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President Obama says 'Protect American Paychecks' by Raising Taxes

obama hunchback

I think President Obama may be suffering from early onset dementia. In his most recent weekly address he tried to make an argument that the best way to protect American paychecks is by NOT cutting taxes. He then went on

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Does Welfare Actually Promote Entrepreneurship?


A recent article in The Atlantic challenges the oft-cited negative correlation between welfare programs and entrepreneurship by saying that welfare reduces the risks of starting a business, which would actually encourage entrepreneurship: This argument is particularly important today for two

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Rethinking Income Inequality … Is it Actually a Good Thing?

income inequality

Is income inequality a bad thing? Most people would say so. It seems obvious that income inequality is based on greed and corporate welfare, right? Some of it certainly is. But some of it is based on the fact that

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Nearly Half of Americans Have Zero Savings

ant and grasshopper savings rate

According to a new chart from Deutsche Bank’s Torsten Sløk, 47% of Americans save absolutely none of their income. This statistic has not changed much actually in the past few years. And the average saving rate in the United States,

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Recovery: 1 in 4 Americans on Federal Food Assistance

food stamps

Somehow, when 25% of the American population is relying on some kind of federal food assistance, that’s a good thing. All that says to me is that we have a long way to go to experience a true economic recovery.

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Fannie Mae Is At It Again!

Fannie Mae

Mortgage giant Fannie Mae, the too-big-to-fail bailout beneficiary, is apparently at it again—doing everything in its power to sink the economy into another recession: The Federal Housing Finance Agency inspector general said its latest concerns involve Fannie Mae’s “haphazard” decision to

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Subsidized Green Industry Overrun With Fraud and Abuse

Green Energy

Global warming fanatics always bring up the Koch brothers and their conspiracy to buy off the GOP, the tea party, and to get everyone to “deny science” so that the fossil fuel industry continues to profit big. If you question

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Was the Godfather of Liberal Economic Theory Stoned While Developing Theories?


I’ve always known there had to be something wrong John Keynes and now I know what it was, he was HIGH! Now I just need to figure out if the people who agree with Keynes are suffering from the same

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As Obama Promised: Tens of Thousands of Coal Jobs Destroyed

coal plants

It was all a part of the plan from the beginning. Obama even admitted as much back in 2008 when he promised that energy costs were going to necessarily skyrocket. Here’s what he said: “So if somebody wants to build

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Obama’s Budget Director Afraid to Say Whether or not he Supports a Balanced Budget

balance budget debt

Obama’s budget director Shaun Donovan is too scared to commit. It depends on what the definition of “balanced” is. What normal, everyday working people think of as balanced is not at all what Washington bureaucrats mean. Washington bureaucrats don’t care

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Gallup CEO: Official Unemployment Numbers “a Big Lie”

will work for food unemployment

Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO of Gallup, wrote an opinion piece recently calling the official government figures on unemployment “a Big Lie”: None of them will tell you this: If you, a family member or anyone is unemployed and has

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Local San Francisco Bookstore Dies of Minimum Wage Hikes

minimum wage hike SF

We’ve said it over and over again. Minimum wage hikes will not do a thing to help anyone. They result in either higher prices or layoffs, but they hurt small, local businesses the most. It seems the first casualty confirming

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