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Was the Godfather of Liberal Economic Theory Stoned While Developing Theories?


I’ve always known there had to be something wrong John Keynes and now I know what it was, he was HIGH! Now I just need to figure out if the people who agree with Keynes are suffering from the same

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As Obama Promised: Tens of Thousands of Coal Jobs Destroyed

coal plants

It was all a part of the plan from the beginning. Obama even admitted as much back in 2008 when he promised that energy costs were going to necessarily skyrocket. Here’s what he said: “So if somebody wants to build

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Obama’s Budget Director Afraid to Say Whether or not he Supports a Balanced Budget

balance budget debt

Obama’s budget director Shaun Donovan is too scared to commit. It depends on what the definition of “balanced” is. What normal, everyday working people think of as balanced is not at all what Washington bureaucrats mean. Washington bureaucrats don’t care

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Gallup CEO: Official Unemployment Numbers “a Big Lie”

will work for food unemployment

Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO of Gallup, wrote an opinion piece recently calling the official government figures on unemployment “a Big Lie”: None of them will tell you this: If you, a family member or anyone is unemployed and has

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Local San Francisco Bookstore Dies of Minimum Wage Hikes

minimum wage hike SF

We’ve said it over and over again. Minimum wage hikes will not do a thing to help anyone. They result in either higher prices or layoffs, but they hurt small, local businesses the most. It seems the first casualty confirming

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Drop in Gas Prices Will Reverse by the Fall

gas prices

According to a former executive at Shell Oil, we should expect to see gas prices go back up by the fall of this year. The reason? American oil producers are idling their oil rigs in this time of overabundant supply:

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Membership in Unions at 100-Year Low

labor unions

In the midst of what some people are deigning to call an economic “recovery,” there is one group that is not gaining much traction: labor unions. They have posted their worst enrollment numbers in one hundred years. And there are

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Why the Economic Recovery is Fraudulent and Doomed

recovery collapse

Much has been made of the recent “economic recovery,” especially by Democrats touting the effectiveness of Obama’s policies, both here and abroad. But one pundit doesn’t see it that way, and his voice is vastly under-represented in this discussion: He

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Hillary Clinton Accidentally Proves the Power of a Free Market

Hillary Clinton speaking fee

I think it is hilarious that the people most adamantly opposed to the free market are often enormously benefitted by its machinery. Think Hollywood. Or Hillary Clinton. A story surfaced recently that her speaking fee at colleges is higher than

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1700 Private Jets Descend on Switzerland for Global Warming Summit

al gore climate summit

What better way to show your fight against global warming and carbon footprints than jet-setting in your own fossil fuel burning private jet? Or 1,700 of them: A squadron of 1,700 private jets are rumbling into Davos, Switzerland, this week

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The Majority of Current Congress Members are Millionaires

Congress Money Dome small

For the first time ever, the majority of Congress members are millionaires: Among the 534 current members of Congress, at least 268 had an average net worth of $1 million or more for 2012, the CRP said, citing disclosure forms filed

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Turns Out Sugar Isn’t So Sweet

sugar cubes

Added sugar in our diets might be doing more to us than just making us fat, according to a new study assessing the deleterious effects of sugar in our diets: “People are becoming literate about the toxic effects of sugar,”

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