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Texas Woman Shoots Home Intruder After he Attacks her Husband

woman handgun

She fired one shot, and the intruder fell to the floor. Some of our readers will be disappointed to find out that the intruder was not killed during the ordeal. He was injured and is spending some time in the

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Philadelphia Decriminalized Marijuana, and the City Saved $1 Million as a Result

marijuana leaf

The city of brotherly love decided to decriminalize the possession of marijuana, and what they’ve found is that in the first three months of this year, the city saved an estimated $1 million. It was able to save so much

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The Supreme Court Expands Gun Rights for Felons

Gun and Constitution

Score another win for the 2nd Amendment! While most Americans do not want felons owning firearms legally, the constitutional problems that arise when someone becomes a felon can be difficult to deal with. Such was the case with a question

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Armed Neighbor Stops Naked Man Beating Ex-Girlfriend

concealed carrier

Thanks to a responsible, armed neighbor, a woman’s life was saved. A man was at his ex-girlfriend’s house where he had reportedly held her hostage for 20 hours and beat her. When she tried to escape, the man caught up

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Biker Gang Shootout Sees 9 Dead and 18 Injured!

biker gang

No this wasn’t a revival of Sons of Anarchy, the popular AMC show that just finished its final season, but an actual, surefire biker gang shootout! Several rival gangs collided in an orgy of violence and a hail of bullets

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State Officials Find 2 Correctional Officers Participating in Baltimore Looting

corrections officer

When reviewing video footage of the rioting and looting that was going on in Baltimore last month, state officials spotted two officers who work for the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services walk out of a 7-Eleven with

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TSA Agent Faked Cancer for 5 Years, Raked in $60,000 Worth in Paid Time Off


Some 2,240 hours of paid time off were actually donated to Atlanta TSA agent Marc Bess by co-workers, because everyone believed that he was suffering from abdominal cancer. That works out to 280 sick days given to him by sympathetic

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Does Malik Shabazz Hate All Cops, Or Just The White Ones?

police car window

“People who fly into a rage always make a bad landing.” – Will Rogers On Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” Malzberg spoke with Malik Shabazz, the former national chairman of the New Black Panther Party and current national president

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Video: Black Man Shoots White Thug Who Attacked Him

waffle house

It was earlier this year in January that this episode unfolded at a Florida Waffle House. But the surveillance video was just recently released showing that the black customer in question acted purely in self-defense against a group of four

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Who Needs the Police when You’ve got Armed, Responsible Neighbors Like This?

armed neighbor

Don’t misunderstand me. I respect the police. And this guy did call the cops to arrest the suspect. But I’d much rather people be armed, vigilant, and responsible like this California man than paranoid and calling the cops all the

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Barack Obama Sends No Delegations for Patriots

Why Obama sends delegations to the funerals of criminals, but not to the funerals of patriots. It’s been said that you cannot judge a man’s motives because you cannot see them. This is partly true and partly false—a half-truth—which if

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Criminal Duo Learns the Hard Way Not to Rob Cigar Shop

smoke shop

There’s a cigar shop in Lithonia, Georgia, just east of Atlanta that was targeted by a couple thieves, one of whom was armed with a shotgun. One of them went in and distracted an employee with a question about an

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