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Tennessee is Drug Testing Welfare Recipients and This is What They Found Out

drug test welfare

The state of Tennessee has started drug testing welfare recipients in an effort to curb the amount of state and federal money going to the purchase and use of illegal drugs. But so far, they have turned up almost nothing.

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Legalized Marijuana Might Reduce Fatal Car Crashes

driving stoned cheech and chong marijuana

There’s been an unexpected twist to the legalized marijuana story. It appears that the initial statistics coming out of Colorado indicate that, contrary to the dire predictions of those against legal pot, fatal crashes are actually down since Colorado legalized

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Teen Pot Use Declines in Colorado Despite Legalization


You don’t have to be a pothead or advocate teen pot use to be in favor of pot decriminalization. Just like, you don’t have to be a drunk to be in favor of alcohol legalization. And you don’t have to

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Woman Jailed for Buying 2 Boxes of Sudafed at the Grocery Store


It was July of 2010, and Florida resident Mickey Lynn Goodson’s allergies were flaring up again. The pharmacist at her local Winn-Dixie suggested that she buy a couple boxes of Sudafed. Little did she know, however, that while Sudafed is

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Police Kill Two Family Dogs in No-Knock Raid

swat police

A no-knock raid was executed on a St. Paul, Minnesota family’s house recently. The police had a search warrant for drugs and weapons. As for the probable cause, which is supposed to be the basis of a warrant, I have

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Tons of Drugs Marching Across Border While Border Patrol Babysitting Illegal Kids

drug taffickers

The news has been full of reports of unaccompanied illegal kids crossing our southern border. Most of them are from Central America where a number of drug cartels are located. So far there have been over 51,000 illegals kids caught

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Cops Plant Drugs in Woman’s House and Tamper With Blood Tests to Justify Illegal Search

cocaine baggy

A lot of cops seem to have trouble catching up with the surveillance state. They still act like crooked cops even though they have their own dash cams staring right at them and listening to everything they’re saying. If it

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Colorado Man under Influence of Legal Pot Kills Wife

Kirk shooting

When Colorado legalized the recreational use of marijuana, I predicted that it would lead to more deaths in the state. Earlier this month I wrote about the death of Levy Thamba; a 19 year old exchange student from the Republic

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Why I’m Now against Drug Legalization

marijuana handcuffs

I went through a brief libertarian phase on the matter of drug legalization, but now I’ve come back around against it, albeit for different reasons than I was against it before. It could be seen as a logical inconsistency that

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We’re Still Demonizing the Wrong Drugs

marijuana leaf

USA Today posted a “shocking” article about a 19-year-old who ate a pot cookie and jumped/fell from a balcony to his death. In Colorado, of course. This is just one story in a million sprinkled like kief all over the

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Idaho Cop Arrests and Searches Driver for Having Colorado Tags

marijuana leaf

If you’re driving through Idaho, and you’re from Colorado, that could mean only one thing to an Idaho State Trooper:  Obviously, you’re transporting large amounts of weed in your car. Remember, Colorado decriminalized possession of small amounts of the plant,

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Google “Partnering” with Corrupt FDA to Regulate Online Pharmacies

Drug Money

An article in the National Journal has the headline “How Google is Trying to Protect Your Drug Supply.” That sounds nice doesn’t it? Your drug supply. The article outlines how Google is now partnering with federal agencies (mostly the FDA)

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