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Bill Gates Correlates High Taxes with High GDP

Bill Gates GDP

Recently Bill Gates questioned the supply-side, tax-cut economic theory by bringing up that the American period with the highest GDP growth in recent memory, the 60s, also had one of the highest marginal tax rates in recent memory, at 90%

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The Difference Between the Lottery and Wall Street

Wall Street

Yesterday, I wrote an article about a deceptive shift of language from “income inequality” to “income inequity.” In it, I quoted Barack Obama, who recently claimed that hedge fund investors were the “nation’s lottery winners.” I think his dismissive assessment

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Republicans Beat Back Democrat Opposition to Pass New Right-to-Work Laws!

right to work

Republican leaders in the Missouri Senate Tuesday invoked a rare procedural motion to end a filibuster in order to pass a bill designed to end forced union dues. The right-to-work bill passed the state Senate with a 21 to 13

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Income Inequality or Income Inequity? The Difference a Word Can Make

income inequity

I have been noticing a trend in recent discussions of income inequality. Commentators have started replacing income inequality with income inequity. At first, I thought this subtle shift was a result of ignorance. In our word-impoverished culture, the right words

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MSNBC Wonders How Clintons Can Talk About Income Inequality


MSNBC host and liberal political commentator Alex Wagner had some pretty intriguing and thoughtful questions about the likely Democrat candidate for President. Modern liberals like to spend as much time as possible propagating class warfare and it just doesn’t seem

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Moving to Opportunity: What Happens When You Move Poor Kids to Rich Neighborhoods?

Moving to Opportunity Ghetto for Life

An interesting program called the Moving to Opportunity Experiment explored what happens when you move poor families in impoverished neighborhoods to more affluent neighborhoods. A little more than twenty years later, Harvard analysts looked in on the children of the MTO

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What Happened to the American Middle Class?

working man middle class

There’s one term you’re not likely to hear much in this presidential election cycle: middle class. Apparently the term is political kryptonite right now, especially since no one really knows what it means and most Americans don’t identify as middle

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Robots to Replace Chinese Workers in Pearl River Delta

robots in China

In what could prove to be disastrous for the average Chinese day laborer, factories in the Pearl River Delta have decided to start replacing their human workforces with robots: Robots are to invade factories in the Pearl River Delta as

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Is the Labor Department Lying About Unemployment?

Unemployment Ministry of Truth

Anyone who is actually on the ground trying to find a job knows that the American job market is bleak. But the statistics coming from the Labor Department (with the help of the Census Bureau) are not quite as dismal

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Proof that Conservative Policies Work Best – Red States Dominate Best Cities for Business!


It makes sense, right? When you think of cities that are dangerous, lacking jobs and just kind of sad… they are always Democrat dominated, no? Cities like Detroit, Trenton, Camden, Chicago, etc., etc., etc. Well now we have definitive proof

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Hillary Mocked for Blasting CEO Pay after Chelsea Buys $10 Million Apartment!


I’m not sure how liberals fail to see the irony in Hillary Clinton’s liberal rhetoric every day, but I am comforted by the fact that they at least noticed it today. Hillary Clinton’s campaign sent out an email blasting the

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High Cigarette Taxes Help Fund Al Qaeda Through Black Market Sales

cigarette money

Liberals and other big government types think that by heavily taxing certain things, it’ll serve as a disincentive for people to buy those particular things. Like gasoline. The feds want higher gas taxes to “wean” people off dirty fossil fuels

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