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Armed Homeowner Protects Wife from 3 Armed Intruders

revolver  barrel

Better to be an armed homeowner than a dead homeowner! An elderly couple in rural Oklahoma are happy they had a gun to protect themselves one night when three intruders broke in their house, some of them armed. When they

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Black Guys Beat Up White Guy Over Mike Brown Question

black white

Why do black guys beat up white guy? Because he wouldn’t “lend” them his phone and he gave the wrong answer about Michael Brown. Whatever your opinion is of the Mike Brown case, I think we can all agree that

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DEA Agents Frequented Colombian “Sex Parties” Funded by Drug Cartels

dea seal

You can’t get much more corrupt than this. You’ve got an agency that’s tasked with enforcing drug laws in America, cracking down on drug traffickers trying to cross the border, bringing down drug cartels, etc. And here they are going

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Defenseless Domino’s Delivery Driver Shot to Death


Can you imagine a police department enforcing a policy that prohibited their officers from carrying a firearm? I think most people would find that idea preposterous. A police officer’s job can be very dangerous. They should be able to carry

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Concealed Carrier Prevents Mass Shooting in Barbershop

pointed handgun

We won’t hear much about this, because a mass shooting didn’t happen. One was prevented. We only hear about the tragedies, because unfortunately, that’s what viewers want to know about. People don’t find good news stories all that interesting. One of

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CNN Panel Explodes Over "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" Lie, Almost Come to Blows!

ferguson protests

  A CNN panel on Thursday night became very heated as panel members argued over the recent Department of Justice (DOJ) report which said that Michael Brown never raised his hands to submit to Officer Wilson. The report casts a

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Student Dares to Contradict Campus Rape Stats - Gets Banned from Class for Questioning Teacher!


That’s life on the modern American college campus isn’t it? Liberals and academics like to pretend they are looking for diversity of thought and diversity of conversation but the fact of the matter is that diversity is the last thing

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Rape Culture Offends Men Too!

no more rape culture

Rape culture isn’t just offensive to women; it’s offensive to men. The Merriam-Webster definition of “Rape” is “to force (someone) to have sex with you by using violence or the threat of violence.” Rape, by its very nature, is an

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"Gun-Free Zone" New York City Experiences 22% Increase in Shootings

gun free zone

New York City invests a lot of money and resources into making sure people don’t have guns on the streets. While they’ve decreased the whole “stop and frisk” thing where police could stop and frisk anyone at random for guns

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Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) Protects Wife Abusers?

cross and flag RFRA

A new act in the Georgia legislature, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), was designed to protect the right of religious people to exercise their beliefs without molestation from the government. But some critics are condemning the act, saying its

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Official Statement from Hillary Clinton Regarding Email-Gate


From the desk of (President) Hillary Clinton — Given the rampant, and deeply sexist speculation regarding my emails, I have decided to issue the following official statement: (Please read the following statement in a down-home, relatable southern accent) I’m here

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TSA Agents Caught Trying to Smuggle Meth Through Airport

meth money

Next time some TSA apologist says, “Thanks to the TSA, we haven’t had to sustain another terrorist attack,” just think about this story of how these agents tried smuggling meth through the airport. They weren’t TSA agents, per se, since

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