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Most in Delaware Support Push to Legalize Marijuana

marijuana leaf

The shift to support marijuana legalization has slowed across the country since Colorado legalized the drug at the beginning of 2014. That doesn’t mean marijuana supporters have simply moved to Colorado and stopped agitating for legalization. A recent poll in

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Central American Extortion to Stop Illegal Immigration


Should the U.S. pay Central American extortion to get those countries to stop the flood of immigrants? According to Google, extortion is “the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.” Thanks to Breitbart Texas, and the work

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Another Innocent American Dies in No-Knock Police Raid

armored police

A 59-year-old Georgia man is the latest victim of a no-knock police raid. The police had gotten a warrant to search the house of David and Teresa Hooks for meth. But guess who gave the police this information? A meth

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New Study Challenges Claims that Marijuana is Harmless


A new 20-year study challenges the recent oft-cited claims that marijuana is a harmless, non-toxic drug. Led by Professor Wayne Hall, a drug advisor to the World Health Organization, the study concludes that many of the claims made by marijuana

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Police Helicopter and SWAT Team Called to Man’s House Over Okra Plants


A Cartersville, Georgia man named Dwayne Perry woke up early one morning to the sound of a low-flying helicopter hovering over his property, and then, within minutes of his awakening, a fully armed and armored SWAT team showed up to

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Uh-Oh, SpaghettiOs: Woman Jailed for Possession of Spoon


I’m not even joking about the woman jailed and the reason for it. The spoon in question actually had old, dried SpaghettiOs on it. I know, gross. But hardly illegal. Ashley Gabrielle Huff, a 23-year-old from Commerce, Georgia, was in

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Two VA Employees Caught Running Cocaine Ring Out of VA Center


It looks like the VA is guilty of more than just putting veterans on a long wait list that often waited until after the patient had died to see them. Apparently, some VA workers decided they weren’t making enough money

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Charlie Crist's Boss and Campaign Advisor Caught in Marijuana Haze!


After Charlie Crist’s political fortunes imploded in his doomed run for the Senate he returned to working as a lawyer. The firm he joined is helmed by Crist’s good friend and campaign contributor, John Morgan. Well, Morgan may have given

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Anti-Marijuana Spokesmen Are on Big Pharma Payroll

big pharma

All I can say is I’m not surprised. Big Pharma has spent billions on lobbying the FDA, and apparently they also pay millions to well-credentialed “experts” to run their PR campaigns against competitors: in this case, cheap legal marijuana. VICE

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Tennessee is Drug Testing Welfare Recipients and This is What They Found Out

drug test welfare

The state of Tennessee has started drug testing welfare recipients in an effort to curb the amount of state and federal money going to the purchase and use of illegal drugs. But so far, they have turned up almost nothing.

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Legalized Marijuana Might Reduce Fatal Car Crashes

driving stoned cheech and chong marijuana

There’s been an unexpected twist to the legalized marijuana story. It appears that the initial statistics coming out of Colorado indicate that, contrary to the dire predictions of those against legal pot, fatal crashes are actually down since Colorado legalized

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Teen Pot Use Declines in Colorado Despite Legalization


You don’t have to be a pothead or advocate teen pot use to be in favor of pot decriminalization. Just like, you don’t have to be a drunk to be in favor of alcohol legalization. And you don’t have to

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