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Federal Government Makes More Rules Against Campus Sex Assault

sex assault

Can we just agree that sexual assault is terrible? Alright. That being said, can we also agree that the penalties for sexual assault don’t seem to hinder it from happening? Ok, maybe there is some disagreement there. The federal government

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Oregon’s First Lady Admits to Immigration Fraud Marriage

Cylvia Hayes and Gov

When I mention the state of Oregon, what comes to your mind? Do think about scenery that ranges from the coastal areas to the evergreen covered mountains to the plains in the south eastern part of the state? Do you

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Wanted Criminal Arrested After Wanting Police to Take New Mugshot


Remember the line from the movie Forest Gump – ‘stupid is as stupid as stupid does’? That would describe Monica Hargrove of Columbus, Ohio. Hargrove had been indicted for aggravated robbery and kidnapping. The Columbus police posted her mugshot on

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Los Angeles Experiences Rise in Violent Crime Following Slew of Gun Control Laws

masked gunman

Gun control activists claim that they want stricter and stricter gun control laws in order to save people’s lives. If we can just eradicate all guns, then we’d be the safest country in the world. If only it worked that

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Homeowner Surprises 3 Armed Burglars with Gunfire

gun barrel

A Houston, Texas homeowner is relieved he had a gun when three masked and armed burglars broke into his house, which is shared with about a half-dozen other people. At the time of the break-in, the homeowner was there with

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4 Armed Robbers Target Gun-Free Zone

gun free zone 6

4 Armed Robbers Target Gun-Free Zone; 2 Killed and 2 Flee After Pistol-Packing Patron Fires Back. In Texas, it’s against the law to carry your firearms inside a bar. Any violation of that law is a felony. This Houston, Texas

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Mom Gets Shotgun for Mother’s Day, Uses It against Intruder


How many of you would ever consider giving your mom or wife a shotgun, rifle or handgun for Mother’s Day, birthday or even Christmas? After reading this, you may want to consider giving her a gift that could save her

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FBI Reports More People Murdered by Fire than in Mass Shootings

house on fire

The New York Times ran a piece about a newly released FBI report about active shooter incidents. The Times’ headline read:  “FBI Confirms a Sharp Rise in Mass Shootings Since 2000.” Except that the FBI report in question wasn’t about

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Woman Defends Herself from Stalker by Shooting Him

woman handgun

This Las Vegas woman had been stalked by Douglas Jackson for some six months when he finally decided to kick in the front door to her apartment. She had to move to get away from him, and in the interim,

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Mob of Dozens of Black Teens Wreaks Havoc, Terrifying Residents

teen mob

It was apparently after a Memphis, Tennessee high school football game when a large group of black teenagers decided to mob together and terrorize a neighborhood. One resident stated that had she been armed, there would have been a lot

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Melissa Harris-Perry: Oklahoma Beheading Mere “Workplace Violence”

workplace violence

It didn’t take very much time at all for the liberals to come out in defense of the Muslim man who would have gone on a beheading spree except for the pistol-packing boss who put an end to it. Melissa

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Workplace Violence - Angry Muslim Beheads Co-Worker

alton nolen

It looks like a “peaceful” Muslim who had just been fired from a food processing plant in Oklahoma decided to try to convert some former co-workers, resulting in workplace violence. I guess they weren’t interested, so he killed one, beheaded

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