruism: I may not want to help you, I may dislike you, but if I don’t give you a product

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Check Out the GOP Candidates Tax Plans


Republican 2016 hopefuls have been unveiling tax plans promising deep cuts and drastic changes to current policies. Ahead of Tuesday night’s fourth GOP presidential debate, here’s a look at the top contenders’ economic proposals. Donald Trump The outspoken real-estate mogul’s

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New Report: Muslim Refugee Crisis will Last 20 Years and Crush Europe's Economy!


The Syrian refugee crisis is expected to last two decades and put strong strains on the European economy, according to a British interpretation of a new report from the European Union. Justine Greening, the minister in charge of Britain’s international response,

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The Myth That We Live in a Free Market, and How the Left Uses it to Their Benefit

solyndra crony capitalism

“The Great Depression, like most other periods of severe unemployment, was produced by government mismanagement rather than by any inherent instability of the private economy.” – Milton Friedman Perhaps the most significant and deeply complex political issue that’s never addressed–or

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The Federal Reserve Plans to Raise Interest Rates... Maybe

interest rates 2

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said Wednesday it’s a “live possibility” the Fed will raise interest rates for the first time since the 2008 financial crisis. While Yellen said “no decision has been made,” she made it clear the option

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Bill Gates Apparently Doesn’t Understand How the Private Sector Works

Bill Gates

Given the amount of money Bill Gates has made, one would think he already understood how the private sector works. But his recent comments concerning green energy research and the public and private sector makes me think he has no

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$15 Minimum Wage Wreaking Havoc on NY School Budgets


A proposal to enact a $15 minimum wage in New York could cost state school districts $276 Million, according to a report released Friday. The findings were released by the New York State Association of School Business Officials. The report found

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Group Advocating $15/hr Minimum Wage only Pays $12/hr!

minimum wage 4

An advocacy group out of Modesto, Calif. pushing for a $15 an hour minimum wage posted a job ad Thursday offering to pay $12 an hour. Below what it is demanding others pay their workers. The Craigslist post was for

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How 'Feeling the Bern' Will Lead Us to Total Economic Collapse


“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples’ money.” – Margaret Thatcher As economist Milton Friedman famously said, there’s no free lunch. What he meant was that money doesn’t simply materialize from the ether, rather,

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