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School Cop Assaults Grandmother for Bringing Cupcakes to her Granddaughters

wounded woman

You’d think there was a better way for the cop to handle this situation involving a cupcake-wielding grandmother of 78 years. The Fresno, California grandma Mary Poole was at her granddaughter’s school to drop off homemade cupcakes and cookies when

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Dems Silent on “NAACP Bomber” who Didn’t Target the NAACP After All

parade float

A disgruntled Colorado man tried causing some damage with a makeshift pipe bomb using commercially available explosives and a gas canister. Apparently, the canister failed to ignite, and not a whole lot even happened. In fact, the only reason this

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Tulsa Residents Have Killed More Criminals Than Police Have

gun down stairs

So far this year, there have been eleven homicides in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Six of those were at the hands of armed law-abiding citizens defending themselves. Police haven’t had to kill any thus far. The Daily Caller reported: Tulsa has had

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Son Buys His Mom a Gun that She Uses for Intruder

staring down barrell

When a son buys his mom a gun, even though he is concerned for her safety, he doesn’t expect her to use it in a week. But this time the son was wrong, because less than a week later, she

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Pharmacist Fatally Shoots Armed Robber

using pistol

An armed robber entered a West Virginia pharmacy mid-morning and pulled a gun on the pharmacist. Instead of putting his hands up and trying to find an opportunity to call 911 and then wait patiently for the police to show

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Oregon Democrat Wants Research on “Health Effect of Guns”

Oregon Democrat

Oregon Democrat Representative Earl Blumenauer thinks guns are a health risk like tobacco. In the same way that doctors would encourage their patients to stop smoking, doctors should be able to question their patients about guns and make “appropriate” recommendations.

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Texas Sheriff Tells Residents to Arm Themselves Amid County Budget Cuts

texas sheriff

It’s not something we hear a lot from law enforcement personnel. Usually, they’re very careful not to champion gun owners. When a resident held a man at gunpoint for beating a woman in her car, the police made sure to

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Texas Man Sentenced to Life in Prison After 10th DWI

Official U.S. Navy photo released by Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Marianas Public Affairs Officer, LT. A. Chisholm.

After being arrested in his 10th DWI incident since 1981, 64-year-old Bobby Gene Martin is finally being taken off the streets. A jury has sentenced him to two life sentences: The jury came back with its guilty verdict after three

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Utah Woman Pleads Guilty to Murdering Her 6 Newborn Babies

Abortion is a right

In a horrifying and heartbreaking story out of Utah, a woman has pled guilty to having murdered here 6 newborn babies over the last 10 years. While shocking, one wonders why the media would find this story newsworthy at all.

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IRS Seizes $19,000 from Widow for Depositing Late Husband’s Cash

IRS holdup

Sixty-eight-year-old Janet Malone’s husband died of cancer in October of 2011. Before he died, he told his wife that he had about $180,000 in cash in a briefcase. It was money he had made as a publishing executive, but also

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Pennsylvania Town Signs: "This is Not a Gun-Free Zone"

not a gun free zone

What do you think would be more likely to deter a criminal: a sign that reads “This is a gun-free zone,” or one that reads, “This is not a gun-free zone”? I think it’s pretty obvious that if a criminal

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Pizza Delivery Driver Kidnapped, Raped at Gunpoint

cop arresting rapist

Being a pizza delivery driver is a very dangerous job, considering how much cash they carry and the fact that they work mostly at night. For this reason, many drivers carry guns, oftentimes in direct violation of their franchise’s rules.

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