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Ethical Treatment: PETA Steals Family Dog and Kills It


I know that part of PETA’s marketing campaign is convincing people how much they care about animals. However, the truth is that PETA is nothing more than a slaughterhouse. They get rich celebrity endorsements, because of their image as an

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Psychiatrist Says we Should Look at Planned Parenthood Shooting in the Context of the “War on Women”

body parts

Why should we look at this incident where a man shot and killed three people in the context of the “war on women?” Simply because the shooter according to a witness allegedly said something about “no more baby parts?” Even

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Planned Parenthood: “Extremists Creating a Poisonous Environment that Feeds Domestic Terrorism”

pp active shooter

As of this writing, police aren’t sure of a motive in the shooting and hostage situation at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs. During the incident, several people were injured, and three were shot dead, including one police officer.

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Armed Crook Shot and Killed by Armed Victim

gun purse

You might find a great deal on Craigslist, but when you meet up with the seller, bring a gun with you. You never can be too careful when dealing with complete strangers. This South Carolina couple probably won’t be doing

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How Planned Parenthood Will Use the Fog of War to Confuse Americans


“Truth is the torch that gleams through the fog without dispelling it.” – Claude Adrien Helvetius The Colorado shooting is certainly a tragedy. Three people have died–two civilians and one police officer. However, at this moment, we have no idea

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Another Police Officer Murdered in Cold Blood

Officer Ricardo Galvez

A California police officer found dead was likely targeted and murdered, officials say. Officer Ricardo Galvez was on duty but not in his uniform late Wednesday night when two male suspects ran up to his car and fatally shot him before

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Cop Kills Resident for not Consenting to Home Search Without Warrant


Under ordinary circumstances, this would be considered a home break-in, assault and battery, and murder. It would be an open-and-shut case. There were plenty of eyewitnesses and evidence to convict the criminal. He’d be behind bars now, and hopefully would

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New Clinton Email Violations Uncovered! Again!

hillary clinton shugs

Hillary Clinton violated numerous State Department rules by using privately owned thumb drives to copy 30,000 of her official emails for her lawyer, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation. In December 2014, the former Secretary of State downloaded

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Professor on Campus Carry Law: "Guns are a Poor Means of Self-Defense"

campus carry

Tell that to a cop or a soldier. I think they would question a person’s mental health if he or she claimed that guns are a poor means of self-defense. Of course, the opposite is true. Guns are a superior

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Democrats Have a Lot in Common with Criminal Gangs!

Dinesh D'Souza comp

The brilliant and provocative Dinesh D’Souza gave a well-received and brilliantly astute speech highlighting the striking similarities between the Democrat Party and a gang of criminals. D’Souza was in Bozeman, Montana speaking to a crowd of patriots when he began

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2 Armed Robbers Shot and Killed by 2 Armed Store Employees

masked gunman

There were three masked armed robbers who barged in this Reading, Pennsylvania convenience store around 9:00 at night. One of them had a handgun, and another had a stun gun. The third was unarmed. As soon as they broke in, the

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The CIA, Media Manipulation, the Rise of Secret Government and the Deep State

CIA law enforcement torture

When and how did the “secret government” arise in the US? It could easily be traced to the creation of the CIA after World War II.  Former congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) recently conducted an interesting interview with author and founder

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