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Membership in Unions at 100-Year Low

labor unions

In the midst of what some people are deigning to call an economic “recovery,” there is one group that is not gaining much traction: labor unions. They have posted their worst enrollment numbers in one hundred years. And there are

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Why the Economic Recovery is Fraudulent and Doomed

recovery collapse

Much has been made of the recent “economic recovery,” especially by Democrats touting the effectiveness of Obama’s policies, both here and abroad. But one pundit doesn’t see it that way, and his voice is vastly under-represented in this discussion: He

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Hillary Clinton Accidentally Proves the Power of a Free Market

Hillary Clinton speaking fee

I think it is hilarious that the people most adamantly opposed to the free market are often enormously benefitted by its machinery. Think Hollywood. Or Hillary Clinton. A story surfaced recently that her speaking fee at colleges is higher than

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1700 Private Jets Descend on Switzerland for Global Warming Summit

al gore climate summit

What better way to show your fight against global warming and carbon footprints than jet-setting in your own fossil fuel burning private jet? Or 1,700 of them: A squadron of 1,700 private jets are rumbling into Davos, Switzerland, this week

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The Majority of Current Congress Members are Millionaires

Congress Money Dome small

For the first time ever, the majority of Congress members are millionaires: Among the 534 current members of Congress, at least 268 had an average net worth of $1 million or more for 2012, the CRP said, citing disclosure forms filed

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Turns Out Sugar Isn’t So Sweet

sugar cubes

Added sugar in our diets might be doing more to us than just making us fat, according to a new study assessing the deleterious effects of sugar in our diets: “People are becoming literate about the toxic effects of sugar,”

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Is the US Economy Really In a Full Recovery?

Wall Street US economy

In another exercise in self-fulfilling prophecies, economists told the US economy that it was in full recovery, and the news jolted the stock market into another temporary jump: The US economy grew at a sizzling 5 percent annual rate last

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Number Living Paycheck to Paycheck Up 33% From 2012

recession recovery

Almost a third more people are living paycheck to paycheck  from only a few years ago. Anytime anyone brings up our economic malaise, liberals like to chime in to talk about how great the economy is under Obama. They talk

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Blockbuster Study as Minimum Wage Goes Up so does Unemployment!

minimum wage 4

Is it mean to say ‘we told you so’? Ok. Well, I don’t really care about not being mean so… ‘we told you so’! A recent study shows that as minimum wage goes up employment drops. Which would mean that

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As Usual, the Jobs Report isn’t as Great as Everyone’s Saying it Is

obama hush

Let’s do a reality check on the jobs report. And by everyone, I mean liberal economists, Democrat cheerleaders, and investors who have a vested interest in making everyone think the economy is booming like crazy so that their investments bloat

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Political Affiliation of the Best- and Worst-Run States

illinois worst-run state

24/7 Wall Street just released its report on the best and worst-run states in the US. They determined this, as you would imagine, based mostly on economics. Their methodology, in a nutshell: To determine the best- and worst-run states, 24/7

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Fast Food Workers Continue to Fight for Minimum Wage Hike

minimum wage 3

Across the nation minimum wage fast food workers have been clamoring for higher wages even though this fight has led to increasing automation in the fast food industry. As the movement has gained steam fast food companies have pushed to

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