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DEA Agents Frequented Colombian “Sex Parties” Funded by Drug Cartels

dea seal

You can’t get much more corrupt than this. You’ve got an agency that’s tasked with enforcing drug laws in America, cracking down on drug traffickers trying to cross the border, bringing down drug cartels, etc. And here they are going

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Willie Nelson is Launching His Own Brand of Weed

willie nelson

Willie Nelson generally stays out of politics. When he gets involved, it usually has something to do with weed. There was that one time when he purportedly smoked weed with the Slick version of his namesake on the roof of

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6th Grader Suspended for a Year for Bringing Maple Leaf to School

maple leaf

It may have been a Japanese maple leaf, or something similar. So why would a sixth grader be suspended for a year for simply bringing a piece of foliage with him to school? Because that leaf happened to resemble (somewhat)

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Cop Harasses Elderly Couple for Having Tinted Windows

stopped car

While the police department acknowledges that their deputy may have gone too far with this particular innocent elderly couple, one of whom has cancer, nothing’s going to happen to the cop who assumed that the couple must have been drug

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Senators Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana!

marijuana leaf

Is marijuana legalization a train that won’t be stopped? It’s starting to seem like it.  The push to legalize has been growing stronger and spreading further across the nation than seemed possible just a few short years ago. Even in states that

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TSA Agents Caught Trying to Smuggle Meth Through Airport

meth money

Next time some TSA apologist says, “Thanks to the TSA, we haven’t had to sustain another terrorist attack,” just think about this story of how these agents tried smuggling meth through the airport. They weren’t TSA agents, per se, since

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Sheriffs Suing CO to Overturn Amendment 64 and End Legal Pot

Amendment 64 map with cannabis

Sheriffs from Colorado, and a few neighboring states, are suing Colorado in order to overturn Amendment 64, the state amendment that legalized recreational marijuana in the state. The reasons for the lawsuit are quite interesting. Sheriffs allege that upholding Amendment

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Sheriff's Fight Back Against Marijuana Legalization

marijuana handcuffs

Look, not everyone in America is for marijuana’s legalization. Our Law Enforcement professionals seem to be disproportionately against the end of pot prohibition and they’ve begun organizing to fight back. In Colorado a group of sheriffs has banned together to

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NYPD Comm. Bratton Blames NY Homicide Increases on Pot

Bratton pot

Maybe NYPD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has been toking on a little bit of the devil’s lettuce himself. I don’t know. But he apparently thinks a slight eight week rise in New York homicides is connected somehow to legalized pot:

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Man Jailed for Months for Possession of Vitamins

handcuffed 2

He got pulled over, because he was apparently driving without his headlights on. The cop then used the traffic stop as an excuse to interrogate the 31-year-old and search his car. During the search, the cop spotted a bag of

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Texas Man Sentenced to Life in Prison After 10th DWI

Official U.S. Navy photo released by Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Marianas Public Affairs Officer, LT. A. Chisholm.

After being arrested in his 10th DWI incident since 1981, 64-year-old Bobby Gene Martin is finally being taken off the streets. A jury has sentenced him to two life sentences: The jury came back with its guilty verdict after three

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Colorado Wishes People On Welfare Would Stop Buying Pot!

marijuana leaf

Look. I don’t want to make any sweeping generalities or say that one group is more inclined to use drugs than another… but the data tells us that welfare recipients are more likely to use drugs than non-welfare recipients. (Though

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